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1. U S 80 - 25 WHEN DOES THE SOUL ENTER THE BODY? VOICE: When does the soul enter the body? GURURAJ: When does the soul enter the body? Now, let us first find out what do we mean by soul, for there has always been confusion between soul and spirit. Now spirit is the underlying factor or the divine factor which we could even call the fine energy field. Now this fine energy field is eternal and infinite. And upon this energy field all these individualized souls play. Like a pond with so many bubble on it. Those bubbles could be likened to a soul. Now what constitutes a soul? A soul is the tot ality of experience of an individualized being. Now, this totality of experience cannot exist on its own. This totality of experience, or the mind which is composed of various thoughts, as we spoke of the other day... now these thoughts cannot exist with out the energy field. So it means that the soul has to be energized. It has no life of its own, so it has to be energized by this spiritual field. This light here has no life of its own if electricity was not there. So the spirit is the electricity and the light over there is the soul which contains the electricity in it. So the soul, to repeat again, is a whole collection of impressions or samskaras of a person wrapped around the energy, which is called the spirit. Now, when we had this Big Bang exp losion, and millions and billions of atoms started going forth, and they are still going on. Because these explosions, big bangs, are occurring throughout the universe all the time. Now we are in a particular stream in this Big Bang process. So what we mean by evolution is that very fine particle is pushing forth onwards until it loses its momentum. That is evolution, and when that very fine particle loses its momentum and attains stillness, then you have realized the spirit in its pure essence and that is called God realization. So from first the stillness of the universe, before the explosion, from the stillness you proceed in motion to end up in stillness again. So therefore we say from God we came and in God weend. Now as this fine particle carries on in this momentum, in this force of the explosion, it would duplicate itself, replicate itself, get intermixed with other particles, and thus form a certain kind of individuality. At f irst, it starts as gaseous matter, and then the very gas condenses i tself into that which we know as matter in a very fine form and still grossifying, grossifying, and still grossifying it comes to the mineral stage of existence. Now from the mineral stage, it progresses on to the plant stage. Now, in the mineral stage, the very stone, too, has consciousness, or else you would never find changes in a stone. You leave a stone outside and you will find some changes in it after a few weeks time because there is life in the stone. Apparently the stone looks like this, but the re is life, for millions of molecules are swirling around in that stone, and motion is life itself.

3. U S 80 - 25 therefore seventy years is not enough, and one has to take on more and more lives. Because all physical matte r is subjected to decay and death. So death is nothing else but stepping out of one room and going into another room, or like changing one set of clothes for another. But the experiences gained by the soul remains the same. What we are today is the sum t otal of all our experiences and all the impressions which we call samskaras are there, and they have to be worked out. They have to be worked out. The momentum in them has to be stilled. So another birth is necessary. Now when a person gets born, many p eople think that we have given birth to our children and we have chosen them. That is not true. We choose our parents, we choose our parents. So after a person dies, that very soul of his goes into a state whereby there is no evolution, but there is a f ormulation of what to do next, what kind of body to take, where to take that body, and through whom should that soul be born. So in that very formulation, and according to the law of attraction, it attracts itself, without thought in that state, it attrac ts itself to the proper genetic combination of two people. So the child that is born to us is not that we have chosen, but the child has chosen us. We are but the vehicles for that soul to be born. Now to come to your question. When does the soul ente r the body? When does the soul enter the body? There have been many erroneous beliefs that the soul enters the body at the time of conception. There are beliefs that the soul is away, and only when the sperm and the ovum meet that the soul flips around from outer space and enters there. Rubbish! Not true. Now if you study the sperm, it is a living entity. It has life. If you look at it through a microscope , you'll find it moving. There is life. But one thing which is so wonderful, that in every eja culation there are three to five hundred million sperms and only one reaches the ovum, one reaches the mark. How wonderful! Have you ever imagined that out of your five hundred million brothers and sisters in that one ejaculation, it was you that reached the mark? [LAUGHTER] Have you ever thought how unique you are? And you say, "I'm a poor sinner, sinner, sinner." Rubbish! Ah, nonsense. Good. Why did that one sperm reach the mark? Because that one sperm was most conducive to impregnate. The other brothers and sisters had certain qualities, very very similar, but not the perfect match for the vehicles that it has to come through. Now where are the souls of all the people that have passed on over thousands and hundreds of thousands of years? Where do they reside, where are they? They are in this very room. Millions upon millions upon millions of souls floating around here, here, here, now. We think that this body is solid, but it is very, very porous. Millions of cells are floating in and around us, through us. If you look at an atom, you'll find vast spaces. Likewise, this body is also an atomic structure and there are vast spaces whereby this very fine soul is penetrating our bodies all the time. All the time these souls, millions of them, a re penetrating our bodies all the time. Good.

