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1. CAN 85-9 Gururaj. And watching the glory of all creation all manifestation, you see all the beautiful stars, various planets, the galaxies, you see the entirety of the entire universe and you’re just amazed what great beauty there is in the universe. And when you have become one with the universe, you become one with the personal God which constitutes the universe. And when you even go beyond the Personal God and merge away into the energy of the Impersonal God, you view from that vantage point the Personal God which makes up the entire universe. For the Impersonal God is without substance. It is an energy and you become that energy. But that energy in order to manifest itself first manifests as the Personal God and the Personal God as a mind and through him the entire universe is created. All the forms and shapes the trees and the mountains, the stars, all planets are created through the Personal God, who is empowered by the Impersonal God which remains just as an energy enforcing everything, energising everything. So you go beyond the universe, beyond the so called material universe, the relative universe for the Personal God is relative and it is the Personal God that from age to age takes birth in different forms, in the form of Christ, Krishna, Buddha . Yet transcending all that and just becoming that energy again, your own real source from which you are made - you are nothing else but energy. All the atoms and sub, sub-atomic and sub, sub, sub, sub atomic matter is only a manifestation of that energy. So when you go to the primal source and view everything from there, you do appreciate how beautiful, how wonderful all this manifestation is. And then you come back into this little fleshly body and you look around you and you see the sorrow, or the suffering in people’s faces and then you seem to wonder that, which is not so far away and so beautiful and joyous and then you come down here and you see the sorrow and see disappointments, aspirations unfulfilled and you feel sad. Why should this be so? Where in the Divine source it is ecstasy and bliss beyond description and down here when you look at people’s faces, you see their sorrows, you see their sufferings and you just can’t help asking why? What reason could there be? The reason is the Personal God, He is the reason. Through Him the so-called creation came about and with the ad-mixture of various elements producing Samskaras and the various karmas, that is the cause of all sorrow, of all ailments, of all illnesses, for it is we ourselves that bring upon ourselves the sorrows and ailments. Perverted thinking, wrong thinking, a total negligence of our source which is all love and nothing else and there we mix in the other elements of hatred, lust, greed, avarice, covetousness. We pour all that in, in the love that we really are. Some people put too much sugar in the food and some people put too much salt and some people put in too much paprika. So those are the tastes which you are getting. Too much salt in your food makes it salty, too much sugar make it too sweet, and too much paprika makes it too pungent. Who’s to blame? You yourself and it is only through Spiritual Practices that you can get rid of all the excess salt or sugar or paprika and get back to the original taste of yourself which is Divine, which is beyond all pain and sorrow and all suffering.

2. CAN 85-9 And my greatest sorrow is to see the suffering. I have no suffering of my own, no sorrow. I don’t even love you because I am love, I don’t need to love you. Need brings disappointment but if you become love yourself, no need remains. So I have no sorrow of my own. My greatest sorrow is to see the suffering around me of others and I take their sufferings upon me. I know it might take someone ten years to get rid of an ailment. I’ll take it on but then I know I can get rid of it in half an hour. While for that person it will take ten years. So these are my sufferings, not my own. For h e who is one with God, knows of no suffering but he only comes down to take away suffering of people and help them to evolve, to reach that stage where they are beyond it all. To go beyond all that which is happening around us. Be in the world but not of the world, as we always say. If Krishna Avatara is sitting in front of you, if Buddha Avatara is sitting in front of you, Christ Avatara is sitting in front of you, how much perception have you to recognise that Avatara? For there is only one Avatara that comes to us at various periods of time when needed most. The Avatara is necessary today for the great dangers that are to occur, great happenings that are to occur in this world, not far off, around the year two thousand, two thousand twenty five, two thousand fifty and to avert that the Avatara is necessary. And how does he avert that? Not by waving a magic wand - just turn your neck a few times there, Joyce, like that. Okay. Feel better. Good. Good. The pain is gone. Good. Good. So the dangers that we are faced with today is not only the nuclear danger but there are so many other inventions that has not been brought to the notice of the public because the Governments are afraid of creating a panic among the various populations of the world. So they are keeping it behind. For example, everyone knows of the Neuron Bomb that will kill people but preserve the buildings. There are so many kinds of viruses that have been invented that just by putting a bit of it in one of Hugh’s dams, it will kill all the people that drink water and all creatures. And there are many, many other things that have been invented in this cold war that could destroy this whole planet. And it will not only destroy this entire planet but it will also have effect on the entire solar system and having an effect on the solar system, it will also affect the entire galaxy. See. So to avert this, the man of God comes to spread knowledge and love. For you could have the sharpest knife in your hand but if you have love in your heart, you will not use that knife. So the more people start meditating and doing Spiritual Practices, the more will their hearts open to love. They will radiate love and one thing I guarantee you is this that if you radiate one pound in weight of love, ten pounds of love is returned to you in one form or the other. It’s an undeniable law. So the man of God inspires love in people’s hearts by loving and by giving them the tools to open their hearts, so love can dawn in them or pour from them. For essentially everyone is a product of love. Your essence, although you might have been born because of lust but your true essence is love which requires unfoldment and the more you can love, the more happier you become, the more joyous you become.

