Feedback from our online Meditation Retreat

Testimonials from participants in our Zoom April Meditation course

IFSU Belgium, Breeyana Borum

Testimonials from participants in our Zoom April Meditation course

Dear all,

I had to do this email right away, because I am so overwhelmed by this days and what to share with you my feelings before they fade away.

This retreat was very intense, quite overwhelming that I couldn’t not follow it normally, because I was drained all the time. But in a wonderful way, and at the same unbearably, I lack the words to expressed it. Some times after a satsang I was exhausted, others joyfully in a weird way, others I cried. This was so intense that ( don’t think wrong of me ) I did it alone without connecting by reading the text, but of then I could stand it better. Maybe because I wasn’t with you, maybe not earing Gururaj voice, I don’t know.

But the gurushakti was …….. I saw the guru becaming Younger, becaming 3D, and now I will think I must be crazy, when it ended I saw glimpses of him in Breyana face for a few seconds. I must be going crazy.

I am sharing this with tears in my eyes…..

Love you all !,


Thank you so much for our wonderful weekend.
It was so good to have experienced such intimacy with such great people who also belong in the twilight world.
The depth of the meditations was extraordinary and the company marvellous.
You asked for communion experiences.

Mine was a feeling of great pressure at the back of my head. This was followed by my brain vibrating inside my skull as if someone was shaking me. It was quite unnerving, but lasted only about, I have just thought, I have no idea. Time seems irrelevant. Difficult to judge anything with your brain rattling about. I have felt similar sensations in my body on occasion when giving a healing but not as intense as this before. I think by midnight practice I have been asleep two hours.
Sorry I couldn’t make the last bit today and I’m sure everyone will have enjoyed it.

Love and hugs to you all,



I experienced a powerful vibe of energy from the retreat. The sharing in a group intensified the whole experience of the meditations.

I feel fully recharged lighter in my emotions and full of confidence to face the next chapter of my life.
Thank you Breeyana you have been the most wonderful host and I feel very privileged to be part of the weekend.
It was incredibly special to share time with the group and learn and let go of all the clutter from my mind and body.
The timetable was perfect and listening to you read the purification verse was truly mesmerising and said beautifully.

Thank you so very much.

Lot’s of love

Kim xxxx

I just want to say a very big thank to you all for the last 4 days, it was such a lovely experience.

Take care see you soon.

Namaste Eileen xx

For our IFSU blog regarding the recent retreat

There is a heightening of energy when you meditate for an entire weekend. The feeling stays with you for weeks afterwards. No matter what experiences you have or don’t have on a meditation weekend, the magic happens in the day to day life. So, thank you to all of the hosts who made the weekend happen, I’m eternally grateful for my meditation family.


Lillie Nelson (ENGLAND)

Thank you for this amazing organisation and making each and one of us feel like we are at HOME.. the home that I personally long searched for

Having transcripts available while listening to Satsangs has been a great help. The wisdom and knowledge obtained, would certainly help me to strive towards living more balanced, more calm and in tranquility in 2021.

Please let me know if I can be any help on any upcoming gatherings or anything really.
Thank you being in my life. Eternally Grateful.


Lots of love,


Belgian Zoom retreat 9-12th April 2021

There are so many things I could write about my retreat experience.
It is so hard to put into words how my life has just got better and better after each retreat.
I have chosen my Yoga Nidra experience.
I am normally the one taking people through the yoga nidra technique and love to see so much joy as people come out of this practice, many having never experienced anything like it before.
Yoga= union (of the mind, body and soul). Nidra = sleep state.

In this state your body goes into sleep mode, but you are fully aware of what is going on, a bit like being paralysed.
As I listened to the magical and mystical tones of Gururaj, who’s voice can hit you in such profound way that his Satsang’s are truly life changing.

As my awareness was taken to the manipura chakra (naval area) my mantra started spinning very fast, I’m not sure if it was painful as I had no awareness of my body but there was intense pressure there, it then shot up inside me really fast and popped in my ear. I became aware of intense ear pain but it was gone as soon as I acknowledged it, slowly I came out of this technique, the pain in my ear had gone, leaving just a tenderness. Funnily enough as I’m typing this my ear is tender again.

As I sat up there were two other mediators with me. We just looked at each other smiling and said ‘WOW’
I did not share my experience as I wasn’t quite sure what had happened, we all just said it was amazing. Two of us was able stay with the technique until the end but one person could only recall up to a certain point.

I have done this technique many many times over the years, in fact the first time, when I was 8 or 9 years old in 1976-77 which started the beginning of my spiritual search. This is the 2nd time I have done this technique listening to Gururaj. My spiritual search has taught me so much but each time I progress, Netty, Netty, Netty meaning Not this, Not this, Not This, . Finally, I’m on the right path, the royal path, with Gururaj guiding me as he know the route better than everyone.

Along this path I have my deep dark rooted demons to face, each time they gain strength and try to take control of me, leading me back into the dark wilderness of life but I have the tools, my meditation, and spiritual practices to slay them. It’s not easy, the battles are the hardest thing you’ll ever face in your life. To look directly at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge all your pain and sufferings are of your own doing. But after each battle has been won, the feeling of such joy and inner happiness, keeps me pushing on towards HOME.

What is HOME, HOME is where the LIGHT is.

Jacqui Crowder (ENGLAND)


From the point of light, within the mind of God,
Let light stream forth into the minds of men,
Let light descend on earth,
From the point of love, within the heart of God,
Let love stream forth, into the hearts of men,
May divinity return to earth,
From the centre where the will of God is known,
Let purpose guide the little wills of men,
The purpose which the masters know and serve,
From the centre which we call the race of men,
Let the plan of love and light work out,
And may it seal the door where evil dwells,
Let light and love and power
Restore the plan on earth.



IFSU Belgium, Breeyana Borum

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