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1. UK 87- 18 Gururaj. Let that be a thought in your mind all the time, as soon as you wake up, that it is a lovely day to-day. That's some food for thought, isn't it? Why shouldn't every day be lovely to all of us here, hah? When we wake up with that thought and tell ourselves, oh, what a lovely day it is. And, by telling ourselves this, where's my Dr. Ramon? Ramon. He's somewhere. Oh there, oh, right - when we tell ourselves that it is a lovely day then, you will experience that you are feeling lovely. Now, just analyse the word lovely. Ah, not lovely, but love-ly, love! You see how it works? It's so, so beautiful really. Try it, and you will find that - are you supposed to look after me? Where's my blooming hankie for the eyes? So, you can really and truly love when you feel love-ly! Do you see the beauty of it? Do you see the message? Do you understand the message? That, in the morning when you wake up - oh, I was up till four this morning, doing various things, still it's not important. But when you feel, as soon as you wake up that love within yourself, then surely and definitely you will feel lovely. And then, of course, you can always lie down back again with your, wife, girl-friend, whatever, and do other things which you want to do, but you are filled with the beauty of that love within you. For, do you know what you are made of? You're made of nothing else but love! It's Divine love that permeates every cell of your-self. You are love, remember this, please, you are love. But the problem, with most people, is to be able to experience what you really are. You're love, and experience that love within yourself. It invigorates you, it brings a different dimension to yourself. Because who could ever deny the meaning of love that you really are? And why do you neglect this? Why do you stop recognising your real self, and your real self is love? So, you start off waking up in the morning by loving yourself. It's so simple, really, yo u start loving your-self. And t hen extend the love which you have within yourself to your beloved. Rajesh, where are you? Fishermen, here. So, she's got a bit of a cough. Oh, thank you. You can, you can put it on the table here. Whoever needs it, yah. Okay, thank you my beloved, thank you. Now when you recognise yourself as love, and extend it to your beloved, whoever, what you are doing in reality, is really becoming yourself. For that which is extended is returned to you. Understand this very well. If I love you, I’m sure you will love me. That's the truth. Let this carry on in our lives, in our families, or whatever, let me give, and all else will be given to me. But I must start somewhere, by giving and through this simple process, you will find life becoming so much more happier, so much more joyous? Yes, learn to look at yourself in the mirror, and who is mirror? Your beloved,

2. UK 87- 18 your wife, your girl-friend, - I don’t know how you guys do it in this country. Reflect yourself in your partner, whoever, and when you can see yourself within your beloved, that’s how you can really know yourself. Because you need that reflection to be brought back onto you. It's a two way street, you know. Never ever think that you are alone because you are not alone. Every man or woman needs the love to reflect themselves. Neither one is doing anyone a favour at all. They're only doing a favour to themselves. I look into her eyes, her eyes, her eyes, and what do I find? I don't find her or her or her or whatever, I am in truthful-ness and reality finding myself. That is love, to find yourself, because people have the general tendency around the world to lose themselves rather than finding themselves. So, this is a simple procedure. Find yourself through the reflection into that person, your beloved. Find the reflection there, and you will surely find yourself. I go on teaching and teaching and teaching, around the world all the time, but the real teaching is this, is to make you realise how to find yourself. That is the truth, that is the teaching. And then, as you progress on, you will find that beautiful stillness within yourself and then you could really verify what is stated in our Scriptures, ‘Be still, and know that I am God’. Who is God? When you know yourself really, you know God! Why think of something so abstract? Believe by all means, that's not denied to you, but something has to be added on to say ‘I know. I have progressed from believing to knowing’. And when this is found, life could assume a different quality within itself because that itself is He! So do you see, my beloveds, how Divine you are? How can the child ever be away or go astray from the Father. Because you are the flesh and blood of that Divinity. It's only to acknowledge it and realise it, receive it, or whatever term you want to use, and life could become so, so much more happier, by that realisation that I and my Father are one. We are not separate, we have never been separated, ever. For, what force is there that could separate me from my Father? Say that to yourself. What greater force can there be than the greatest force that knows of non-separation and non-duality? It is there all the time and because - (sound of jingling bells faintly) - what are those jingling bells? Jingle on. Oh, what force is there that could separate me from myself and my Father? Because He is all the force, 'Thy will be done'. He is it all, then who the hell am I? When you think of that little 'i' within yourself, remember, for sure, you are ego involved, in-volved, but how about becoming evolved? To go beyond that little self into the greater self of our Lord. This is how a person progresses in life. This is how you bring greater and greater peace unto yourself. This is the meaning of life. What do you think you were born for? Why did you come to this stupid world? To learn one important lesson, to evolve and become involved with Divinity. That's why you are here. I know what I'm talking about because I and m y Father are one. Yes. You are in the stages of believing in Him. I'm at the stage of knowing Him, that is the only difference. Nothing else.

