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1. CAN 84-6 Gururaj. Who created this? Where did it come from? Why, it’s so beautiful. Am I admiring God's glory? Where did it come from - who knows - can anyone tell me? Why should I ask this question, where it came from, it’s always been there. The beauty of God has always been there. But why do we fail to recognise that beauty is always there. Whose fault is it? Is it the fault of God's beauty or is it the fault of our perception? Why is our perception so faulty, I ask God. If I ask this question to God, could I not perhaps ask this question of man that fails to recognise the beauty that this there. For what is beauty? Beauty is something that is totally ugly. Beauty lies where the heart lies and if I can fit myself into the beauty of this flower, then that is .............. And if my heart can be merged to the beauty of this flower, then I could speak to it, I could communicate to it. I could see the essence of it and I see the essence of it. I say to myself, ‘You and I are one. You are God and that Divinity permeates there, is what I am’. And when I start realising this - (Are you missing it all?) And when I miss it all, I walk down the road, I see these beautiful faces and if I miss them, I am missing God, am I not? For there is no ugliness, Divinity has never created anything that is ugly. It is your conception, your perception that makes things so ugly. Why? Why? Why? Why? That is the question. Why do I find ugliness in this world when everything created or manifested from the Manifestor is so, so beautiful? So the fault lies within me, not to be able to perceive everything is beautiful. Have you ever listened to little babies suckling a child, suckling the mother's breast, rather, the gurgle in his throat. Have you ever seen or heard the sound of a running brook, it just goes on and on in its eternal rhythm of symphony. Have you ever heard Janos playing the piano and creating a symphony so deep from his heart, - it just wells up. Have you ever heard any of the poetry that wells up from me? What is it? What is the secret behind it? What is it? It is a creation of the creator, and so unconsciously, for creation does not need consciousness. Consciousness only comes from the limited mind, from which you perceive that you are conscious of this chair. You are conscious of this light, but is the light or the chair conscious of itself? It is not. How can the light be conscious of itself? How can this chair be conscious of itself? So, when one goes beyond the levels of conscious cognition, then you reach the level that goes beyond cognition, which falls within the depths of oneself as experience. And this is so easy. You do it every day in your life and yet make yourselves unhappy. You go into your room, it is dark, you put on the light and you find light. How much consciousness was involved in the darkness and the light? None. Because the darkness and the light are similar and of the same substance, - because the light cannot exist without darkness and the darkness cannot exist with light. So there is perception. You are perceiving darkness in your life. So if you can perceive darkness in your life, why can't you perceive the light in your life. This goes without saying, for 99.9% of humanity - you walk into a room which is lit up and you see and you think that you think that you are seeing, but you are not seeing at all. It is reflected light upon the retinas of your eyes that makes you see. And yet within the darkness, there is so much light, but because you are blind, you don't see the light in

