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2. CAN 83-3 evolutionary status and also I could see the Divine force that underlies all that. But any true Master will tell you that do not be involved in these phenomena, for it is just a phenomena based on the mental level. And they could be an impediment on the path of one’s spiritual progress. There are many schools around in America and perhaps in Canada I don’t know, that teach of these but they get you further away from your true goal. When you leave your front door I was saying the other day, your aim is to reach the garden gate and to get into your car or onto the road to go wherever you want to go and as you pass by on the garden path, you have your rockeries and your beautiful flowers and what have you. You admire them as you go along the path but you don’t get stuck there and forget where you are going. So illumination is instant. But what is illumination? Or the other word for illumination is awakening. What are you awakened to, that is the question? Illumination is a thing for want of a better word that makes you experience the entire universe within yourself and you within the universe, where all these boundaries cease for the mind is a great adept at creating boundaries. The boundaries are those things that keep you within limits. You become very limited because of the boundaries which you yourself have created. Many schools of thought tell you that you progress from a certain level to another level. They measure the spiritual path in linear terms -the phrase which I mentioned this morning. There are no levels at all. You don’t become a quart illumined, and half illumined, and three quarter illumined and fully illumined. You don’t. It’s illumination or not. Ninety nine cents does not make a dollar. Do you see? So in illumination you feel the total oneness with everything around you. Everything assumes a far more greater depth. You just stop ceasing to see the beauty and the colour of the flower. But you see within the flower. You see that which is invisible to the normal eye. And there science demonstrate by telling you that there are atoms about which you cannot see with the normal eye but with a very highly powered microscope you could see it, so it proves one point that things that you cannot see, feel, touch or smell does not necessarily mean that it is non-existent. For the existence is based upon some kind of substance, for nothing can come out of nothing. So the old theory that God created the world out of nothing, that is a fallacy. What we want is the truth and these teachings were promulgated for organisational purposes to put forth a belief system. I do not talk of belief systems at all. I talk of the truth which you can uncover for yourself. So creation is out of the question, you cannot even create illumination. It is there and as you are sitting here you are all fully awakened beings. You are Buddhas, you are Christs , you are Krishnas, and I can see it very clearly. I can see through the veils that covers you. Crystal would assume different colours by putting behind it a red flower, it will seem red, a yellow flower it would see yellow but the crystal is totally pure in its crystal colour, if you could call it a colour.

3. CAN 83-3 So, all these colours that colour the mind are the veils and they are the machinations of the mind come about, which have come about through the experiences that you have gone through in life. And who created those experiences, you yourself, no one else. For that Divine energy is always in you to a force, it does not create. It is there to use and to become one with. So what we need to do is remove the veils of Samskaras. What is the best way to remove the veils of Samskaras is by giving of yourself. This flower seems red to you. Why is it red? In this flower you’d be able to see the entire colou r range as you would see in a rainbow but it seems red is because what it has given off. Therefore whatever you give off determines what you are. The basis of this flower is totally white, totally white, uncoloured but because it retains the other colours within itself and gives off and this physics proves to you whatever it gives off that is the colour it would assume. Do you see? So to find illumination, one has to give off the veils and the veils in other words could be called the ego self . What is the ego self? The ego self is nothing but thought patterns and the emphasis there is put on the mind and the body through our thinking. You become what you think. That’s an old saying. And those very thought forms is your ego. The more clearer the ego, the finer the thoughts and the more unclear the thoughts, the denser does the ego become and in its opaqueness, the true light that is you does not shine forth. And if it does not shine forth then how can you know of awakening. For it is the light within you that not only illumines you but it illumines your entire environment. It illumines the entire Universe and in that one illumination you are one with the Universe, meaning you are one with Divinity. Now what do you do with the ego self? Nothing is destructible and science has proved this. For example when you shed this little body, this body is not destroyed, it goes back into its original elements. The water in the body goes back to water, the fire the heat in the body goes back to heat, ether to ether and as we say dust to dust. The Hindus cremat e because they find the subtler essence in the body is ether, so by cremation it goes into ether. The Christians bury because they feel that this body is made of dust according to Scriptures or mythology and therefore we bury. It both is the same. It both is the same, one is not superior to the other. So nothing is destructible, nothing is destroyed, it just goes back to its original forms. Like if you take a piece of clay and with a bit of clay you make a mouse and with the other bit of clay you make a cat. Then you say that is a cat and you say that is a mouse. But what is the essence, the essence is clay. So what is your essence? Your essence is Divinity and that Divinity is covered by name and form created by the ego. Why is this chair called a chair and not a table? We have given it the name of a chair. So, it is thought processes that we discussed this morning. Everything is but a process and the ego itself is also a process. The ego is forever, forever trying to express itself and clarify itself. The

