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1. U S 81 - 33 COURSE ENERGY This is a satsang with Gururaj Ananda Yogi, USA 1981, Number 33, recorded at Techny Towers in Illinois. GURURAJ: Good. What shall we speak about tonight? PHYLLIS: Beloved Gururaj, several of us have experienced great energy flows while in the presenc e of various combinations of other people, with and without physical contact. How are those bonds created that cause this flow between people, and what are the mechanics and purpose of this energy flow? GURURAJ: Beautiful. On a course of this nature yo u will always find a greater energy flow, the reason being that it is not your energy that flows. Or else in other circumstances when a group gets together why is that energy flow not also felt? But on a course of this nature, where there is a fountainhe ad of energy, then it flows through to all. For that is the real purpose of the course. Now you might describe it as energy which is none else than a spiritual force. So you are filled with the spiritual force even if you are not conscious of it. And th en that spiritual force within you is shared with those that are around you. Now that is the power that is uplifting, for its base of operation comes from a vast heart, a universal heart to your heart that, too, is universal but as yet unrealized. But bec ause it has the universal qualities and because it has the receptivity, it would naturally be felt and this would be more set off in the group or with other people. And that is why, for example, when it comes to chanting it is always more powerful when th e chanting is done in a group (you have a hum there). The chanting is always more powerful when you do it in a group because the very energies that are within you, through the chant, forms a collective energy and that helps each other. Although chanting has its own benefits when you do it alone. For example, if you're worried about something and the thought does not want to pass your mind, your mind is in a muddle and you chant to yourself loudly is good and in your mind it also serves a purpose. So t he mechanics are these, that the very thought forces that are disturbing your mind you are now channeling it to a higher source. You are channeling it to a higher source because the very chant itself has no meaning to the words. But they are of a certain sound value. They have a certain sound value, and the vibratory sound value of the chant intermixes with the higher rate of vibration.

2. U S 81 - 33 So all negative thoughts going through one's mind are of a much lower vibration. So when you do the chanting you are p ushing out the lower rate of vibration by a higher rate of vibration. That is why when thoughts trouble you I would recommend do a few rounds of chant. And you don't even need a rosary to do that. The rosary when you do a 108 counts is for a certain durat ion of time. It is for measuring time. The very chant, the very words you use the [he chants several times] becomes a pranayama as well. So if you do your chant properly, you will find that the entire chant is based on exhalation. And what is more impor tant than breathing in is exhaling. You exhale toxins out of your system. The carbon dioxide, you exhale it out of your system, thereby you purify your system. And when your system becomes more purified your body feels lighter, and when your body feels l ighter your mind too will feel lighter and the grosser thoughts evaporate by introducing, to repeat again, the higher vibration. Now, it is so timed and we have done many experiments on this about the duration of thought the exact timing of the chant you are given is the exact timing of the duration of thought. You might be thinking on a certain subject and that thought to you might be lasting for half an hour. But in reality it is not. There is a break in between those seconds, ther e is a break. Because the mind cannot sustain a thought for longer than the period of the chant you are given. So it is measured scientifically with the duration of thoughts, so by doing that, you are changing your thought pattern. You are changing your thought pattern , and by changing your thought pattern, you are creating greater clarity in the mind. It is a cleansing process. I was telling someone this afternoon about chanting. I have experienced in India that before a temple was inaugurated we sat chanting for th ree weeks 24 hours a day without any break. Of course, we did it in turns. Groups of 25 or 50 or 100 at a time for so many hours. And then there after the statue to whom the temple is dedicated be it Rama or Krishna or whatever is installed. And you can feel that vibration existing there months and months after the program of chanting has ended. So as I've told you people so many times before, that this whole universe is composed of nothing else but vibration. And anything which you find tangi ble is vibrations congealed, vibrations brought together by the various laws of physics. This glass standing here is nothing else but vibrations. And it can be reduced to its original form, it can be reduced to its original vibratory level. You see. So there is no difference between the vibrations of this glass and this flower or you. There is no difference whatsoever. It is the same. The difference is only in degree, but it remains the same. Now what is the vibration? Theology would describe it as the word: "first was the word and the word was with God and the word is God." Now that is at its very finest level. So through meditation and spiritual practices and chanting is on e of the practices too it leads your mind to the word, to that very fine level. So after about three rounds of chanting you are not chanting any more. It just happens automatically. And you become the observer, you are with the word, until you are so overtaken with constant practice that you become the word, you become the vibration.

