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1. U S 81 - 44 MENTAL ENERGIES VOICE: This is a satsang with Gururaj Ananda Yogi, USA 1981, number 44, recorded at Techny Towers in Illinois. GURURAJ: Good. What shall we talk about today? CHELA: Beloved Gururaj, you have said that this universe is ruled by the interaction of three major energy forces called the three gunas. You have further said that there are seven hundred types of mental energies, and that our goal is to become fully in tegrated with respect to having these energies activated in ourselves. Please tell us if there is a relationship between the people we attract in life and the energy type we, and they, have activated. GURURAJ: Um hum. Very good. I think I'll start enu merating the seven hundred types of energies first. [Laughter] Good. Yes. The entire universe, as we have said before, is composed of nothing else but energy. And the analogy we normally use is vapor could be condensed to water, and water could become a block of ice and yet it contains the same H2O principle. So it is not a difference in substance, but it is just a difference in various subtleties or grossness. So a ll the energies remain the same, and there is only one energy. Now why do we say there are seven hundred energies? There are not seven hundred different energies, but they are seven hundred aspects of the same energy. For example, if electricity is used on a stove we call that energy heat. And the same energy used in refrigerator we call it coldness. Yet the electricity is the same. So how these energies are used would determine the factor of their differentiation. But essentially, to repeat this again, there is only one energy. Now when these energy levels, through our meditational and spiritual practices are awakened, then what happens is this, that the more they are awakened, the more you become a magnet to your entire surroundings. And, not only becoming a magnet to the entire surroundings you also let off a force. You let off that energy. For a magnet not only attracts but it also, in the process of attraction, gives off. If you hold a piece of metal to a magnet you will find that piece of metal al so becoming magnetized. I mean this is a very simple experiment which schoolboys w ould do. So the greater the amount of the energies awakened in us the more do we attract and the more do we give off. So this is what happens in the company of a pure person. Purity is judged not by the outward actions of man, purity is judged by the i nner action that is happening within him and how purely he could look at things. With the limited development of these energies or the major portion of them not being awakened, naturally that person will look at anything in a far smaller way in a much les ser perspective. And because of this lessening or small perspective, he finds this to be right and that to

2. U S 81 - 44 be wrong, and that again comes from conditioning. So it boils down to the fact that the patterning of your mind is dependent upon the energies awak ened in you. Now these various aspects of energies are the repository of your samskaras, your past experiences. For where would they reside if they do not reside within the confines of the energies. So spiritual practices cleanses those samskaras. In oth er words it clears away the dirt and debris in those tiny cells of energy, if we could term it that way. So the entire process would become one of cleansing those little cells so that they become awakened. So every time some samskara disappears, a greater understanding dawns. There is not only one realization, there are realizations and realizations and realizations which build up to the totality of one realization. And that final realization is that I and my Father are one. And when that realization co mes you'd find that if I and my Father are one and my Father is omnipresent, then all that around me is one with me too. That is self realization, or God realization. These are just various terms for the same thing. Now when all these energies are awaken ed within one, one could use them in a good way. Now all these energies can only be awakened if purity is established, because the awakening of these energies within you.... We use the word "energy" now in a scientific way rather than in a mystical way, a lthough it implies science implies the mysticism contained in what I say. So when all these energies are awakened, then naturally you can be nothing else but pure. And with that totality of pureness, you see everything around you pure because you h ave now realized the oneness with Divinity, and His omnipresence. So what else could be more purer than that. That is how when we find that oneness with Divinity, we lose the sense of "this is good and this is bad," but all is pure. So purity is a quali ty that transcends, goes beyond, man's concepts of good and bad. Now these concepts.... There are many things I like to repeat that can be driven home. These concepts are governed by how many energies are awakened in you. Now, the more the energies are awakened in you, the more a magnet you become. And becoming that magnet you give off more to others. When it comes to a relationship of man and woman, what do you really mean by compatibility? You have these divorce suits and this and that, and you say they are not compatible on the grounds of this or that or that. Compatibility stems basically from the levels of energy. Now these are not necessarily physical or mental energies, but more so the samskaric energies. So when there is a vast gap between a man and a woman in the levels of those energies, then we call it incompatibility. Now the one that is fully awakened, to him nothing is incompatible because he is fully awakened. He can love everyone and anyone; the meanest worm that crawls on the floor is loved by him as much as he would love the greatest man on earth. That is because of the total awakening. But we are talking of those that are in between, that are living in the land of neither sleep and neither wakefulness, of which 99.999999 percent comprise. They are in between. Neither asleep and neither awake.