4. CAN 83-3 ego is not stagnant like anything else. The ego is never stagnant. So in the process of its clarification or clarity, it takes a long, long time because one thought will breed another thought. Like questions. One question will bring an answer and the answer will bring about half a dozen questions and that would have half a dozen answers which would breed a dozen questions and on and on and on we go. It is only when the mind becomes question free that we can realise the worth of the ego and evaluate the ego in its totality for what it is. Now I have said this before that the ego cannot be annihilated but it can be cleansed. The opaqueness could be got rid of and be made into a pane of clear glass through which the inner spirit could shine through and thus illumine our lives. That is illumination, where the mind and body functions as a totality and in that strength you have the awakening, you are awakened to your reality, to your real self and not the assumed self which is created by the ego. You say you are Jill you are John, Jean, Joan, James. Are you really Jean, Joan, James, Jill? No you are not. These are little labels put upon you for the purpose of a practical world. I can’t go round and say ‘Hello Divine, hello Divine, hello Divine, hello God’. Although my heart says that all the time. I feel it all the time. But if I am speaking to Chetanji about Lee, I will tell him last night I was with the Divine and chatting ‘til one o’clock, he wouldn’ t know who I was talking about. So therefore names are necessary, forms are necessary. If I forget the name I would describe Leslie and say you know that pianist fellow, that concert pianist and composer and he wears glasses, you know a little thinish chap and you would know who I am talking about. So names are necessary for descriptive purposes. Forms are also necessary for descriptive purposes to put across an idea of the thing I’m talking about. But let that not be to the totality of things. For to me Leslie is just as Divine as Chetanji is or Peter is or Lee is or the other people here. But when we start thinking in the terms of the various names and start classifying them, oh he’s a Rotter or he’s a good man or he is a drinks too much or that one eats too much or that one is fat or that one is thin. Whose business is that why must I sit in the seat of judgement? For if I sit in the seat of judgement, I am sitting on a hot seat. And funny enough in measurement the mind, different minds don’t have twelve inches to a foot. Some people’s foot has six inches, some eight inches, some nine inches. So, everyone’s judgement is different. So why judge in the first place? And here is where awakening and awareness plays its biggest part. When you are aware of the Divinity within yourself, you automatically become aware of the Divinity in others and you only see the Divine in others and then only can you love, for the Divinity in me is the same Divinity in you. There is no separation. So, where does judgement come in? You cannot judge no one. A person was in jail for a number of years, five years and he went around and for a job and nobody would give him a job because he’s an ex convict. He came to see me and he says ‘Guruji, this is my dilemma’- very talented man. He was forced into circumstances where he acted in a certain way impulsively not from strength of course. But he acted in a

