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1. IR 84-3 Questioner. Beloved Guruji, we work in our jobs in order to earn enough money to live and to do the things we want to do. Is there a deeper significance in what we work at and what guidelines should we use when we are looking for a job? Gururaj. You work to earn your living, what more do you want? Aren’t you lucky that you are working to earn a living. Or otherwise you would just be lazing around at home and your mind will just be in a turmoil, just worrying, worrying, worrying and it will be turning round and round and round and cause you far more greater emotional harm. Work itself is a therapy for the mind and when a person does not indulge in work, then the mind can become very emotional and very upset. Good. So any kind of work is good. For example, I am put in a position to go and sweep streets, I will not feel ashamed. I might have so many PhD degrees behind my name but sweeping streets I will not feel ashamed because any honest work that provides you with an honest living is noble. So one should never bother with what kind of work, one is doing. Now that does not mean that you must have no ambition. You see, if I am a street sweeper, I will work hard and try and become the supervisor of street sweepers. And that’s how I will increase my position and my pay, because I might need more money as the family grows. I am referring to young people now. There is one secret of work, as the Gita says and I have spoken about this before, that you work for the sake of work and not for the fruits thereof. People do the reverse. They first think of the fruits and then they think of the work. You apply for a job and most of the time and in my organisations - I was in very big businesses, before I chucked up everything and took on the life of a Mendicant, a beggar to teach, to perform my mission in the world - and as soon as a person would ask me, before even having a proper discussion, “What is the job going to pay?”, I show him the door. Because it means only the thing, that he is not interested in work, he is interested in pay. You see. And people like Charles who is a big businessman will bear me out, it happens because he employs a lot of people as well. So when we develop the idea to work for the sake of work, the benefits come by themselves. The usual analogy I use is this, that if you are in a job, you do not every day say to yourself or think the whole day, pay cheque, pay cheque, pay cheque, pay cheque, no you don’t. You just do your work and do it well and the end of the month the pay cheque comes automatically. The fruits come and the less you worry about the fruits of your work, the more fruit will there be. When you plant a tree, you are not going to say ‘Oh, I want 2,000 apples to grow on this tree’. You plant the tree, you nurture it, you water it, you fertilise it and you leave it to the powers that be to produce as much fruit as possible. And if you have been really loving to the plant or the tree and given it much love, regular watering, regular manuring, etc. that goes with planting, then you will find that your tree will bloom much, much better and there will be more fruit, more apples on the tree. Mind you, the trouble with the world began with the fig tree, especially when the leaf fell off.

2. IR 84-3 So the secret is very simple. Work for the sake of work. And if you are not happy with the job, I can tell you this that ninety nine percent of the world’s population are not happy with their jobs. So, it is not the job that bothers you, but your mental attitude towards the job that bothers you. So it means that you are bothering yourself and not the job. There should be no likes or dislikes in your work. If you qualify as a music teacher, try and find a job as a music teacher. If you’re qualified as a carpenter, try and find a job as a carpenter. Most people of course always want the top positions. They never think, let me start at the bottom. If I show my worth and I prove myself, the promotions will come quick and fast. Do you see? Many people reach a saturation point where they reach the top position in a job and then they find themselves frustrated because they have reached the top now and they can do no more. That is a very silly assumption. If I have a business that does selling and my turnover is a million punt a month, I can work harder and make my turnover of two million punt. It can be done. It depends upon your determination. The success in anything in life including work is to have a burning desire, a burning desire backed with self confidence in yourself, that I can do it. There is no such thing as impossible and I always say that if you put an apostrophe between impossible, between that I and the M, then it would be I’m possible. Put the apostrophe between the M and the P rather, I’m possible, whatever, my English is so poor, no it is after the I, ‘I’m possible’. Do you see? Once you affirm to yourself that I am possible, then nothing can become impossible. Now you want to improve your position, you can, you have the burning desire, you have the perseverance, you have got to persevere, you have got to make effort, for no one is going to make that effort for you, you have got to make the effort yourself. And with that burning desire in you, where night and day you visualise your aim. Any young man sitting here or a woman that would decide now that in five years time I will have one mi llion punt in my bank, he will definitely have it. So a burning desire, perseverance, determination and an aim, a goal. You have the goal and you have the plan. Many a multimillionaire started with absolutely nothing and I can quote you so many cases. J.P. Morgan owned the world’s greatest steel empire. Henry Ford of the motorcars, he started with repairing bicycles and perhaps in your country you have such men also. But there is one mistake they have done, all those multi millionaires, that had that determination and the will and the perseverance and the effort, there is only one mistake they made and that is why they are so unhappy. Their determination was only for wealth, for money and they made money their God. But that does not mean that a person must remain poor. Become rich. If you have a small Volkswagen motor car, there is nothing wrong in you driving a Rolls Royce. But at the same time have in your mind that the Rolls Royce or the Volkswagen is none different because they both take me from point A to point B and that’s all I need. To reach from point