3. U S 81 - 33 So the entire creation as one would call it, or entire manifestation, is nothing else but vibration. And the spiritual path is that which leads one back to one's original self, to the original vibration which is the manifestation of the Unm anifest. So the progress one makes on the spiritual path is none else but taking oneself from the grosser level to the finest, subtlest level. And when I talk to you of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and the superconscious mind, then know th at by superconscious mind we mean the subtlest state of vibration. For if everything is composed of vibration, then the mind too is of vibration. Now, through the Unmanifest when manifestation came about, it came about as vibration. And its first congeal ment of that fine vibration formulated what we know as mind, the universal mind. And with the various intermixing of the various qualities of vibration becoming different through this interchange, all kinds of forms have been produced in this world and tha t we call creation. Theology will tell you the world was created in six days and the seventh day was a day of rest. And that is very true. That is very true, but so misinterpreted. The universe was created within six seconds. That is how long this exp losion took. And all the particles shot forth creating the entirety of this universe. So the vibrations diversified, and what we are trying to do is bring together the diversification, the diversity back into unity. And that unity can also be known as un ity consciousness. So all these different words were there for the purpose of explanation. In reality it is just but one thing and nothing else . But to explain you use different terms. It is just a matter of terminology. So when you do the chant you are raising your vibratory level, and by raising your vibratory level you are also raising the vibratory level of the area around you. Now, that is why when you get together even when you are not chanting, the effects of the vibratory level are still e xisting. And when vibrations are at a higher scale, at a higher rate, then they meet. At a grosser scale they seem to be apart. It's like the pyramid; s o wide at the bottom, but as you go up, the gap narrows until you reach the pinnacle where it is just but one. One point. Now that is the purpose of chanting. What was the other part of your question? PHYLLIS: How are the bonds created.... GURURAJ: Yea, the bonds are created because of this vibration. Where the vibrations at a higher rate merge, and that becomes a bond. You'll always find at courses that people's mind change. Also because of the vibratory level. You'll find people, you look at their faces, their faces become gentler, softer, they become more kinder. They're always willing to help each other. Very little or perhaps no dissension ever remains. And that is the purpose of attending a course. It just does not end there. It carries on depending on yourself for how long you would allow it to carry on in your daily life.

4. U S 81 - 33 And then of course the other purpose for attending a course is to develop an understanding of yourself. And that is what the guru tries to do is to make you understand yourself. He gives you explanations how to understand yourself. He gives you explanations of various situations that come up in life. He gives you the practical, the physical, the philosophical, th e metaphysical aspects of all that which you call you. And that develops one's understanding. That develops or changes, in many cases, one's perspective of how to view things, in which light to view things. How to view or evaluate things properly, in its right measure so that it does not hurt you. Many a thing which might have seemed so unpleasant to you at one time by gaining a proper understanding of it does not seem unpleasant to you any more. That is the purpose of a course. And the mechanics that works is the heightening of your vibrations w hich means leading you closer to the real self which is you. And that naturally forms a bond, inevitably it forms a bond, because after all, everything is but one. So to repeat again, at the grosser level, things seem separate, but at the higher level ev erything is but one. And as you are on the course, when these vibrations are heightened not to its ultimate peak or else you'd be enlightened but to a certain degree according to your capacity. The water well is there. The guru is there. It depe nds upon you what vessel you are using to draw the water. You use a small bucket you'll take out a little water. Use a big bucket you can draw more water. For the spring in the well is unending, forever there, always fresh, fresh water. You see. So a l ot depends upon you. And then the very important thing is the rapport that is established. The rapport that is established. Now that helps the vibratory level to work more efficiently. That helps it more and more and more. So when you do chanting, I a lways recommend to people that have been chanting to do never less than about nine rounds. For beginners, five rounds. But you really get into the swing of it after about three rounds. You see. So on the next course if you can do nine rounds it would be very good. Then you really feel the effects of it. And it is a great cleansing process. And who doesn't want to feel clean? Sometimes some people very few of them get slightly spaced. Yes, they do. For you go through a muddy pond and it's no use just standing under the shower. Use a brush. Rub hard to get all the dirt off. You are essentially clean, that is true. So that rubbing off might be slightly painful pe rhaps, but it is really not painful. That lovely warm tingly feeling you get scrub bing yourself is good too. It's nice, actually. So those are the mechanics of why such a bond is created. And I've used chanting just as an example. For the same effect is also created by meditating together. For is it not true which is said in the scrip tures if two people gather in my name I shall be there. And He is there in whichever form. The formless can take on any form at will. You see. So you are drawing from that eternal source through his instrument. And that is why I always like to tell pe ople try and attend courses. I know so many difficulties are involved. You might not get leave from work. Sometimes there are financial