5. CAN 83-3 certain manner and he was incarcerated. So he came to see me he says ‘Gururaj, this is my dilemma, what must I do? I have a wife and children to feed I need a job but when the bosses hear and I have to be truthful to them because they would find out sooner or later what must I do, can you help me?’ The time he spent in jail, those five years had made him into a very spiritual person. I had known him before. As a matter of fact he worked for me for a while when I was in business and then changed his job, the job became redundant and he went to work elsewhere. So, I knew him. But when I saw him after he came out of jail, he was a totally different person. A jail is a wonderful place to go to. Oh yes, for a man, for a real man a seeker where he would have the solitude not to be distracted by the outside world. It’s like going into hermitage. And this man perhaps with some influence from me, meditated and really found himself and when he came out, he was one of the most beautiful persons I had the pleasure to know. So you see he took advantage of the adversity. For there is an opportunity in every adversity. So I said ‘Well look, you need a job and I’ll see what I can do’. So I made a few phone calls to some friends of mine who were Managing Directors of large companies. I said ’Look, I vouch for this man, I give you my personal guarantee. He has ma de a mistake but today he is a totally different man, give him a job’. So I got him a job. Do you see? So, those bosses that he went into interview they judged him for his conviction but they could not see deeper within that here is a totally transformed person. So we do not judge. And the very moment we start judging anything then you’d find darkness, the illumination would go away and you’d be hiding, covering the beauty of the light that is within you. There was this one old man, a Guru and what he did was this - he had been to jail about twenty times, this Guru. Whenever there was a policeman nearby, he used to pick up a stone and throw in a little window so the police would arrest him and he would go to jail. Sometimes he would pinch, when a policeman was nearby he would pinch a sweet or something from a shop and be put in jail, little petty little things like that. So one day some of his Chelas came to him an d they said ‘Oh Guruji, we love you so much but if you keep on landing up in jail all the time how does it look to the outside world?’ So that Guru replies, ‘Here outside you can find other Gurus to teach you things perhaps, but who is going to help those poor people that are in jail. So, I purposely do these little things to land up in jail to teach those people that are in the penitentiary. Am I not doing a good service?’ That was his answer. So here this brings us to the point of sacrifice, as the flower sacrifices from the spectrum colour the colour red in this case, it sacrifices the colour red, throws it off and therefore it seems red and physics has proved this. So when we sacrifice our little pettinesses, when we sacrifice greed, lust and all the so called negative qualities then we can really

6. CAN 83-3 assert that very impediment called the ego to find awakening. For now with spiritual practices, with spiritual practices we awaken more and more of the brain cells which are lying dormant. And as more and more of the brain cells which are lying dormant open up, more and more of the mind the universal mind pours through and you become more and more aware of everything. You become sensitive and ultra perceptive. Then you reach a stage when you can feel the troubles of others, the problems of others, the sufferings of others. You feel it with them and the only thing you can do is pray and meditate so that their troubles would be lessened or they would disappear. That is what you do. Because you develop that oneness. If you are one with the universe then naturally everything that is happening in the universe or in the world is your trouble. And that is that is what we mean that Jesus suffered for us. That is the suffering. Spiritual Masters don’t have any sufferings. They are too much at one with themselves. They know themselves, their inner selves, they know Divinity, they are awakened, they are aware, they are illumined. They have no problems. To them life is calm contented and they go on working, and working and working for the sake of working, not for the reward or the result thereof. You work and do what you have to do, lecturing as a Professor in the University or being a Civil Engineer, or being a Real Estate Agent or a business man or a street sweeper. You just keep working. As a matter of fact a street sweeper is more important than a doctor. A street sweeper sweeps the dirt and prevents diseases, while a doctor only tries to cure them. You see the importance? So to find expression of one’s inner self, to get rid of the turmoil and the turbulence in the mind work, work, work and not expect the results thereof. You do not need to. For the results come of their own. Same thing on the spiritual path. Prepare yourself through meditation and spiritual practices and illumination will come of itself. It will be unfolded unto thee. You do not need to create it or discover it, it is there already. You are illumined beings, you are awakened beings, but the sun is shining so beautifully there and you pull the curtains. You hide from that light because of an innate fear that you have. Do you know people fear peace, they fear it. On the one hand they strive for peace and on the other hand they fear peace because they do not know what peace and joy is all about. They are grooved in a pattern and they do not want to shift from that pattern. People are afraid to lose their egos, they are afraid to lose their individuality. Why be afraid to lose your individuality, is universality not far greater. Individuality is a drop of water and when that drop of water merges into the ocean it becomes the ocean. So why be just a little drop? Be the ocean and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. So people fear to lose their individuality into universality which is nothing but peace and calm and joy. Do you see? So illumination is always there. You are illumined and when you start saying to yourself that ‘I am Divine, I am Divine, I am Divine’ and with spiritual practices you will find and realise and experience your Divinity. You try to follow the