3. IR 84-3 A to point B. So what are you looking for in wanting that Rolls Royce, you are looking for prestige, symbol status, “Ah a Rolls Royce” and you develop such a big ego that while you’re driving, your chauffeur is driving, you wouldn’t look around out of the windows, even if your friends are passing, real intimate friends that were poor like you and you don’t even look at them, do you see. So what when a person achieves something, be it in any field, be in my field or the field of big business or anything, one must develop the quality of humility and that is a great asset. Be humble, and if you are humble, if you have humility then all the other virtues attract themselves to humility. You become truthful, you become kind, you become compassionate, you develop sympathy towards those that suffer and all these virtues get so well added to you. And when these virtues are there, that, in spite of all the wealth, will make you happy. Most wealthy people are not happy because they have not developed those virtues. And funny enough as you know, that it is only when you are in trouble you pray to God. “Oh God give me this and give me that and give me a good job and give me this”. Aren’t you begging? God does not like beggars. He does not like beggars. He does not want you to beg from Him or to do business with Him. “But give me a nice job God and I will say Hail Mary’s a million times”. No you don’t need that. If your mind is brought steady through your spiritual practices, you can attract anything you like. I’m talking of personal experiences. Every word I speak in every Satsang and I have done thousands of Satsangs, all come not from book knowledge but personal knowledge and personal experience. So the quality lies within us to attract. If you want to attract a better job, make yourself conducive to attract such a job. Do you see? God does not give you what you want, he gives you what you need according to your state of evolution and your state of mind. I tell you how thought works and Charles, who was with me, will bear me out. It’s a funny little story really. I regard it to be funny. We were going down these long passages of Madrid Airport, and you know you have those little carts on which you tie your suitcase - what do you call them, carts, trolleys, in front of us. You know I can’t carry any heavy things, I can’t exert because of my heart condition, because of the sugar, the body is not strong, it’s weak. So I was telling you - I saw an old man with a bag on that trolley. So I was telling Chares, “You know Charles, I must really make a plan of getting trolley like this because of carrying this baggage especially at International Airports yo u have to walk miles”. All of you have been to Heathrow and big International Airport, would know that. Okay. So I was just telling Charles that and he will bear me out. So we arrive at Madrid Airport for the Spanish Course and you have to stand at the round-about thing that brings your baggage and would you believe this, that a trolley, a brand new one, the

4. IR 84-3 price tag was still on it, was tied tightly to my suitcase. Where it came from, I don’t know. And like this, I could give you a million instances, where things happen. So if you have a concentrated mind - this whole afternoon, I was going through the Forms, Progress Forms of people and I remembered someone said they don’t do the practice of Tratak. I can’t remember who it was, right. So, Tratak is very, very important. Tratak is a practice, you know the candle practice, you know. Tratak is a practice where without concentrating and just focussing your attention to the candle, your mind automatically becomes concentrated without any effort. Now of course many people see wonderful scenes and visions and things like that. But that’s besides the point. They are not so important, but if you see it, good, enjoy it. If not, it’s still okay. So when the mind becomes concentrated through the constant practice of Tratak, your thought forces becomes more powerful, you see, that is what it is aimed at. When your thought forces become more powerful, your Mantra Practice becomes more powerful. When all that becomes - it‘s all interlinked with each other, when that becomes more powerful, your Gurushakti Practice becomes more powerful. Because with a concentrated mind, with a one-pointed mind, you attract that Grace, which helps you, which gives you strength to face any problem in life. Good. Now, you want to improve your position, so and you want a job. That job is not going to fall on your lap that is for sure. Things might fall on my lap, perhaps, that’s besides the point like this trolley. I’ll give you another example. From after doing the Course in England, I have to go to Canada and I did not have a Canadian visa. Now the Canadian Embassy has one rule, they just do not grant you a Visa, you have to appear there in person and you get taken into a office and they interview you. “What’s your reasons for going? How many times were you there? Who are you going to see? What’s your address?” - all kinds of questions they ask you, it takes you half an hour. There’s a room full of people sitting there and we even heard some Doctor Mason being called up for an interview and others. We sat there for fifteen minutes, myself and Charles, Charles took me there, and my name was called. And this lady comes up to me, she had the passport open. “Sir, here’s your Visa for Canada, enjoy your trip”. No interview, no nothing. I just handed the Passport to the clerk and the clerk took it into the offices. Charles will bear that out. You see? Thought force can be used in very constructive powerful way. And I’ve read those Forms. I’ve studied them, the Progress Forms and there were a few that said “I haven’t got a job, I can’t find a job”, that is nonsense. There are millions of people in the world that can find jobs, why can’t you. There’s nothing wrong with this world. The thing that is wrong is with you. Subconsciously, you are not desiring a job. Your conscious mind say “Oh I must have a job, I must find a job”, but subconsciously, it says “No”, you want to be lazy. So, the method there, apart

