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1. CAN 83-4 Gururaj. During every Course we do have session two of Rapid Fire Questions. If you’d like that this morning it would be ok with me or if you’d like a long talk - that is also alright with me. In Rapid Fire Question - you ask about anything you like and we discuss it. So it’s your choice. Questioner. Did the Civilisation called Atlantis ever exist? Gururaj. Yes there was a civilisation called Atlantis and it was a very highly organised civilisation and technologically very, very advanced. The reason why Atlantis blew up and sank was because they had discovered a certain kind of crystal which was, you could say a thousand times more powerful than nuclear energy. But as human beings go, you know the lust for greed and power came about and because of this there were factions and they started infighting, fighting, warring with each other and because of this that crystal blew, exploded and it sunk the Atlantis continent, two explosions actually occurred. Part of Atlantis is under the Himalaya mountains. A little portion that broke off forms England. For example India was right at the south just beside Africa, South Africa in particular and because of this vast explosion, this whole chunk of land shot up and the impact was so great that because of that impact, the Himalayas came up. Now you could imagine the power of that crystal. Little pieces of crystal are still lying around, specifically about at nine points in the world. There is a bit of it at Stonehenge and you could feel the atmosphere in England. There is a bit o f it along the Andes mountain range. There is a bit of it at the Yangtze River in China, and a bit, quite a bit along the Himalayas and there is a bit in Cape Town, South Africa. So when you go to these places, and if you are sensitive enough you could feel the radiation and it is very powerful. So this could be future of our world today for there are many, many inventions apart from nuclear energy which the Governments of the world are not bringing to public notice because there would be panic. For example a Neuron bomb, where buildings could be preserved while all the people would die and there are many other such inventions which are being suppressed for the moment. They are not brought to the attention of the world for the fear of creating, panicking peoples’ minds and that is why our mission is so important, to bring, to unfold people hearts, so that they do not use the mind technology in a destructive way but rather in a constructive way. So Atlantis did exist. Before the explosion many people escaped Atlantis and it is believed that many of those Atlanteans were people with a high technology build edifices like the Pyramids and things like that. Okay, so it is true. Questioner ...............Shambala...... (Inaudible)

2. CAN 83-4 Gururaj. I wouldn’t know that at all but Shambala is a myth more from the Judaistic tradition isn’t it ? I know nothing about the Shambala, I have read nothing about that. Questioner. .......................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. I see. Do they say that it originated in Atlantis. What are the principles of Shambala - was it a place or? Questioner. ......................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. A place. Why has it not been discovered? Do you think it is just mythology or a myth? Nevertheless, Shambala , is regarded yeah, carry on Questioner. I think one of the explanations now is that it is on a different plane ............ the home now of Masters from which group there will be another Avatar ....... another coming of Christ ........ (inaudible) Gururaj. Yes, you’ve put forward a lot of occult theories, how true they are, we don’t know. But I know Shambala is within one’s heart and that is where the greatest truths are created, within oneself or that which is in oneself encompasses not a small place like Shambala but the entire universe. So if Shambala is in a place, if it’s in space and time then it would be very relative and truly advanced Masters that have found oneness, that are in unity consciousness do not need a place to go to. For example in the Vedic studies, they name a place called Bramalocha, where people that have not really merged into Divinity, yet that are highly evolved, go there. That was the story of ah, that’s the story which Ramakrishna tells about Vivekananda, that he saw Vivekananda in his vision in a place called Bramalocha where there is all great peace and from there he came back to teach the world. So there are these stories, mythologies and they have deeper meanings but one of the truer interpretations is not a place in space or time but something beyond space and time and that is here and now this moment is where everything exists and all exists. So people put names to things such as Bramalocha or Shambala. If you believe in it, it would be true for you. I was saying the other day of one of the religions of the world that if you - the Muslim religion especially - they deny you, you know drink and women and things in this world but they promise you that after you are dead you’ll go to a kind of heaven where there would be rivers of wine and Hooris or Haries, pretty damsels to tend to you and look after you. So this man asks me, ’Is that true, Guruji?’ I said ‘Yes, it is true because whatever you would encounter on the other