3. UK 87- 18 Good, now beloved, what's the, Usha, where are you? Right, what's next on the programme? Gururaj. Oh, yes, that'll be fine, so I could interpret it, yes, yeah, sure. Good anyone? There's a mike there, 'hello, Mike'. Voice. I’m telling this experience to you, because I can only use words, and you'll have to sense the feelings that came, behind what happened, I laid in bed, and in the Savasana position, and I felt my body disintegrate, so I've worked from a physical level, my flesh disintegrated and just went to dust. My bones dissolved and went to dust, and my body became nothing. I felt very peaceful, very still. Then I heard your voice, Guruji, and you said to me, ‘Come, we'll go for a ride together, and Gururaj. Sorry, I didn't get that. Voice. Go for a ride. Gururaj. Let us go for a ride. Voice. (Cont'd). Together Gururaj. Right, fine. Voice. (Cont'd). And we went somewhere off the planet, somewhere far away, somewhere deep and expanded at the same time, and it was very beautiful. I have been there before with you, but it was very special experience last night. And then, all through the night there was a mantra in my head, and I wasn't trying, it was just there. It was playing me and this morning there was a light coming through my window which was blue and white, very bright, very luminous, coming from the top where I'd opened my window before the meditation, just so that anything that wanted to could come in. And I thought it might have been a car, there was no car engine. There's, there's, there's no car-park outside my window, but of course the rational mind tries to think, you know something must have. I mean I knew it wasn't, and it just surrounded me. It was very beautiful and I heard you laughing in the corridor outside. And then your laughter went up and down, and up and down and, and that's what I really would like to show you, there are other things, but enough, perhaps, to share with all of you, and God - bless you all. Thank you.

4. UK 87- 18 Gururaj. Thank you. A very beautiful experience. I did take you for a ride into the beyond, to show you there is so much more to life than what we really think of now. That was the journey and that is why you experienced those colours and all that, traversing with me through, that's it, spiritually, through various facets of what life is all about. It was a good experience. Nice, nice, I'm glad, I'm happy. Next. Come on, wake up! Does anyone else want to say anything? Ah, the shop-doors closed early this morning, didn't they? I do know one thing, many people are shy, and it's not everyone that could really get up in front of an audience, right, to talk, I know that. But I do know one thing, and I could tell you, even without you telling me, of the experiences you went through last night, in the Midnight Practice. I know, I know, I know. The only reason I ask for people to speak up, so that it could be an encouragement to others. It's a sharing, a sharing and a caring. That's what it is all about. I know, I know what most of you experienced, because I was there! I am for ever there with you. I will not leave you alone. That's another interpretation of love, and what it is all about, the sharing and the caring, and being together, one with each other, in spirits. I don't know if you ever heard the story of Krishna, on that beautiful moonlit night he did the Rasa dance. Sixteen hundred Gopis, his beloveds, Gopis and Gopas, were there and everyone wanted him to be near them. Of course he had his beloved Rada but everyone else there, on that beautiful, moonlit, warm night wanted him. So he thought to himself, Krishna did, ‘What must I do now?’ So he manifested himself, sixteen hundred, well, that time, you know when I was in that body, you know, well, I've got, not sixteen hundred, sixteen million whatever, Gopis and Gopas! So what he did was this, that he manifested himself - this is of course, mythology, it's a lovely story, though, he manifested himself to each and every one separately. And each and every one felt that Krishna was hers or his. And he danced with them. That is th e Rasa dance. I must teach you guys how to do the Rasa dance. Right? So what does this mean? It means your Midnight Practice, where I could be in my room, and still be with all of you in your rooms, that is manifestation, where you manifest a certain energy which could permeate each and every one, that is the glory of our Lord. Nothing, I am nothing, our Lord is everything. Voice. I find it very hard to speak but before I went to meditation I did some Gurushakti, with your picture. It was standing in front of the mirror and the glory, I saw around you at the Communion, I saw around myself. It was very lovely to see and I went into the meditation. I can't express my feeling but it was a very deep love. I felt you were there, and I was very safe and very happy. It was - I can't explain it.

