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1. IR 84-1 Gururaj. I am so happy to be in Ireland. My first trip to your Country. Somebody has been trying to teach me the entire Gaelic language. You will have to help me with the pronunciation of this. I just started half an hour ago. A Gra ma Chroi. How did that go? Right, lovely. Well, I am so happy to be here in Ireland. I have met some of the people who come to the English Courses and I am so happy to see new faces. I am so glad to be here. It’s my first trip to your lovely country and I was very, very impressed with Dublin and the countryside and of course Bavna was very kind of her to take us to Wicklow, very, very beautiful and I loved watching the sheep. I thought only the Welsh were fond of sheep. Good. What would you like me to talk about tonight? The English and the Welsh and the Scottish are always trying to make jokes on us Irish people but on this Course we are going to make jokes on them. Do you know why the English wear Bowler Hats, you know Bowler Hats? Because they are afraid of the woodpeckers. Your question? Questioner. Dearest Gururaj, how can we overcome inhibitions engrained in us by traditions in order to find our own creativity? Gururaj. Now we have first to define what is the meaning of inhibitions. Why does a person get inhibited and who says that inhibitions prevent you from your creativity. Inhibitions are normally caused by one’s method of thinking, one’s schooling, one’s childhood environment, churches perhaps in many cases and perhaps if you do believe in things perhaps it could even go further back into past lives. Now inhibitions are patternings of the mind. The human mind is forever patterned in one form or the other. Now you could have very positive patternings and you could have negative patternings and yet both remain within the realms of inhibitions. Now the question would arise, how should one get rid of inhibitions. The more you ponder your inhibitions and a few of the things that are closely allied to inhibitions, is the sense of guilt and of fear. So these very fears and these very guilts cause those inhibitions which become a stumbling block or an obstacle to your creativity. Now to get rid of inhibitions, you have to go through some processes. One of the processes is a mental process but not dwelling upon inhibitions. Now here is the difference – be very careful in listening to this, not to dwell upon the inhibitions or that which becomes an obstacle to you but to analyse – not to dwell but to

2. IR 84-1 analyse the inhibition – good – and in that analysis you ask yourself – ‘Why do you feel inhibited?’ I have had many cases where people come to me with all kinds of inhibitions. A young man comes to me and tells me – He says ‘I love my girl very, very much but when I am with her, I fail to make love to her’ and analysing his problem, we found that he had this fear in him that would not make him be able to make love to the woman he loved so much. So that was a kind of inhibition. Inhibition is also associated with repression – they are blood brothers. Many times you go through a certain experience and then instead of analysing the experience or shedding off that experience with analysis, you press it deeper and deeper and deeper within yourself. So these inhibitions and repressions causes impressions. Inhibitions and repressions causes impressions. Those impressions are first on the conscious level of the mind but as you dwell more upon it, they go deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. Now your subconscious mind is nothing else but a whole big collection of all the impressions you had from millions of ages – from the time when you were the primal sub, sub-atomic being, until you reach the stage of the amoeba and then through the laws of evolution, you progress through the various layers that evolution takes you through until you have become a human being. Now you are the sum totality of all those impressions that you have gained – in Sanskrit they call it Samskaras. Now the sub-conscious mind or the Samskaric mind or the sub-conscious mind to use the psychological terminology for it, is continually impressing itself or flowing through your conscious level of the mind and that governs your actions. Now this young man that came to see me before he met his girlfriend, he had met some other girl – you are all grown up people, so I can speak very frankly – he had met some girl and this girl teased him in a manner telling him “Oh, you are so small”, something to that effect and this created a blockage in his mind, so when he really met his girlfriend the girl he loved, he could not make love to her. The mind is a very, very susceptible mind. Like a child’s mind, it is susceptible but innocent, while a grown-ups mind is equally susceptible but not innocent. So here, when some experience is gained or something happens, immediately the conscious mind sends an express telegram or a hot line to the subconscious mind and there in the sub- conscious mind the experience you are having now is being compared and then in all the cubby holes of the subconscious mind you draw out the file and by drawing out that file, you are strengthening the negativity or inhibition of the present experience. Now what psychologists do in psychoanalysis is they try and dig deep within your mind to find out the reason for that inhibition and they dig and dig and dig until through a psychoanalytical process they try and find the cause of things and then they try to eradicate the cause by explanations, making you see things in a different perspective. Now this has some value but it is not a cure. It is as I have said many times before, it is a shifting of energies, a shifting of energies from one area of the brain to another area of the brain and those very energies might erupt in a different way