3. CAN 83-4 side would be your own personal beliefs and ideas’. So you are the creator of Shambala and Bramalocha. It depends on what ideas you believe in yourself and that is your creation. Voice. So there are there many realities, all part of a much greater reality Gururaj. There are many, many realities, everything is real, everything is real but there is the original reality which is changeless, while the realities which we create are forever changing. For what seems to be real today to you, might seem unreal to you tomorrow as you advance on the spiritual path. But yet the realities of today which seem important to you are not to be discarded because you have to go through Form 1, Form 2, Form 3 to reach Form 12. So you do not discard Form 1, 2 and 3 because those were the stepping stones to reach Form 12. So nothing is wrong, even an erroneous belief is not wrong or unreal. It might seem erroneous to me, perhaps I am at a different stage while a child might be at a different stage but it’s true the mistakes or erroneous beliefs that they would progress. So the law of evolution forever demands progress. It is forever pushing you on and on but by trial in error we do things in a difficult way, which is not necessary, there are easier ways that could be taught by true Masters. That is the whole thing. It is to alleviate - trial and error could bring on a lot of suffering and by going the straight road, the smooth road suffering is alleviated. So the path to joy becomes joy itself and then when you come to the final realisation, you will know that the path and the destination are but the same. For the path is part of the destination. Voice. It’s easy to know but is more difficult to feel. Gururaj. Well that is the whole point. We can intellectualise anything and everything but of course the whole basis is not rationalisation only. The mind needs to be appeased to a certain extent but the most important thing is on the experiential level because these things are at such a fine level that the mind could never grasp the totality of it. But the heart in its fullness can grasp that fullness and through Spiritual Practices one reaches that. As the heart unfolds more and the mind will start appreciating the unfoldment of the heart and so the awareness grows and the more a person becomes aware, the more awareness he has, the more he can grasp. Many people would pass a room and miss all the beautiful objects in the room while another person would just at a glance capture the entirety of the room, he is so aware, misses nothing. Right. Next question. Questioner. Ian

4. CAN 83-4 Gururaj. Oh hello Ian, do come in, yes. Yes. Good, whoever. Ladies, first. Questioner. Some people ..........I wonder ............ (inaudible) Gururaj. Ah hah. Good. Now there are definitely auras to everything. These flowers here have an aura. An aura actually means an emanation and everything is emanating an energy. Fine. Now the energy that’s emanated, I mean this is proved by Kirlian photography for example but as far as the Psychics go, do they really see an aura or is it a projection of their own minds and that one can only decide if you are face to face with a Psychic and some of the aura of the Psychic then you know if it’s a projection or not, while a true Master could see the reality. Because it is not only the emanation or the aura that one sees but also the inner being of the person. He sees through the person and if the aura coincides with the mechanism of the person’s inner being then that would be his true aura. Otherwise they’re not. Mind you even Kirlian photography has been refuted by many people. They say that what the photographs show is not in the aura of a leaf or the hands, but it’s the perspiration or the moisture that comes out of any living thing that is photographed. Well there are a lot of pros and cons to that but people do have auras that is for sure and then the way some books are written that if you see a green aura it means that and a blue aura means that and a grey aura means that. Now that is total nonsense. One has to study the intensity - for example around a person there could be a green aura which would mean something totally different to another person with a green aura. So it depends upon the reader and he’s intuitive level by which he could tell you that this is this and that is that. So when you buy books and it says oh a green aura means good health or a blue aura means peace, don’t believe it. It’s like the dream books we get - if you dream of the sea you are going to go on a boat trip or if you dream of rain, you going to have you know plenty. If you dream of a good woman, you’re going to have a good wife. These interpretations are of no value, like in Astrology. Astrology is only as good as the Astrologer. A certain - most Astrologers use certain basic factors which they read from books and then work out the astrological charts, which are not always true or good. They could do more harm. I know one person who used to be the Leader of the TM movement in South Africa, David Fisk was his name. I think he’s emigrated to Canada, I don’t know where. I was in Cape Town and he was in Johannesburg which is about a thousand miles away from Cape Town and he phones me one day he says ‘Guruji, there is something I’d like to discuss with you and when can you spare me the time I would fly down’. So we made an appointment and he flew down and he brought his horoscope with him which was drawn up by somebody very reputable. So that was his worry. He had fallen

