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2. IR 84-6 Thank you Bavna, I’ll keep it with me. I put it down and I’ll forget it. Good. What shall we talk about this morning? Questioner. Dear Gururaj, what is the difference between really loving Jesus and having a Guru and also some peopl e use Jesus as a channel. I find it a bit difficult to use Gurushakti. With this difference with Jesus and a Guru, can the tw o be there together? Gururaj. Very good question. And you’re having Gurushakti now because there is Shakti in everything. Do not relinquish your belief in Jesus. Believe in Jesus by all means. You must not stop. What is the difference between a true Spiritual Master and Jesus or Krishna or Buddha? The difference is only of time and different bodies but the consciousness that these men bring to the world is the same, for there is only one consciousness. I might have said this to you before; I do not remember that this consciousness has to take a human form to impart the impulse to another human because Divinity is abstract. And very few people know the real life of Jesus. The life of Jesus that you read has been devised by the various Churches for their own personal needs, their own personal make-up. I don’t know if I told you, but the two richest organisations in the world is the Church and the Insurance Company. The Church promises heaven after you are dead and the Insurance Company promises you a lot of money after you’re dead. They tell you, build up a store for yourself in heaven. Do you know where heaven is? And if you don’t know where heaven is, how are you going to build a store up there? If you don’t know where Dublin is or Cork is, how are you going to go there, how are you going to reach there? You need a guide to show you. And everything in life is a Guru; everything in life is a Guru. Even when you drive and go into an unknown place, you use a map. That map is your Guru, it’s guiding you. Do you see? So, do not relinquish your belief in Jesus, but remember it’s a belief. You have not experienced Jesus, so how can you have faith? And if you think you have faith, but if you have not developed that faith, how can you become one with Him? Jesus was an ordinary man, and when the book which I am presently busy on, you know I start two or three books at a time and I write according to inspiration, sometimes I work for a few hours on one book and a few hours on another book, a few hours on another book– but in this book, I’ve told what Jesus the man really was, not the interpretation of these church institutions, not those, but the real Jesus. So I could tell you a few points. He never died on the cross; he just went into a coma. Nicodemus organised it in such a way and Nicodemus was his patron really. I go into very deep details of research into Jesus’ life, and he arranged it that Jesus did not have t stay too long on the cross. There were many people that were crucified and crucification was not only for Jesus, that was the kind of, as we have the electric chair or hanging today, that’s the method they used in

3. IR 84-6 those times. It was not exclusive. There was a lot of politics behind getting rid of Jesus; a lot of politics were involved . The Romans were afraid that he might take up, he might gather all the people together to him and overthrow and Roman rule within Israel. So there were political reasons. Jesus was the most despised man in his time. His own people did not like him. The Samhedrins did not like him. The Zealots did not like him, they hated him. The Romans did not like him. He was the most despised. And there would have been no Christian religion at all, if there were not his followers that wrote about him. And that happened forty, fifty years later, after he was dead. And the Christian Church only became formalised when all the Cardinals met at the Council of Mycenae, 342 AD. I think it is. That’s how it became formalised. Now the difference is this that you can speak and converse with a living Master but you can’t with a dead Master, unless you are highly spiritually developed. He can’t answer you back. How many of you could tell me here that you have spoken to Jesus and he gave you an answer? Not one, I could see it in your faces. But you can ask me a question and I’ll give you an answer. So, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, they were ordinary people, as I have said before, ordinary people, very, very human. Jesus even had a child with Mary Magdalene. They were not married, but these things have been hidden away. And this was found in some later scrolls that were dug up in Egypt somewhere and translated. And it was even published in the Observer Newspaper in England. So Jesus was an ordinary man. But what I believe in, is the Christ. And Christ means consciousness, total consciousness. Man in the world is very little conscious, his consciousness is minute. Now compare that minuteness with the infinite consciousness that Christ-hood or Krishna-hood or Buddha-hood could bring about. When Krishna and Christ says “No one goes to the Father but by me”, you know what it really means? It does not mean Jesus the man. It means that consciousness which we can call Christ, Christ consciousness. When you evolve to a certain, to a certain stage of reaching that consciousness, can you only become one with that which we term as Father? And yet that term too, because there was not a single woman on those councils when the Bible was re-formulated. Now really speaking, that eternal energy, which we call Father, is neither man nor woman. It is an energy. You can have that energy in you, in the form of a woman or in the form of man. You can call it Mother and you can call it Father. It’s the same, because Divinity is sexless, is neither He nor She. So for example last night, when I did the Communion Practice, of which many of you had some wonderful experiences, I was away from the entire Universe and merged into that Divine energy which is neither He nor She. And yet I would walk amongst you. When we meet outside or sit at dinner, fine, I’ll joke with you, I’ll laugh with you, I’ll tease with you. I’ll even use a few cuss words to make you laugh, to demonstrate to you that I am like you as a man, a human. I’d even use f’s and b’s, why not? You hear it on television every day, and all those plays little children listen to it, to demonstrate – I don’t need to use them, but to put certain emphasis on things to show you that I am very, very human. I