3. CAN 85-9 Then you will know the saying, ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’, it also says ‘Know thyself’. And how are you going to know yourself? It is only by diving deep down within to the core of yourself that you will start knowing yourself. Do you see? I wish I could take you on these journeys with me throughout the entire universe and come face t face with the Personal God and further on to the Impersonal energy, the Impersonal God. I wish I could take you all there. Just be ready and I will take you. Be ready. I give you the tools, use them and become ready. I’ll take you there. I’ll be your guide. I’ll be the pilot that will steer the ship of life to that endless shore. Good. Right. Would anyone like to discuss any experience so that I can explain you what it means? The lull before the storm - someone has to start and then you’ll find all the others will start. Yes. Voice ....................( Inaudible) Gururaj. If you would stand, then everyone would hear because then the voice would Voice ..................( Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah wonderful. Yes. Now the energy you felt was me being in union, communion or union with Divinity. As I said before, a tremendous energy developed in the room and you felt that and in that joy, tears ran down your eyes. Tears of ecstasy. Beautiful. Beautiful. Next. Hugh, would you grab a chair somewhere and just guide who is first and whose second because I get far away in my thoughts. There should be some extra chairs there. Oh have you, good. Mike, Mike. Right. Voice .............aura......(Inaudible) Gururaj. Yes beautiful. Yes. The blue for example, blue, gold, white, orange are higher spiritual colours and blue is als o a colour of peace and so you must I am sure have felt very peaceful within yourself, yes, and filled with love. Very good experience. You have reached a very fine level of your mind, a very fine level. You have reached a very subtle level of your mind. You had gone beyond the lower mind which I had explained on that board the other day, the Manas, and you had gone beyond the subconscious, the memory box. Right and still further on at a very fine subtle level. Very good. Very good.

4. CAN 85-9 Voice .............eyes ....shut......( Inaudible) Gururaj. The energy was too powerful and that why your head - ah, ah ah. So nevertheless it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, the eyes closed but you got it in the neck. (Laughter) If you would stand and the voice could travel. Voice. .............tremendous .....meditation........(Inaudible). Gururaj. Ah bless you, bless you. Now what that means, people talk of the Kundalini right of course I have my own interpretations about Kundalini. You must listen to some tapes I made in England on Kundalini Yoga but what had happened there, that the energy was rising up from the solarplexus and cleansing the other Chakras, until it reached the Sahasara and as a result more and more brain cells have been opened up, there will be more clarity in your mind. Very good. Very good. Voice. .............pressure......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Yes very good. Now what that means is this that the energy was very powerful for you so therefore you twitched. Another reason is also that some impending neck sore and that whatever has been taken away from you. It won’t occur. I think I told you the story, was it here or somewhere else, where a Guru was sitting around a fire, did I tell the story here, I did. For the newcomers to explain her further, the Guru was sitting at the fire and all his Chelas around hi m and all of a sudden the Guru took out a piece of burning wood there and jabbed it in one of the Chela’s arms, burning the arm. So everyone, the other Chelas were aghast - ‘Oh , what did you do? How can you burn someone like that?’ And the Guru just laughed you know but when they were very persistent he explained that ‘This Chela was going to be burnt alive and I have averted that so he won’t be burned alive’. That little stab with a coal, that will heal up in a day or two better than being burned alive. There was something impending where you would have some neck trouble and things which will not come about. It’s gone. Thank Him, He is the one that sent the Divine energy. Larry? Larry. ........golden ................ ( Inaudible)