2. CAN 84-6 the darkness and yet the darkness and the light are blood brothers. If they are blood brothers, darkness and light, thinking beings will ask themselves, "Why can't I see in darkness and why do I see in light". What is at fault? The darkness or the light. The fault is not of the darkness and neither of the light, the fault is yours and your perception. I could walk through a dark room and find it totally illumined and I will not stumble and fall - my perception. Now, this analogy is to be applied to life and the living of life, because people are so immersed in the darkness that they fail to see light and yet light cannot exist without darkness. Now, if I go through a dark passage, I will see darkness and I will stumble in the darkness, but if I can cultivate that inner sight that this darkness is there because light exists, - this is a very deep philosophical question, - because where there is light, there is darkness, and where there is darkness, there is light, always. So now, because of nescience, because of ignorance, I stumble and fall through the passage which is dark. Why do I do that? Why do I do that in my life? Why do I suffer in my life? And yet if you would stand a while at the entrance of the dark passage, you will find it illumined, and y ou can walk straight through the dark passage. It is because you do not want to have patience and neither the tolerance to stand at the gateway of that darkness of your life, that you stumble and fall. But if you hold on for a second, just hold on , just hold on, you open your eyes and the darkness will not seem so dark, any more. So, the battle of life is between darkness and light. What does this mean in reality? That you always want - come sit here, my darling - you're sitting too far – come, come sit here - that's better, good, relax. So the darkness you see, is your perception. But if you would stand still for a moment, you'll find that you can go through this dark passage and it’s not too dark as you actually imagined, because your imagination is formed in the concept of light, let everything be light, light, light, light. Let my life be full of light. Let me have all the beauties and the wealth and all the joys and which you regard to be light, which in reality is not light. For can anyone of you, all you scientists, give me the distinction between darkness and light. Can you define, any one of you, how the day passes into night, so imperceptible or the day passes into night, so inperceptibly. Now, the moment that has to be captured is the imperceptibility - ah, that is where Divinity is. To find between the light and the darkness the imperceptibility which lies there, the so-called dividing line, for there is no dividing line at all. But if you could stand at the centre, you'll see the division between light and dark and that centre is not the sunrise nor the sunset. That imperceptible perception lies here, within yourself, to find "Am I man or am I God. Am I non-divine or am I divine", there lies the secret of joy and happiness. There lies the secret of knowing what Divinity is all about, that imperceptible line between relativity and the absolute. And when that imperceptible perceptibility is found, you will know that "Oh my God, what the hell have I been battling for, for You are me and I am You". Because its imperceptible non-conceivable and here comes the major statement which all

3. CAN 84-6 your Scriptures will never tell you, that there is no dividing line. There is no dividing line between God and man. If you regard God to be omnipresent and being present everywhere, where is the dividing line? Many thousands of years ago, I used to sit round with my chelas, students, teaching them the same principle in different terms. - Come, come sit here with me. Take the shoes away. Throw them away. Trying to find my hankie, damn it. So, here is the greatest paradox, the paradox between perceptibility and imperceptibility. Something is perceptible and other things are not perceptible. Why? Because of your personal conditionings. What we try to do, is to remove ourselves from our personal conditionings and find that which is perceptible is the same as that which is imperceptible. We function through mental levels, mind levels, all the time. I am John, Jack, Jean, this one, that one, my children, - but am I really That. What is That? What is that which I have to cognise that goes beyond perception and imperception. Now perceptions and imperceptions are originations of our mental patternings. Once the mental patternings are gone beyond , there are no perceptions and imperceptions at all. There is that something, that It, It, It, It, It, that knows of no perceptions and no imperceptions and that It is the Divinity, which you worship without any knowledge of it. Your worship is conditioned to your own personal conceptions. My message and mission to the world, as I told you I think, Vidya reminded me, is to find that It, that It, that is beyond perception that is beyond imperception, beyond conception, that is beyond that which could be non-conceptualised but experienced as that " IT". That IT is God. So, we go through life all the time, - (hold this for me darling) - so, we go through this all our lives, battling with ourselves and we battle and we battle and we say "Oh, my God, my hair is a little dark, let me have it tinted. Right. My hair is, you know, I gotta get a bit of grey in it to give me some character, you know". What do I really want in life? Is that the foremost question in your mind. What do I really want in life? One will say," I want a million bucks". One will say, " A beautiful uh! - what do you call it ? another one will say "I want a beautiful car", another one will say "I want a beautiful mansion". Is it IT? Is that what you really want or is that just a conceptual longing and all conceptual longings are so, s o temporary, so temporary, - here today, gone tomorrow. I have known in this little lifetime multi-millionaires that went broke and paupers that became multi-millionaires. But they have not found IT. Because they have not found IT, they have not found happiness. They're still in nappies, instead of being in "happies". So, what is the basis of life? The basis of life is life. Nothing exists in this world, but life. But how can life be used or as business people would say, manipulated. That is the secret. I buy a piece of ground here somewhere in the "Bundis" of your Victoria, Vancouver. I sell it to a Company that goes bankrupt and I don't get paid what I should be paid - contracts are signed - deals are made - everything is done, everything legal on paper but the Company goes bankrupt,