3. U S 81 - 44 Now, how do attractions occur? Firm bondings occur when those samskaric levels meet at a certain point. There would be a little gap perhaps, a little up, a little down, but being so powe rful a synapsis occurs where the neurons, as our doctor friend would say, jump across, and there is an interchange. So that brings about compatibility. But if it is totally at par , which is very rarely so, for each one is an individual being and each one has its own capacities. But if they are near enough for those electrical charges, to use those words, to correspond and touch each other, then that attraction occurs between man and woman. Now physical attraction is never lasting. When you meet a girl, today you'd find her so, so beautiful and so, so pretty. You meet a boy who's so handsome and good looking.... like me, you know. But after awhile you get tired of it. Yeah. After a while you fail to see the beauty in your spouse. Like you buy a beauti ful motor car or a beautiful TV set or a beautiful what have you, or a beautiful diamond ring like Harriet's 50,000 pounds, dollars. Yes. But you lose, you lose that sense of beauty towards it. You lose the sense of attraction which you originally f elt for it. It becomes one of those things. The brand new car you drive for three weeks, a month, and it's just a car, nothing more. Good. And if you are very, very attached to that material possession you'd polish it every day and do this and do that. But that's besides the point. That's just a projection of your own mind, that I've got this and I've got to look after it or what have you. But the primal attrac tion when you first saw it in the show room will disappear in a few weeks time. And that i s physical attraction. Then mental attraction. Mental attraction comes about when two people think alike, more or less. More or less their thoughts are similar and this unfortunately is what most people think, that they must think alike all the time. Now that could be an adva ntage. That could also be a disadvantage. Disadvantage in the sense that you can become stagnant. But if two people have an underlying mental attraction, and yet not see the same thing, there lies great beauty. There lies expansion, there lies the exer cising of the mind. So it becomes a healthy play between two minds. Not to the extreme then it's unhealthy. But if there is certain points of views so you're a Republican and I'm a Democrat, O.K. fine. S o, we are going to discuss it and find out, you know, what the Democrats are all about and the Republicans are all about. But yet the underlying compatibility remains of the mind, because they are thinking on the same wavelength. And yet all waves, as you would know, would never flow in a str aight line. Wave means to be wavy. See? See the waves in the wave, huh? It is waving. Right. So there lies the beauty in mental compatibility, for that becomes lasting. There is always that little... on the same meter , but yet you enjoy the waves. Yo u surf along. You can't surf on a calm sea. There has to be waves. And if you regard it to be a game, knowing that underlying that the compatibility or the calmness of the sea is there, that is mental compatibility. That takes you away from stagnation.

4. U S 81 - 44 Now the other thing that happens in this union is this, that each helps the other towards a better understanding. Each helps the other to greater and greater, deeper and deeper realizations. And as these realizations grow upon you, you are slowly led toge ther on that path. To love each other is not to look into each other's eyes. No. Then you hypnotize yourselves. It's nice. You swoon away. You know the swoon, moon, June business. You swoon away. No. It is not to look in each other's eyes, but to loo k in the same direction. Do you see the mental compatibility? You look in the same direction. You look at this beautiful picture over there, and four eyes are looking at it. One viewing it from a certain an gle, and another from another angle. It looks d ifferent to this one, it looks a bit different to the other one. But then those differences is combined in togetherness for the focus is on the same picture, the picture of love. Huh? Do you see? Now. That is the basis of physical attraction, which is not lasting, and we've talked of the basis of mental attraction which is longer lasting. And then we come to that which is eternal, spiritual attraction. Now you would ask, what is spiritual attraction? That is a non question. For the spirit is one, t he differentiation only lies in your mind and your bodies. That forms the individualization. But spiritual attraction is one, and if there is one there is no friction. It supersedes, over comes all the frictions of the mind and the body. So when man asp ires, through the tools on hand of the body and mind and finds with refinement of the mind, with the awakening of those energies when one finds, landed up in that oneness, four feet standing on the same piece of ground in oneness. I always say marri age is a three legged run. Marriage is a three legged run where two legs of each other are welded together, and you walk through life on three legs. That is that togetherness. And that third leg that is welded in between is the spiritual leg. And yet m aintaining the physical leg and the mental leg. Do you see how all these aspects of man, body, mind, and spirit, can be combined. It is not a pipe dream. It is not idealism. It is practicality and I talk of experience where you march along on the path with three legs. And then when you reach the goal of total realization you will find that we had no legs at all, we floated up here. We floated up here in that beauty with the wings of love. With the wings of love. So that is how the energies work within us. And it is our duty and we do it, consciously or unconsciously. We are all on the same path. The stumbling blocks on the path are many, but they are not objective. Stumbling blocks are subjective. The stumbling blocks are within you, and no t in the object. It is your angle of vision that makes it into a stumbling block, or it could turn it into a helpful step to climb higher. Like Chetan said the other day, you talked to me about that lemon but what I did was, I made lemonade out of it. D o you see? And I always say if my milk turns sour, I make yogurt out of it. Do you see? So it is subjective. It is how you view things and how you want to apply it. For if you want to find faults in this world, this old world is faulty. You tell me wh at's right with it. Is there anything really right with this world? No. Nothing is right. Man's mind will say that. And yet when the energies are so awakened in you, you will say that there is nothing wrong. All

