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1. IR 84-7 Gururaj. I want to thank you all for the many letters I ge0 from you. I read them very carefully. I would like to read to you just a sample of one letter. “Dearest Guruji, I just felt that I had to write to you to thank you for making today the happiest of my life. I am so grateful and honoured for being allowed to learn Mandala, which I found to be such a powerful practice. Also for your granting my wish to become a teacher. Your Spiritual Practices have changed my life. I feel confident that I can change many more peoples’ lives through your teachings. I’ve known for some time that the only true state of happiness is God consciousness, but up until today, I have only understood this as an intellectual concept. Today for the first time in my life, I felt it with all my heart. My life no longer feels as if it was one, as if it was one never ending tunnel, as I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. I am on the Course with so many questions to ask you, that after this in your presence, I now feel that you have answered all my questions and given me the strength to know that my decisions are right, as I must accept responsibility for them”. And then there are some personal details and at the end, “My home is always your home etc., etc. My heart is your heart. Thank you for all the happiness you have brought into my life. Namaste”. Very nice, very nice. Gururaj. Good. What should we talk about today? Jammu. Beloved Guruji, you once said that the word acceptance is a more helpful mental concept for us on the path, than the word Love, coupled with our misconceptions about the word Love, because the mind cannot fully understand the true nature of Love. Will you talk to us of acceptance and how we can accept and let go of our attachments to this plane of existence and accept the tumultuous emotional things that happen to us. Gururaj. Very good. I’ll write a book on that and post it to you next year. Acceptance of a thing is normally first created by the mind where you accept a certain situation with the mind but not necessarily with a blind mind or a biased mind. Acceptance should be done in its true form and with true analysis. Then, only is the mental acceptance of any validity. Anything you accept with your mind today, you can un-accept or reject the next day, if there is no true understand of the matter at hand. So it is not only the mind that is at play but more important is the heart that is at play. Acceptance should not only be with the mind only, but it should contain the force an d the power of the heart. It has to have that feeling, that I feel, I accept this flower to be beautiful. Today I might like this flower and tomorrow I would get tired of that flower. So what use is that acceptance? But if I thoroughly feel within myself that I accept this flower to be beautiful, then tomorrow that flower will still remain beautiful and the day after it will still be beautiful. And that is true acceptance. Many times people accept things, not by strength but by weakness, like

2. IR 84-7 cowardice. They say, ‘Oh well, nothing can be done about it, so okay’. If I am, selling a box of chocolates for £2 and I can’t find any customer, so then I sell it for £1 which it cost me and I accept the pound. But there is no happiness in it; because I know I have put in a lot of work, put in a lot of trouble, I’ve travelled round knocking door to door, to sell my chocolates and now because I need to feed my wife and children at home, I accept the pound. I am making no profit at all but I need that to take some bread home. It’s also a kind of acceptance. But, with what feeling do you accept. That is the important thing. If the feeling is that “Oh well, it’s the will of God. I’ve done my best.” Then that acceptance has some fruition. It has some value. Otherwise it is just cowardice. It’s a retreat. Because I have lost my job or I have lost my shop, but I did not want to. But because you are placed in such circumstances, that there was no other way out for you. But in the beginning if you accept the situation that I’m going to lose my shop or my job but I am going to work very hard to create another situation, a job that is better or a shop that is better, then that acceptance can bear fruit. So with acceptance, there must be determination. The entire India was ruined and is in poverty because of acceptance, a stupid kind of acceptance. They talk of Karma, ’Oh you know what is meant for me, you know will come’. That is absolute rubbish. That is why the fields are left untilled; the agricultural products are not there. So much hunger. Factories are going idle, yet there are millions and millions of people there but they won’t make any effort. And that is not Karma. Karma means action. You do something about it. Then, acceptance of the present situation is okay, but you’ve got to have the determination to better the situation. You don’t go and sponge on others. But you see that you fulfil your obligations and then acceptance is worthwhile. Otherwise it’s, it’s a retreat. You are cornered in a street by a few hoodlums. So what are you going to do? Just stand still in the corner, you can’t get away, and let those two hoodlums smash you up. No. You’ll fight. That should be the attitude. You accept that I am in a situation from which I cannot escape but I am not going to stand still and let them bugger me up. I am going to fight. I had the experience as a young boy where I was going through a street, it was a lonely street, and there were two young hoodlums there, that saw me coming up the road, and they would take off from me I was a schoolboy at that time, whatever few pennies I had on me. But when I saw them standing there, I wouldn’t cross over the road and walk on the other side. I put my hand in my pocket, to make them feel I had some weapon there and I walked right through between them. And they never touched me! You accept a situation and you do something about it. Otherwise you are a coward. I can give you another example. One Saturday afternoon, I was working late in the office ‘til about 4 o’clock. There was a lot of work to be done. And I said “Oh, I’ll leave lunch out today, I’ll have supper. The work must be done”. So in