5. IR 84-3 from your Spiritual Practices, is affirmation. Every morning you get up, and every night you go to sleep, you affirm to yourself “I am going to find a job today. I am going to find a job today, and I am going to find a bloody job today. And no power on earth is going to stop me from finding a job”. And if you have that determination, you will. When you go for an interview for a job and you wait in the waiting room to see the Personnel Manager, or the Boss or whoever, do a few minutes of Gurushakti. Calm yourself and walk in there with confidence and repeat in your mind the affirmation “You are going to give me a job”, Many people have risen to high positions, went to an employer, asked for a job and gave his resume of his activities, you know, what he had done before and he would say, “These are my qualifications, start me anywhere you like and give me the pay perhaps whatever it is for the position you will give me”, Then if you prove yourself, you’ll get promoted to where you should really be. There is nothing impossible. I ran away from home when I was fourteen. I’d just passed my Matriculation, and I ran away from home and I wanted to go to University. I was totally broke, not a penny to my name. So I went to a restaurant. I spoke to the Restaurant Manager. I don’t know, there is something about my face, no one can say no to me, since I was a young boy, God’s Grace. And I spoke to the owner there and I said “Please Sir, I want a job, I don’t want any pay, just give me food, one meal a day is enough for me, and I’ll do cleaning up, washing dishes, anything you say”, And he gave me the job. Where are you going to find an employee who is going to work for nothing and eating the leftovers in the evening that the customers did not like. I did that. But three days later the Council found out, because I had no sleeping place, so after the restaurant was closed, I used to sleep on the tables - put two tables together, sleep on it. The Council found out, you are not allowed for a person to sleep inside a restaurant, you know, because it is supposed to be unhygienic. I’m the most hygienic person in the world, but still those are the laws. Fine. So the owner was very sympathetic to me, and he explained me the position that “I am sorry my son, you’ll have to go, otherwise I’ll lost my licence”. So I had to go. Nowhere to go, no money, no food, hungry, and I sat, this was in Bombay, I sat on Chirpatti Beach, it’s a beautiful beach. If you ever go to Bombay, you will certainly visit the Marine Drive and the Chirpatti Beach. And I was sitting there, it was late at night, it was dark, not too late. I sat there and I was crying – “I want to go to University, I haven’t got money, I haven’t got a roof over my head. I haven’t got food, nothing”! and I was sitting there crying. I say “Look, something must happen”. I was just crying to let my emotions out. It’s good to cry, it’s a very good thing to cry. And the trouble with many men is this, they don’t know how to cry. Cry, let out the filth and dirt. Right. It relieves the mind and the heart. So here a lady taps me on the shoulder. She says “Why are you crying?” She was quite a pretty girl. She must have been in her – twenty two, twenty three, twenty four like that. She says “Why are you crying?” So I, I could hardly speak at first because the tears were welling up. And then she sat for a few moments. After that I started

