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1. IR 84-8 Dhanjee. Dear Guruji, what kind of energy must I use to get fellow feelings of Fellowship into the human heart? Gururaj. Could you interpret that into English? What kind of what? Dhanjee. What kind of energy should you use to get fellowship into the human heart? Gururaj. Using physical energy is not going to help you to get fellowship into the human heart. Neither is mental energy going to help you. The only way to approach heart is with the heart, which naturally is the conveyor of the Spiritual forces within you. So the answer is very simple. But from that you would want to know what are Spiritual forces. Spiritual forces, as I have told you before is the Divine energy that permeates the entire universe. Now do not mistake Spiritual forces with Spiritualism. Spiritualists deal in occultism and spooks and mediums, and all that kind of rubbish. That’s what the Spiritualists do. But spiritual energies are those that come directly from Divinity. Now to create greater fellowship, you can use ordinary means, such as tactfulness, - like Charles for example is very tactful, - yes tactfulness, friendliness and develop9ing greater consideration for other people. In other words, before doing any action, you put yourself in the other man’s shoes and that is called the Golden Rule. You say to yourself if I should do this to this person, how would I feel if it is done to me. Now these are the surface values in developing greater and greater fellowship with people. And this fellowship can be shown as a certain kind of love. Now, what is Love? As we spoke last night, I think or the night before, Love is nothing else but spiritual energy. That is Love. That spiritual energy conveyed through the heart, mind and body can be called love. So to create real fellowship among people, you use the totality of yourself to have the highest form of fellowship. Because surface fellowships, can be here today and gone tomorrow. Ninety nine point nine per cent of the world’s people are dishonest and insincere. They are honest and sincere to a certain degree but not totally, not a hundred per cent. Because if they were one hundred per cent, then they would have found God, they would be self realized. But very few people in this world can find self-realisation. But through the actions that we perform in our relationships with people, we can go nearer to God. I have said this many times, that even if I’m wronged, even if I’m wronged, I will have no malice and no hatred in my heart. For example, if you have promised me five pounds for something and you only give me one pound, I will still have no malice. Suits me, but everyone can’t be that, others will run to the courts or get a couple of gangs and send the man to hospital. That is not fellowship. Especially more so when you know that you, although you have promised me five pounds and you have tried your best and worked hard and could only raise one pound, I

2. IR 84-8 understand that, I would understand that. And by understanding that, there would be greater love in me, there would be greater sympathy in me, that look, this person has really tried hard and not achieved, is unable to fulfil the promise. Although you might have made mistakes, you might have got the amount that you promised me but not careful spending might have made you lose the amount. But, you have been sincere and honest. Do you see? So, true fellowship is that which comes from deep within. It has its surface values and it can only be expressed through the physical self which is but an instrument. But do not regard the instrument to be the real thing. Ron plays the piano. But the piano does not play by itself and neither is Ron playing the piano. It is a deeper force within him that plays the piano. So that is how you need the piano as a physical instrument. You need the mind in the form of Ron and you need that inner energy that flows through Ron to play the piano. You need the mind, the body and the spirit working in a togetherness that will bring true fellowship in this world and that will never become a total possibility. There has never been true fellowship in this world. Since the time of Rama nine thousand years ago, since the time of Krishna, five thousand years ago, since the time of Buddha, two and a half thousand years ago, since the time of Christ, two thousand years ago, there has never been true fellowship, at all. And we know so well that a brother would cut his brother’s neck for sixpence. Father and son would fall out and not speak to each other, over a miserly few pennies. It’s happening all over. Hatred develops in this world just because a harsh word is spoken perhaps. If a person speaks or says a harsh word to me, what I first do is this; I say “Now what has brought this on, this harsh word”. I study the person and I look at the person and I would immediately find that that person is going through some kind of mental turmoil. The person must have been upset or something might have gone wrong. His wife might have given him burn’t toast in the morning, or he might have got out of bed on the wrong side, something that makes a person speak harsh words, and not kindly words. Because you can tell people things, you can tell people the truth in so many different ways. You can tell a person “Get out!” or you can also say “Friend, would you please mind leaving, I’d like to be alone for a while”. Now that comes from the mind, mental culture, where you just don’t take things hard upon yourself which is not necessary. Because the one that speaks harsh words, he suffers more than the one who is spoken to. Always. Because the one who speaks those harsh words, it will linger in his sub conscious and form a Samskara. But to the other one, to whom harsh words are spoken to, he would be angry for an hour or two and then it will go out of his mind. It won’t cause a Samskara in him, but the doer, the speaker will suffer the consequences of Samskaras. Do you see?