3. IR 84-7 Capetown on a Saturday afternoon, the streets are bare, the streets are empty and I had to walk through one road which was totally empty. And there was three of these hoodlums, gangsters saw me. And I am always well dressed and they thought well here, we really could get something. So I had about thirty Rand in my pocket. So they pushed me in a shop doorway and riffled my pocket. I said “Take it”. They took it and started running off. Then I shouted to them “Hey, you’ve forgotten my watch, you’ve forgotten my fountain pen. Why don’t you take that also?” They came back and the one said to the other in Afrikaans “Heer ist ein anderes souter mann” which means he is a different kind of man. And they gave me back my wallet and walked away. I accepted the situation but I did something about it. Do you see how acceptance works? Otherwise you just accept things. My child is naughty, so I’ll just accept the child is naughty. No! You accept that the child is naughty but you teach him. You teach him a lesson even if you have to use your strap, so he won’t be naughty again. So there are many facets to acceptance. Not acceptance as a coward but a true acceptor is a hero, a hero! A man, not a mouse. The same thing applies with Love and I have made hundreds of tapes on Love and I don’t know whether I should repeat these things because most times, it is the same question that comes up again and again and again. Love also requires acceptance. You accept a person initially because of her or his attractiveness, because of the compatibility between the minds and the spiritual soul. There might be some little spark, and that is how you start off with Love. But, when you allow that spark to grow bigger and bigger, the spiritual spark, until that spark merges with your Beloved’s spark or the flame, then you know what love is about. Otherwise, it just remains a mental concept, as this person wrote in the letter. You have got to experience it and if you don’t experience it, it is just on the mind level. And as you know, the mi nd is a very, very cunning animal, the worst cunning animal in the world. Today it will say this, tomorrow it will say that. Today you love a person very much, and tomorrow if the person is a bit harsh to you, then you would start hating him. Then where’s the Love? Especially me as a Guru. Sometimes I am harsh to people. I might even show anger, but that is surface anger. It is not from deep down, just to teach. And even that harshness is to teach, and from that they learn for themselves to improve their own lives. Like as I gave you as an example, the other day, I was fifteen minutes late in getting up, instead of getting up at four o’clock, in the Himalayas at the Almoro Ashram in Myavitti Himalayas, I was just fifteen minutes late and my Guru comes up and canes my backside. “Why are you late?” He was teaching me discipline. I learnt from it. Not he! He knows, he doesn’t need to be taught. I was the one that needed to be taught. Do you see? So today you love somebody very much and because he says a harsh word to you, tomorrow you start hating him. That’s not acceptance and that is not Love. That is not dedication. In love you have dedication. In love you have devotion in its totality, where the mind, the body and the spirit are all merged into oneness. I have a very famous story which some of you might have heard on tapes perhaps, the first time I’m in Dublin, excuse me, I have a bit of a cold here. There was this

4. IR 84-7 fellow, he went to see his girlfriend and he knocks on the door and the lady asks “Who is it? And he says “I am Mr Jones”. The door was not opened. The next night he goes again and he knocks on the door and she asks from inside “Who is it?” So he says “I am Mr Jones from Dublin”. The door was not opened. And the third night he went again and he knocked on the door and she asked “Who is it?” So, he replied “I am thee, my love” and the door was immediately opened. Unless one finds that oneness with another and to find that oneness there has to be dedication, devotion, sacrifice and feeling for the other’s problems. And that is how love grows and that is how oneness is found. We want to love, for our own personal purposes, our personal selfishnesses. That is not love. It could never be love. Love is selfless, where you forget yourself completely and you are given over and surrendered to your Beloved. Then it is love. Love is not something where you could say I am going to gain, that I am loving this person for gain, it is not love. It is no sacrifice, at all! When you really and truly understand love, you will understand what God is all about. People are very far from that, but the path is there and the Guru teaches the path because he has travelled the path and he knows. He knows the minds and hearts of people. He knows what path they must take and how to reach the goal. Because he has travelled the path and that is why he is qualified to show the path. Do you see? And he not only shows it by words but by demonstration. Here in this very letter that I read out to you, the person said that he had a concept, happiness was a concept to him of God consciousness. But on this Course, he really experienced it. Do you see? So it is not only the Guru’s words that are important. He gives you the wisdom, so your mind can think, but the spiritual force he pours out to each and everyone here, that is important, that is what alters your lives. Every time you get a Mantra from me - which I going into deep meditation like something like Communion last night, going through all that suffering, to reach the core of your personality, to see what you’re made of, at what stage of evolution you are, your emotional state, your physical state, it’s no joke, it’s a job. Many times I have to sit for hours and hours to get in contact with another person’s inner spirit, hours and hours! Sometimes I can’t do it in one hour today, I leave it for the next day for another hour, another hour. Some people I can contact immediately, depending upon their state of mind. That is Love. That is sacrifice. Within those same hours I could have gone out and earned some money for my wife and children to buy them bread. But I do it, because of my love for humanity. And when that Mantra is given to you, it is not just the syllables which represent your vibrations but it carries with it that Universal Spiritual force that I gather from the super conscious level and pass it on to you, with that sound. That is love. Where you sacrifice all your time and energy and yet your wife and children can be starving. That is Love. Yes.