7. CAN 83-3 method of dualism, separation. It is like a hand, the hand says ‘Why must I work so hard to feed this stomach?’ But can the hand be separated from the entire organism? Can it be separated? For if the hand did not feed the mouth, where will the energy come into the hand, how would it come there? So in this process everything is inter-related. Inter-related totally at one-ment, you cannot separate your hands from your heart and neither can you separate it from your toes. So in work let the heart be placed in the hand and work, work, work, dedication in sacrifice. The rewards would come on their own. You work for a boss, you don’t sit and think all the time salary, salary, salary, salary. No, you keep on working and if you have done your months work well, automatically an envelope would get placed on your desk. If you work in an office, your salary is there. Do you see? So never think of the end, the result of your efforts. Think only of the effort and not the result. The result is automatic in everything in life, in all daily living the result is automatic. The results require no invitation. It comes on its own. When the sun is warm and water evaporates and forms into clouds, it must disperse itself as rain spontaneously, automatically. So the illumined man is a person who has found integration within himself, who has found stability within himself that nothing, no happening can disrupt him. Nothing in the world can make him lose his equanimity. He is in total balance and when you are in total balance you are totally sane, otherwise not. Do you see? Here is something about logic, the wife goes to the husband and says ‘Darling, lend me twenty dollars but just give me ten now’. Fine. So the husband gave her ten dollars. So afterwards she explains that ‘I wanted twenty, you have given me ten so you owe me ten’, she tells the husband and ‘I owe you ten so therefore now we are square’. Larry was telling me a funny story the other day. This young boy goes to his Dad and says ‘Dad if you give a dollar I’ll be good today’. So the Dad says ‘What is this generation coming to, when I was your age I used to be good for nothing’. (Laughter) Yes. Goodness is also a relative quality. It could make life much more smoother in this world if you are good. Good means conforming to the standards the world or society has set and badness is non-conforming to the rules of society. But we rise above good and bad in that awakened state. We see neither good nor bad. And all the troubles that are there, where do they come from, if Divinity is regarded according to Theology to be good. Where does the evil come from although of course from the standpoint I am speaking about there is no good and there is no evil. But from the point of theology they believe in good and evil. It is like the sun evaporating the water and forming it into thick clouds and we see darkness down here and the sun remains unaffected. So it is the very sun that has produced the darkness light has

8. CAN 83-3 produced darkness for us. But if we fly in an aeroplane and go above the clouds, the sun is still totally clear. And then the darkness too that people have in their lives, they serve a purpose. So from that one learns, if the clouds were not there, there would be no rain, food would not grow, flowers would not grow, people would starve to death. Many a famine has been caused because of droughts. So even darkness has its purpose. So the awakened man, the illumined man sees both ends, sees both the polarities and yet is above them. If you prick me with a pin naturally I will feel pain because I have a body. But I won’t only think of the pain, I will think of th e pain-giver, oh that he pricked me with a pin. But then I shall not hate him for doing that. No I will love him because I see him to be Divine. Now the purpose of the prick, what was it? Did it make me more aware of what physical pain is? Yes. Why should I not be aware of that? And then when I think in those lines, I say it served a purpose, a very good purpose. If he pricked me with a thread, it served a good purpose for him, for he has lessened his hatred by putting it into action. He has cleansed some bit off himself, so that’s good. It has done me good, where I could evaluate the pain of the pin prick in its true value, ‘Oh, is this what it’s like to be pricked by a pin?’ Do you see? So there is where awareness lies and we look at things from a different perspective. Normally what a man would do if someone comes a jabs you with a pin, you would turn round and sock him in the nose. And that is the meaning of what Scriptures would say ’If someone slaps you on one cheek offer the other’, for it is doing good to both. It’s doing good to both. So everything that happens is good if you wish to use those relative terms . There is something good happening all the time. There is something that teaches all the time and the man of awareness, the illumined man would see t he teaching there, would see the lessons there and not be perturbed by anything that happens around him because he lives in a state of equilibrium. So take heart, I know people go through sufferings. I could see the sufferings on their faces could read that, but I would say that do not put so much emphasis on the suffering, for in that very suffering there is something for me to learn. And in learning that, I would overcome the pains of that suffering. I was speaking to someone whose girl jilted him and he was yearning for her. He loved her very much but she did not turn out according to his expectation, she jilted him. So I explained to him, good nothing wrong with that you had an ideal of a woman and it was your own mental projection which has caused you this pain and you yearn for her. Now that yearning is good, if you yearn for an object or a person is good it opens up your heart. That very yearning opens up your heart and that very yearning could be directed to higher energies that are already within you, to give you greater strength and greater clarity of mind to bring you to a state of equilibrium or integration. Do you see?

