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1. IR 84-5 Gururaj. What a great joy it is to go beyond the conscious level of the mind and traverse the entire layers of the conscious mind and reach the super-conscious level of the mind through meditation. And as you go through this path, on the way there, you go through the entire universe, and everything is so, so beautiful. Everything is radiant and luminous. Everything is so radiant, so luminous, the stars sparkle, as you would never see them from down here, millions and millions of galaxies and planets and yet they revolve and as you go through, your heart gets filled with so much bliss, so much ecstasy, so much joy. It is ineffable, indescribable. Then you reach the highest level of the relative, which we call the super-conscious level and from that perimeter you see the entire universe functioning. It is so, so beautiful. Yes. And then you still go beyond that and you go and become one with that force that gives sustenance to the whole universe. And when you become one with the force that gives sustenance to the whole universe, you become totally one with the Impersonal God, who is that Divine energy. And it is that Divine energy that makes the world function. In the universe there is always contraction and expansion, or else it will not be able to function. But in that area beyond the super- conscious level of the mind, from the Personal God, which is forever in motion, you go beyond that state into the state of total motionless- ness – motionless-ness, and that is the Impersonal God, from which the entire universe has been manifested. And then, reaching there, the bliss becomes greater, and the force is bliss. We call it bliss for want of a better word, even far beyond that, to experience the total oneness with God. It’s really wonderful, isn’t it? Yes. And the n because you have a mission to perform, you do not feel like coming back, really. You have a mission to perform and you come back the same way you’ve gone, through all the beauty at a higher stage and then through all the dirt of the lower stages. And you come back into this body and you look around you and you see the sufferings of people. You ask yourself “Why must I see the sufferings of people?” And then an inner voice tells you, you have to see the sufferings and you have to suffer with them in order to understand their sufferings, not only see the sufferings but to understand the sufferings and do the best you can to alleviate those sufferings. And that is your mission; an inner voice tells you that. So we come back, don’t we? We ccome back to do the best we can; to help humanity, to bring peace and joy into this very, very turbulent world, a world filled with turmoil, agony, and sometimes one could say merely to the end of its own extinction. That is the time you have to come back, to help. That’s right. You will help me, won’t you. Good. Now many of you have had experiences. Tell me whatever you’ve experienced so that I can tell you what it actually means. The lull before the storm; that’s the usual case. When one person starts, the next one starts, Jammu ........................... meditation ...... other thing that happened .....(comment inaudible),

2. IR 84-5 Gururaj. Very good, very good, very good indeed. When a person goes into that state of Nirvikulpa Samadhi, he has to go through all the lifetimes he’s lived, and those different faces you saw, were different lifetimes that I have lived. The light you saw emanating, was the light that I emanate all the time and the emanation as I said, the room gets filled with this Divine energy, so that emanation that comes through me covers everyone. The patterns you saw were the patterns as I was travelling through the universe and those are the kind of patterns you’d see, as everything is patterned but into a system. And what was the last one? Jammu. The blackness: Gururaj. Ah yes, that infinite space that is the time when you leave the Universe altogether and become that one energy with the source which is total infinity. You cannot even call it space, because space has limitations. So therefore the word, the infinite is the better word, but for the sake of description, language is very limited, so we have to use the word space. A beautiful experience, very good. Partly you were travelling with me, I think, next – Chela. .........(Inaudible) Gururaj. Cross that bridge and enter the light you saw because God loves and lights everything. There is a Sanskrit prayer which says “Om Osato ma sad gamaya”, “Lead me from untruth to truth” and it goes on saying “Tamaso ma joti gamaya”, “Lead me from darkness to light”. What is meant by that light, you lead me from the darkness to light. What you saw was not this physical body, but what you saw was the inner self, that everyone has, the light, the truth, divinity within everyone. So cross the bridge, I tell you, you won’t fall because I will be holding your hand. I won’t let you stumble and fall. You see. Next. Barbara Barbara ................. (Comments Inaudible) Gururaj. The sudden burst of energy you felt coming from me enlivened all your Chakras, speeded them up, the vibratory rate was speeded up and therefore you felt that energy. And it being all so sudden you got a little headache. Come let me touch it and it will go away. Come, come, come, don’t be afraid. You are my daughter. You will be okay in a moment. There you are. Oh yes!

3. IR 84-5 Come on, come on, don’t be shy, over there. If you stand and speak, because you are at the back then most people can hear you, if you were in front it would be different.? Chela. ......................... (Comments inaudible), Gururaj. Oh beautiful. Since I went with my Guru into my first Samadhi, at the age of about fifteen, I think it was, I meditated for two hours and it seemed like two minutes and when I opened my eye everything was covered in gold. And yet now, everywhere I go, everything is covered in a golden haze. What you saw was that spiritual energy emanating from me which occultists call an aura, a golden aura. That is very good.. And the motion you saw, that’s of course the motion of the universe as I was going through it. Very good experience. And this golden energy or aura extends far and wide. It extends all round the people in front of you. Do you want to say anything my child, or something. Say I love you, come on (Baby) don’t be shy. Say I love you. That young man will say – no you, you, you, - what do you think I am, an old man, Voice. That is a girl you’re holding. That’s Rhode, a girl Gururaj. I’m sorry. I get so confused with the pants on - You say to me I love you: Do you? She said it. Rhode said it. Now you say it. I love you, that’s it. Lovely, good. Anyone else? Yes Jean. Jean .......................bright light ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Beautiful, Jean. What you saw there, was me nearly disappearing which is very, very true because when you leave the body, you can say you have gone away. Yes. And you saw the kaleidoscope of light and then the very bright light, white light. Now remember, there’s only one light and the one light being refracted shows itself into different colours when going through a prism, it appears as different colours. And the different colours is the manifestation of the Manifestor. So the Manifestor is the white light and all the other colours through the prism of manifestation, shows itself in different hues and different tints and different colours. A beautiful experience.

