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1. CAN 87-2 Gururaj. It’s always to see the sunshine. And if there’s no sunshine what’s wrong with the rain. Isn’t it the rain that gives you, makes the flowers grow, and make the food grow so you could fill you’re bellies and yet the sunshine is also valuable because it adds the energy to everything that grows. So the combination of both sunshine and rain are important and I am referring to life. Appreciate everything - is there a draught somewhere? I’m referring to life. Enjoy the sunshine and at the same time enjoy the rain for they’re both important. What produces rain in life? The sunshine, it draws up the vapour from the waters to form clouds which disperses itself in rain. So aren’t they both important? They are co-related and the trouble with people is this that they do not recognise the co-relationship between sunshine and rain. That is important. So when you can form the attitude, the mind, condition the mind rather, sunshine is good, rain is good and then you will enjoy life more. That is the secret of life. People normally have the habit of saying ‘Oh it’s so cold today’ you know and all that bullshit. Or ‘It’s so hot’, not necessary. The whole idea is to accept both in its own particular equalit y because they are equal, one produces the other and the other produces the other. Without the two opposites sunshine cannot exist and rain cannot exist. If there was no rain there would be a drought and you’ll be starving. And if there was no sunshine there would be no solar energy to make all your fruits and flowers and food grow. And you need rain as well. And it is the combination of sunshine and rain that creates the minerals in the ground to make the food grow so you can survive. Otherwise, you’ll all be dead. Good. Now what shall we talk about this morning? Any questions? Voice. Can I ask you a question? Gururaj. Sure, anything, anything. The handsomest Guru in the world. Baahh. It’s actually a joke. (Laughter) Voice. ..............competition....... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Well someone had this made for me and I thought let me put it on this morning to have some fun together, a laugh. Life, Love and Laughter. That’s the principle of life. Good. Your question, dear? Questioner. ..................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. If it can be recorded? Wiil it be? Will it pick up the sound? Voice. ..................... (Inaudible) We’re doing it all digitally this morning, so this mike won’t ....... (inaudible)

2. CAN 87-2 Gururaj. Digital, what does that mean? Voice. It means that it’s not working (Laughter) Gururaj. But your thing a- me -bob is working there. Voice. We’ll pick up the voice. Gururaj. Yeah. You could always pick it up onto a tape you know. Okay darling. Questioner. On a tape you have said that after death Jesus and Judas were very close when they no longer had their bodies. Please explain dimensions of existence after death and how souls travel in groups? Gururaj. I’ll have to write twelve volumes on that subject. There is one great misconception people have that Judas was an enemy of Jesus. It is not true. It is not true at all. He might have pointed Jesus out when the Roman soldiers came and kissed his cheek to say ‘Look this is Jesus’. But there was a great political purpose to it which people failed to understand. He was protecting the Master from great calamities. And of course he was the guy who looked after the money, he was the accountant. But that’s not important. So when Judas followed round Jesus all over trudging all those dusty roads throughout the land teaching and teaching and teaching. And Judas was very important to Jesus. Now as today and as thousands of years ago people cannot survive without any funds. I mean they need food and what have you. They need some rags to put on, not like this the handsomest Guru. Judas was the man that organised these funds so Jesus could do his work. And at that time there was seven women that supported Jesus in his work. Judas was a great adviser of Jesus. He and Jesus used to have long philosophical conversations and Judas was also an inspiration to Jesus. So please do not underestimate Judas. Don’t think he was an evil man. He was not. He was a good man. He was a great help to Jesus’s work. Look I have met many Judases in my life I can tell you about it, I know. But even if you call it treachery, there was great meaning from which Jesus learnt so much. Remember one thing in life, that you don’t only learn through pleasure, but you also learn through pain. So Judas might have been a pain in the ass but he did good. Don’t underestimate him. There’s another misconception that Judas hung himself. It is wrong. After what had happened with the crucifixion he threw himself in a well and drowned himself. Now there you are, learn from this the repentance that he gave his life for what he thought he had done wrong.