6. IR 84-3 speaking. I told her my position in a nutshell. So she says, “Don’t worry, that’s alright, come and live with me. I’ve got a room. You can stay there, “So I said look, I haven’t got money to pay you”. She says “Don’t worry about that now. You can always do that later”. Afterwards I found out, that she was a society prostitute. I used to call her Didi, which in Hindi means Sister. She had these gentlemen callers, she wasn’t one of those street girls, no, she had her gentlemen callers, she used to make her living that way. And my relationship with her was brother and sister. Good. She paid my fees to go to University. I stayed with her for a year and a half, I was going to University. Meanwhile I found my job in film studios, first as a sweeper – you’re ashamed of work - first as a studio sweeper. From there, I became friends with everyone and I became an assistant to the scriptwriter. Heerie is a Director here, he would know all about it, studio sweeper then I became assistant to the Director. I became assistant to the Casting Director. I became an assistant to the Director, I became assistant to the Producer and they all just loved me, I suppose my ways are such! And the salary was very small, but every time - but then I used to meet all the film stars in the studios. I became friends with everyone and every time I used to say “Oh my God, I haven’t got any money”, in goes the hand of the person whom I am speaking to, a film star or Producer and takes out a whole roll and puts it in my hand. I say “Oh no, I don’t need so much”, He says “You keep it, you use it”. Why, because of positive thought that if I want to succeed in life, I can. Determination. Right. At University, I was a very brilliant student and all the Professors loved me and the Senior Lecturers and all. I used to write plays for the University, I used to direct them. I used to produce them, I used to compose music for them, for the plays at College and I was very well liked, especially by the girls. My phone would not stop ringing. They used to follow me around. In my younger days I was quite handsome, I’m so ugly now. You see? So like that while at University during vacations, I used to go into the Himalayas and well the story is a long story really. I’m just talking of that determination and the perseverance, how you persevere, that’s the point I’m driving at. Fine, so, at the University, the Government had commissioned Professor Davere to make, to write a book, to do research rather, on the prostitution problem of Bombay because in Bombay there are 30,000 registered prostitutes. And the reason is this, and the Government legalised it because India is so, so populated and so much poverty, so the men had to leave their wives at home to come to the city, to do work, to find work, to support the families. So the Government legalised prostitution, otherwise there would be so many diseases. So Professor Davere was assigned to make researches into this problem. Now I and Professor Davere became very good friends. So one day, I said ”Wait a minute”. I knew he was doing these researches because he used to talk about it and although even at a young age when I was

7. IR 84-3 fourteen and fifteen, my friends had always been twenty five and over. I was much older mentally and physically for my age. And so I introduced him to Didi. They fell in love while researching together. There is a long story behind Didi. When India got partitioned between India and Pakistan, the refugees, and how in front of her eyes, she hid away, how her two little sisters were murdered by the Muslims, how her mother was raped and killed afterwards. Can you imagine a scene when a man takes a sharp long knife and lifts up a woman’s breast by her nipple and slashes it. Imagine that? And her father was killed and all and so she somehow hid away. She saw all this and hid away and escaped to India, no work, what to do, so this was the line she took up. This story is very long, - I could write a book about it, which I will one day. Right. So I used to have plenty of money there in the Film Studios. I used to get a little salary, I was brilliant in my work at school. When it came to exam times, the students used to sit and swot and study and study. I used to go and sit in the cinema. I never used to swot because my principle was this – at the time when the lecturer is lecturing to you, you must grasp what he is saying at that time. And if you have grasped what he’s saying, the major points of what he is saying, then you do not need to slog and slave and study for the exams that are coming. So I used to go and sit in the cinema and enjoy myself. But of course because of other political reasons and things after I qualified and spent a lot of time with my Guru in between and then for a long period afterwards he ordered me to go to the West and that is how I landed up in South Africa. Now, I had qualified as an Accountant, but in South Africa I knew no one and a person is not going to entrust their finances and their books to anyone they don’t know. So I thought and thought and thought. So now let me plan something, how to get clients. So I joined these various organisations, social organisations, business organisations and all that, and worked. I would never take a position as Chairman, I would always take a position as the General Secretary, because he is the main man, a Chairman is just a figurehead. It is the General Secretary that does all the work. And like that, I started knowing all the people and a lot of them were business people, most of them were business people. Even today now, I started an institution for the Cape Hindu Cultural Society worth one million Rand, that is South African money. More than a third of the project is completed. I made the community donate. And of course we had Trustees and they handled the accounts and all that. And a third of the project is finished and busy on the second stage and then the third stage. One would be a community hall where the children can come and play badminton and things and of course have meetings and social gatherings. The other is a Temple for them and the other is a school which will be used as a primary school and a nursery school and many of the rooms will be used for arts, crafts and what have you, cultural. The name of the Society is the Hindu Cultural Society and I started the society for them. Of course I have given it over to younger people to carry on because I have to travel around overseas so much.