3. IR 84-1 altogether. You are clearing yourself of one kind of inhibition and then that energy that has been shifted will create some other kind of inhibition. Now people suffer mostly because of a sense of guilt and fear which as I said a moment ago, causes these inhibitions and repressions. So you went to apply for a job, you went to 4 or 5 places and you were refused a job. Now you go to the sixth place and the fear is in your mind, you say’ 5 interviews I have had and they refused me, so the sixth interview I will also be rejected’. You go with that attitude. So naturally by having that attitude you are emanating a negative force from yourself. Everything emanates something. Everything is forever emanating, like a flower emanates fragrance, fire emanates heat, a human emanates a certain energy from within himself and if that energy is coupled with a thought that I will not get this job you are not going to get it. So the secret here would lie with meditatio n and spiritual practices where you neutralise your mind and by neutralising your mind through very simple spiritual practices and then after neutralisation, you bring in the positive thought and then that positive thought takes heed. And when you go for that interview your mind and heart and you feel it that – ‘I am going to get this job’. You look straight into the employer’s eyes and say ‘I am getting this job – you are going to give me this job’ – you don’t tell him that aloud – he might kick you out, but you think it and feel it that you are going to give me this bloody job. And you can be sure that if your attitude is right you will get the job. So you have now overcome that inhibiting thought or that repressing thought; you have overcome it through Spiritual Practices. Every man as the saying goes is a Master of his destiny, every man is. But you, if you do not tackle the proper method of gaining mastery over your life and the human life according to certain Theology, I don’t know where they get these figures from but it takes 84,000 births to gain this human birth. Well the figures might be right or wrong, no one knows but human life is valuable and what is the difference between animals and us. We are the same, we are the substance of the same atomic and molecular structures, the only difference is that we can think – that’s the only difference between an animal and me, that we can think. Now because of these past impressions our thinking has become perverted or negative, anything, any adjective you can add to that and I could find you a million adjectives. So our thinking has to become right and you cannot force yourself to think in a proper way. If you keep on saying “I am not going to be inhibited, I am not going to be inhibited” an d the thoughts of inhibition are there in your mind all the time, then you become more inhibited. So what do we do? With spiritual practices we go to still further layers of the mind and I have talked about this in other countries. I have done over 3,000 Satsangs travelling around the world. As a matter of fact on this tour, I have done Spain already and now Ireland and then England and then Canada and then whole of America, on the go all the time giving Satsangs. And I have said this many times before, that I would challenge Norman Vincent Peel – you know he is very, very popular in America, he

4. IR 84-1 has his own TV show and Radio Show and written so many books that have sold by the millions and I am sure – I don’t think they are translated in Gaelic – perhaps they are – I wouldn’t know. Mind you Gaelic is a wonderful language, a classical language. If I had the time I would like to study it because in some of the words that I’ve heard, I find a strain of Sanskrit in it. There is a certain purity to it, the sounds and things, there is a certain beauty in it. Nevertheless I don’t want to go off the point. So, I said on public platforms, that I’d challenge Norman Vincent Peel on any platform anywhere in the world. He says if you have a negative thought and inhibition is a negative thought, if you have a negative thought, try and think of something positive – which is impossible. You just cannot turn your mind around, like you turn your car around. No you can’t, even if you want to turn your car around, you would first brake and slow it down and then make a U-Turn unless you are a racing driver. So what you do when a negative thought comes up? Then quieten the mind with any of the practices that I have given you and then think of something which is opposite to the negative inhibiting thought and you’ll find you will feel more lighter, your brain will feel lighter, your mind will feel more joyous and then you will b e master of yourself gradually of course, we don’t wave magic wands. If I could wave a magic wand this world would be a different place in five minutes. Great men like Buddha, Christ and Krishna tried but the world is still the same as it was 2000 years ago but there are few people, some people, a lot of people who by regular practice, they would gain they would improve themselves – the quality of life improves. So the secret is so simple that if you take, say your mantra for example, you take your mantra, you think it in the mind first and as you think of your mantra, you’ll find that mantra going to deeper and deeper levels of yourself – you’ll find your metabolic rate dropping, you’ll find yourself more relaxed, you’ll be shedding off a lot of stress and tension which is another great disease in the world today. Strain and tension. So, as your metabolic rate drops, your breathing slows down, your body becomes more and more quieter and when the body becomes quieter, the mind becomes more quieter. Then that very mantra that you have taken or started with, goes right through the subconscious layers of the mind that is filled with impressions. That mantra is like – what do you call what you clear roads with - a bulldozer, that’s it - so that mantra becomes a bulldozer and goes through the various layers of the subconscious mind and reaches the level of the super-conscious mind which is universal. From that universal storehouse, we could call it the Kingdom of Heaven within, and every religion says that in different ways and in different words and from there you draw that energy. And my favourite analogy is this, that if you spend half an hour in a perfume factory, you must come out smelling like perfume. So now you draw this energy from the deeper level of yourself and you infuse the conscious mind with that energy and your inhibitions disappear. You see. So you need outside help to make your inhibitions and repressions disappear. And that outside help is not external, that outside help, this word sound paradoxical – that outside help meaning the higher mind is within yourself and every man is able, every woman is able to capture that Divinity because you are living Gods. You are