5. CAN 83-4 in love with a girl called Ingrid and he brought his horoscope and in the horoscope it said you must not get married, it will only last for two years and you’d be very unhappy. So I read that and went into meditation on it and in his presence I tore up his horoscope into a thousand pieces and threw it in the waste bin. I says, I told him, I said ‘David you go back to Johannesburg, propose to Ingrid and get married. This is all rubbish’. So he got married and this is about ten years ago and they are very, very happy, they have a few children. That’s the value of astrology. So many people - Astrologers or Fortune Tellers or whatever could implant so much negativity in a person’s mind that it would become a reality. A Fortune Teller, a Palmist or whatever tells you that within one month you are going to have an accident. Then your mind is going round in that thought all the time, ‘I am going to have an accident, I am going to have an accident, I am going to have accident’ and because your mind becomes attuned, that you become accident prone and you have an accident. You see. So I would advise no one to go to Fortune Tellers. I know many people that buy the newspapers, for example, every morning and the first page they turn to would be the horoscope page. Now can the world’s population, four thousand million people be divided into twelve categories, with twelve Zodiac Signs. It’s just impossible. In Indian Astrology they have a different system which is a bit more accurate. In Indian Astrology they don’t say if you are born from the twenty third of November to the twenty third of December, whatever then you are a Sagittarius or from this date to that date, you are a Pisces or a Leo or what have you. No, Indian Astrology doesn’t work that way. You can - six people, ten people can be born on the same day but they would have a different Zodiac Sign. Because according to their calculations the zodiac sign could change every hour and a half. Not necessarily so one finds according to Astrology and Astronomy one sign and the position of the planets and the stars could go for a longer time, could even last a whole day but mostly they change every hour and a half. So they might be a bit more accurate but it is still debatable, not a hundred percent. And then why do you want to know the future? That what is going to happen tomorrow or next week, or the week there after, why? It is because of a sense of inadequacy and insecurity. Now through Spiritual Practices you will feel adequate and secure within yourself. You do not need to know what’s going to happen in the future. And of course the most important questions a person asks when they go to a fortune teller is, will I have a nice man or a nice woman, will I meet a nice girl or a nice boy and the second question is will I have a lot of money. Those are the two most important questions. Why not rather work hard and make that money if you want money? Why not mix around amongst people where you are bound to meet someone of the opposite sex that might attract you, that you would feel attracted to and there in the beginning there would be some mental compatibility. And then from there you start, and from there you grow like a flower into its fullness where there is spiritual compatibility. Do you see? So why feel insecure, inadequate? You are secure, you are adequate. Why worry

6. CAN 83-4 about tomorrow? Live for the moment, live for today and if today is well lived, tomorrow will take care of itself, as the s aying goes. And which is true. It’s good to provide a bit for the rainy day but your attention should not be wholly on the rainy day, for tomorrow it might not rain. It might be a sunny day. (Laughter). Larry? Larry. Guruji, it seems that in recent history most of the highly evolved spiritual teachers have been men. Would you agree that this is the case, and if so can you offer some explanation? Gururaj. Yes. Now that is not necessarily true. There are highly developed women also that do not venture out. By nature a woman is a home body. She is a home-maker, by nature she is that. Circumstances might force her to go out. As a matter of fact a very good friend of mine I regard her to be as a Mother, Swami Rayadeyand - she was an eye specialist and then she renounce. Eye specialists have the biggest hospital in Calcutta which is supposed to be the biggest hospital in the Southern hemisphere and she renounced the world and became a monk, a nun if you wish to call it that. A very, very highly evolved person, she travels round the world. And another woman, Swami Amritanand and she goes round the world teaching. So it is not the province of men only but you’d find more men in this field because men are outgoing. That is why more men are in the position to be spiritual teachers but as far as spiritual mastery is concerned no one has the monopoly, man or woman. Because at that level there is no man and no woman. It is just the spiritualness that is there. And then of course science proves that in every man there is a bit of woman in him and in every woman there is a bit of man in her. As I have explained the other day I think, about Ardenarishvar, where you can combine both forces in you for completion of yourself. So that is why every man needs a woman and every woman needs a man, to find that completeness because two can walk the path more joyfully than one. If you have a long journey, say you have to walk two miles, if you are walking alone, the two miles seems like five miles, but if you have a companion with you chatting, talking the two miles would seem like one mile. Do you see? So Gurudom is not a monopoly for men only. I have read the lives of women Saints of India, very, very highly spiritual people. Yes. And in India and as in Greece and during the time of the Romans, the Egyptians, they had Goddess worship and it is still prevalent in India. You have the Goddess Kali and Goddess Durgadi and Goddess Lakshmi. Well there are all different aspects of the same force and as a matter of fact the manifestation is regarded by many to be female. The Manifestor is male and manifestation is female. And from there came the story that Eve was created out of Adam’s rib. You know Adam used to go out hunting to bring food home and Eve was getting a bit jealous. So, on the pretext of rubbing his back every night she used to court his ribs (laughter) in case he might have made another Eve elsewhere. Yah. Next.