5. U S 81 - 33 considerations. There are many other considerations. But they can all be overcome if you truly want to attend a cour se. Because if you go out to a restaurant tonight you won't get out of there under $20 or $30. That is if I'm estimating your American prices to be right. I don't know. That is just a rough estimation for a very fair meal. I'm sure it's much more, much more. So if one is really keen on attending a course and receiving these benefits... sometimes it happens where benefits are not immediately felt. But later it must have its effect, and there is no doubt about it. It is a cleansing pro cess. So you go and spend $50 for a meal which you could do at home for $5. And the organizer of AMS, the national organizer always informs everyone well in advance of the dates of a course. And if it is a financial problem, try and go a few times less to the restauran t and to the bar or to the show or whatever. And that can easily be made up the course fees and whatever other incidentals that are involved with it. You are essentially seeking for happiness. You are essentially seeking, consciously or unconsciously , for the Divinity that resides in you. And you are not going to find it in restaurants, in bars, and all those other public places where so much permissiveness and nudity goes on. I've heard about these things. I've not seen them, but I keep my ears op en. Yes. But at a course you can come closer for your own benefit. You need nothing else but sincerity. And if you are sincere it all just comes to you. It makes circumstances so so possible for you to be at a course and benefit by this beautiful bond t hat is created. And the bond that is created on the course just does not end there. Say a person comes from C U City, C U Falls how do you pronounce that? VOICE: Sioux S I O U X. GURURAJ: Sue S I O U. VOICE: S I O U X. GURURAJ: Oh, that makes it more complicated for me. Ah, it must be something like that. Another one comes from Baltimore, or from Timbuktu. Yet if you should ever meet each other anywhere again, that bond would be re enlivened. Do you see the value of the brotherhood? Do you see the value of the love? And if man cannot love one another then he can't love himself. So all the benefits that are generated, all the benefits that are generated you develop that love, you open the heart, you gain an understanding, you are empo wered by the spiritual force. Do you see. And in an environment like this you are much much closer to your maker than you would be elsewhere. Many, many times, and I've conducted courses all over

6. U S 81 - 33 the show, all over the world, practically, and I've found that even husbands and wives who might have had little tiffs and quarrels, they come on a course and something happens. Something just happens where a greater closeness comes about. This happens all the time. It is so natural. Because you are in an env ironment that is conducive to bring about this closeness. I know of people that are such great friends today and they met on a course. It's not the course itself, but the bond that was created by upliftment. When I come to a course I was telling thi s to some friends I always like to inform, educate, entertain, and uplift. That is what I like to do. I hope I'm successful. You know, talking of people going to spend money at bars and things, there was this pastor. He was feeling a bit thirsty, so the nearest place he could see around in his area was a bar. So he went into the bar and ordered a glass of milk because pastors they don't really drink, you know. Right. They don't. [Laughter] At least in public places. [He laughs] Nothing wrong with it. Why not? Have some little fun. Releases tensions. Makes you sleep well perhaps, a nightcap or two. Nothing wrong. So he orders this glass of milk and by some mistake the person serving him gave him milk punch. He drank it and after drinking i t he was feeling nice. [Laughter] He said, "Lord, what a cow!" [Laughter] Let me tell you the story of the golfing guru. This guru loved playing golf. So one day he went to the golf course with a chela about 40 years his senior. The guru was a you ngster like me. He went to play golf with a chap 40 years his senior, one of his chelas. So this senior citizen was a good golfer. And he really gave the guru a tough game and beat him so badly that the poor guru felt a bit sad. So when they went into the clubhouse the senior citizen says, "Cheer up, Guruji, it's alright. Cheer up. One day you will improve your game and you will feel better. You musn't be saddened because I as an old man beat you. So cheer up." So the guru says, "Never mind what hap pens, and even one day if I should beat you, it will still be your last hole." ****END****


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