4. IR 84-6 would not mind using the word bastard for example, in private company. I would not mind, for I am one. My mother had an affair with a king. She used to work in the palace and that’s how I was born. And even that word bastard is in the dictionary, open up any dictionary and you will find it. Does that make me bad? When Jesus slept with Mary Magdalene, does it make him bad? When he dined and wined and got pissed with those Sanhedrins and the moneylenders – does that make him bad? No. The Eternal Spirit and a true Master will always show himself to humans as a human. He will show himself as a dog to a dog, as a cat to a cat. That is the difference between a Master of two thousand years ago and a living Master of today. You can really experience him, feel him, touch him, smell him, anything. So you see, on the one hand we say we believe in the Bible and on the other hand we do everything that is totally contrary to the Bible. Everything. We say, the Bible says, ‘Judge ye not that ye may not be judged’, yet every moment of the day people go around judging others. What right have they? And do you know what judgement really is? You are only reflecting yourself, your own mind. You are only reflecting your own mind. To me everyone is Divine. Even a murderer to me is Divine. People are murdering all the day. Say a businessman right, in his business he cuts someone’s throat, to gain, grab his money, isn’t that a kind of murder? You do find honest businessmen too, like Charles. So all the time we are doing that and those are the very people that crucified Jesus on the Cross. And He was not afr aid. He went into the Jewish Temple, ‘The Temple’, and broke up the tables of the moneylenders and set the poor animals free that were to be sacrificed at the altar. And you know what used to happen to all those lambs and chickens and that that were sacrificed at the altar, those priests and all of them used to have barbecues and a nice time. They didn’t throw it away. Nice easy way to get food and the best of it. It’s all a damn racket, I tell you, believe you me. And when religions could not capture people with love, they instilled fear into people, eternal damnation. And the very two words are contradictory to each other, because how can damnation ever be eternal? They teach, ‘Save yourself, be saved’. Yes, you can be saved if you know how to go deep within yourself and find your true self, become an integrated being. And every Spiritual Master said “Come to me and you shall be saved”. Krishna said that, Buddha said that, Jesus said that. Very true, but what is meant by that? All religions have been taken very literally and not figuratively. They have misused the true meaning. Because “Come to me and be saved” means, “Reach my level of consciousness and then you are saved, you become close to God, you become one with God”. To the peasants, Jesus used to say that “Believe in thy Father in Heaven”. That’s all the peasants could understand but to his very close ones he used to say “I and my Father are one” and everyone can become that, once they reach that Christ or Krishna or Buddha consciousness.

5. IR 84-6 And that is what I teach, how to reach that consciousness, how to become aware, more and more aware. People think they live, they don’t. They don’t live, they just exist. They get up in the morning, go to work, come home, go to bed, get up in the morning, go to work, come home, go to bed, they just – like a boat with a rudder, no direction. How many have time to look at the trees, or stand near a tree and listen to the beautiful symphony the wind blowing through the leaves. How many have the time to appreciate that? How many have the time to look at the grass swaying there in its eternal dance. Everything is so, so beautiful. And that is what the Guru teaches. He teaches from, not the side as man, he teaches from the level of pure consciousness. That is what a Guru does. And there is only one pure consciousness that was in Christ, in Jesus, in Buddha and in Krishna. I never tell anyone to believe. In those times two thousand years ago you could say that, ‘Believe in thy Father in Heaven’. It could be just blind faith because you have not seen the Father in Heaven. But I say, I will make you experience Divinity. Then you can truly believe and have faith, that’s the difference. So this consciousness comes to us in many a form and teaches according to the times. There will come a time when this consciousness will return again. It’ll take six thousand years I told some meditators in England, a few years ago I think. This consciousness will return to this Earth planet after six thousand years. It’s not going to be two thousand years now, it’s going to be six thousand years. So live life in such a way as if it is going to be your last breath, your very end. Be aware of everything, be aware of people’s feelings, and never be afraid of people’s judgements against you. Never be afraid of that because people talk according to the development of their minds. And how much is the mind developed. Even the so- called world genius, Einstein, only used eight percent of his brain, only eight percent. You might be using perhaps one percent and yet Einstein used only eight percent and he was a genius. Yes. So now with that one little percent, what right have you to judge anyone? And then you go and say “Love they brother as thyself”. Isn’t that a fallacy? Is that not hypocrisy? When on the one hand you go judging and on the other hand you say “Love thy neighbour as thyself”. The two most important commandments in the Bible are these, “Love thy neighbour as thyself” and “Do unto others as you would expect to be done unto you”. You would not like to be blasphemed, why must you blaspheme others? You want your neighbour to love you, but how much are you loving your neighbour and then you blame the neighbour!