8. IR 84-3 Now to come to the point, I befriended all these people by working hard for the Society, and as I started knowing them, they started getting trust in me. So I got one client to do his books, through him a recommendation, another client, another client, another client and my accountancy practice expanded so much that I had to take in two extra partners with a staff of thirty eight. My wife couldn’t stand the climate of South Africa and neither the laws of South Africa, so we decided to go back to India. And we went back to India, but then after a while because of other things, investments and what have you we came back to South Africa and I wanted to start a film business. I’d first bought a cinema in which I lost everything, including my underpants. I tried to find the reason, why did I lose in this cinema. It was before TV days. The only contract I had was with Fox, Twentieth Century Fox, while the opposition had three cinemas - mine was a small one - three cinemas and he had all the other contracts United Artists, MGM, the works. Fine. So I lost a lot of money. And I analysed the reason why did I lose all this money. It was because the big film distributors held the monopoly. I thought to myself why I can’t start a film company, an importing company, seeing as how I had so much experience working in the film studios. But you require big money for that. I had some money saved from my Accountancy Practice, but that was not enough, I needed about twenty million. So I got hold of some partners that used to know me very well, whose books I used to do and I knew what they were worth. So I got them interested. And this one client had a chain of cinemas too, so I explained to him, that “Look, your chain of cinemas would at least cover the costs of the films that we buy, so there is no loss for you. And all the other cinemas we supply, that is a gain”. Money for jam. And so the business built up and in the end we had a circuit of three hundred and fifty cinemas with over two thousand films which I have imported from all round the world. In those days, I used to travel a lot, twice a year to England, Europe and America buying, negotiating. So we built up a big empire. Why? Determination, perseverance, hard work. I used to work twenty hours a day for years and years and years. I suppose that was what affected the heart and all the other things. Nevertheless, that’s besides the point. But what I am trying to tell you, that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve and I am talking to you about my personal life that you enjoyed the greatest prestige in society, and that you had been very well off, until my partners thought I was going to die, when I had the open heart operation and they started fiddling the books and then TV came in and the film business, the cinema business went down and of course my shares which were worth over two million you know was all lost. And I as a Guru can’t go and sue them. It would sound very bad, a Guru suing a film Company, no, forget it. Do you see? And then I chose this life and although I don’t have money, I have the inner spiritual force and wisdom and happiness and joy which is worth far, far more than millions and millions and millions of punts. You get the point about the punts.

9. IR 84-3 Do you see? So when you apply for a job, if you are going for a job and your job is the next week - what’s today, - Tuesday, Tuesday okay, - you know when you’re out and around you know you forget the days and the dates – I think it’s Tuesday today, isn’t it, yah. So say for example you have an appointment for next Tuesday for a job, this week, you go, you do your spiritual practices regularly and get that confidence with the help of Gurushakti, and you could apply for the job and you are going to get it. Now don’t go and apply for an Executive’s job dressed in jeans. Dress accordingly, dress decently when you’re going to apply for a job, because the first impression the boss gets is your appearance. And dress decently, be polite and have that confidence and think in your heart, my Guru is standing next to me, is standing by me and nothing can go wrong. And if you feel that sincerely within your heart, nothing will go wrong. That’s a secret. And after all who is the Guru. He is only an instrument through whom the Divine energies flow. I saw in Bavna’s bedroom which she gave over to me, a little polar bear with that beautiful saying, how does it go again. “Help me to remember Lord that there is nothing that I want to do today that we can’t do together”, Beautiful! Let’s repeat that I’ll repeat after you “Help me to remember Lord, that there is nothing that I want to do today, that you and me cannot handle together”. See how beautiful? So if you have that faith and trust within yourself, that confidence within yourself - and confidence does not just drop in your lap, - you’ve got to make some effort and spiritual practices believe you me, believe you me. I ran away from home when I was four and a half years old in search of God and from that time, the power and the s elf realisation has been growing and growing and growing in me until I could say from many, many years ago, that “I and my Father are one”. I’m God, part of the same substance. So nothing can go wrong. So have that determination understand that! Have that knowledge, that nothing can go wrong, your Guru is with you, standing at your side. And when you have that confidence, the interviewer feels it because you emanate – I said some time somewhere, you emanate a certain energy from you, which the other person feels. Look here in this room for example or in any of the other Satsangs, and there are many of you here that have attended practically every Satsang I have held in England and elsewhere and they will tell you that they’re with me in the presence. They feel such peace and I am not giving that peace consciously, but it is just emanating from me because I am at peace inside. So naturally they get affected. If you touch wet paint, naturally you will get the paint on your finger. Read holy books, good books, be in the company of holy people. Have your thoughts always on the optimistic side. Even if you are hungry, starving today, do not be pessimistic. Remember the old saying ‘For this too will pass’. Nothing remains forever, for this too will pass. I was a millionaire and today I haven’t got a penny. But it doesn’t bother me. For all of this must pass and even if I have the millions and should die of a heart attack tomorrow, am I going to take it with me? No, you don’t.

