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Frequently Asked Questions

If you seek clarity about IFSU and what we do, the questions and answers below should help you understand us better.

Is it difficult to meditate?

It is NOT difficult to meditate; in fact, it is quite simple and very relaxing.

What is the purpose of meditation?

The purpose of meditation is to bring about a balance and harmony between mind, body, and spirit. The harmony already exists; all it requires is conscious recognition and experience. Although problems and situations occur in everyday life, meditation helps you to maintain a sense of peace within yourself.

Why should I meditate?

Meditation expands your awareness and unfolds your inner "knowingness". Meditation awakens virtues and positive qualities in you. Thousands of scientific research studies in the past 30 years have shown the benefits to the body, mind, behaviour, improvement in the quality of life, and self-esteem.

What is personalised meditation and how is it different from other groups?

To be truly effective, meditation practices are individually prescribed and individually taught. There are many types of meditation techniques and an infinite number of variations within each category. The precise combination of practices that a person needs is dependent on many factors. For this reason, meditation techniques are individualised by highly trained teachers.

How can meditation help in my everyday life?

In daily living, we become more able to tackle our problems from a place of evenness, calmness and greater creativity. We learn to turn that which was previously not joyous into joy..

Is meditation and the IFSU a religion?

No, absolutely not. Gururaj said he had no desire to turn a person away from his religion. If a student is a Christian with meditation he becomes a better Christian. If he is a Buddhist, a better Buddhist etc.

How long do you meditate?

The length depends on the individual but 20-30 minutes twice daily is recommended.

Do I have to sit in a yoga-like posture to meditate?

The length depends on the individual but 20-30 minutes twice daily is recommended.

Do you have practices for children and pregnant women?

Yes, we offer special techniques for both.

What is Gururaj Ananda’s message?

The purpose of meditation is to show us the path to open our hearts. The path of unfoldment to our own true nature, our real self. It is not a question of developing the spirit but rather unfolding it. We do not become something we are not, nor create a spiritual force in ourselves because it is already there it just needs activating.