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2. UK 86-5 you can really understand the meaning of this, then you can give your life to all, and everyone. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)........ (Gururaj, singing and clapping - Group joins in) Cha, Cha, Cha, - Cha, Cha, - Cha, Cha, - Cha, Cha, - Cha, Cha, - Cha, - Ole! (Clapping)..........I don't know. What is the meaning of this, and how many of you can interpret this? You came from nowhere, and you’re going nowhere. So live this life in the fullest moment, and enjoy it. Not in the steak house around the corner, but enjoy it in your heart (Gururaj continues singing and Group join clapping) ............... Fun, why should life not be filled with fun, and even in my joking I teach you the fun of life. So there is no place for sadness at all. For sadness is badness, for, if you allow your heart to become a vacuum, what will enter there? Two things, gladness or sadness. Are you guys comfortable over there? Good, good, fine. What is the time really? Quarter past eight. Good. Oh, your watch tallies with mine. What does this mean? If your watch tallies with my watch? Let your heart tally and be together with my heart. It is so beautiful, dearest. I can't see your name from here. You, you, you. Voice. Kathleen. Kathleen. Gururaj. Kathleen. (Gururaj singing in English) Oh, sweet Kathleen, will you not be together with me, and make your heart clean. I will scrub your back. (General laughter) I will scrub your back, and scrub the other parts too. (General laughter) I only use Camay soap, (General laughter) and then after that apply some Vaseline too. (General laughter) Oh right, let’s meditate for a moment. Okay. Good. The lesson learnt tonight, was that, to have fun in life, there's no room for sadness, and it's a very easy example. When you are in your room and in a comfortable bed, how can you feel sad, and if you do feel sad in your bed, you can always call on me. (General laughter). Good. What shall we talk about tonight? Why did not we have a video camera tonight? Bad organisation! And I put all the blame on John. (General laughter) I'm joking, you know that. (General laughter) Okay, please. Questioner. Namaste, Bapuji,

3. UK 86-5 Gururaj. Namaste, beloved. Questioner.(Cont’d) Could you tell us what are the mechanics, the mechanics of spiritual force? Gururaj. Jesus! (General laughter) That's your answer. In one word. The mechanical force is Jesus. Next question. (General laughter) Excuse me, I've got bad eyes, I think someone brought me some eye-drops. Thank you. The mechanical force that activates a spiritual life is an automatic force, for you do not need an outside force to ac tivate your spiritual self, for the Kingdom of heaven is within yourself all the time. And that is the force that, through our spiritual practices, we have to realise. When this realisation dawns, then we cognize, and re-cognize, that the spirit was within us all the time. Now the mechanics of that spiritual force works in different ways. Firstly it works on the, in the purity you develop within you, then it works in the way of your life-style. Then it also works in the knowledge, the Jnana, you gain. And it also develops in the Bhakti, the devotion you develop within yourself. So these are the simple principles of the mechanical workings of the spiritual force. But now this might just not be understood. So we must go into greater detail. When understanding develops, the awareness develops. When devotion develops, the heart opens up. Karma, when it develops to its highest degree of purity, then all actions become pure. And all this leads to the royal path of Raja Yoga, which is me. When you have developed to a certain degree, you will find progress in life. And that progress will lead you further on into greater and greater progress, until you reach the goal, for which your life has been meant. So, the goal, through its various vicissitudes of life, has to go through all these aspects. The water of the river flows, but do you know how many rocks and stones, and logs and things it has to flow over? Now that flowing over is the difficulties you find in life. Those are the miseries, because you think only of the rocks and stones, and boulders and logs, instead of the freshness of the water. So where is your attention now? I tell you where, do you want to hear it? Your tension is in your backside because the backside bumps in the river of life. But raise your head to the heavens and see the eternity, the vastness of the blue skies. Why must your concentration be, on the portion from which you fecate, shit. Let your concentration be, Katherine, there, and admire the blue days. Some days it will be cloudy, some days it would be sunny. So what is the difference between the sun and the clouds? Because it is the sun that has produced the clouds. So do you see the combination, that exists between sun and clouds?

