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1. U S 84 - 51 GUIDED BODY AWARENESS TALK Relax, stretch your legs, kick off your shoes if you want to, take off your shirt ties if you want to, that's just about all, nothing more. So many people in this world are not aware of themselves. If they are not aware of themselves how could they be aware of everything around them... So where do we s tart. We start with our own physical awareness. You are a body. This body is yours and you should know your body but you do not! The only time when you are aware of your body is when you have constipation. Ha Ha! Good. Now, in this exercise of your b ody awareness, we stretch our legs and we center our minds to every part of our body. Now, take your mind down your toes, because there's no difference between your toes and your mind, if you have one. Now down, down. I am aware of my toes, I am aware o f my toes and my awareness is moving up, up, through the soles of my feet, to the top of my feet, and up and up and up and up, up, up, and I am now the ankles of my two left feet. Up around the ankles, your awareness is proceeding up and up and up and up o ver your shins, over your shins and around your calves. You are aware of the calves and shins, everything else is not there, but just your calves and your shins. And up it goes, up it goes, behind the knees and over the knees. You're nowhere else, not e ven in your nose! You're nowhere else, but up and up, up and up, at back of your knees and over your keens; nothing else exists nothing else exists now, but your calves and up your knees, up your knees, you are totally aware of your buttocks, on which you sit, they call it brains sometimes up and up, up, up you go, up you go, and you're becoming aware of your abdomen, your abdomen and further up the lower back, you are not aware of anything else but the areas I'm talking about. You abdomen and your lower back. You are at your abdomen and your lower back and proceeding higher, higher, up your back, up your back, up your back, to your chest, to your chest, and you're aware only of the chest, the rest of the body is dead. Only your chest is alive, your back is alive, feel the pulsation in your chest, the breathing moves in and out an din and out and in and out and in and out and up up up, up up up, to your throat, to your throat and on to your shoulders, your awareness is on your shoulders, your awareness is on your shoulders, your body is dead. Dead; and your awareness is on your shoulders and moving down your arms, moving down your arms, through the biceps down, down, down and down, down and down to your forearms, to your forearms, and still further down a t your wrists, at your wrists, at your wrists, at your wrists, your awareness is at your wrists, and down down down down through your palms, through your

2. U S 84 - 51 palms, the back of your hands, your awareness is just there, it is nowhere else and down down down the fingers, down the fingers to the finger tips, to the finger tips, to the finger tips. You are feeling now a tinkling in the finger tips, your awareness is on the tingling of your finger tips, finger tips, tingle s, your awareness makes it tingle there; and up up up again, up your forearms, up your forearms, up your forearms, you are now conscious of your elbows and up you go, up you go, up you go through your upper arms and up you go, to your shoulders. Up you go to your shoulders and you feel your awarene ss at your shoulders. And up it goes, up the throat up the throat, up the throat, up the throat and around the neck, your awareness us up the throat and around the neck, it's creeping up your awareness; your body is dead! Your body is now totally centere d around your neck and throat. And up up up up, up, up, through the back of the head, and up, up, through the back of the head, your awareness flows up up up and it is centered now in the middle of your skull. Your whole body is dead! Your awareness is in the center of your skull; it is centered at your skull. Now it is going over your forehead, over your forehead and down your eyebrows, and over your eyes. Down your eyebrows, and over your eyes. Over your cheeks, over your cheeks, over your cheeks, d own, down over your nose, down your awareness, moving, moving, moving, you are no where else but over your nose now, and your upper lip and down, down, down, over your lips, over your lips, and down down, over the chin, and going down, over the throat, ove r the throat and further down your awareness is no where else; Just at the points that I'll mention and down, down, down, in the center of the chest, in the center of the chest, your whole body is dead, your whole body is dead, your awareness, is in the ce nter of the chest. Feel that pulsation in your chest. Feel the pressure. Feel [ ??? ] pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, t ac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, whale the chest, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating; you just whale the chest, pulsat ing, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, t ac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac t ac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac, tac tac; You are in the center of your chest, and move up those energies the awareness to your mind; move up those energies to your mind. Ahhh! Allow the mind to feel the fullness, of that, throughout your body. Throughout your body; through out your body. Is moving around; we are decentralizing it now. And your awareness is not in one place anymore: Actually as the energy is moving throughout your body, you are becoming unaware of yourself, unaware of yourself. The energies are floating away from the mind to the entire body. Through the entire body. [Long pause] Now slowly and gently stand up: Do not be in hurry; just stand up; slowly, slowly, slowly.... Arms are stretched, move back; and front aga in; right. Now, for the second time, try and find a point that you could see and move back to....... Good, now you'll find