5. CAN 85-9 Gururaj. Right. It came back again. Therefore I said in the beginning, do not analyse. Mind you I don’t think you have seen the pictures which Chetan had - he had hired a professional photographer where. Chetan just explain that, how did the colours turn on that background – Chetan. .....................( Inaudible) Gururaj A blue blanket had turned green. And now of course you know gold and blue would make green. So this was captured photographically. Yes and there were no filters or anything used and the blue blanket on the pictures became green because of the golden aura. It’s a gold and green Chetan. ....................( Inaudible) Gururaj. Yeah. Right, fine but the white shirt remained white (Laughter) Good. Voice. .....................( Inaudible) Gururaj Oh I’m so sorry I made you cry. Those are tears of joy - feeling this energy, it’s Divine subtle energy. Phyllis? Phyllis. ............my eyes................( Inaudible). Gururaj. Gold, yes. Right. My eyes were up there watching the universe. Yes, it’s a very beautiful experience, yes. Everything emanates as I have said so many times and the gold and the blue and things that you see emanating from me is the spiritual energy . You know the occultists, they call it auras and what have you, which is a misnomer. It is the energy that one emits and transmits. Beautiful experience. Very good and she is not even meditating on our system yet. Phyllis. Phyllis. I have just started. Gururaj. She has started oh good. Congratulations, welcome home. That’s the Preparatory Technique isn’t it and then you’ll be getting the Advanced Techniques. Please remember to give me all the Forms so that I can work on it. Fine. Because we’ve got Irene’s Form. Right. Next.

6. CAN 85-9 Voice. Guruji, I had a pulsing in my ears and it was energy from one ear to the other and clarity and then I had a great sensation in my back and I said why is this man putting on me and I realised and I had joy and I wanted to laugh and as I went to laugh my eyes were closed and I saw my shirt and I said why is my shirt orange, but it was not my shirt it was the sun, a sun. Gururaj. Ah hah Voice. ...........................(inaudible) Gururaj. Now when you saw the sun light your shirt turning to gold, it means that you had been part way with me on my journey. This robot teacher - you also went back into and I could it very clearly on your face, you also went back into a previous life where you were an American Indian and those are the sounds in that, because of that energy you experienced the sounds and everyone has the ability, although I don’t recommend it, but everyone has the ability to go back into one’s previous lives. I could teach all of you to do it in six months but you might not be too happy after you know. Because everyone wants to be Julius Caesar or Mark Anthony or a Cleopatra. You might have been a murderer or a thief - we don’t want to remember that. But this was a wonderful experience and the energy you felt was like Irene you know the rising up of your energy from lower levels to higher levels. That’s what it means. Good. Do you want to say something? Voice. .......................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Bless you. Is this a white pair of pants - it looks gold to me, to my glasses. Anyone else? I was invited to his home last night - Vidya and I and we had dinner. Vidya did we thank his wife when we left. We did. And if I’ve forgotten, please thank her for the lovely dinner. He was our TV man. He is a TV Producer, Mr. Shalaman, he did some shooting yesterday and we had good weather yesterday as well for it. Good. Anyone. Good. Ah yes why not? Namaste. Voice ....................... ( Inaudible)

7. CAN 85-9 Gururaj. Very good. The light you experienced round your head you said, was a transmission of the gold as someone described, transmission from me to you. There must be some affinity and of course the warmth is there, the energy that’s felt in the room. Good. Voice ................ (Inaudible). Gururaj. Very good, very good. Yes. Whenever love flows in its pure sense, naturally the heart does palpitate a bit and the palpitation increases the circulation. Very good. Very good. You can put up your hands for this. How many of you felt a beautiful calm peace inside? Ah practically everyone. Good. How many of you saw my face changing? Very good, quite a few. I am going to slap your backsides. You saw some of my past lives. Did anyone see me with a moustache and a long beard? Ah fine, fine. That was the time when I lived in the body of Lao Tzu, Chinese. I have lived in many bodies by the way ........... to teach, to teach, to teach. How many of you saw me rising up from this chair where I was sitting? Ah, that’s right. That’s true levitation not this other rubbish that’s thrown at us for four thousand dollars a time. Good, if there is no one else, shall we call it a day? Good, fine. END


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