4. CAN 84-6 and I can't get the damn money, sorry, d-a-m-n, yours is dam - I beg your pardon. So, I don't get it. I'm going to get it, that's for sure, that for sure. What is due to me, I am going to get. Whatever is due to me in any way, I am due to get. If I am due to get a kick in the arse, I'm going to get it. Right. And if I am due by my own Karmic self to get a pat on my shoulder, I am going to get it and no law of nature could deny that. But now, that is still going to come. Am I going to sit and mope, and mope, and mope, and mope, and mope, and mope and mope and mope and mope, and say that, that, that, - I would say no, so to hell. I am here for a little day, a little holiday on this planet, which is just a fraction of a second. I am here today, gone tomorrow, - this body, these desires, these wants, these fancies. I look at a woman, I love her very much. Now I see her, that she could bring me so much happiness in my life, is that really true? Could she? I promise you one thing, in three weeks time, when she really knows me, she is going to be damn fed up with me, because I am so demanding - 7 o'clock in the morning, I want my cup of tea there, right, and it has to be exactly one a quarter teaspoonfuls of sugar. Right. If that is not there, then I will start shouting. Now, after that, I want my second cup of tea with my toast and the toast is a bit burnt - she was attending to the baby and she neglected the - what do you call that - toaster, it was slightly burnt - then I start shouting all over again. Why is my damn toast burnt? Now, because she is so upset, now she didn't put my shirt out, neither my tie, my hankie all that. Then I get more upset again, where the hell is my tie, where is my hankie, where is my suit. I've got a very important executive meeting this morning. You see how it starts just from that stupid cup of tea, which I could have done without. From the tea to the toast, to the suit, to the tie, to the shoes, to the time of getting to work, to the car by the chauffeur been drawn out in - what do you call - the driveway - I haven't got one, so I wouldn't know about it. Right. You see. Now that is what life is all about. That is how we human beings live life. In very short words, it means that we create mountains out of mole-hills. The better way to approach it would be this. "Darling you did not bring me a cup of tea, I'm sure you must have been tired today and don't you worry, let me bring you a cup of tea". And I tell you that, that darling of mine is going to jump up in her underpants - what do you call them - whatever they wear - I don't know nothing about these things - you must teach me about that - Nightshirts. Do women wear nightshirts? Is that what you call them? Oh I love women in their birthday suits. Nevertheless, from the stupid idea of the cup of tea that is not there, this whole conflagration starts, - it starts from the cup of tea, to the toast, to the children, to the car, to this, to that and you reach at the office and your poor secretary. Oh God forgive them. Oh God may help them to forgive the boss rather - that's how it goes on and that is the life people live. Everything becomes so magnified in our lifestyles, which is not, not necessary at all. And because of this magnification, life becomes a suffering, instead of as I've said before, an offering. My wife wakes up in the morning. OK.