3. IR 84-8 There are many organisations that in their title they have the word Fellowship in it, but there is really no fellowship. They join together because of their own personal selfish needs. I’ve been on many Courses, I have been doing it for ten years and doing three or four trips a year, every year, all over the word and I have seen young men coming and young ladies also coming to Courses to find boyfriends. I don’t blame them, they’re lonely, so why not meet up with people and you might just find the right person. Nothing wrong with that but what I am talking about is motivation. I go to Gururaj’s Course, how much will I learn from him, how much will he be able to transform my way of thinking, how much will he be able to change my perspectives, what Spiritual energies will I gain from him and how much can he transform my life! That should be the true motive. But these things do happen in spite of any motive that a person comes to a Course for. To me it’s unimportant. The boy is lonely and you know a Course is a nice place to meet a person of the same trend of thought in the spiritual line. And it’s good for young ladies as well. I have had Courses with quite a few people five hundred to six hundred people at a time, large Courses and it becomes one beautiful happy family, beautiful happy family, but I do not know about fellowship. Because fellowship is something where two friends meet and they become fellows for life, otherwise you ship them off! Fellowship! I’d like to see a ship named “Fellow”. Oh yes, yes, yes. And of course, this all comes from the cultivation of the mind and the unification of the inner spirit with the mind so that the inner spirit can flo w through the mind and the body in the form of love. That is why love is so indefinable. Because once you can define love with the mind, then you can define God. And both you cannot do. God is an experience and so is love an experience. If someone tells you “Oh, I love you” and then you ask “Why do you love me?” And the person replies “Oh because you have got such beautiful hair, such a lovely nose, and lovely lips and this and that”, remember it is not love. But if th e person says “I love you” and when you ask why and the person says “I do not know”, that would be a true answer, because there is no explanation to it and the same thing applies in fellowship and in relationships with other people. You just don’t know why you love somebody and you cannot have true fellowship without having true love. It does not need to be perfect, because no one is perfect. All the great Masters of the world including Krishna, Buddha and Christ, they were not perfect. They were ninety eight percent perfect. There was two percent imperfection in them. If they were a hundred per cent perfect, they could never remain in a body, they would disintegrate. For example, the Communion Practice when I go into Nirviculpa Samadhi and great masters like Ramakrishna said this, that if you stay in Nirviculpa Samadhi for twenty one days, your entire body will disintegrate. So, you go away there into the unknown and you come back and live an ordinary life. When you come back, you bring back so, so much with you.

4. IR 84-8 So the whole idea is to make oneself beautiful. If you go and call the butterflies, they won’t come, say “Butterflies come, come, come”, they won’t come. But you make your garden beautiful, with beautiful flowers, the butterflies will come on their own. You do not need to call them. And the same thing applies in fellowship. The same thing applies in one’s relationships. Do you see? The idea is to make our own selves, better and better and better. I have not yet found a single person in the world and I know hundreds of thousands of people, I have not found a single person in the world that hates me. Not a single person. They might dislike for the moment, because you know I do not hesitate in telling them the truth. People do not like to hear the truth always, you know. They don’t. You pamper them saying “Nice, nice, nice” that the like. They might dislike me for the moment and then they start realising “Guruji is right, you know”, then the penny finally drops. So it turns back to the original love. I know of no person in the world who hates me and the reason is simple, because I hate no one. I love everyone. I have certain people who I love perhaps because of certain bonds a little more, a one pointed love but I love everyone, so everyone loves me. And that’s how it works. If you take a pound note to a shop and ask for change, they will give you exactly the same amount in silver as what the pound note would be worth. They won’t give you more. You get back in life, exactly what you give it! Exactly what you give it! Nothing more, and nothing less. You don’t get short changed and you don’t get given more. So if any person complains of lack of relationships or fellowships, or the misery, you are getting exactly what you have given. You give nothing, you get nothing. As a matter of fact by giving, you get more, really, in the spiritual field of life. There is a very old saying, you take one step to God and He takes ten steps to you. He was just going in the right direction. And one thing I can promise and which I know, you cannot go to God, you cannot. God comes to you. He comes to you. If you are ready, He just descends upon you. The ground does not go to the seed. The seed goes to the ground, the seed of creation, which is God. So we have to, pardon, I caught a cold here in Dublin, that’s all I caught! So you see, life can be made very, very joyful, very, very pleasant. And I am always a giver, always, always, always. I always give more than what I take or get. I invited you all for example, for lunch or supper, or dinner, whatever, you were my personal guests, it never came from IMS. You were my personal guests. I give, I give always and that is nothing, a little matter. But what I really give, is the deep love that is within me to you all, everyone, and still more than that, that spiritual force, that spark. It’s up to you to fan that spark and create it into a fire, so that the fire rages within you and gives you and makes you experience the heat of love, the heat of God, the heat of goodness. Do you see? That is how life has to be lived, if you want to find happiness and which everyone is trying to find. Nobody can say “I’m looking for suffering”. Everybody is looking for happiness. For example, the blessed objects, since early this morning, since about three o’clock