5. IR 84-7 When I left home and I am on a tour for two and a half months, I am going to be, I’ve left home now seventeen days already and do you know what I left with my wife because I do not have money, I left with her thirty five Rand which is about thirty pounds. That’s all. But I did tell her, I’ve very good friends, “Look, I know that you will be running short, go to my friend GB and ask him to give you a loan so that when I come back I can repay him”. That is Love. A total sacrifice for humanity. What do they do in return for me, I don’t care. Although sometimes you get hurt, because you’ve got to make the ends meet. It costs me more than five hundred pounds a week to live, home and children. Still I don’t care. He is up there and He knows how to look after me. He will. A little bit of suffering, so what! Take for example the sufferings of Krishna, Buddha and Christ. I say ‘Okay, if those guys suffered, why shouldn’t I suffer too’. Most people can come face to face with Divinity and not even recognise it. If Christ should walk down the road here, the police will arrest him for vagrancy. That I promise you! In his tattered clothes. That is the world. It is a cruel, cruel world, but within the cruelness, I find so much love, because I can only see love. I see nothing else but love. And even my anger, if I am angry with someone, that anger too is filled with deep love. There are many ways to express it. You spank your child with a strap, it hurts you more than the child, but you’re teaching the child something. Do you see? That is love. So to recap. Love requires dedication, devotion, sacrifice, selflessness and total regard for the other and not for yourself. Because the welfare of others, you must regard to be your own welfare. It rebounds on you in some way or the other, tenfold. Oh yes. I have thousands of letters on my files, and I can show you, if you read them, how people have benefited in every way. Terminal cancer cases have been cured through our practices and Gurushakti. So many blind people have begun to see and deaf people to hear. That we call miracles. I don’t call them miracles. I call them an understanding of the deeper laws of nature to which the ordinary human mind has not yet developed. Perhaps one day, that might come about, we don’t know and we don’t like prophesies. Do you see? So love has many implications. People talk of making love. Rubbish, rubbish, you don’t make love. How can you make love? A husband and wife are sleeping together. They are entitled for their physiological needs, biological needs, but it should be so, that the woman totally disappears, and the man totally disappears, and a vast universal orgasm just remains. They disappear because they have disappeared into Divinity. And so that very sexual act becomes a meditation. Do you see? That is Love. Otherwise it’s nothing but lust. A total mergence is required, to really know love. We’re getting a bit too serious now. See what we have got here. The magic pocket. This one Irishman went to work and he had one red sock on and the other one was green. So his friend asks him, he says “Man, what is this red sock and one green sock?” So this Irishman replies “I’ve got another pair like that at home”.

6. IR 84-7 This chap went to the Editor of a Newspaper and he says, “I want to advertise a funeral announcement, what do you charge?” So the Editor says “Fifty p per inch”. So the lad said “Oh dear me, my brother was six foot four inches tall”. So this couple was in bed, husband and wife, and the wife asks, she says, “Did you put out the cat?” “Yes” he says “I did”. The wife says “I don’t believe you”. So he replied “If you call me a liar, why don’t you go and put the cat out yourself”. And then this other Irishman, he found a job in an Observatory, you know an Observatory where they observe the stars, and the Professor was looking through the telescope, and this chap was standing there, and they had a screen and they could see on the screen what’s up there, Fine. Today, with the modern TV technology, they could have it on screens. So he was looking through this microscope and at that time there was a falling star. So this man says, “Professor, you are a really good shot!” So this other couple had twins, so the friend asks “Do they make a lot of noise at night? So he says “Yes, when the one twin cries, I can’t hear the other twin crying”.


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