5. U S 81 - 44 is right. Do you see the opposite vie wpoints that are created by awakening these energies within you through spiritual practices. It is not something that is done overnight. It is not something you switch on or switch off. It's a gradual process, and eve ry step you take the nearer and near er you reach home, with every step. So therefore that favorite hymn of mine, "Lead thou me on oh kindly light, one step at a time." It means one thing: do not be impatient. I remember one young American man writes a letter to me... no, no it was an Engl ish chap. The American man was the chap that wrote me to say, "Guruji, please, I want to start a business. Send me twenty thousand dollars." When he doesn't know that Guruji hasn't got two thousand crumbs, never mind twenty thousand dollars. It was this English chap who wrote to me and he says, "Guruji, I've been initiated and I've been doing my practices for three weeks now and I haven't found enlightenment yet. So please by return of past send me enlightenment." A lack of understanding. They think it is just a play. It is a play, but it's not playing the fool. So in this play of life you score the goals, but you've got to go from one end of the field to the othe r to score the goal. You can't score it while you are at this post, you've got to reach t he other post. And while you're dribbling down the field with the ball, you'll have the oppositions trying to take the ball away from you so that they could try to sco re their goals. This is the whole concept between God and Satan, and yet it is all just a game. The only thing that matters is the ball. This ball of life does not always need to be tossed around. Toss it around in play, as a game, but don't be kicke d around by it. You kick it. And don't let life kick you. It's impossible. It cannot. I t is your own mind again, the sleeping energies within you, that inertia, that tamas, that allows you to be kicked around from pillar to post, when in reality you a re just but standing still. Well, we've got five or six minutes left here. We have to be fo r lunch. So now, my beloveds, there's no coming and no going, as I've said before. But yet having this physical body and still this slight little mind with its covering of a very little ego self to give one a sense of individuality. You feel that you ar e going away, for some months perhaps, until July. You feel that, well, I'm not going to see such and such in the physical for so many months. I feel that. And then yet, at the same time knowing that it's all here and now, and who goes where and who com es from where? Huh? Yea. So let me thank you all for your wonderful kindnesses you have shown me, and all your love. And I know it's not a contrived love, it is such a genuine love where heart pours to heart. We are essentially one family, one beautifu l loving family. Someone was telling me the other day, I think it was our little Lena. Where is she? I can't see her. Oh, there! I wasn't looking in the right direction. Do you see how faulty we can be? Yah! She was telling me, she says, "Guruji, thi s course is so, so wonderful, everyone is so beautiful here, so together. We just all melt away into each other." What are we learning? We are learning to love. We learn to love, you come to know God.

6. U S 81 - 44 So let this family spirit always be there, even w hen you meet each other in the streets, that here is my [guruby?] or guruben. Now what this means is this: in ancient tradition when two or more chelas study under one guru. [By?] means brother, [ben] means sister. So she is your guru sister studying und er the same guru. He is your guru brother, studying under the same guru. Do you see? So you are all [gurubys?] and [gurubens?] Do you see the family? Keep it up even when you meet each other on the road. And know that ah, this is my guru sister, this i s my guru brother. And the love that flows here, and that has flowed here throughout this week, must be kept alive. And I do hope, and I'm fairly sure, that the next courses will be far far larger. I want bigger and bigger families. Bigger and bigger fa milies. We need that to make our little contribution into this world. And show them, make them feel, teach them the path of love and peace... godliness... purity. That's what we're after, to show them peace. And by showing them peace, we too experienc e that peace within ourselves. We are not just a mediation society, remember that. Meditation is just part of the whole thing. The first, of course, is to open up that heart, and it gets opened up so much more at a course than anywhere else. Because a ce rtain energy is set forth, which you might tangibly feel. They are so subtle that they might not be tangibly felt, it's not important. But it i s there. Something on a very subtle level is stirred up, for what is more subtle than love. It is not saying, "I love you," no. That's verbalizing something that cannot be verbalized really. But it is an expression. To express something that cannot be expressed, you've got to use words. Right. So the first thing that gets awakened on a course is this love with in. And there are a lot of energies that are dormant that get awakened in a course of this nature. Oh yes. Then of course, the understanding through satsangs we gain. We gain new perspectives. Perhaps many questions that are troubling us get answered. I've been told this many, many times, over and over again, that "Guruji, I wanted to ask a question but before I asked it, you had answered it already." Yeh. That happens, all the time practically. You see why. Because of the love that flows. I feel e ach and every one of you inside me as if I could be reading your minds. I don't read minds, I read hearts because who wants to read all that turmoil of the mind. It's a waste of energy. You read hearts, the core of the personality, of the person. So tha t happens, some understanding is gained. Right. And meditation, of course, are the tools whereby these understandings can be truly appreciated. Now, this has also been told to me many, many times, they say, "Guruji, we listened to your tape or your talk three years ago, and I listen to it now, and I find a totally different meaning to it." Why? You know when I was seven I felt that my father knew nothing. And when I was twenty one I felt that my father had learned something. I have learned to know wh at he had been talking about. Now the same process occurs with satsangs. You listen to a tape now, a year or so later, six months or so later you listen to the same thing and you will find the same words but you will find a different