3. CAN 87-2 Our religion is based on a few factors, and believe you me, I know, I lived in the body of Jesus so I can tell you. Crucifixion, Resurrection . And yet as I have said before, Jesus never died on the cross, he went into a coma and thanks to Nicodemus that he got him out from the tomb. And who helped Jesus? It was Judas. So there are many misconceptions people have and all these stories were created at the Council of Nicene four thirty two A.D. something like that, to make it an organised religion. If you study the Bible which I have not, because I know it - if that Bible was not a Bible, it would be banned in South Africa because you have everything in there. You have sodomy, you have rape, you have cutting off the heads. You know it all, I don’t need to repeat this. But there are twenty four important words in the Bible that you must really concentrate upon that were really spoken by Jesus. The rest were done by the Cardinals to create this and formulate religion. And I don’t know in some lecture I have said the two richest Institutions in the world is an Insurance Company, which promises you a lot of money after you are dead, and religion that promises you Heaven after you are dead. I do not want that. I want you to experience Heaven on earth now, here. And it is simple by doing your Spiritual Practices okay, by formulating or re-formulating your thoughts, looking at things from a greater positive attitude. As I said before what’s wrong with sunshine, what’s wrong with rain, they are both the same. One creates the other. And when this idea is formulated in your minds you will find heaven on earth. Because there is no heaven, that is rubbish. There is no such place in space that one could describe as heaven, no such thing. Heaven is here in the heart. How peaceful you are, how happy you are, how tranquil you are, how kind you are, how compassionate you are, how giving and forgiving you are? That are the ingredients of heaven. Don’t think after you leave the body that you are going to go to some place called heaven. No such place. You know this one guy, I don’t know if I told you the story before somewhere else, doing thousands and thousands of lectures I never remember. You see this guy, oh thank you very much. Okay, thank you, fine, fine, fine. I’ve got the wrong kind of thing on. The handsomest Guru, bull. You see this guy was a good man and he died. So he reached the pearly gates and of course St. Peter was sitting at the gate. Good. And he said my name is A, B, C. So they checked the books. They said ‘Sorry you have come to the wrong place. We don’t find your name on the books. But perhaps you should go to the other place over the road you know the hot place’. So he said ’No Sir, I have lived such a good life, I’ve done all charitable works, I’ve been kind, I’ve been compassionate. I have done everything I could for human kind and animals and all that you know’. So here St. Peter gets on to the computer and tries to punch out, well Sujay will know more about computers than what I do. Right. Fine and he says ‘Sorry we can’t find your name here at all, you are at the wrong place. But wait a minute’ - because this guy insisted you know – ‘I’ve lived such a good life, and I should be here at the pearly gates’. So he says ‘Well hold on’. Then he went to the big computer and he checked on there and he found

4. CAN 87-2 the name. He came back and told Mr. A, B, C, ‘You are three years too early up here. But by the way who was your doctor?’ (Laughter) I’m a doctor of the human soul. It’s my job to uplift, to bring people round the world to a greater realisation of themselves and the main realisation is this that always confirm to yourself that I am Divine, each and every one of you are Divine. You are the product of Divinity, so how can you be anything else. You cannot be anything else. And if you have this idea, this thought in your minds you’ll find your day will go better. You’ll feel stronger. You’ll have more self confidence within yourself and you’ll feel yourself a better person. And it is so simple that the Creator if you would like to call him that or the Divine energy cannot produce anything contrary to it because the Manifestor only manifests like the fire give off heat. Now can you separate the heat from the fire? No you can’t, they are together because without the fire the heat won’t be there. So you are a manifestation of Divinity remember that and your life would become more pleasant, more joyful and enjoyable as well. So here is the secret. Most people in the world are so externalised. Oh I’ve a beautiful settee and I’ve a beautiful chair and I’ve got a beautiful stove with a top oven and I don’t know what all, I don’t know these things. These ladies would know about it than I. Your mind is centred there. Nothing wrong, I do not object to that. What is to be practical has to be practical. But at least take your mind inside you too and find that inner peace that is within you and you will find everything outside you more enjoyable because that force, that inner force that is there will lighten up your life, will make the flower more fragrant of your life, the flower of your life, it will become more fragrant. How many of you can really smell a flower and get its true essence? Very few. Because when you smell the flower, do you know what you are doing? The fragrance that’s emanated from the flower is part of the flower. And the fragrance is made of the atoms contained in the flower and that is what you are imbibing. Do you see? Same thing with Divinity. You are the fragrance of that Divine flower. Enjoy it, every breath you take comes from the fragrance of that Divinity, always. What’s the time dear? I haven’t got my watch Voice. Quarter to twelve. Gururaj. Quarter to twelve. Oh thank you my son. Good. Now sit back and relax, stretch your legs because I don’t want to stretch your brains too much as I always say. Light up a cigarette, do what you want to, have a glass of water, go and have a pee if you want to. Thank you dear. Thank you very much. As I told you before I am not a pedestal Guru, I am a brother, a friend, a father and I relax with my family. Why not? And why not? And when you regard me as a friend, a