5. IR 84-8 I think, I was sitting and meditating on every single object. So much spiritual energy is given in to it and then this morning round about seven o’clock or so, I dozed off a bit, for an hour and a half to sleep. When you love people, you give those people your all. Do you see? I would invite you to dinner but I would never expect you to invite me. No I don’t expect you. And yet from ancient times, the system has always been, that the Guru looks after your spiritual welfare and the Chela looks after the Guru’s material welfare, because he also has to live and eat food. He just can’t live on love and fresh air. So simple. So to find true fellowship, I’m just giving you all these little examples. I speak from personal experiences, I never speak from what I from others. So, to find true fellowship, always be the giver, with a clean heart, total clean heart, and you see how it comes back to you ten times more. When an appeal was made here, from people, I can be very hard, there were thirty people in the room, and I got handed seven envelopes, two with English pounds in it which naturally would come from some of our English visitors and five with punts in them. Yes. That’s giving! It’s a joke! If a person can’t afford, they can’t afford, understood, not that I expect anything. The appeal was just made so that I could just cover my costs. Travelling thousands of miles costs a lot of money. Now we have to catch a plane, else I could go on and on. So, to sum it up, true fellowship is a quality that comes from inside and if that quality is brought to the fore, then that fellowship will be an eternal fellowship. The woman I love is not someone I just met, so many years, no. Someone I met many lifetimes ago and met again and again and again. Therefore the bond is so strong. And there are many of you here which I have known before, not only in this lifetime. There are many of you here, that have sat at my feet and listened to me teaching. I know, I can see through it, Oh yes. And now we come to the usual few jokes before we leave, because we are going to be chucked out just now. I believe that they said we had to clear our rooms by ten o’clock, Bavna is that true? Oh yes, chucker-outs, you know! Now in Scottish pubs, you know they have these chucker-outs and they are called, the chucker-outs are called, the bum disposal squad. Now, you know the Welsh are reputed to have a sixth sense, but they haven’t got the other five.

6. IR 84-8 Then this Welsh shepherd went for his first ride in a motor car, and the driver put out his hand to make a right turn. So this shepherd that was in the car he says “Here, you boy, you keep your hands on the steering wheel, I’ll tell you if it’s raining outside”. And then of course, the British worker in a car factory, he was very, very superstitious, he wouldn’t work on any day that ends with a “Y”. This Scotsman and his wife asked their daughter “What would you like for Christmas?” So the daughter says “I wanna watch”. So they allowed her to watch. And then this other Scots person, he asked his wife “What would you like for your Birthday?” So the wife says “I would like something with a diamond in it”. So he bought her a pack of cards. Well, we shall have to end now and we shall end with a prayer. From the point of light within the mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men Let light descend on earth From the point of love within the heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men May the Lord return to earth. From the centre where the will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the centre which we call the race of men Let the plan of love and light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

7. IR 84-8 Let light and love and power restore the plan on earth. Well thank you very, very much for all your kindness here and being here, and the lovely hospitality and friendship. I really enjoyed myself. It was nice. Thank you. God Bless you all. Keep well.


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