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3. U S 87 - 35 [Suggestions as to how to get one] Now what we will do tonight is this... we're all going to gather in the temple there this evening, in 10 15 minutes time, right, and I will lead you, through our Lord, to the greatest prayer that you have ever, ever, ever experienced in your lives. I promise you that, and you can bear me out after that. So we'll stretch our legs a bit and we gather in the chapel. You know where the chapel is? Over there. [TAPE OFF BACK ON IN CHAPEL] IN CHAPEL: Have we got a candle or two to light up here? We, our beloveds, are sitting in this chapel in the name of that Lord, whoever he be. And in His praise of His divinity. [SINGS IN SANSKRIT TO END OF SIDE 1 AND ON TO SIDE 2] I'm sorry, I can't help crying for my love, I love all of you. You know that. Now. My hands are lame, sorry. Religious organizations will forever come and go. They are created as businesses. But what I want to teach you is this: get away fr om false beliefs, get away from them all that has been indoctrinated into your minds through your upbringing, your parents, your educations, your school systems, whatever. I want you to escape within yourself and there you will find the true meaning of wh at religion means. For if you look up your dictionary, you will find that religio, that is from Latin, I think, it means to bring you back to yourself. Now give me one good reason why you have strayed away from yourselves. And straying away from yourse lves has produced so much misery within yourselves. And I am here with you, my family, to stop you from straying away. And reach back to yourself. That is the only way, beloveds, that you will find the joy within yourself. So simple. Find love, and fin ding that true love, which does not exist in my Vidya, for example, but that true love exists within me. Find that first within yourself, and then you project it like a projector running a movie film on the movie screen. And observe it. Observe what happ ens on the movie screen, but do remember one thing, that you are not involved in the projector. You are not involved in that movie film, and you are not the projection either. That is the secret of life. Tha t is the secret of life. So what have we have said now in these past few seconds is this, that you are not the projector, you are

4. U S 87 - 35 not the movie, you are not the projection, and neither are you the screen. But sit back and relax and enjoy what's happening on the screen without being effected. And tha t is the meaning of non attachment. Do you know, I was in the film world right from script writer, producer, director, importer, exporter the works. It's not important. And I just saw it all as a happening that is happening to provide some enjoyment to t hose that need it. Yes. That's all. And I personally did it for the fun of it. It was joy to me. Why was it joy to me? To provide some little com fort perhaps for an hour or two to those that are troubled in mind. I want you to really make up a catalo g of all the films I have made and produced and distributed and all that, huh. O.k.? Good. And it could make a very interesting catalog. I mean for our family to enjoy. Why not? My stick! Give me any subject now. Something worthwhile. VOICE: Know ing yourself. GURURAJ: Knowing yourself. Are you trying to know yourself or are you trying to know me? Do you see how it works? Give me something more serious. Come on! Shit! Give me something dramatic, come on! VOICE: Murder. GR: What! [Covers mic and whispers] Fuck off! T.S. Eliot has nothing on me. You've read his "Murder in the Cathedral." [sudden loud buzzing several minutes of footage lost.] [Audience singing, laughing, hooting, baying at the moon and asides] GR: Rubbish, rubbish! [sings] [Lines K.S.] I was riding on my horse, I was riding on my horse, through the Texas fields. And I never knew where I was. And neither in this barren waste, could I find A little sip of water or even scotch. So I was ridin g Down on my [lily?] horse, I was riding down on my horse, My horse felt lovely and I felt lonely, too

