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Interested in knowing our teachers?

Our meditation teachers are the seeds that spread the virtues of meditation. We therefore carefully select the right people to teach Gururaj’s meditation techniques. All our teachers present the human values that are aligned to IFSU, and undergo a rigorous training programme. Our teachers are happy to meet you where you are, to teach any kind of group. We work with classes in schools and clubs, company executives and communities.

Meet Breeyana, our meditation teacher

Founder and head of the IFSU Belgian branch since 1987, I have been trained under the watchful eye of GURURAJ ANANDA YOGI.

I started meditating in a difficult period of my life more than 40 years ago. It opened my eyes and gave me the necessary strength to accept my life situation. Ever since, meditation has been a pillar in my life for me to lean on. It guides me and makes my life smooth and easy.

This is my motivation for sharing with others Guruji’s simple but incredibly efficient meditation techniques because what we teach is to dive within and find balance by integrating mind, body and spirit.

To get a deeper understanding of how meditation works, I encourage people to watch, read and listen to Gururaj’s “Satsangs” (conferences). This can easily be achieved over a few days of retreat.

Do you have what it takes to help others achieve spiritual unfoldment? Do you feel there is a place at IFSU where you could help spread the importance of meditation? Get in touch with us and let us know what makes you a great meditation teacher!