7. CAN 83-4 Questioner. Guruji, could you speak to us of Love. Gururaj. Ah what a subject. We can, we can use that as a question in a full Satsang because just to say a few words on it would not justify the question. So we’ll leave it for one of the Satsangs during the week of what love is all about. Okay. It will take me an hour to give you. Good. Fine. So we have another question for during the week. I am the great lover. Questioner. Guruji, if someone asks for a healing is it ..................... (inaudible) Gururaj. Give healing, to give healing to others Questioner. Asks for healing Gururaj. Someone asks me for a healing? Good. Right. Fine. Questioner. ........................... (inaudible) somewhere along the path, is it true that you in turn get healing ..................... (inaudible) Gururaj. The person that is healed would heal someone else? No it doesn’t work that way. When I heal people and we’ve had some miraculous results as people call it and I don’t believe in miracles. It is just an understanding of the subtler laws of nature which man does not understand today. For example, a hundred years ago if you tell someone that a two thousand ton piece of iron would fly through the air or you could instantly speak to someone that is ten thousand, twelve thousand miles away, they would say you are bonkers, you’re nuts. But today it is a common thing or a picture on your television screen which is projected from another country and you pick it up here and see it. If you had to tell them that, they would think you are mad. But it is true today. So there are so many other laws of nature which are not totally understood yet. Now in our healing process what happens is this that a person has the gross outer body and then with the gross outer body you have the subtle body. In Sanskrit you call the outer body the Stulasharira and the subtle body you call it the Suchsma which means subtle, Suchsmasharira.

8. CAN 83-4 Now, as the physical body has its various organs and its own nervous structure, so the subtle body also has its organs in a subtle form and it has its own complex of nerves and nervous structure. So in our healing what happens is this that we do not heal the physical body, but we heal the cause of the physical imbalance or the physical disease. Now by going to the root, and Doctors have proved it today that they believe that eighty percent of the world, a hundred percent of all organic diseases stem from the mind or the subtle body if you wish to call it that. Now by instilling a certain special energy flow you would actually stimulate the energies within the subtle body of the person. And by pouring in those energies you heal the subtle body and it must naturally express itself, as we said the other day everything must find expression. It expresses itself in the physical body. But the one thing that’s very important, there are two types of healing. There is magnetic healing and then there is spiritual healing. Now in magnetic healing what happens is this that the healer gives forth his own energies to the one he heals. Now those energies, if he is not a highly advanced Master he would be imparting negative energies to you also, as well as the positive. Fine. But a true spiritual healer is a person who is nothing else but a channel. He is totally ego free, he makes himself ego free, he is not conscious of his body or his mind. He becomes a channel and he has the ability to draw upon the universal forces of energy that go through him to the person he is healing. It’s a beautiful experience for the healer with this flood of energy going through him to the person that is being healed. And people experience that healing, the patient if you wish to call it experiences that flow. They become totally calm and at peace with themselves and it starts working. We have conducted controlled tests with a, here in America with a Dr. Touch and invited a whole lot of Physicians. He is Psychologist. Psychologists and Psychiatrists and people of the medical profession where they would wire up the patient while I am doing healing and take measurements. And through the grace of Divinity, a lot of so called miraculous things had happened, where a person was deaf and could start hearing and this lady says, ‘What must I do with the hearing aid?’ She could hear my voice. So I said ‘Throw it away’ and she said ‘No, I am going to frame it’. In England a woman in Preston that was in a wheelchair for thirteen years and within half an hour in front of the people that were at that Satsang there started walking. But then I gave her certain exercises because after thirteen years in a wheelchair the legs wo uld become atrophied. So I gave her exercises to strengthen the legs so that she could start walking and I promised her you carry on this programme I have given you for six months and you and I will go jogging together. Oh yes. So that is healing true healing. For there is a force beyond us that we could capture and use it for the benefit of mankind and that’s the whole idea. I myself, as a matter of fact Chetanji noticed it the other day, I do know he was watching me, we were in a lift, you call it elevator here and there was a girl in a wheelchair and I felt so sad I suffered her feelings. And when we came out of the elevator, Chetan tells me ‘You were suffering there looking at that girl’. I say’s ‘Yes, yes’. That

9. CAN 83-4 is always the suffering of Spiritual Masters, true ones. They have no suffering of their own, their suffering is the suffering of the world. Yeah. Next. Today we are having, you came late, today we are having a session of just questions and answers and not a full long talk. We normally do that in a Course so that everybody has a chance to exchange ideas, it’s a to and fro thing. Questioner. Gururaj, how important is sex in a loving relationship between two people? Gururaj. Ah hah. I am going to go into that when I do the full hour talk of Charlie, Charlie yes, In Charlie’s talk and I will incorporate that because it is allied, it is one of the aspects of love, not lust, love. Questioner. One last question. Gururaj. Oh, why last, have many more. Questioner. I just heard what you said about the healing it occurred to me, is there a point where a person comes to a realisation that ok they have experienced the healing as you have described, can they go beyond that and come to the realisation that you have never really dealt with that situation as you thought it was ............................ Gururaj. By whom, by the healer or the healed? Questioner. No I think the person who was being healed eventually come to the realisation ............... Gururaj. Oh yes, because look no one can really heal you. Man heals himself always. This intricate mechanism called the body and the mind always heals itself but what the healer does is ignites, causing the energies that are required, corrects the imbalances that are there and then of its own, the healing is done. Yes. So man heals himself, even with modern allopathic medicine the doctor does not cure you. He only gives you medicines to expedite the healing process. The body heals itself always. The forces in the body for example if you cut your finger, you’d find the white corpuscles or is it the red ones, they would rush to the point where you have cut your finger to help it heal. That’s just an example. Next.