1. U S 87 - 35 FINDING YOURSELF and SATSANG IN THE CHAPEL [LONG DELAY WITH SPORADIC WORDS B EFORE SOUND BEGINS] ...to heal themselves because everyone's mind I could read it all without even you saying a word and without you asking a question. I could answer it and you could find in your mind "ah, my beloved Guruji, Preatamji has given me the a nswer that I tried to find." So healing oneself in this beautiful mountainous range in this burg. Ah, smell the beauty of the mountains; smell the fragrance of the grass; sway in the grass and dance in your inner self as the grass sways so so gracefully. That is the beauty that has to be created in your lives where you learn (if you do your spiritual practices and meditations regularly and constantly) you will learn how to flow with the world's flow and find so much beauty that exists there. For this pla net Earth has been brought about for a purpose, and the purpose is this, that you could find yourself through the lessons of life to know that you have been born of dust and you are walking on dust. What does that mean? That if you are born of dust and yo u walk on dust, how about finding the secret that the very dust which I walk on of which I am made are non separate from me, for the very earth and I are but oneness in the glory that exists between us. These are things that are truly to be understood. Chaturi, come here darling, don't cry. CHATURI: Oh, no I just have a cold. GURURAJ: May your cold develop more. For in the development of your cold you would be expelling so many toxins away from the ...(gesture) and perhaps it will also give you a chance to have a little rest, which is needed by you. Because I can read every thought of your mind and the problems which we will discuss when we are together alone, not in a satsang. So where do we proceed to, and where have we come from? Nowhere, no where, nowhere. You have come from within yourself, and your job is to find that withinness of yourself that has brought life within thee. I'll teach you of immortal truths, expounded in a very simple way so you could understand me. As I said somewhere, I don't know where, all these Kants and Schopenhauers and Fichtes and all those shitasses just mix up words and words and words, because they have had very little to say. But a realized man can expound the most profoundest truths in such a simple way. T hat is the realization that all will have to realize. Today, tomorrow, perhaps someday.

2. U S 87 - 35 The self realized man does not operate from his mind. I shitted off Maharishi Mahesh Yogi when he did those 33 tapes on the science of creative intelligence. The who le title is bullshit! For how could intelligence be creative, for intelligence is creative itself. Oh, I gave him bloody hell for talking a lot of b u l l. OK. So he sent me a ticket to Spain wanting me to take over the TM Movement. But I said sorry, I don't agree with your principles because you are a commercialist, you appoint teachers that have no spiritual quality, and if they have no spiritual quality, then how could they impart spirituality. So we went up to his room and he and I sat down together for a few hours talking of this, that and the other, and the question I asked him was "You are teaching Vedanta? What do you know of Vedanta?" So he told me he read the [Sama Veda?] the [Ura Veda?], those four compelations. But Vedanta means the totali ty of knowledge that is contained in all those Vedas. I want to tell you a little story now. I might have told this somewhere else, but Jesus never died on the cross or in Nicodemus' tomb. Nicodemus was a master brain. Politician. And when Jesus came o ut of his coma in three days time, that was the resurrection, the true resurrection, not rising up into the sky. No. That's a fallacy perpetrated upon all of y ou. What are the three basic principles of religion: immaculate conception, which is rubbish y ou can't do that; and what is the second one, Vidyaji? VIDYA: Resurrection? GURURAJ: The crucifixion. The true meaning of crucifixion is this (and remember this now) that in that vertical cross there is that horizontal bar that combines the horizontal with the vertical, meaning that relativity must be combined with Absolutivity. That is crucifixion. Look at those times. Like in today's times people get electrocuted on the electric chair, hanged, what have you. So during that period, which I lived in, this was the way of how enemies were destroyed. Jesus was a great spiritua l teacher, but at the same time, he was a political rebel, and that is why the Roman empire tried to destroy him. And even his own people, when they were asked a question of Jesus or (who's that other guy?) Barabas, his own people said kill Jesus but save Barabas. Am I right? These things happen to these great masters that give their lives. I want you guys to think very deeply of the Sermon on the Mount, and if you could get me a copy of it I'd like to interpret it for you. We could do that. For there are meanings of the Sermon on the Mount which are not understood at all, and even those cardinals and priests and bishops and archbishops and whoever, they do not know of it all. This could be a good subject for tomorrow. Get me a copy of the Sermon of t he Mount. I'm sure there should be one available.

5. U S 87 - 35 For in this barren waste there was only my horse And me. And I tried and I tried to talk to that horse But that horse never replied. But there was...ch a, cha, cha, [clapping in the audience] There was one thing that horse did to me. Though it Would not speak to me but I heard him farting behind me. [Laughter and asides] GURURAJ: Oh it's fun, it's fun, it's fun. Listen to this carefully... [Audienc e suggests "Back in the Saddle Again"] GURURAJ: Why not? Let us get...ah ha! Listen to this carefully! Back in the saddle again, Let us get back in the saddle again Let us learn to live life again, For is life not but a horse that we try and ride? So let us ride this horse of life and Let us all learn to live again. [Applause] OK, darling. Shall we start moving off now? How do you guys feel? **** END ****


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