4. U S 80 - 25 Now, each and every person according to his characteristics would attract the kind of souls that are more conducive to the person. Like around me, there are souls moving in and out, through me, millions and m illions of them that are conducive to my personality or evolutionary status. And the same applies to everybody. So the souls are there all the time. They don't come from anywhere. They are floating around and from wherever they are, because in that dim ension, there is no space, it is a spacelessness, a hereness. So at the time of copulation, those souls that are floating around all the time would find its mark in the sperm is attracted there more because of the greater attention on that part of the ana tomy and they are within the sperm. So every sperm contains a soul. The soul does not come from outside, it is there. And it is just a mechanical action afterwards for the sperm to reach the ovum. So at the time of conception, the conception takes pla ce with the soul. With the soul empowered by this spirit, which is the energy field. You see this new thought? It's always been thought that when the ovum and sperm meets, the soul descends and enters. It is not so. So that is why I'm not in favor of a bortion, unless to accept a lesser evil for a greater good. Sometimes because of the birth of a child so much problems could be created, so much greater misery could be created because of circumstances or ill health. Then only is it viable, otherwise not . For you are not only [attacking?] the little physical body there, the developing body, but also the soul; and yet, who knows that karmically that soul might require that experience of just being in the womb for a few months, might require that experienc e, for the soul can never be destroyed. Only the outer body can be destroyed or dissipated or disintegrated, rather. Because there is no destruction in this universe at all. Everything gets dissolved and reverts back to its original elements. So that de veloping soul or that developing fetus does not suffer. It has its own karmic plan it must fulfill, but it does add on karma to the parents, it does add on karma to the parents for it is nothing else but murder, killing. Of course if accidents take place and miscarriages are there, that is beyond one's control. This is to be remembered that you are not only getting rid of the body, but also discarding the soul which was there at the very moment of inception, and not only at the moment of the inception, b ut at the very time when the sperm was manufactured in the testes. You see. So we are interpenetrated by various souls all the time. Now, if a person is a not so good person, then good souls will not be surrounding him nor interpenetrating him. You see. To a good person, birds of a feather flock together. Like the old saying, " like attracts like." So that is why meditation is so important, and spiritual practices are so important. Especially young people who want to get married and raise a family. Meditation is very, very important, because they are uplifting their vibrations . They are drawing forth those spiritual energies that are all pervading, but more so through themselves which is the best vehicle for them and thereby they would attract the better kind of soul to them for the child's sake. Therefore we have found and they have made quite a study of this that meditators produce such lovely children. They have such a quality about them, a spiritual quality about them, because the mother and the father, their thoughts are

5. U S 80 - 25 uplifted, meditation plus the various little kno wledge that is gained, the theory and the practice. The minds and thoughts are uplifted, so therefore they would naturally attract better souls. For there are millions of souls just waiting to be bor n. Millions and millions of souls just waiting to be b orn. So the soul comes from nowhere and it goes nowhere. It is here. On this very planet Earth, as on other planets, all the dimensions are here and now. And man has the ability to penetrate all those dimensions, all those vibrational levels where var ious souls in various stages of evolution exist. And many people have developed the third eye to a certain extent, where they could see vortexes of energies floating around. They could actually see them. You could actually see the souls in motion. Oh, yes. Yeah. There is not a single space, bit of space, to use relative terms, in this universe that is empty. Every bit of space is teeming with life. All kinds of life. Now, sometimes a person feels surprised that a couple are seemingly so bad, or not g ood... say rejected by society, and yet they produce a wonderful child who becomes a genius or a great spiritual leader, or whatever. Who are we to judge those people? We're only judging them by the standards of society, man made laws concocted by our own conceptions of what a person should be or should not be. Yet those two very people might be very highly spiritual. Or else they would never be able to give birth to such an evolved child. So, as the soul goes on in the process of evolution, the same th ing occurs again and again and again. As the physical body is discarded, it reverts back to its subtle self, wherein all the thought forms are there, all the experiences, all the samskaras are there. And like that, it takes life after life after lif e unt il that stillness is reached. But there is a difference. It starts off with stillness and it reaches stillness again, but this is an evolved stillness. A stillness containing within itself all the motion of the universe. It is like a top which we spin a t high speed and it seems to be standing still. We don't see the motion, and yet it is in total motion. And that is what is meant by action in inaction, and inaction in action. That is what is meant. And that is the difference between primitive man and the highly evolved man. Primitive man is simple and the highly evolved man is also very simple, but what a difference. Like sound at a very low pitch is inaudible and sound at a very high pitch is also inaudible, but they are at different poles. That's how it works. So never think of the idea that the soul comes from somewhere else. All those dimensions are existing here. Now when I say here, I don't only mean this little planet called Earth, which is not even a speck of dust as far as the universe i s concerned. For all the universe itself is just but a oneness that knows of no time nor space. The whole universe is here, and where do you go to? You go nowhere, even after death, you have gone nowhere. You can say you've gone into a different dimens ion. You leave the grosser trappings and you enter the subtler state. Now that is why, that is why people see apparitions. And those apparitions are seen by people because that very subtle body had so much attachment to a