10. CAN 83-4 Questioner. Is there life after death? Gururaj. Yes, there is life after death. There is no death in actuality, all is life. There is no death. What we mean by death is shedding this mortal frame and that mortal frame too doesn’t die, it just changes form and goes back into its original elements. So there is, life continues forever. For if life ever dies for one second, the entire universe will collapse. There always has to be life, for life is a force and life and force is motion. So, the spirit being eternal it forever goes on. But after death what happens is this, that it’s not only the ongoing spirit but also your entire mental make-up, all the impressions that you have gained in life are mixed up in the spirit. In Sanskrit we would call it the Jivatma that goes on. And on another plane of existence, it evaluates itself, there is no growth there, there is no evolution there on the other plane. But it evaluates itself and three score years and ten are very little to work out or get rid of all the happenings of all these past lives we have lived. So when the time is right and you have evaluated, you wait until you find the proper genetic combination to be born through. So you choose your parents. Your parents don’t choose you. You find the proper chromosonic or genetic combinations to be born again and that is why you are placed in certain circumstances. One person is born ill, another very healthy, one is born in very dire circumstances, another in happier circumstances. It is you that has chosen that, because that Divine energy is neutral, it does not favour anyone or disfavours anyone. And the Bible points it out as well and all the other Scriptures that the Lord looks upon the good or the evil with an equal eye. Do you see? So whatever circumstances we are brought into this world it has been our choice. And we choose difficult circumstances ourselves because in that other plane of existence, you are truly truthful to yourself. So why do you want to be born into difficult circumstances because you are truthful and you know that by being born in these difficult circumstances, I am going to learn and life is a school. For no evolution can take place until the three factors are combined, the mind, body and spirit and then only evolution can take place. It’s a three legged stool. The stool cannot stand with two legs alone. There has to be three, at least. You can have four on your table. Questioner. ................. and you choose your own parents, what happens when those parents die will you see them again, what happens then? Gururaj. No, no in that plane of existence no one is interested in seeing anyone. They are too busy for example many of those mediums tell you , you go to a medium and says ’Oh your Grandmother sends her best regards to you or Auntie Matilda sends her love to you and she is well’. Auntie Matilda has got no time for you, she is busy waltzing away, up top

11. CAN 83-4 there (laughter) Yes. Many mediums have the ability to read a person’s thoughts which is very easy to do. I could teach you that within six months of practice. Certain practices, mental telepathy and then they answer you on that. Many books for example like the Seff Books and so many others I can’t remember names, where they say that you know some power, some entity on another plane speaks through them. That is another big lie. I challenge anyone of these people on any public platform, you see? What happens is this, that the medium can go beyond the present conscious level of the mind and go to the subconscious level of himself or herself and they speak through the angle of another lifetime. When in another lifetime they might have gained some knowledge which they are just portraying now and the accuracy of that also depends upon how clean the conscious mind is and how well it could filter, the knowledge could filter through. Do you see? Don’t have belief in these things. Why must you be interested in occult things? It’s not necessary. Interested in the here and the now of existence. But there is definitely an after-life. I have died many times and I could leave this body at will and I have seen what happens on the other side. But you will encounter exactly what you have firm faith or belief in. If you have the firm faith that when I go on the other side I will meet my sister or uncle or grandmother or whoever, you will definitely meet that person. But it won’t be the real person, the real entity. It will be a projection of your own mind that would be there for you to see or talk to. So you would be talking to yourself. You would be talking to your projection. That is what happens. Questioner. So those things when there is unfinished business for people who are dying infer .................. .(inaudible) Gururaj. That is the whole idea and that is why I travel round the world seven, eight months a year to make people realise that in the business here, in this lifetime why carry on through all those pains and sufferings. Yes. You know people like Darwin and others, scientists, they did not believe in God. So someone died and went up to heaven and was very curious and asked if Darwin and his company and others that did not believe in God that were Atheists were there. So they found that they were not there in heaven. So where could they be, they were in hell. So this man being highly evolved, and when you reach heaven you can go to hell as well, you have a free pass. You don’t need a visa. So he goes to hell and hell seemed so beautiful, it looked like heaven. So what had happened there was this, that these scientists that did not believe in God went to hell saw the burning fires and the smouldering iron, so they fashioned wonderful machines being scientists, they created railroads and magnificent buildings and because of the scientific technology, the knowledge that they possessed. So they made hell into heaven. So even if you don’t believe in God, you can still be in heaven. (Laughter). Nirmila?

