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2. ES 78-04-01 They could go back into the fields of physiology and biology perhaps. But the psychology of the human mind sti ll remains unexplored and science has only touched the fringes of what we term the mind. That is why science cannot affirm this proposition but yet the mind has such capacity – yet the mind has such capacity that it could reach very finer levels and discover its past existences. Why I say this is because I speak of personal experience. Within the mind all existences of yourself is contained, from the very primal Big Bang explosion, the Big Bang Theory of science, various particles, sub-atomic particles has been set forth in a powerful force and forever propelled through space and this very propulsion is what we know as evolution. Now this very primal atom in its propulsion has the ability to duplicate and replicate itself and through ages and ages over millions of years, you are what you are today because of a single atom, you are nothing else but billions and millions of compacted atoms. Now the consciousness of today’s man is so limited that it only sees a very small portion of this vast continuum and in this vast continuum, we are somewhere in what the mind would term as time and space. So from the one end various atoms and various forms of life are coming within our vision and there are millions of atomic structures which also could be called human beings are pas sing out of our phase of vision. So in this narrow confines of this vision there are substances passing through it in the higher conceptions of the complete mind there is no reincarnation but that is only when man has explored and realised 100% of his mind as we spoke of this morning. But with the limited mind that we use, how can we comprehend that which is limitless. Now every atom that cannot even be perceived by the human eyes has the ability to evolve from the mineral stage, to the plant stage, to the animal stage and then to the human stage. And in this process, the whole workings would be like the wave in an ocean. Some days when the winds are heavy, the waves are high and when the winds are quiet, the sea is calm. Now what our limited mind is observing from its own particular angle is the calmness of the ocean and the high waves of the ocean. There have been times in history when the population has, for a certain time, remain static and most times in the anna ls of history, you have the large waves where you seem to see an explosion of population and that is why you find an increase of population. There is one misconception that people think that whenever you are reincarnated into this world, you come back to this world. That is wrong. As every single atom has its replication in millions and millions of atoms, so is this world also duplicated and replicated in millions of worlds. There are, in other solar systems and other galaxi es, worlds which are the same as this wo rld. So your rebirth in the next life is not only confined to this world, but your rebirth is confined to similar circumstances which will lead you on and that could be on another planet very similar to this earth. So when we try to observe the increase in population, we have to take all these factors into consideration . From another world there might be souls that require the experience of this planet so they too have to pass this earth. That is why we say, ‘ live a good life, live well for you may not pass this world again.’ That is the truth behind the population that you find increasing.

3. ES 78-04-01 And yet, in spite of all this, nature has a balancing factor and it is through this balancing factor that we experience what is called ‘Acts of God,’ like volcanic eruptions and floods where millions of people within a day are wiped away. So we do not view the existence of this planet in its narrow context. We can only understand the phenomena if we view existence in its wider aspects. That is why the population of this world does not remain the same. That is why I said we are just passing the same. We might have to come back on this planet again, that is a possibility but it is not definite. Okay, does that answer your question? Next question.

1. ES 78 -0 4 - 0 1 Gururaj: Seems to be more people tonight than this morning? Some guests – but we’ll start with a few minutes of meditation together. (Chants prayer) A boy or a girl? Translator: Girl. Gururaj: Beautiful! So when I get stuck with talking, I will ask her to help me. Good, I'm ready for questions. Translator: Well, there’s a question here – parting from the admittance of reincarnation, how can one’s play in the problems of all the population? It should be always the same number of in-dwellers here on earth? Gururaj: What do you mean by parting from the incarnation? Do you mean not taking reincarnation into consideration? Is that what you mean? Translator: Well, she says the same that if one admits the existence of reincarnation, it should always be the same number of people in earth. Gururaj: In the world? Translator: Yeah. Gururaj: The question is, if one admits to reincarnation, there should always be the same number of people in the world. The difficulty in the questioners mind is this that why had the population increased? Good, fine, that is the difficulty. Now let us see how we can solve the difficulty. Now firstly you must take into consideration that reincarnation is a hypothesis and not a theory. Reincarnation is not something that can be tangibly or scientifically proved. Science has not reached so far in their researches to go back into the greater vastness of the subtleties of matter and neither our spirits, but practical experience has shown us and you might have read in various articles where even young children seem to go back into their past lives. They would describe to you incidences of past lives of which they would have no knowledge at all of the present time. No knowledge at all in the present life. Good. There are many examples th at could be quoted on this matter. For example, why is one person born in unhappy circumstances and another born in happy circumstances? Now if we do regard divinity to be just, then why all this unfairness? And so we could safely come to the conclusion that our present circumstances were created by ourselves. Now science has reached certain heredity factors which is valid only to a certain limit.


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