6. U S 80 - 25 certain thing, object, or perso n that it lingers on and they can be seen what we normally call ghosts. There are ghosts. Oh, yes. A ghost is nothing else but the subtle body. Because of its intense attachment to the world, sticks around until that sense of attachment is slowly lesse ned. Those poor spirits or ghosts don't even know that they have discarded their physical bodies the attachment is so great until it starts realizing that oh, the physical body is gone, the attachment is gone, and then it reverts into its much more fine r form where it does not become visible to our eyes. That is the story behind ghosts. Now these very ghosts, these very spirits, can be released from the attachment by sound, by sound therefore, we have prayers for the dead. For example, they say a hous e is haunted. There is no such thing as haunting. It is just that that subtle body has not found escape yet, it is too attached and cannot loosen the bonds. So what is done is the intonation of prayer. That is why we pray for the departed spirit. Now, if anyone's house is haunted, so called, spirits are there, a group must just get together and do our chant. Lift up the vibrations and you release the bondage; you bring those very spirits to a higher rate of vibration where automatically the bonds are broken and the spirits are no more there, the ghosts are gone. They give it release. So what I'm trying to say is that all around in its subtlest level, or a more grosser form beyond this physical body, these entities are there all the time. In this ver y room, to repeat again, there are millions and millions of these souls interpenetrating, going in and out our bodies all the time. Now, a good person becomes a lovable person. Many things play a part here. A good person becomes a lovable person, we just get attracted to the person. Now firstly, the person's thoughts, good thoughts is an automatic, unconscious attraction for the other person. Good thoughts are governed by the person's state of evolution. The more highly evolved the person, the more att ractive he becomes to us. But what also helps that person, that highly evolved souls are surrounding him all the time. Are surrounding him all the time and are so mixed with his emanations that it makes his emanation even much more stronger. And that he lps more in the attraction. Now a loving person would attract loving souls around him. And thereby it strengthens him, it makes him more and more loving. These are such simple so called secrets, open secrets, and they can be experienced. When a pers on reaches a certain level, a certain depth of meditation, one realizes that no one comes and no one goes, and we discard these bodies when it's tired, nothing to fear whatsoever, because the greatest fear man has is the fear of death. It's the fear of de ath. Now death is such a beautiful experience that a person can have. But most people die unconsciously. The few moments before they die they become unconscious, and the soul is to use these words pulled into a different dimension. But to go to the other dimension consciously is a great experience. It is one of the finest experiences one could ever have. And this is achieved by heightening the rate of our vibrations. And heightening the rate of our vibrations just means we are now a bit higher on the evolutionary ladder. That is all there is to it. All this occult huncum buncomb, it's all useless. It is

7. U S 80 - 25 all so simple. That's all. And through spiritual practices, when we attune ourselves and go to higher and higher and higher vibratory levels, then all these things could be very clearly perceived, very clearly perceived. For example, a poet writes a poem. He does not create that thought, he does not. What he does is he tunes his radio to a certain vibratory level, whereby all the thought since eternity that are still existent and floating around is just drawn. Like radio waves. There are thousands of broadcasts taking place in this very room. Only we have to have our radio and tune it on the right wave length to draw whichever broadcast we w ant to. Likewise, that is what the poet does. That is what the composer does. That is what an artist does. So the artist or the poet does not create anything, he only synthesizes, and to us it seems to be new. Now a poet has to be very sensitive to be able to do that. A poet has to go at times into a far higher vibratory level and receive all those thoughts that are floating around according to the condition of the person's mind at the moment. And what a blissful experience. We call it creativity. B ut nothing is created, really. We call it creative thought, but creative thought is forever existing. And all thoughts are forever recreating itself, all the time recreating itself. So those very recreations form part of the soul. So what in actuality is the soul? The soul is a thought. So when I sit down to write a poem, I am drawing the essence of those thoughts which are nothing but souls. So we attract when it comes to conception, we attract those souls that are conducive to us. Now, we've bee n talking entirely from the man's side, what about the woman? Now ancient times, they always used to put the man higher than the woman. The woman was the ground, and what can the ground do if there are no seed? So, greater importance was attached to the seed and not to the ground. Now that was ancient times, male chauvinism. But we know now the equal importance of the ovum, the equal importance of the ovum. Now, the sperm carries the soul, yes. But that soul could never find expression if the ground was not there. [END SIDE ONE] And look how important the ground is. Even if you plant a flower, look at all the minerals, all the requirements supplied by the ground, all the requirements supplied by the ground for the seed to sprout and flourish. S o therefore each has its own duties, and they are both equally important. We could never say that the man is more important than the woman. But there is a division of labor. Each one performs his own task. And the woman performs a greater task, for it is the woman that molds the child. Uplift the women of the world and you will have a better world. Forget the men. The man is the earner, he is out, he brings the bread and bones. But the woman molds the child. So when women do spiritual practices [TA PE GLITCH]... so the woman has embedded in herself all the qualities of tolerance, of patience, of forbearance, kindness, willingness, sacrifice. Woman has all that. Therefore she is passive, while the man is aggressive, domineering, because he is the br eadwinner, as if he is doing the world a favor. [LAUGHTER] He is doing his duty, while the woman is doing her duty, and she brings the child forth into the world, and without her care, her nurturing, which is inherent, inborn in her, that ch ild could nev er become a good person if the mother is not good in the sense of nurturing the child in a proper way. So the