12. CAN 83-4 Nirmila. That was one of my questions ..................................... Gururaj. Oh yes, the greatest tip is this that it’s a very fine experience. There is one secret to it, most people die unconsciously. But it’s such a beautiful experience if you can die consciously. Before the moment of death arrives, they as we say, the soul leaves the body, you become unconscious and you are not conscious of the soul leaving the body. But if you can be conscious and experience the passage of the soul it is a very blissful ecstatic experience and all that are truly meditating and doing Spiritual Practices, they would experience that. For to go into deep meditation is death itself. You’re away from the world, you’re in a different plane beyond the mind, beyond the turbulent mind. Do you see? So therefore if people can experience this - now there are books written, Life after Life and Life After Death and things like that and those doctors that made the researches they interviewed many people who were near death and returned. But they made one error, those doctors. Well it was only documentary, sort of, they were reporting the experience of various people that they interviewed and the common experience was this that people were going through a dark tunnel and on the other end was a light and the light was approaching them. That is a fallacy. It’s not true. You have a sinking feeling as if you are going away, receding away and that is the tunnel and the light that you see coming to you is the light that is really within you that you see. In other words you are your mind body, the Jivatman is facing the spirit body of yourself and it seems to you because the mind is still functioning, that that spirit is coming to you as if an angel of light is coming to fetch you. No such thing. You go alone and if you are highly evolved at the point of total illumination you just merge away as the drop of water would merge away in the entire ocean of the universe. That’s how it works. By the way you two please join the conversation this morning - anything you would like to know. Questioner. Actually I would like to know what kind of period spent between the times on earth? Gururaj. There is no set period because in that plane of existence there is no time. Time is made by man for convenience and we normally function in a linear fashion on earth, while in another subtler plane of existence we don’t function in a linear fashion. So there in that plane of existence it would just be a second, a flash and if you should measure that flash in linear terms, for some people it would take longer to evaluate and to find the right genetic combination to be born through, a hundred years, fifty years, twenty years but there are two people that take a very long time to find the proper genetic combination, the highly developed Saint or the most evil person in the world. They would find a long time because there are not so many people evil enough. Like Hitler won’t be born very soon, that’s for sure. (Laughter).

13. CAN 83-4 You know one chap went into a Department Store that sold everything and he went to buy a box of very expensive cigars. So he opened the box and started lighting one. So the sales clerk, do you say sales ‘clark’ or clerk in Canada. Clerk. In England we say Clark. The sales clerk says ‘Sorry sir, there’s a sign there ‘No smoking’”. So he says, he was disgusted, the customer was and he says ’Look, I bought these, these cigars here and you mean I can’t smoke them here’. So the sales clerk says ’Well that’s what it is Sir and remember we also sell bath towels here’. (Laughter) Yeah. Next. Questioner. Guruji, I would like you to tell us a little bit about something that has been of concern to me for ten years or more and that is to do with family quarrels. I have a brother in Wales... for various reasons , mainly financial I think, w e hav e had a quarrel going off and on for a length of time and my mother is, right now she is dying and I am going to go back shortly to see her and I am hoping somehow to be able to resolve this. I would like you to comment ......... Gururaj. Yah. Is this quarrel to do with finances? Answer. Originally, yes. Gururaj. Originally. That’s one thing. It’s a very easy way you say ‘Brother, you keep everything, I want nothing’. Questioner. I’ve already said that. Gururaj. Then what’s he quarrelling for? Questioner. I don’t think he believes me. (Laughter) Gururaj. Well that’s your fault, you were not convincing enough. If you want to kill, kill with kindness and by you saying ‘Look, keep everything brother, I don’t want any’, that will change his heart. And say ‘No, no, no, I can’t do that. I have a conscience’. Questioner. He said that.

