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1. ES 86 - 09 - 02 Gururaj: -- I crack little joke in between to give your mind little rest and then I push you up again so that your mind could go deep in thought. After these thousands and thousands and thousands of talks around the world and studying the minds of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people, I know how the mind functions. The whole idea is to get certain truths and ideas across to you so you can gain a greater understanding of life. Now that’s in spite of all the jokes we make and jokes are important – importanto for the mind must never always be serious. The mind must also learn to laugh. The mind must also learn to laugh. Is there – I was telling her yesterday – what’s your name by the way, I forgot. I'm joking. I was telling Uma yesterday that there is not a single woman in this whole that does not love me, why? Because I am love, total unselfish love, no lust, just a flow. What’s your name again? Translator: Uma. Gururaj: Uma, I like to make fun, you know that. If you become love, if you are love, no one can stop loving you. That is the secreto of love and then the heart secretes that inner force of love. Now I know Uma is very jealous (laughs) no necesario, because being faithful to god, I can never be unfaithful to anyone. Now you will be going for lunch soon, I would like you to spend half an hour doing some meditation, okay? It will make you calm, it will make your mind more pleasant and it will make you enjoy your meal more because you could have the finest meal in the world and I know, because I've dined with the queen of England, you call her Queen Elizabeth, I call her Lizzy, and Margaret and all of them, all the aristorcratas and I've had the finest meals. Now here is another secret for you, if your mind feels pleasant, you will enjoy your meal more and then you become amore with the food you eat, you will love the food you eat, simply. Good, seeing that we have a few more minutos. What song – this handkerchief is dirty, woman! What song would you like me to compose for you? Name any subject. Aha! Now, would you like me to sing it in Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, English, American – (singing – the quietude) – this is to make your mind pleasant so that you could enjoy your dinner. (Singing – let me quieten the mind so that you and I could be of one kind for my mind is quiet forever and that is one thing I want for you forever. So quiet your mind – so quiet your mind, let you have peace forever and having the peace you will find the ease to live life in happiness for ever – happiness for ever – happiness for ever – happiness for ever – happiness for ever – let you be in peace through the peace of our lord – let you have the peace of our lord or through his peace you will always be at ease.) (Crowd applauds) I should have been a pop star instead of a bloody guru. Elvis Presley and The Beatles made 4-500 million dollars and me? I can’t even find a piece of bread.

2. ES 86 - 09 - 02 -- You feel like coughing, you sit at the back because these recordings go around the whole world, no disturbance. Namaste! Namaste! Please enjoy your dinner. Translator: Thank you.


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