2. U S 80 - 25 So as this still proceeds further on the path of evolution, it reaches the plant kingdom, where one could say it is still a higher form of life, for plants too have a consciousness and plants also have a certain form of cognitive ability. Here in America they have made experiments in a room where plants were wired up to a machine and when one plant was burned with a cigarette end, the other plant screamed ou t. And this was recorded on these various electronic devices. From the plant kingdom through various stages of progression, we reach the animal kingdom. First the lower animals, and then the higher more intelligent animals. Now this takes millions of ye ars. Now until we reach the animal kingdom, everything proceeds within the force of nature. There are no impediments, it is forced on naturally. Because of lacking the power of thought or thinking it would proceed on naturally, because it is the very th oughts that create impediments. Now from the animal kingdom man progresses on in the evolutionary path, the particle progresses on the evolutionary path to the stage of man. And man, of course, has a higher form of consciousness than the previous three. He starts thinking, and that is where all the trouble begins. Yes. Primitive man, as you would know, has lesser needs, so his troubles are less. He just wants shelter and food. But of course, when fire came along, then he started activating his taste b uds: I like this and I don't like that. Then he started hunting for his food. Adam, for example, he used to go hunting, and when he comes back, he is very tired, always, so Eve used to massage his back and chest. But now we know that Eve was created from one of Adam's ribs, fine. But on the pretext of massaging, she is counting if the amount of ribs that were there are still there. [LAUGHTER] So, now as man progressed, his consciousness and thinking abilities developed more and more. Although thinking and thought and the process of thought could become an impediment, it is also a wonderful instrument, for when discrimination is developed, then man can know what is conducive to his evolution and what is not conducive to his evolution. Fine. Now, when man dies, what carries on after discarding the physical body is the subtle body, which is nothing else but mind or soul; these are different names for the same thing. And this soul that leaves the body is encapsuling that spiritual forc e so that the soul can have existence. Now this very soul has had all kinds of experiences, right from the primal gaseous matter to the atom to the plant to the animal. All these experiences are there now in this one bubble, which we call the individualized soul. But now t hat individualized soul is still pushed on by the force of evolution, and the motion is there, and because of that motion that is there and the experiences gained in this motion of existence, it has to reach a stillness. So therefore to reach the stillnes s, the soul is forced to reincarnate. For to us threescore years and ten might seem a lot; but in the whole picture, it is not even a flicker of an eyelid. Now all these experiences gained through millions of years, now to still them all, to bring a balan ce to these experiences, or to discard all those experiences and to come back to one's natural purity of the spirit, takes a long long time. And

8. U S 80 - 25 more highly evolved the woman, the better the child will be. And it starts right from the womb. The child starts expanding his consciousness ri ght in the womb. The child starts learning. In the East, when a woman reaches the seventh month of pregnancy, she is not allowed to do housework and things. And she is exhorted to study scriptures, holy works, listen to holy discourses, so that what ent ers in her mind, what understanding she gains, automatically penetrates the mind of the child. See how important the great service the woman is performing! A woman performs seventy percent of the service in this world's structure. Man only performs only thirty percent. Good. Fine. So we are nearing the end. So you see, conception begins right there. No soul comes from anywhere. The soul is incorporated. At the very beginning it is there already. Fine. Well, our course ends. It is a pity it was su ch a short course. But I believe in July they are organizing a course for four or five days, and if dates are circulated in advance, most of you could make your plans to attend the courses. There are so many things we could cover, but we don't have enoug h time. And we could talk of all kinds of subjects, and through the grace of God, we could look at things from a different angle than what we have been used to looking at it. And that brings upon us realizations, understanding, togetherness, a flow of lov e and a flow of a spiritual energy that everyone gains. So it was so nice meeting so many new people. And it was such a joy being here. Thank you very much. God bless you all. Good. Namaste. **** END ****


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