14. CAN 83-4 Gururaj. Oh he did, then what are you still worrying about? Questioner. It must be something more than that. Gururaj. Well sit down and have a heart to heart chat. Work on his heart, his sentiments and things like that, unless he’s an utter Rotter. Well there you are, you can solve it easily. Pity I can’t go with you to Wales and I’ll sit down with the two of you. Like in Los Angeles, there was a question of marriage and this young couple who happens to be the children of some meditators of ours and we were having a Course at Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara somewhere, and the parents, very wealthy,. actually at that time they had the Rolls Royce Agency for Los Angeles area and these two young people, their daughter and this boy she was in love with, did not - in the Los Vegas area sorry not Los Angeles - they were not getting married but living together for three years and the parents tried to convince them get married, get married, get married. No, no, no, no. And then both of these, the daughter and the future son- in -law came to the Course and the parents were battling with them for a long time. I called them both into the room and I had a chat with them for half an hour and immediately they agreed ‘Yes, we will get married’. ‘How soon, now?’ Fine. I called in the parents. I said ’Look, they have agreed’. So they hired a hotel, a beautiful place and had the wedding ceremony there and I did the blessing and they got married and they are happy they have a lovely, the people that approached me, the children that got married and they a lovely baby and they are very, very happy. So it all depends how you approach people and what you could impart to them. That’s important. Here the parents had been trying for three long years to get them married and here I speak to them for half an hour, it’s done. We had a beautiful party and a reception. I’m sure Nirmila knows who I am talking about. Yeah. This woman complained, was complaining, she had a very severe cold or flu or something like that, so the husband took her to the doctor and the doctor put his thermometer into her mouth and he said ‘You sit still for five minutes’. The husband was amazed, the woman did what she was told, she sat still for five minutes and the husband was amazed. So after that the husband goes to the doctor and he says ‘Won’t you sell me that thing?’. (Laughter) Next question. The census-taker drove about four miles down a country road and he came to a ramshackle house in the mountains, mountain people. And so the woman sitting on the porch shouted ‘We not buying anything’. So the census- taker shouts back ‘I’m not selling anything’. ‘Why did you come here for?’ So he says ‘Look I’m a census taken and I want to and we want to know’ - when he says I am a census taker the woman says look ‘I have got nothing to give you’.

15. CAN 83-4 So then he explained what a census-taker is, so he says ‘We want to know what the population of Canada is’. So she says ‘You have driven a long way but have come to ask the wrong person, I don’t know’. (Laughter) Next question. Questioner. You’re talking about the time between incarnations ....... how does the immediate rebirth of say, a Grand Lama fit in that picture? Gururaj. The Tibetan Lamas believe that a child is born with certain signs and of course he should be the Grand Lama that has been traditionally so and I personally do not believe in that. There have been Lamas, Chief Lama, that was nothing but just worse than an ordinary person. But it has gone on in tradition. For example, there might be a King so his son, his eldest son would be the King after him meanwhile the eldest son could be a total Rotter. So it just goes on and on like that. There is no such thing. And who says the Lama is a God on earth. That’s their belief. They worship him as a God. But that’s their belief. They believe a person is born with a certain sign, if he has a mole on his backside he is a Lama or something like that. Don’t worry about these things, don’t even read such books, it’s a waste of time, cramming useless knowledge. As a matter of fact there is a book published ‘Useless Facts’ something like that, some book like that, it’s not worth wasting your time on it. Why do you want to know the facts if they are useless? Know the facts that are useful. For instance for me to know on what day this tree outside was planted, what’s it going to help me? I look at the tree and I find it very beautiful ah that helps me, it gives me joy. But what day the seed was planted, nothing to do with me. Useless facts. Although it is fact the seed was planted on a certain day. Nirmila. Your idea of life after death, you just sit there by yourself and you mull over all the mistakes you made that doesn’t sound very cheering to me. Gururaj. Oh that’s the greatest peace and joy is found in solitude and then with your mind you can create company there but remember it’s still projection. You can depending, at what stage of evolution you are. I could sit alone there in my room there for hours and hours and days and days and go into meditation and I’ve done that for long, long periods at a time and it’s very, very joyful. So the point is this that you don’t need external circumstances to feel happy or joyful. You need the inner self. The inner self is the root of all joy and happiness. You can be in the company of thousands people and still feel lonely. You see. Nirmila. If we are not to brood on the past or the future in this life apparently, why would we do that in the next life ........................?