9. CAN 83-3 So life is what we think about it. If you can truly think and feel you are awakened, illumined you are. Truly by nature you are illumined, it is just the veils of thought that has to be not destroyed but modified so through those very thoughts, the experiential illumination could be cognised by the conscious mind and then you appreciate the world you live in. See if I can find another joke here? Some people really waste their lives. There was a chap a tourist with a camera round his neck and he was going up the mountains and he saw an old shack there and an old man sitting on the porch in his rocking chair. So being a photographer, being a keen photographer he saw this as a nice scene, this rustic scene, this old mountaineer sitting there on the porch, so he asked permission - he says ‘Would you mind if I take a photograph of you?’ So he took a few shots. So he says ‘It is so wonderful, how you old mountaineers live. What is the secret?’ So he says ‘There is no secret, everyone knows about it. I drink a quart of home-made whiskey every day. I smoke six cigars from home-grown tobacco every day and I chase all the young girls of the neighbourhood’. So this man, the photographer says ‘But isn’t that too strenuous at your age? By the way how old are you?’ So the man replies ‘I will be thirty two come October’. (Laughter) So in this pleasure seeking that we go about, nothing wrong having pleasures but there are certain circumstances - (baby sleeping, good - there are certain circumstances that would come about from all the extreme things people do. Everything in moderation is good, so you don’t look like an old man while you still only thirty two. Let me see if I can find another joke? Oh yes, this man came home so tired from work and he hardly reached the easy chair and he flopped down. So of course his most sympathetic, loving wife came there with a glass of cool drinks and of course he just rested a few moments. So she says ‘Darling, you look so tired, you’ve been working very hard today, tell me what happened’. So the man replies ‘At the office the computer broke down and we all had to think by ourselves’. That is the modernised age. People really don’t want to think. They want other things for people to think for them. So where is your independence? Learn to think and while learning to think, think in that proper way which would be conducive to you mental health, to your equilibrium. And this can be done. There is no sense moping over a passed happening or projecting something into the future. It’s all taken care of. You are what you think and it will express itself. Any thought you think today will express itself in some way or the other tomorrow or the day after. Only thing we have to be sincere and honest and not bluff ourselves.

10. CAN 83-3 There was this one man who smoked cigars, those big long ones that cost about two, three, four, five dollars each, I don’t know the price. So his wife, his birthday was coming and his wife wanted to buy him a present. So when I asked his wife, ‘What did you buy your husband for a present?’ So she says ‘I bought one hundred cigars’. I says ’Those expensive ones, they cost a lot of money’. She says ‘No, it cost me nothing’. And I said ‘Please you haven’t got an uncle in the business that is going to give one hundred of these big Churchill cigars for nothing’. So she explained me. She says ‘Every day for the past several months what I used to do, is to take one or two cigars out of his box and he didn’t notice it. So when the birthday came I wrapped them up and gave it to him as a present and he was so delighted that I got the right brand’. (Laughter) Yes. See if I’ve got another one? Yes, so this poor guy and he buys a used car and he meets his friend and the friend asks him ‘How is your used car getting on?’ So he says ’Oh everything rattles, it makes such a noise except the horn’. (Laughter ). So we too make so many noises, don’t we? The mind is forever chattering and what does the mind chatter about - happenings of the past, projections into the future. Out of all the thoughts we think during our waking hours of life, how many of them are constructive and I am not speaking about Civil Engineers. How many of them are constructive? It is just the mind, is just chattering away there and there is a good antidote for that. When the mind starts chattering just do your Mantra, repetition of your Mantra, or if not you can do your Chant, Aim Hrim Chumandai Che Che, Aim Hrim,........ If your alone, do it out loud, if you’re in company, do it in your mind, Aim Hrim, Aim .... . Those that are new I will explain to you the value of the Chant. I was at a home, an aristocratic home, beautiful home, I was upstairs, my bedroom was upstairs and in the morning when I woke up you know I heard the sound floating up Aim Hrim. So when I went downstairs, I asked the lady I said ‘This is very beautiful, you start your day off with a Chant’. She said ‘Guruji, I have to be honest with you and tell you the truth’. She says that ‘I do one round of chanting for a soft boiled egg and three rounds for a hardboiled’. (Laughter) Yes. This banker was at a civic luncheon and he was sitting next to a friend of his, so this man asked him ‘I believe you are looking for a cashier’. So he says ‘Yes, I am looking for a cashier’ but the friend says ‘Didn’t you hire a cashier last month?’ He says ‘Yes and that’s the fellow we’re looking for’. (Laughter) Yes. We have lost the inner beauty that is us, the awakening that is always there, the illumination that is always there and we are searching for it. No search is required, no seeking is required. Be what you are, just do the spiritual practices

