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Interested in knowing our teachers?

Our meditation teachers are the seeds that spread the virtues of meditation. We therefore carefully select the right people to teach Gururaj’s meditation techniques. All our teachers present the human values that are aligned to IFSU, and undergo a rigorous training programme. Our teachers are happy to meet you where you are, to teach any kind of group. We work with classes in schools and clubs, company executives and communities.

Meet Ramon our meditation teacher

I am a Psychiatrist by profession and have been teaching meditation since 1976. Over the years, I have initiated over 4000 people to meditate. I have come to understand through meditation that in life "everything runs by itself, not by myself."

I have been serving as the President of CAMINO REAL since 1995. My path in life has been full of surprises, and nothing has ever unfolded the way I would have imagined initially. NAMASTE!
Let’s meditate together!

Do you have what it takes to help others achieve spiritual unfoldment? Do you feel there is a place at IFSU where you could help spread the importance of meditation? Get in touch with us and let us know what makes you a great meditation teacher!

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