7. U S 81 - 44 meaning to you, becau se you have changed. You have changed, therefore you will find different meanings to it. You would then look at things in a totally different perspective. So there are many advantages. Now to come back to the first point, we are just not a meditation so ciety that teaches meditational practices. We try to bring greater peace, greater harmony, a greater unfoldment within oneself on the path to that. T H A T. All in big capital letters, huh? So these are the purposes. And I do hope, I sincerely hope to s ee all of you again on the next course, and if at all possible bring your friends along. We do need them. We do need larger courses. We do need them. Encourage your friends to come along, even if they are just on the prep, or even if they haven't even started meditating. We're not going to have this closed house principle anymore. Fine. That is how they might come. I'll tell you of an experience I had now in Spain. There were eleven people that had never heard of me, never saw me, never even saw a pic ture of me, never heard a tape, nothing. But someone had just mentioned to them that there's a guru coming. And so they thought well, let us go and attend the course. So they asked me and I said, "Yeah, sure. Mediators or not, doesn't matter. Let them come." They came. They just listened to one talk that evening on the first night and the very next morning they went to Paloma. She's a girl like Vidya that arranges everything and sees to everything and organizes, with of course her helpers like all th e other ladies... too many names to mention, I'm afraid I might just miss out one. Right. Fine. Yeah. So they approached Paloma the very next morning and they said, "Can't we please be initiated? Would Guruji allow it?" You see. Like that. And that' s how the family would grow. And initiation is such a wonderful thing. Do you know when you are initiated, by the way? It is not when our teachers teach you your practices. It is not when our teachers give you your mantra. You are initiated at that mo ment when I conceive in my meditation, focusing on your picture, when I conceive your entirety and get the vibration. Which of course has to be brought to a grosser level so it could be verbalized and becomes audible. At that moment you are initiated alr eady, the rest is a teaching process, how to do it. At that moment you are initiated. From that very moment your heart and soul must be stirred up. It is not like othe r organizations that pick fourteen mantras out of Shavism [bija?] mantras they are called and handed out on age basis and whatever basis. It's not that. When your vibration is captured by me in that superconscious state when I go into samadhi... and when it comes to you, it comes to you with that spiritual force of that superconsci ous state. Do never ever take your mantra lightly. Your mantra is you. And I do hope one day you will all experience this, where the mantra would fade away and just remain an impulse within you, you and the mantra become one. For you are that vibration . First was the word.... You know that. And the word was with God, and the word is God. You see. And you experience it at the finest level. So through your conscious mind, going through your subconscious mind, and knocking at the door of the

8. U S 81 - 44 superconsci ous mind. All the time you knock, knock, knock. Knock and it shall be opened. And then that door opens up. And you reach the stage from where I got your mantra. So please try and bring your friends along the next course. We do need a lot of people and t hat is for sure. A small group is fine, o.k. And to me it could be twenty five people or two hundred people or two thousand or five thousand. And I've addressed groups of thousands together. And believe you me, even with five thousand people together i t becomes like a talk in a drawing room. Everyone is in that oneness. So do not think if there are more people less attention is paid. No, no, no. No, no, no. Same. Same amount. Like our usual analogy of the transmitter, every radio picks up the ent irety of the transmission and not just a piece of it. You hear the entire symphony, the symphony of the divine, expressed in love and in words, in our family. So thank you all once again. Namaste. My blessings. Thank you for your love. Oh, and thank yo u to all those of you that have given me such wonderful gifts on my birthday and Christmas and all put together. It is very much appreciated and believe you me, it is very much needed, too. Shall we end up with a prayer? This is my favorite prayer, which all of you know: Lord make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is darkness, light; And where there is sadness, joy. Oh divine master, grant that I may not so much seek To be consoled as to console; To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; It is pardoning that we are pardoned; And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

9. U S 81 - 44 Amen. ***End***


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