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Explaining meditation

Meditation is a simple, systematic process which takes us beyond the normal level of existence into the inner, quiet centre within. Through practice our awareness increases and we start seeing life from a different viewpoint, with a general sense of well-being.

The root of problems in our life is our inability to go beyond them and see life and ourselves as a harmonious whole. With meditation we are led deeper into the super-conscious area of the mind, the spirit within. As our sense of awareness gradually rises, it allows us to be unaffected by the superficial disturbances of the mind. We become anchored in our true selves. Meditation changes the personality; it takes away any hardness and brings out the mellowness which inspires love. It teaches us the meaning of love, how to love and even how to become love. This is the basic change required within human beings today.

Benefits of our Meditation

The meditation techniques that we teach have virtues that are complimentary and beneficial for the body, the mind and the soul.

Meaning of Life

Meditation helps you define a greater meaning of life for yourself, by helping you focusing on your inner self.

Mental Balance

Meditation provides you a greater mental balance, by helping you clear all the superficial disturbances of the mind.

Physical Balance

Through meditation you feel in greater harmony with yourself and with a better control of your physical body.

Mental Relaxation

Through meditation you will feel more confident and mentally relaxed; ready to face your daily psychological challenges.

On learning to meditate

"Be free to accept, and therein lies your freedom. To be truly effective, meditation practices must be individually prescribed and individually taught"

Gururaj Ananda Yogi

Meditation techniques

There are a lot of meditation techniques to reach a state of inner harmony and higher consciousness. These are some of the key techniques that we teach our practitioners.

Technique 1: Mantra

Mantra meditation is the most fundamental practice. We use a specific sound (mantra) which is repeated mentally in an effortless manner. It draws us within ourselves towards our spiritual centre.

Technique 2: Tratak

Tratak, helps gathering the scattered mind and develop the powers of concentration. With practice all the mental energies become focused, and the mind becomes still and totally one-pointed.

Technique 3: Pranayama

The Pranayama techniques involve the control of the breathing in a specific way to set a rhythm, which invigorates and purifies the whole system, as well as expel all your toxins.

Technique 4: Gurushakti

Shakti is an omnipresent, universal force. Gurushakti is a technique teaching us how to use this force. It helps us to grow and unfold spiritually and gives a sense of deep inner security.

Discover more

Discover our library of resources where you can find plenty of text and transcripts from Gururaj Ananda’s teaching across the globe. A collection of 100s of documents to inspire and help you learn more about our meditation techniques and universal philosophy.