6. IR 84-6 So Jesus when he did his work, he was chased from town to town, in hard times, a hard life, a very hard life. But because the teachings were sound, they still persist, they still exist. Even after two thousand years, they are still just as powerful. That time, people were not ready for techniques. It was based mostly on Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. It was very good. But in a technological age, we need techniques to develop that Bhakti or devotion, to develop knowledge, to open up your brain cells more so that the universal mind could flow through it to your conscious living life. So therefore this vast consciousness comes down from age to age as the Bhagavad Git would say “When evil rises, when injustice is done, when the world is out of balance, I shall take birth from age to age” and that is very true. When Jesus was alive, no one recognised him. Oh they said “Oh he’s mad, he’s a rebel” and just a few said he was a Messiah but that was all. That was all, And yet his closest disciples, twelve of them,, one gave him away, Judas, right and the other one he told that you will, you know the story, before the cock crows thrice you will give me away. And when he was crucified, all his closest ran away. No one was at his side. I could go on, because I have made many, many researches. My life has been one of total study, total meditation and total absorption in God and I am at one with Him. Therefore I could impart, peace and joy to you. Therefore I could make you experience the power of Divinity. Therefore I could bring you that vast energy into this very room, to unfold your hearts. My message basically is of Love and the opening of the human heart. And when that is opened, everything comes right, then you can love your neighbour as yourself, then you will do unto others as you would expect other to do unto you. But once your heart is closed and you build the walls around it, you cannot achieve it. Now you do not need to break down the wall with one go, you cannot. Just take out one brick from the wall, and you will find slowly all the other bricks will come loose; they will loosen up until there is no wall left around your heart. That is how I could love everyone, even the greatest sinner that people regard to be a sinner. I know a man who was put in certain circumstances where he did not mean it, but he killed someone. And he was charged for the murder and the charge was reduced to manslaughter and he spent about five years in jail. He went around looking for a job and of course today, he was an educated man, and today if you want a job they normally give you the low menial jobs, but in high positions they give you a questionnaire to fill out name, age, marital status, any illnesses, any convictions. He couldn’t lie. He put down, “I was in jail for five years”. No one would give him a job because of his conviction. And when he came to my centre and sat and chatted with me, I found him to be a highly spiritual being. The five years he spent in jail was totally devoted to meditation, totally devoted to God, and he was a very high spiritual being . He came to see me and said “Gururaj, what must I do? I need a job very badly” - I mean who doesn’t need a job? “What must I do?” So I phoned a few friends that had big businesses and they know me well because I was in business. I did a lot of dealings with them during my business days. And I said, would you interview this person I am sending to you, in