5. IR 84-1 Divine and many of you that are on this Course with me for the first time, you have seen me coming in greeting you like that (Namaste sign) it means that – ‘In thought word and deed I salute the Divinity within you’. But the trouble is we have created so many veils that we fail to see our Divine selves. Say for example my brother is ill, perhaps terminally ill, because there are very few people in the world, there are not even as many as your fingertips - there are one or two in this world that can have control of death. As a matter of fact I am just about finishing a new book of mine and I have just got to do four chapters more. When Vidya came to South Africa, I normally speak into a tape recorder and then it gets transcribed - so Vidya took about 8 or 10 of those tapes and I have still got to do four more hours to finish the book and the title is “What Really Happens after Death”. It should be interesting, because I have introduced so many new factors beyond – I was telling Bavna just today and Arun – I will talk about that later, I was telling them yesterday about it that there have been books written ‘Life After Death’, ‘Life after Life’, written by doctors through their researches, that have been totally wrong, misinterpreting things. And I hope to bring it right in this new book. Fine. So inhibition is created as I said mostly by fear. Now this boy that came to see me, this young man that married his girlfriend and he couldn’t make love, because every time he was together with her the thought of the failure of the first time used to come to his mind and he could do nothing. Now if this thought was discarded then it would not – his non-performing what have you, would not have been there. But him being dwelling on this thought all the time - they are going to bed, they are married – fine – and this thought oh will something happen or not – then nothing happens. Now the best way to discard this inhibition is to reach that higher power within ourselves – The Kingdom of Heaven within and draw from it that vast energy and you would be surprised how your mind can be transformed, how your inhibitions and repressions can be discarded, forever. And when you throw off these things that make you miserable what comes in its place, joy and happiness. Now this young man and this young woman that are married, want to make love, naturally. It is a natural function – there is nothing wrong with it. I am not like those teachers who tell you to become a celibate. No, if God has given you organs, use them for a purpose. So I took this young man various practices and he is totally normal and they have two lovely children and they are very, very happy. So you see how thought rules our lives. It has been proven by science, especially the medical science and most probably they are trying to arrange it that I will be giving a talk in the British Medical Association – some letters have been sent and I am waiting on Rajesh and Jasmini to see what replies they have received. So in most probability I will be speaking on the alternate ways, apart from allopathic medicine, the conventional medicine, alternate medicines of inner healing. So people that suffer of inhibitions and repressions require inner healing. That is the secret. And inhibitions

