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1. Los Tres Yogas- 02 Gururaj: -- that bhakti yoga, gnan yoga and karma yoga has to be combined and when this combination comes about, then you enter the realms of a raj yoga. Raj yoga means the royal path, camino real – and when you enter this path of camino real, then you experience the reality of life and what is the reality of life? Can anyone tell me? The reality of life is to exist in reality. And what is reality? Reality is to be yourself. I might have said in other lectures throughout the world, be yourself. I will never tell you be like Krishna or Buddha or Christ, be yourself and by being yourself you will understand the reality of yourself and by understanding the reality of yourself, you will have formed a perfect combination between bhakti, gnan and karma and have raj yoga. Raja yoga, raj yoga, raj means the king or queen, same thing because a king cannot exist without his queen. So when this combination is formed, you become a king or a queen unto yourself and a king can command what do you want to command, you want to command that peace and joy in your life. So simple. So once you become a master of yourself, then you can take bhakti yoga, gnan yoga, karma yoga, raj yoga and then what you do is this, you take out your handkerchief and blow it all away. Then you will not need the thousands and thousands of soldiers in your army, the army of your consciousness because you can rise above petty consciousness and become pure consciousness. – and by becoming pure consciousness, you have merged into this one divinity because divinity is nothing else but pure consciousness and that pure consciousness is within you all. It is just a bit folded, that’s all. It just requires cognition and recognition all the time. How many of you go through your day thinking of that purity within you? How many of you? And that’s why you suffer. You idiots. So in every action karma, always have a thought of divinity in your mind and let that be the lighthouse, and why is the lighthouse there? Because the rocks in the sea is all around and the lighthouse – your ship of life do not bump against the rocks. So the lighthouse has a light, switch it on so the light can burn and your ship of life wont smash itself against the rocks. So the lighthouse within you is the guiding light so you can avoid all the rocks that could smash the ship of your life. So simple, switch on the light. Good. People get into many problems and troubles, problemas, troubles? Translator: Trouble is the same word. Gururaj: Good, I'm learning Spanish. Because they don’t switch on the light and the way to switch on the light is your spiritual – spiritual practices and your life will transform. I can read, as I look at you, all your problems. <0:12:17.3> why must you suffer, be joyful like me. That is why I'm with you to tell the one secrets of joy and the secrets are not private, they are open secrets. A true master opens his heart and by him opening his heart, he lets out all the love to everyone. No

2. Los Tres Yogas- 02 one in this course can ever leave the same person. They will always leave with some upliftment and joy, otherwise me travelling thousands of miles to come here would be useless. My duty in life is to show the way, a real camino to make your lives better lives --


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