4. UK 86-5 You worry and worry and worry and go into misery, because you do not discriminate at all, between the clouds and the sun when the clouds and the sun are one. Have you ever thought of that? So let it be a cloudy day. Let it be a sunny day, but I and you must know that the sun and the clouds are nothing else but one. One has created the other, and the other has created the other. So when you realise the oneness that exists between the clouds and the sun, then you will realise that everything in life is composed of the Symphony of Divinity. And when this is realised, you will find nothing ugly. Pardon. (Gururaj coughs) This chest that coughs is also Divine. Thank you dear, thank you. The secret of life is to find Divinity in everything. There is nothing in this world that is ugly. Everything is beautiful, depending on what attitude you develop. So, in the spiritual path, there might be obstacles that you might feel. But the obstacles are no obstacles at all, because the spirit being Divine would be devoid of all obstacles. The obstacles are created by your wrong thinking, wrong way of life, wrong thinking, Jnana, wrong way of life, action, Karma and wrong devotion to wrong objects, Bhakti, and all these things constitutes the misery of your life. When you find the secrets, the simple secrets, they're not too difficult really, at least for me they're not. When you find the secrets of these simple principles, then your life can be so, so, so, happy. Is that not what you want? So your husband, or boyfriend or whatever, I don't know, smacked you last week, and he was very angry with you. Now ask your self, why was he angry, and why did he slap me, slap me? Do you, have you ever thought rather, that I might have done something wrong, so that my woman slapped me. Katherine. So, here comes self analysis, and self analysis means not to be judgmental. This damn mike is shaking - Mike! Mike is short for Michael, is it? Okay, Michael. (Gururaj laughs) So, he slapped me. Now I must think, why did he slap me? Is it because of some Karma, that I did perhaps voluntarily? Or involuntarily, or by just impulsion? Then you will find that I am, or was, whatever, deserving of being smacked. You see, so we say, we have a sense, we say we are sensible, but remember there are other parts to it as well, sense, common sense and nonsense. Now out of the three could any one of you tell me which is most important? Sense, common sense, or nonsense? Aide. Nonsense. Gururaj. Good, very good, nonsense, because sense involves the mind. So let us get away from the mind, it is nonsense, but let us get to the heart, which makes the greatest sense, because the feelings of the heart, transmutes itself to the mind, to give you what? Good sense. You see, so many things happen in life, and we are all grown up people - I'm a child, please don't blame me - so, many things happen to people in life, because they work on common sense, which

5. UK 86-5 you can find on the - what do you call your grounds, commons? - and sense mucho c-e-n-t-s, and nonsense is being broke - no money - no cents. Ah, but let us have good sense. Now, good sense removes all the obstacles on the spiritual path, and good sense not only removes the obstacles on the spiritual path, but it also gives you a better understanding of life, a better understanding, not only of yourself, but your beloved ones, your environment, everything. So you see, get away from sense and common sense and nonsense, and develop through your spiritual practices, good sense, and that will remove all the obstacles that are in your spiritual path. And when those obstacles are removed, you would feel a better person. Yes, I promise you that. I could give each, and everyone of you a written certificate signed by me. So that is, Jasmini, the secret of life, for you can only develop in life by destroying the obstacles. If you have a thorn in your foot, or for example a pebble in your shoe, are you going to limp around with that stone in your shoe? No, you pull off your shoe and throw away the pebble or stone, or whatever Bavna, that's there, and you will walk comfortably. Is that not what you want, to walk through life comfortably? Is it all so, so simple? But why can't people understand the simplicity of life? Life can be made so beautiful. Because with this understanding, - that's why I come to lecture to you - with this understanding, every obstacle can be removed, because there is a different attitude towards life. So you walk down the road, and the sun is very bright, - I don't know if it happens in England – so, what do you do? Get yourself a pair of sun- glasses, to remove the glare, that's all. If you can spend ten, fifteen pounds on dinner at a restaurant, you can spend five pounds buying those sun-glasses that will remove the glare, and you will feel more comfortable, more at ease, and your eyes will not be harmed. You see how simple? Fifteen pounds on a damn bloody meal, and here is five pounds only to protect your eyes, and make you more comfortable. How much more comfort will you get, eating that steak or some bloody rubbish? You might even have to take Enos the next morning. You see? So the investment of the five pounds in getting your eyes comfortable, see world, and not be affected, would be such a great investment. Now, when your eyes get damaged, you will have to go - well you have your medical system here, which I do not know about, but in South Africa it’s the eye specialist just looks at your eyes and fifty bucks gone. Here you might have a different system. But is that five pounds not a better investment than running up and down to the eye specialist? And the one consultation is fifty bucks, and he might tell you to come, six, seven, eight times, so you've lost four hundred bucks, instead of in the beginning, spending five bucks for your sun-glasses. What does this mean? Invest within your spiritual self, which costs you nothing, instead of suffering all your life through. That’s what this analogy means. Right.