4. IR 84-5 What did you see, tell us? Come on, tell me, you mustn’t be shy with me. I’m your Grandpappa’s, grandpappa’s, grandpappa. Yes. Chela. ...................... (Comment inaudible). Gururaj. It’s the same type of experience as Jean had. Lilac is a very high spiritual colour - lilac, purple, gold, blue, white, those are very high spiritual colours. Green is a healing colour. That was very good too. Anymore? Chela. ............................ (Comment inaudible) Gururaj. That is the energy which you felt in the room and energy does manifest itself a lot as heat or warmth. And as you go through the Universe, it’s not every place that is lit up. There is darkness too that you got to go through. There is so much darkness in this world as you would know. You saw white light and you saw both sides of it because the entire universe has to work in polarities, white and black, and sun and rain. So that was a very good experience you had. Who is next? Bavna is next, I think and then - Bavna. Bavna ................. (comment inaudible) Gururaj. Very good experience. Very good experience indeed. The most important of it all was the feeling of emergence. That’s most important, and the colours, the golden light, that is, you saw the light that’s emanating from me. And what other experiences you mentioned Bavna. ....... (comment inaudible) Gururaj. Yes, in other words, it means that you were looking with the Ajna, the third eye, the inner eye. Very good Bavna, very good indeed. Do you want to say something my son (baby) –come on, you must – sorry - come on my daughter! You must not be shy. Be brave.

5. IR 84-5 Chela. ..........................(comment inaudible) Gururaj. Very good, very good. By the way, when you saw me with the Chinese features, that was one of my past lives when I lived in the body of Lao-tzu. Ron? Ron. .................(comment inaudible). Gururaj. Now that feeling of falling asleep, is because of the calmness this energy produces. One can doze off, it’s quite natural. And of course the explanation to your experiences are the same as I have given Jean. How many of you here felt a peace and a warmth in the heart? Put up your hand then. Practically everyone. And you (child) do you feel nice, put up your hand then, that’s right. I love children and children love me. ........ (Inaudible ). Pardon. ..... What they love? Children and animals are innocent. You know their minds are not cluttered, like grown-ups. For example if there’s a dozen of us and this has happened over and over again, say there is a dozen of us, or twenty of us sitting in a room and an animal walks into the room, the animal will come straight to me. And even children, they would, because they instinctively feel the love, do you see. And that’s why it is said and that’s what the Bible says, be innocent as a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Right good. Anyone else. Yes, David .............Mexican ..........(Comment inaudible) Gururaj. No it was not a Mexican one really. It was the time when I lived in the Inca civilization. You must have seen that, good. The first one you saw of Christ, we won’t talk about that now. There’s one picture I wanted to bring with me, perhaps next time I come to Ireland I will have it with me. Since I was a child, as soon as I close my eyes, I see this figure and I knew inside me, it is the picture of Christ. So it’s very difficult to give a person a description for an artist to draw it. It’s with me all the time, the figure of Christ, this picture. And so in America about two years ago, someone introduced me to a Captain Myles, who was not only a Police Captain but also a lecturer. Are you alright my darling? He was also a police lecturer in, in what do you call these composite pictures, identikit, is that what you call it here? So I spent about, at least four hours with him and they have these slides with thousands of eyebrows, eyes and noses and lips and shapes of faces and in more than four hours, he came quite near to what I was seeing all the time. And then we went to a very, very good artist, I spent about four or five hours with him and supervising him, this a bit higher, that a bit so, this a bit so,

6. IR 84-5 cheekbones a bit so. And then of course this picture was made and reproduced. And the next time I come, I must really remember to bring it along so you could see what Christ really looked like. All these pictures we see of Jesus around us, in churches and everywhere, those are nothing but artists’ impressions. These are not true pictures we are seeing. So the next time I come along I will bring it to you and so you could really have an idea, or really see what Jesus really looked like. The Shroud of Turin is a falsity and when I come out with my next book on the Life of Jesus, I will describe all that in there. That Shroud that they found, the Shroud of Turin, that was another man that was crucified at that period. And that sort of face you see in the Shroud is not Jesus at all. There are so many details, because Jesus did not die on the cross, he only went into a coma. He lived to the age of 73. That’s a different subject and I will not discuss it now. What did you see? Come on tell me, my darling.(baby) Did you see any light? No. Never mind. Did anyone see me as a young boy? .... (Comments) Did anyone see me as an old man? ...........(Comments) With a walrus moustache? Ah Ah! I’d better start growing one. Oh yes. Fine. Anyone else before I adjourn for the evening, it’s a quarter past nine. You’d better go my darling (baby). Oh dear! Hold my hand.


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