7. IR 84-6 view of a job and see what you can do. And I personally guarantee that this is a wonderful person. He’ll be an asset to the company. So he went for the interview and he got the job. And after just three or four years, they appointed him as a Director on the Board of a very large company. An ordinary person would see him in the street and say “Ah, there goes a murderer”. They look down upon him. But I saw something different in him. I saw something different in him. And if I gave my personal recommendation to this friend that owned this large business, this friend having trust in me, accepted this man. I said, “Take him on trial, see what happens, do me that favour”. And he did. And the man has risen to a high position. So therefore, judge ye not that ye not be judged. Do not judge a book by the cover as the English saying goes but try and read and understand the contents. The cover could be torn, or dirty or whatever and the contents would be something really wonderful. Or else you’d have beautiful book and a beautiful cover, lovely painting on it or drawing and yet when you open the book it’s all rubbish inside it. Now that’s the difference, there is only one consciousness, and the consciousness comes down to human beings in human form to teach when evil rises too much, to bring the message of love and peace and the opening of the heart, to help the world. Now I have said this before in other Satsangs but not in Ireland. It is the first time I’m here, round about the year, two thousand and twenty five to two thousand and fifty, the world is facing a great calamity through nuclear energy and even stuff much more powerful than the nuclear energy, because inventions are going on every day. A lot of inventions many Governments have that they are suppressing from people; they are not letting people know because the people will go into panic. And this catastrophe will be so big that it will not only destroy this earth but it will disturb or destroy the entire solar system, which will reverberate into the entire galaxy. So people talk of UFO’s and I personally have seen an UFO, actually I have spoken to the occupant that was on the UFO. And they are not here, the Government of course deny it, they are not here to cause any harm, they are here to communicate with people, to tell them, “Do not destroy our planet with the destruction of your planet”. That’s the message they are trying to bring. And when you can reach a very deep state of meditation, you can be in any part of the Universe and converse, have a conversation with any being, but you’ve got to have that sincerity and the innocence. You can have a rough exterior but your heart can be like pure gold. I know people here in this audience that are like that. If you take my friend Charles as an example, he has a rough exterior, he’ll joke and this and that, and someone might feel a bit hurt about it or something, means nothing really, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s his way, rough diamond outside but inside a heart of gold. He’s the kind of person that will give his life for a good friend, a true friend. Do you see?

1. IR 84-6 Gururaj. Tomorrow is the last day of the Course, and I’m sure our National Leader of Ireland, Bavna must have announced it, that we would start earlier tomorrow, about a quarter to eleven, I think you mentioned because immediately after the Course, we have to rush to the Airport to catch a plane. So that’s the reason why we are going to start a bit earlier tomorrow. Bavna sent me a big batch of Forms which I brought back to her and she has initiated some really wonderful, wonderful people, out of whom some very good teachers will arise. And I have all the hopes that the movement in Ireland will grow more and more and better and better with stronger and stronger people. And that is what we do need here. And believe you me, I am very grateful, I say things when I remember them, otherwise I may forget it tomorrow. And it is through all the efforts of Bavna, and she has been working very, very hard to make this Course so successful. And everyone that I have spoken to, has told me that they really, really enjoyed themselves very, very much. I thank you for that. Now here’s a poem before we start, I’d like to read to you. Bavna was on a Course in England and it’s a lovely poem. I enjoyed it very much. Would you like me to read it to you? “I was apprehensive, scared and a little tense Yet I have had a little more sense As I pondered and wondered and asked the Lord how Would I till all that, Lord, without even a plan She didn’t even have a plan and look all what she has done in such a short period creating a Course.. I had just come from one of our BMS Courses And didn’t realise I was so full of resources Go sow he said, the gift I have given Without doubt, without fear For when love is the motive and truth the oration It will carry on and on through each generation. So Myles and our Tabor group were first And since then I have found many with the very same thirst For Love, Life and Laughter of a Spiritual kind And numbers now just blow my mind I needn’t have pondered or wondered at all But I suppose that’s how, I’m just human, at all”.

8. IR 84-6 So there is only one consciousness and I speak to you as I have mentioned before not a word from book knowledge but only from my personal experiences. And each and every one of you has the ability; it is there already, just to be uncovered. You have that pure consciousness in you, and you just need to recognise it. And you will find, if you study the basics of all religions, you will find that the basic teachings are the same. Not a single person that would teach you to do wrong things. Not a single person. They always teach you to do good things. Not a single religion would teach you to think bad things. Every religion teaches you to think good things. So there is no difference between any one. We can wait a few minutes. Let’s have a couple of jokes. You know this man from what do you call it, Kerry, Kerry, a Kerryman he was ill, and for many years, he wanted to go for an operation, and he didn’t want to go. He couldn’t decide to go for the operation, so one day he finally decided to go to hospital. So the first thing they did in hospital was to give him a bath. He said “Oh well that was easy, I didn’t know that an operation was so easy, why was I afraid so many years?” And then there was this Kerryman, he had this dog and he thought this dog was a mathematical genius. So he thought the dog was a mathematical genius. So he asked the dog five less three, less two, how much?” And the dog said nothing.


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