10. IR 84-3 But nobody denies you a comfortable living. And the Bible says even a labourer is entitled to his labour. And that’s how the world runs because the entire world is based today, in today’s world, everything is based on economics. All the countries in the world at war against each other, that fight and if you go deep into the background, it’s all based on economics - the lust for power and greed. But we do not need to do that. So those of you - I’ve read some of your Forms - that are without jobs and don’t know what to do, apply, apply, apply. Tomorrow, you never know something can just turn up. It will. It must. It’s an inevitable law, but become deserving and then demand. And you’ll find it just all works out beautifully. Nine o’clock. You can’t get away without having a few laughs. You know, this one man went to a Kerry restaurant and so a Kerry waiter comes up to him. He says “Will you give me some asparagus”. So the Kerry waiter says “We don’t serve sparrows here, but by the way, how do you know my name is Gus”. So here in this other Kerry village, here in this other Kerry village, there is a church tower like all villages have and there were two clocks on the church tower. So this visitor noticed that both clocks were not giving the same time. One said half past two, the other said half past three or something like that. So the visitor asked “How come the two clocks on your tower don’t give the same time?” So this fellow replies “If they gave the same time, then we would not need two clocks”. You know you’ve heard of Charles Atlas, you know, you write in for body building, right. So this one Kerry-man writes into Charles Atlas for his Course. Right. So he gets the course, and afterwards he writes to Charles Atlas, he says “Dear Sir, I’ve finished your Course, now will you please send me the muscles”. So this one other guy, another Kerry-man, he was brought up in front of the judge. So the judge asks him “Were you up here before me?” So the Kerry-man replies “I don’t know, because I don’t know what time you get up”. So then the judge explains that “What I mean is, is it the first time you are in court”. So, here the crowd in the court was laughin g away. So the judge brings his hammer down and says order, order. So this fellow in the dock says “Give me a pint!”

11. IR 84-3 Now this couple went for a picnic and they parked the car and took a few miles walk into the woods. So the wife asks, the Kerry-woman asks the Kerry-man, the wife asks the man “Did you put the car key away safely”? So he replies “Yes I did, I locked it up in the boot”. Now then, there was this Ad in this paper, an Ad by the Dublin Symphony Orchestra. So this one man applies for the job, this Kerry-man. So they asked this Kerry-man “Can you play the violin?” So he says “I don’t know, sir, I never tried it!” So you know, one thing is very funny, this Kerry-man was thinking. He says “The thermos flask, you know the thermos flask - is that what you call it here, the thermos flask, what a wonderful invention! If you put tea in there, it keeps it hot and if you put cold, chilled orange juice in there, it keeps it cold. So now how does the thermos flask know?” So this one Kerry man stole a car and he was arrested and brought to trial. So the Prosecutor cross questioned him ‘Yes’ he said “I took the car, it was parked outside a cemetery. I thought the man was dead so I took the car”. Oh there’s plenty more. Save some for tomorrow. I believe Dubliners are fond of Kerry jokes. Is Kerry a place somewhere? Oh down south - is it near Cork? Is that where they make the corks for the wine bottles?


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