6. IR 84-1 always have as its basis fragmentation, that means one thought is pulling this way and another thought is pulling this way and both thoughts are so contradictory to itself. They are so contradictory that the conflict is raised and where there is conflict there is no peace. Because with this man and woman that I was speaking about – when you make love with your wife, your husband, you don’t have all these thoughts in your mind, you just flow and let things happen - you let go of your thoughts, you let go of your mind. Do you know why the Scottish people like to be constipated? The Scottish people, they like to be constipated because they can’t let anything go. Let go, that is the idea. So if you have any negative thoughts, or if you have any inhibitions you can never destroy it because nothing is destructible but you can discard it out of your system, and it will go to those that are in a similar position. Therefore remember one thing that is very important, if you think an evil thought or a negative thought then you will attract more of those kinds of thoughts. If you think a good thought, a Godly thought, then you will also attract those kinds of thoughts towards you to strengthen the thoughts that are in you at that time. Because thoughts could never be destroyed. Thoughts are things, they are solid, thoughts are made of matter but the matter is so fine that the naked eye cannot see it. Like atoms, there are billions and billions of atoms around here, you can’t see with the naked eye but with a microscope you can see. And yet one day perhaps seeing that technology is progressing so fast, that perhaps thought could also be put under a microscope. Let’s hope that day will come. But then there is always two sides to a story. Technology can bring so much benefit to the world and technology can also be the instrument of destruction. To give an example, America has invented a kind of satellite that could be – do you people work in miles or kilometres – miles - yes – that the satellite could be 230 miles up in the sky and yet through its beam it could pinpoint a car parked in a parking lot. Look at the advance of technology, Technology is advancing all the time and it could be very destructive and we know the history of Atlantis, how come the entire Continent blew because of man’s greed and more-so the greed for power. So, technology will advance but what is so necessary and that is my message to the world wherever I go and I have repeated it a million times, is love and peace. And inhibitions and all that will just disappear if you have peace within yourself. And when there is peace within yourself, you can love. And when you can really love in totality, away from fragmentation to integration, where mind, body and spirit functions in unity, then you can really love. And when you can truly and totally love, then know you have met God – because God is love and love is God. People love, they say they love. No they really don’t. They really don’t. A lot of infatuation or motivation to the love. That is not love - they’re doing business. Yes. You love me and I will love you. Bargaining. Oh so this morning

7. IR 84-1 you did not give me my clean hankie before I went to work – I come home with a big face. No. Love is to give and to give and to give. And if ‘Love is God’ you take one step in love then ten steps come towards you. Because you are Divine, that happens. The only problem is the veils of nescience or ignorance that blocks the path. What we need, I never say spiritual development – I always say spiritual unfoldment because it is already there. Every cell of your body is permeated by Divinity and not permeated only by Divinity, but every cell in your body is Divine. If we regard Divinity to be omnipresent, everywhere, then your every cell, billions of them in your system, is Divine. We are getting a bit too heavy, we must get away from Divinity and get back to the Scots. You know the Scot hired a taxi – are you Scottish? – Ye – Good for you – no they say a wee dram. But of course this chap was going to meet his lawyer at the law courts for a bankruptcy case so he hired – you know he made our meditator John Weston fly up to Scotland – who is John Weston by the way – hello – the first time we meet – good. So John Weston flies up there and John says to this fellow on the telephone, ”Look I will meet you at the courts”. So he met him at the courts and this chap came to the courts and he hired a taxi – it was a bankruptcy court. So this man who was being bankrupt tells the taxi driver – invites the taxi driver into the court and says ‘You can also be one of my creditors’. Now let us get on to the English. You know there was an unlucky Englishman who could not eat all-bran because he gets constipated!! Yes, so let’s get back on to what we were talking about. Essentially what we need is integration and by being integrated we will know love and when we know love then we can express that love. Inhibitions are one of the things that prevent one from expressing true love because if you don’t even love yourself how can you love others. So becoming integrated, you start loving yourself, you start recognising the divinity that is within you and when you start recognising the divinity within you then you start spontaneously recognising the divinity amongst others. And you regard that ‘I am thee and thou art I’, and if we are all one, who is there to hate? From whom or for what reason should I have any inhibitions at all or any repressions when the Universe and I are one. Now that comes with understanding, I always encourage my meditators to listen to as many of my tapes as possible, you know all my talks are recorded. Is your recording machine on by the way? They’re all recorded and I and I always encourage them to listen to as many tapes as possible. By that you gain a different perspective of life, a new understanding and coupled with your spiritual practices that are given to you, life could become very, very meaningful, and very beautiful. There are meditators here from overseas and would you know that wherever I go they would come