16. CAN 83-4 Gururaj. Well only a hen broods. You don’t really brood. (Laughter) You don’t really brood. You evaluate – there’s a difference and one thing is sure at the moment of passing over, your entire life flashes in front of you, in a split second. That is also very true. So in that aloneness, not loneliness, aloneness, you evaluate and it keeps you so occupied, you don’t want to go out and find company on the other plane although you can, because that would also be a mental projection. You would attract - if you are a dancer, you can through mental projection find a whole ballroom there or a discotheque, whichever way you’re inclined. Sorry, I don’t know. Questioner. ..................... heaven and hell I was wondering what the consequences are for a person who commits suicide ............................... Gururaj. Yes. Good. Beautiful. Anything in a very fine subtle form is always more powerful than that which is more grosser. If you drop a two thousand pound bomb somewhere, it will make a very big hole but if you split an atom, that explosion would be a thousand, ten thousand times more powerful. So when a person commits suicide, remember the person is in a very intense frame of mind, intensely suffering and by committing suicide, they would be carrying over that suffering ten-fold, so they would suffer more on the subtle plane. I do recommend suicide. It’s escaping rather resolving the fact would be better and that is why we have organisations like Lifeline and you have teachers. For example if a person comes to me who intends to commit suicide, he would be so convinced that life is so beautiful I will show the beauties of life and the solutions to the problems that they will never ever think of committing suicide again. Do you see? Then there is a different kind which cannot be called suicide. I was busy reading a book of Rama Thirtha, he found total accomplishment in his life, he became self realised and he found there was nothing else more for him to do so he went into Maha Samadhi, which people might think was suicide but it’s not suicide. He walked into the river and under the water he sat down in meditation. He was gone, merged away. That is the realised man. That is not suicide but the suicidal person we find today is a person full of problems and they think death is the only way to escape from the problems but it is not so. Their problems become intensified on the other side and ten times more and that intensification is carried over to another lifetime. So no good, they’re harming themselves more. Rather suffer it out here or find some solutions for it, such as going through Spiritual Practices and Meditations to balance the mind. For any suicidal person has some form of imbalance. Questioner. In Britain on the BBC some years ago they had a programme called ‘Desert Island Discs’ where they invited a famous person to give his recommendations as to what ten records he would like to take with him if he were stranded

17. CAN 83-4 on a desert island. And after your comments about books, ......... I wonder could you comment on the sort of books which would be best for us as Chelas to read and if we were in the position of having endless time to read. Gururaj. Oh yes in England we have brought out a list of over one hundred books which I have recommended. I think we could write to John Lambe and ask him to send a copy you know of the list we had prepared that people could, but in the beginning you can start with Vivekananda, very good. His works are in seven volumes but you also get them in smaller volumes on certain subjects like Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raja Yoga, they are really worth reading. We had prepared a list even a book like ‘God Calling’ is good to read - Bhagavad Gita if you want to, the Upanishads and there are other beautiful works by Western writers, not necessarily Eastern. We have made out a whole list, some really good stuff to read. Rama Thirta another one you could read. As a matter of fact Chetanji has just bought me a set of Ram Thirta’s books as a gift, five volumes. Questioner . ............past lives.............. Inaudible Gururaj. This comes about because of their past lives. I know I’ve got three sons and they are all, their IQ’s are above average, close to genius, brilliant, brilliant boys but we had one son that was mentally retarded and went to the finest doctors and specialists and neither of them could give us the reason for it. They say oh it’s one of those things that happens in the womb, where the brain stops growing or something like that, sort of a freakish thing they cannot explain it. So one day I went into deep meditation on the child. He lived for five years and my poor wife and I had a very hard time because he needed requiring twenty four hours of looking after. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sit and do nothing. Five years, a long time and where I lived there were no facilities for people with a dark skin. They could put him into a home, there were no facilities as that. As a matter of fact the thought that I’ve been mulling over for so many, many years that with an Ashram if we could have a home for retarded children, it would be of great benefit. Nevertheless that’s besides the point. When I went into meditation on the child, I found that he was highly evolved and just on the verge of finding total mergence with Divinity but he just needed this experience of being born again. That was the only thing lacking, going through those little experiences. And he is merged with the Divine. Do you see? So there are many reasons for that. Retarded children are born, they choose it, they choose it. They had to be born with proper genetic combination was found but something remained behind where the total evaluation had not taken place. So they come into this world to gain a little more experience for the evaluation of themselves. It’s a natural phenomenon. Of course Doctors put it down

18. CAN 83-4 to the ill health of the mother or the father or some happening, some accident, things like that. It goes further, further back to the Samskaric level, the impressions in the mind of a past life. So everything is for the good. You don’t need to feel sorry. You feel compassionate yes, but not sorry. There’s a difference. Sorry is filled with pity, compassion is filled with love. When you feel sorry, you feel pity - compassionate yes, compassion comes from love. This woman was complaining about her former husband and her friend was speaking to her and she tells her friend ‘He left not a penny for me as insurance’. So but the friend says, this woman says not a penny for me for insurance, he onl y had burial insurance. This friend says that ‘I’ve heard he left you money to buy a beautiful diamond ring’. So she says ‘No, that’s not true, he left five thousand in his burial policy, two thousand was for the casket and three thousand was for the stone. Here is the stone’. (Laughter) Any more questions? Oh five past twelve, time flies doesn’t it? What time do you have to be up there? Now one last joke. They were sitting at breakfast the husband and wife and she said ‘George, did you notice that I mended the hole in your pocket while you were asleep last night’. So George says, ‘Yes, darling I do appreciate it but tell me one thing how did you discover that there was a hole in my pocket?’ Good. Fine. Tonight we’ll have a full Satsang. It’s nice to have one or two sessions on a Course where you just exchange ideas, rapid fire thing. We do that everywhere. END


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