5. CAN 87-2 brother, a father you’ll feel more relaxed. Not that guy that would sit up there you know somewhere up there talking a lot of bull-shit. That’s not me. I am very homely, very humble and very simple. That’s me. You know once I had a chance of listening to that Maharashi’s what? Voice. FCI Course Gururaj. FCI Course, thirty three lectures or something and after listening to the thirty three I didn’t understand a bloody word. That’s not with me. I appeal to your hearts, to your souls, I appeal to your understanding and try and uplift all three aspects of it with total simplicity and yet with the profoundest philosophy. That’s the teacher, the true teacher. I can si t here for example and go into meditation and not say a word, and not say a single word and you will leave this room totally different. Why? What are the mechanics? Is the spiritual force that emanates all the time and it’s not me, I’m just an instrument of my Father. Do you see? And you all can do the same, you all have the capacity but the capacity is clouded in opacity. So the true light that is within yourself is not shining through in its full glory. It’s opaque, and that is what we want to get rid of by proper understanding and by our Spiritual Practices and the opaqueness will disappear the glass will become clear so that the true light, the Kingdom of Heaven within you, the true light will shine through you and then you enjoy life. Ah what a beautiful life. Such great joy. Joy is not the word really, bliss, that’s what you need. That’s what you want in your life. It’s not difficult really, it’s so simple, just that little bit of effort required, twenty minutes, half an hour in the morning, twenty minutes, half an hour in the evening and you’re okay and you will find it all. There is nothing in this world that you cannot have if you know how to demand it with a concentrated mind. And when your mind is concentrated through your practices you become deserving and when your deserving, you demand and it is there for you. So people go moping around and are depressed and go through bouts of depressions and become psychotics and neurotics, not necessary at all. Look I treat so many patients around the world and it’s not necessary at all. But you have to do your bit and leave the rest to me. For it shall be done. So be it. That’s a beautiful phrase ‘So be it’ but how many people realise the meaning of ‘So be it’? Because you do not know what ’It’ is. That ‘It’ which is indescribable neither male nor female is within you, that spiritual force, that is ‘It’, ‘So be it’. In other words it means become ‘It’, become’It’ and the whole universe is yours. I know the universe I’ve gone through it all and I don’t talk from books. I talk from personal experience all the time. That’s my life and that is how I live. Do think it’s easy to sleep in a different every couple of nights? You can hardly get used to the bed and get rested. Do you think it’s easy to travel from country, to country, to country with different water and change of weather, eating foods that you’re not used to, although five star, everywhere I go it’s five star. But it’s not something that I’m used to. And then thousands of miles of travelling, okay, jet lags, you

6. CAN 87-2 name it. But I do it because it is my dharma to bring the message of love and peace to humanity. You must read some of my books. There have been some written on me and Vidya is having one published in April, new one. There’s another one coming out a book of my poetry. And Raman Carballo Sanchez, the Spanish Psychiatrist, he is doing one on my Satsangs, compiling it and putting it together editing it. I get so absorbed and lost you know. That’s another secret of life. In any thing you do have total absorption and absorption comes from a concentrated mind. Yes. I even forget, I light up a cigarette, I even forget to put out the ash because I am so absorbed. Try and be that. I do not only teach by words but by my life as I told you before I think and that is how it should be. Because when you’re absorbed in any activity you will perform that activity to its fullest level. A scattered brain cannot, but with total absorption you achieve wonders in this world and you all have the right to do it. I’m no better than you, we’re the same, we’re one family. The only difference is this that I have travelled to the goal and you are still travelling. Some of you are twenty miles away, some ten miles, some five miles away, to reach the end, the total realisation of Divinity. But you will all reach there, that is for sure because that is your destiny. And you do not need to wait for twenty million life-times, hah, you do it in this lifetime. And that is why I am here to show you the path. Excuse me. I do not promise you self- re alisation, but at least what I can do is to put you on the right path to self- realisation. The rest you have to do on your own. As long as you’re put on the path that is important, importante. Do you see? That is how it works. Life is so simple. What is that old saying of mine dear? Voice. So simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. Gururaj. It’s so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. Remember that and the greater the simplicity you develop in life, the sooner would you reach the goal of life. And the goal of life is that wonderful, wondrous, glorious bliss of having that Divine energy, Divinity, call it God, whatever you want to call it, to be with you side all the time. And the n how can you go wrong if he’s there by your side. You can never go wrong. Good. I think I’ve spoken for more than hour now. I’ll call it a day. See you later. END


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