5. CAN 84-6 Fine. She hasn't got the cup of tea there. I say "OK fine, let me go and make it." What's wrong with that? She's got just as much right as I have got, but of course I'm still the boss, you know. But now, to come back to the practicalities of life. That's the way we run life. We magnify, we increase the magnitude of sufferings instead of minimising them and looking at the true factors of life. What started all this problem, the whole day - because when I come home at night with that argument in the morning, she is not going to have a nice supper for me. And it just goes on and on and on. But if I had not to complain about that cup of tea in the morning, none of that would have happened. She would have actually phoned me at the office and said "Sorry darling, you know I was so tired, I had such a headache and you know I couldn't make that cup of tea for you. You understand me". And what would my response be? ‘Oh Love, don't you worry about that, you know, the girl in the office made that cup of tea and look I'm happy. Don't worry’. So, because of my action I am producing a reaction. If I produce the proper action, then there will be a proper reaction. Right. So life, as we live today is composed of these elements, action and reaction. Action and reaction are based on one principle only - perception. How much do we perceive? I fight like hell because I haven't been brought my tea to my bed but did I have the awareness in my mind that my wife might have had a sleepless night or not been well and she could not get up to bring me that cup of tea. This can only come about by having awareness. And how do we develop awareness, to say two million times over and over again, Spiritual Practices, Spiritual Practices. It expands the mind, opens the heart and makes one understand. Now, when you understand, it means you stand under, you don't stand above. I don't stand above my wife, I stand under her and because I have the strength through perception to stand under her, she will stand more under me. You see the secret of personal relationships - depends upon perception, attitude and perspective. And when these understandings and perspectives are gained through Spiritual Practices, I, in my personal experience, have found that there is no cause for any unhappiness in this world, there is only happiness in this world. There is only happiness but we negate it, by putting the "un" there, prefixing it. That prefix is not necessary. Why? OK. So today business is bad. OK. Right. I didn't make ten bucks so, I'll have a dry piece of bread, why not. Tomorrow we make one hundred bucks, we'll put a bit of butter and jam on it. What's wrong with it. What's wrong with the acceptance of life as it is. For life is, coming back to the central factor that I started off with, life is and to know that "Is-ness", is to know Divineness. Divineness is "Is-ness". When we talk of acceptance, that does not mean you just accept anything that comes your way. You use discrimination. But discrimination does not mean dissatisfaction or discontentment. You discriminate between this girl and that one. Which one shall I marry? Both. OK. They'll get me as a bigamist. Discrimination does not mean that you have to be indiscriminate. Right. Choose the best you can, but in choosing the best you can, be discriminate in such a

6. CAN 84-6 way that it will not harm you nor others. I can do a deal with some businessman in Canada for example, and I know that I could pay him one million dollars for it now and in five years time I'll be gaining five million dollars because of the investment. Very good. Do it. Why not? But why do I not have the first thought in mind that if I make four million dollars profit of it, what am I going to do with it? I'm going to take it with me on the other side. So if your intention very sincerely is to multiply that one million dollar investment into five, have one thing in mind, that look this profit I am going to make, I will use wisely, I will see to my affairs, my family, my children, but the rest I will give to God for his work and His purpose. For the entirety of life must be devoted to Divinity and Divinity has no discrimination at all. And it's all fixed up. Divinity does not discriminate, only man discriminates and man's discrimination is dependent totally on his patternings and his conditionings. Look at the story in the Scriptures, a man gave a million Dinars, or whatever it was called in those days, fine, right, and a widow gave a mite, that’s all she had but with the mite she gave, she gave her heart and soul to that Godly man. Yet others gave so much more, which meant nothing, it was foam of the glass of beer, just foam, rubbed off an d given. Did you have a backache there, did you? Chela. Did I have what? Gururaj. Did you have a backache? Yeah. Is it gone now, it will be - Is it not gone yet? Damn it, I'm failing in my damn job. Aaaah. That was sore. Still sore? No. It's gone. Good. Good. Good. May Divinity descend on your hearts. It does not need to descend, its there already. It just requires that unfoldment of the heart and you've got to do nothing about it. That's the beauty, that's the simplicity. Just be yourself. Be honest to yourself. Be sincere to yourself. Be yourself. That is all, and when you are just yourself, God is there, Divinity is there, you don't even need to believe in Him, if you don't want to. Not important. But if you are just yourself, He is there, for nothing else in this world exists except that which we call Him, It. I never call Him, Him. Why make God into a male, what's wrong with a female He is both. I rather call it ‘It’. So if you are just yourself, be yourself, honest with yourself and that It is there and you are the It. You are the It. You are Divine, always have ever been, Divine. You have taken different forms to learn of your own Divinity. That's all what you are doing, going through this life and all the spasms and joys and agonies. Its just there to make you know that you are IT, I-T, IT.

7. CAN 84-6 O Lord Father, whoever you are, may people stop conceiving of your presence, but may people experience your presence that the "I" in the IT is the "T" which is That, I-T, That. God bless you. Thank you. Lovely ........ to-day. Lovely. God Bless you. Quarter to ten. Do you think we should have some supper, Vidya or shall we...... tonight? END


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