1. UK 86-5 Gururaj. ...................(Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ..............When I live through night and day (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ........ When I spend night and day, that was the time I created this world. Namaste dear. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit) ................. When I spent night and day together, that was the time when I created this world (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit) ......... It is not I that are telling you these words, but our Lord is saying these words to you (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)............ When have you come, and when are you going ................. Sit on the chair, Inoo, for the chair was made for you. (G ururaj continues singing in Sanskrit) .......... When I come and when I go, who knows - that applies to all of us, you know ............. But today I'm going to stay here. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)............Yes Barbara, my heart and your heart will speak together tonight. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)............... The meaning of life is this, that when I came, and when I'm going no one knows. The Creator has created this life of ours, he has even created a chair for Inoo. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)............ The only thing I know, is that I've met you. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)............ I only know that I've met Majorie. (Singing louder in Sanskrit)....... You sit here............... My daughter. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit) ........... How I came, and how I will go, who knows? No one knows. Tonight I came a bit early just. (General laughter) ............. Questioner. What are you doing here, Guruji? Gururaj. I came early tonight just to surprise you. Hey, come here, Bavna, sit there! (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)............... Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha. (General laughter) Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha.................... I came, and I'm going, who knows? Why did I come, and why must I go, that is the greatest question of life................... Why I came, and why must I go, I do not know. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)............ Don't hold ha nds! I'm joking you know that. (General laughter)........... But I do know, that where I came from and where I'm going to, I do not know. But I do know one thing, that I'm here today with you. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit) ........... Barbara. Listen to the beats of my heart (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit) .......... This heart is not mine. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)........This heart is not mine, it is yours, for you have given me the life to live, amongst you. If

6. UK 86-5 (Gururaj sings).... Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai, jai, Ram, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai, jai Ram. Ishvara Allah, Christos dayrahnaam, Ishvara Christos teranaam, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai Ram, jai, jai, Ram. - Top of the Pops. (General laughter) There’s one thing before you leave, I want to say to you that if you can - there's one thing I want to say to you, that when I come back in November, if all our meditators can just bring one friend with, - the friend does not need to be a mediator, but I promise you that, he or she will become a meditator. So, it is very difficult, unprofitable, which does not produce any food for me, to have more people. So, on the next Course, you’re all coming I know, hopefully, bring one friend with you. They do not need to be meditators. Try and do that. Tell them you'll be meeting the most stupidest gur u in the world. (General laughter) Okay. Good, I think it’s - Charles has gone, I think he had to put a vibrator in here. Thank you my darling, my glasses? Thank you dear. Namaste. Do have a pleasant evening and please don't do things which I will not like to do. (General laughter) Voice. So we can do if we like it ..... (General laughter) Gururaj. No, no, no, no. You've missed the punch line! There are things I would like to do, but can’t do it anymore. (General laughter). Okay, darling, are you okay. Right, fine, my personal nurse, and I've got my doctor, Joe. Where are you? (General laughter) Why do you hide yourself away from me? Everywhere, where I travel around the world, I have my personal nurses, personal cooks, personal doctors, personal - (General laughter) Okay, nighties. Namaste. END


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