3. U S 84 - 51 in doing it the second time, the third time and all, you'll find your tension will be moving further back, than the place you have been pointed. [Long pause] And the other way... Do you find a further spot? Ehh? You did! Just shows how aware you are. Sit down. The awareness of the body is not only limited to the body, the awareness of the body could be extended to the entire uni verse. For your limitation is to the entirety of the universe. I say that to be a limitation, yet there is a field still fur ther into the impersonal God which is beyond the personal God, which has its limitation. And you are the personal God. The exerci se in awareness. This demonstration we have done, we could carry it on for two hours you know! But the great purpose of this is for your physical health. If you feel a pain in your knee, take your attention, your mind, to that area, which is painful. C ould be your knee, your calf, your backside, whatever side, it means the same. Now, if you try this, you will rid yourself of pains. By just focusing your attention upon the area of pain; because the origin of pain is not in your calf or your knee or you r big toe, the origin is in the mind. So now, if we shift the attention and lead the mind to the place, like backache, you'll find your own personal energies, your own personal vibrations will take the pain away immediately! I talk to you of personal exp erience. During the years and years and years of trudging around in the Himalayas and visiting Ashrams and gurus and what have you, and in certain places, in the snows of the Himalayas, it is so cold that I ask myself who is feeling cold. Surely not m y bo dy, but my mind is feeling cold. So I take the attention away from the mind and center it to the body and the body just warms up by itself. I was born with a congenital heart disease, and when I was round about 14, 15 the doctors say, "There's 3 months m ore to go for him." No! I refused the 3 months. I wanted 33 plus, 33 plus, 33 more to do my work! And there, it's gone. The heart problem, the sugar problem, the cancer and all that, is not me. I am not the diabetic, I am not the heart sufferer, I am not the one t hat suffers of cancer! I am me, the eternal self; and looking at it from that vantage point, I could see the body functioning in it's own little way. Let it. Who cares! How important is this body! Because we all have the capacity to die at will and be born at will. We just need to know how to do it. So that is where your awareness comes in. As you sit here, what are you aware of at this moment... Whm? Vidya? Vidya: I'm aware of you wiping your eyes. GR: You're aware of wiping my eyes. Gloria, what are you aware of, as you're sitting here. Gloria: [inaudible]

4. U S 84 - 51 GR: What are you aware of sitting there? "Everything." Chela: "Nothing" GR: That's better! What are you aware of as you're setting here now. Chela: "I'm aware that my eyes are l ooking at you and I'm also aware that I feel." GR: So you're combining awareness with feeling uhm; Good; Ken, anything to add to that? Ken: "I'm aware of poison oak on my hands." GR: Ah, ha! You're aware of that! (YES) Now later on when you sit o utside, just take your mind, to that awareness of poison oak, and you'll see to go away, like that. Report to me tonight it will be gone. To be aware, totally aware, this to be totally un aware. When you are non aware, you become aware of everything aro und you; because within the awareness that you think of, there lies the essence of non awareness; and when we reach that level of divinity for divinity is never aware. Divinity is never aware, because awareness requires thought, and Divinity is not subjec ted to the limitations of thoughts. Therefore, He is not thoughtless but thoughtful. See what I explained earlier? To be thoughtful and when you're thoughtful you become non aware and yet totally aware. It sounds paradoxical, but that total awareness and total non awareness is the same thing in it's essence. People confuse awareness with thought: I'm aware of this glass standing there, I'm aware of this chair, I'm aware of this light. So how far does my awareness go? To the glass. To this table, to this lamp, to this chair; How limiting it is! But if I'm totally non aware of the table, glass, lamp, chair, then I become fully aware of the entire surrounding, the entire universe as it is! Now, this exercise was given to you today for developing awa reness. Now in the short period we could not accomplish everything that is involved in it. But slowly you will learn by experimentation what awareness is all about; where you cold be aware of every single hair on you head; you could be aware of every sin gle leaf on the tree there; and when you boil it all down, from awareness to non awareness, you'll find that the leaves are not there, the tree is not there, it is manufactured by my personal illusions.

5. U S 84 - 51 The people in this room will look out at this tree o utside, and each one will have a different perception of the tree. And yet, the tree is the same; but your perceptions are different of that tree, so what is the validity of your perception or percepti ons of life. They could be this now and that tomorrow. The third day it could be totally different again. So, what are we seeking for, is reality; Reality in total awareness. And may the totality be such that awareness does not differ from day t o day. Then only is it real, otherwise it is illusion, illuso ry, delusory. **** END ****


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