1. CAN 83-3 Gururaj. Open your eyes slowly. Namaste. Do you know what, I am illumined with all these lights around me. That’s an easy way for illumination. What shall we talk about tonight? Yes. Questioner. .................. often you have ................... can you speak about instant creation, how does He go about. Is it done by visualisation or by fiat, that it is declaring it is so, so it is so an example Gururaj. Fear? Voice. Fiat Gururaj. Fiat, what does it mean? Voice. Let it be. It is made. Gururaj. Good. I don’t know English too well. Questioner. An example is, God said let there be light and there was light and you say ..................... Gururaj. I knew your question therefore I said I am illumined there is light. Yes. Illumination is always instant but the hardest part of it is the preparation to receive the illumination. The seed can grow if the field is well tilled. So there are prerequisites for that. Now thought plays a great part where, but this is on a very relative level. This has nothing to do with your spiritual self. If your mind is totally concentrated at total at- one -ment with yourself where all the energies of the mind could be focused through some of our practices like Tratak, then the thought becomes powerful. A thought is a thing, it is matter and if your perception is finely attuned you can actually see a thought. Now when there is deep communication between two people or for a Spiritual Master he has communication with everyone. But with ordinary people if there is a deep communication then the thought that is thought by one person very intensely, powerfully, gets picked up by the other person and this is the basis of mental telepathy which is on a very low rung on the path of spiritual progress. As a person goes on the path of spiritual progress, he would encounter phenomenal things. For example I personally always smell perfume around me although there is no perfume. Sometimes I might be driving in a car and I hear such celestial music as if the orchestra had half a million instruments in it. For example I could see many things around me that the ordinary eyes won’t be able to see, like seeing through a person’s mind, a person’s heart, his

11. CAN 83-3 as prescribed and you will realise yourself who you really are and then you can say, ‘I am Divine, I and my Father are one. There is no difference. I am the universe. I am love and all that which it stands for’. Good. See if there’s another one here. Ah, some people can be so very clever. The wife was busy in the kitchen so the considerate husband asked the wife ’Is there anything I can do to help you in the kitchen?’ So of course the job allocated to him was to wipe the dishes. So every night, two or three nights he started wiping the dishes it was becoming quite a chore to him, so night after night he was wiping the dishes and he didn’t like the job of course wiping the dishes. So now he wanted to be diplomatic and find a way out of it. So the wife’s birthday was coming soon so he bought her a very expensive set of bone china. After that the wife would not let him touch it. It’s a nice way to get out of washing dishes. This young man wanted to marry a girl, so his friend asks him, he says ‘Look fella, you have been going on a long time with this girl, why aren’t you married yet?’ So he says ‘When I’m drunk and I propose, she does not want to marry me and when I am sober, I don’t want to propose.’ (Laughter) You see? We need that sobriety of thought to realise who we really are and I will repeat again and again that as we all sit here each and every one is illumined, everyone is awakened. The difference between me and you is this, that I have experienced the awakening, the illumination and live it while you are on the path to experience it and to live it. That’s all. Otherwise, no difference. And that is what Krishna said the Arjuna that we have lived, we have been together in many lifetimes, the only difference is that you don’t know but I know. You see how simple it is? I think I have finished this lot already. Good. Thank you very much. Do have a pleasant evening. What do people do in the evenings after nine? It’s nine o’clock now. Do you go to bed or do you sit and talk around and say Guruji said this, so let us analyse it. And let us see what he has really meant. It’s a good thing to do sometimes. END


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