5. UK 87- 18 Gururaj. How can you explain love? Namaste. Thank you. Usha, why are you so far away? You're supposed to guide me and conduct – Voice. She's sitting next to me! Gururaj. She's what? You leave my wife alone!! Right, what's next on the programme? Voice. Blessings on marriage, Gururaj. A few words about the wedding ceremonies to be performed. Have you got my prayer-book? Run quick! You've got to make these women work, you know. Voice. Shall I share my experience while we're waiting? Yes. Bapu, as we've already discussed and you already know of the experience, I thought I'd share it with the Course themselves. Last night, just before midnight, we were meditating with Guruji, with Preatam, in his room. There were a group of us, and silence descended, and peace and love flowed into that room, and it welled up and up and up. And we have a watch that chimes the hours, and at midnight a deep silence descended. And I found myself looking down over the Hayes and seeing the Hayes like an aerial photograph, as you would see if you were a bomb-aimer dropping a bomb. The reason I use that, is that if you've ever seen a picture of a bomb that's dropped, you see an after-shock, a shock-wave spreading out and out and out. And from that vantage point high above the Hayes, you could see this golden light and flow of energy just going out beyond the Hayes, beyond Alfreton, out, wider, and wider, and wider. It was really beautiful to see and experience, because it reminded me of my first time coming here many years ago, when I experienced that shock-wave in another way. We were driving here, coming to Satsang, first, yeh, like some of you sneaking in, just for one Satsang, to see if it's alright. And we met this after shock, or this type of love-energy because it enveloped us and drew us closer and closer and the more we got to the Hayes, the more we felt as thought we were coming home. And last night, I saw it going the other way, out and out and out. And in seven years, Bapu, we've come full-circle. Thank you. Gururaj. It's beautiful, isn't it? I was gone Voice. Welcome home.

6. UK 87- 18 Gururaj. Thank you! Right, could you, get those guys. Ramon, Usha, garlands and things. Who's organising that? Right, Usha, you, you, you'd better come. Oh, thank you. Voice. Jasmini's going to help, because I'm going to take photographs. Gururaj. Yah, okay, fine. Let's have the first couple. (Wedding blessings take place). Gururaj sings in Sanskrit. ...................... Gururaj starts clapping and group join in. Gururaj chants in Sanskrit. Lord give me the light of love (Gururaj continues to chants in Sanskrit) wherever I look I find you my Lord, for you are everywhere. (Gururaj continues to Chants in Sanskrit) (Group clapping with Gururaj). Om. Om. Gururaj. Right, what is next on the menu, Usha? Voice. Lunch. Gururaj. Oh is it that time already? I don't know. Well of course, you would know, I don't. But it's a very holy occasion putting two lovers together in matrimony. It is beautiful because when there is that flow from one to the other it is something really joyful to witness. For in the together-ness, there's such beauty. That is what life is all about. Yes, I think you guys must really start planting some seeds. I've got so many grand-children, really, around the world, all over, but we want more, and children born of a spiritual union are really special, they are, Ramon will tell you, yeh. Right? Right. There you are. You see, because it's not only the physical contact of husband and wife, but there is a spiritual contact that in the very process of impregnating or whatever. Of course, the woman has to be helpful, too, you know! But there is this quality, a spiritual quality, amongst our meditators to impart it to each other making a child, so, so, beautiful. Not in

7. UK 87- 18 the physical sense only, but in the spiritual sense. And when we have that spirituality within us, then only can we impart it to our children. That's important, very important. Look at all these children of mine, they, they gather round me all the time, so beautiful, isn't it? Why? Because when you love, it requires no differentiation, because love is love. And automatically, you gather it to you, that deep love , of little innocent children. I'm not talking of all my women, forget that, but the innocence and the purity of little children. It is something really lovely to experience. It's such a joy. They're bubbling over, like a bubbling brook, and a bubbling brook could be noisy? Because it bubbles. So in the same way, we accept our children to bubble, so let them be noisy, and enjoy it! It's nice, it is beautiful. They are like the running waters, with all their little mischief, mischievousness there. And why not? Have you not been mischievous too when you were little children? You were damn bloody naughty! So we enjoy the joy of a family. We enjoy the together-ness. We love the children, help them in whichever way we can and in their laughter, we laugh with them. You see how much it adds on to your own joy? If you can laugh with laughter. It will increase your own laughing to a far greater extent when you can learn to laugh in the laughter that surrounds you. Have you ever heard this song, ‘The Laughing Policeman’? Oh well, I think you guys will have to go for lunch, I'm not going to keep you, because I can go on for hours. Where are you guys going to find a guru like me? Voice. Alfreton! Gururaj. Thank you my darling. END


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