8. IR 84-1 along. We have meditators from America sitting over there, we have meditators from England, from all over, Denmark they come to hear words that could be helpful to themselves and their wives. You know I am a very humble person. It is not I that speaks to you – something inside just flows. And it is not only the words but it is the spiritual force that exudes through me. I always – this is for newcomers – I always liken myself to be a piece of wood, a flute and He blows so the world could enjoy beautiful melodies. So in these things one has to be sincere. One has to be really honest with oneself, because the greatest lack of people is this that they cannot face themselves squarely in the mirror. You know this one lady went to an Art Gallery and she was fond of art and she was half way through the gallery and then she saw one picture which she found very ugly. So she called one of the attendants. She asked this attendant ‘What is that?’ He said, ‘Madam that is a mirror’. Life is fun, Life is joy. In America we have our motto, Life, Love and Laughter. Learn to laugh at yourself. Learn to love yourself, then you will know how to live with yourself. So all these analyses that we go through has only a very limited value and as I have said many times if the room is dark, why analyse the darkness and grope around, switch on the light and the darkness disappears. Now to finish one story, say my brother is very ill in hospital, could be a terminal case or whatever. Now if I sit here worrying, worrying, worrying about it, it is not going to help my brother. My worry for my brother is not because of my brother but because of myself, my attachment to my brother. It is my duty to help my brother as much as possible but if there is nothing that can be done because death cannot be controlled, it is not in our hands. There are one or two people in the world that can control death. I should have been dead when I was 15, but I am still kicking it strong. An open heart operation, severe sugar diabetes, got to take an injection every day, cancer the lot – I will still live for another 20 years. I still have a lot of work to do. I will leave this body at will when my mission is completed, otherwise not. So now my brother is ill in hospital somewhere and the thoughts I must think is to picture him in my mind as if he is well, so I am sending healthy thought forces to him and not thinking of his illness and sending thoughts of illness to him – sending healthy thought forces to him. This might not perhaps save his life but at least it will make his passing over if it is very severe, it will make his passing over more easier. Now this attachment too comes from inhibitions. It comes from attachment. It comes from attachment – I do not own my brother. I do not even own myself. He owns everything because He is everything. So therefore, many times in my consulting rooms people come, bereavement and things like that and I go deep into the subject and explain them these things that what has to happen must happen. But that does not mean you are going to put your life in misery. And it’s not going to help the brother either because you are going to think of illness all the time. Think that he is peaceful, picture him, visualise him and think he is peaceful – come what may,

9. IR 84-1 it is His will. Thy will be done. We are practising Christians but yet we do not take into account that it is very true, ‘Thy Will be done’. And only when I have become one with God can I say, ‘Your Will and my Will is together. Our will be done. I am Him and He is me’. Brahman me – I am Brahman. That is something very rare, very rare. But in the present circumstances, in the present state of human evolution, we have to develop that quality which we call acceptance. Accept the situation. Accept your thoughts. Many weaknesses the person has but accept the weaknesses and by accepting the weaknesses and looking squarely into the mirror that one can improve upon one’s weaknesses. Because if you do not admit weaknesses, then how can you improve upon them. For example, in Spain, I gave a talk to Alcoholics Anonymous, - that was in Spain,- you know they have the Madrid Society of Alcoholic Anonymous and they invited me there to give a talk. So I gave the talk and I went into psychological factors of alcoholism because that is a great disease today. People can have a shot normally, nothing wrong with that but when it becomes compulsive and they just can’t exist without it that their entire physiology and psychology calls out for it and of course it is recognised by doctors as a disease. And I was speaking to them and one of the principles is this, that admit to yourself that your life is unmanageable and that you are an alcoholic. Admit first to yourself, admit it to a very close friend and from there your progress will begin. Now there was this other Scotsman – now people die of alcoholism. I have heard about that but this Scotsman – you know now what alcoholics do is this that when the craving becomes intense, they are asked – you know I have read a lot on this subject because I have helped a lot of people around the world on the problem, - when a person has that intense craving and just cannot help himself, he is requested to phone a friend. And the friend will talk to him and it will take the craving away, that is one of the assistance. But now this Scotsman was dying of sobriety, he was dying of being sober. So in that Society, they had the principle, that if you are dying of sobriety, you phone your friend and he will come with a big bottle of Scotch. Margaret Thatcher received so many complaints from the British people – you know the IRA was giving a lot of trouble - you know the story - so one Englishman asked the friend, he said “Tell me, one thing that is wrong with Britain” so his friend replies “That they are above sea level”. Now you have been hearing of all the strikes in England, the coalminers strike, the bus drivers strike and this that, that. So now with the coalminers strike going on, one was asked “What are you doing”’, so the striker said “Oh I am so very, very busy, I am busy doing nothing”.

10. IR 84-1 This Scot had a shop and on his counter he had a box and there was a big notice on the box ‘For the Blind’. So the customers came in and people by nature are generous – especially for the blind – so they used to drop in coins. A little while passed and the box was full. So the Scotsman opened the box and bought a blind for the window. The British are snottish sometimes. The best way to keep Britain tidy and clean is to sink Northern Ireland. Lord Battersby, he went for a driving test. So the examiner asks him if he knew the road codes, Highway Code and all that. So the examiner asked him “If you see something red and orange and green, red, red, red, green, green, orange and all that, what does it mean?” And he said “Oh, that is a tube of fruit gums”.


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