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1. ES 78 - 16 -1 Gururaj: I am indeed sorry to be late. I'm sorry to be late. I was busy with consultations with people and I don’t like to leave things half-done and that is the reason. My apologies for keeping you waiting. So we shall start immediately with questions. Public: What are, and how and why act upon us the negative forces of the spiritual world known as the evil? Can we possess, can we – be, sorry – can we be possessed by these forces of spiritual beings? Gururaj: That is talking about spooks and we don’t believe in them. Nevertheless, seeing that the question is asked, it is my duty to answer it. now what do we mean by the spiritual world? There are – some spirit was moving the box. There is a very general misconception that there are other worlds where there are these ghosts, whereas we called them spooks and that they are an evil influence and they possess people. That is a lie. There is no such thing. No entity can possess you, every human being has divinity so complete in him that there is no place for another entity. Now I will explain you how this works. I'm not getting the feel of the mike, should this be nearer. That's the spirit world (laughs). There have been so many films made to work upon the sentiment of people and the erroneous beliefs of people and the purpose of it was not to teach you something, but for the produces to take advantage – advantage of wrong beliefs to make the business. Good. Now pictures like exorcism and others of that nature has strengthened the beliefs of possession when such a thing does not exist. There have been systems introduced in certain theologies where this has also been propagated, but the basis and meaning of the theology when exorcism was first done had a different meaning altogether and not the meaning which is applied to it today. Now I have said before to you that the human mind contains a memory box, this memory box contains all the existences that you have lived through. Every impression that you have gained in all these various lifetimes are existent within you with certain kinds of psychic forces released within you due to so many many different reasons, you suffer something which psychologists would call a regression syndrome. Now this has been proved by ordinary hypnotism. Now hypnotism is not a great art and it can do more harm than good, but it does illustrate a point that a person can be put into a deep trans and in that deep trans, a regression can take place where the person is taken back to its childhood and that person will behave exactly the same way as it had behaved when it was a child. Further experiments have been made where the person, through hypnotic trans have been taken back into a previous life and you must have read a lot of these reports in the newspapers where a person, a child is taken into a trans and has told the psychologist exactly where she lived, who her husband was and who her relatives were. The total house was described and even where things were hidden which nobody else knew that she knew. Now this is called regression into a previous existence.

2. ES 78 - 16 -1 Now some people, because of wrong practices, have developed the ability or through a chemical imbalance can regress back into a previous life and to reach this lifetime we have lived many many lifetimes before. Yes, now in this regression, we might live the lifetime when we were not such good people and reliving this life within the deeper levels of the sub- conscious mind and through the same chemical process, it is brought to the conscious level of the mind and that person, in the conscious level now will behave exactly as he did in that life and – and if that life was not a good life, then we say this person is possessed by the devil. Actually speaking, the person is possessed by himself. What has happened is this that he has re-awakened the memory of a past lifetime and this is also the basis of the psychological disease known as schizophrenia where a person is so normal at times and suddenly the person changes and becomes a totally different person. You might have read this -- you might have read this one book called Three Faces of Eve, anyone? Where the one personality, one person experienced herself as three different people. Now this is not possession by a different entity, at times she used to behave like an elegant lady, and at times she used to dress and behave like a night club girl. So what has happened there, as I have explained before is because of a certain chemistry within one’s self which science has not discovered up to now, these old memories are brought back and for that moment you feel as if you are a different person until a balance takes place and you become yourself again. So to repeat again to you that there is no such thing as possession, right. Now this whole process takes through or becomes so through certain psychic energies within one's self and these psychic energies are accumulated in the sub- strata of the sub-consci ous mind. There is only one cure for it; is to go deeper into the psychic level or sub-conscious mind and be in touch with the super-conscious mind. So man has three minds, the conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind and the super-conscious mind and when the light of the super-conscious mind starts shining through the deeper layers of the sub-conscious, then these memories are erased or error controlled. So therefore people with these problems meditation is the greatest aid in the world. Even epileptic fits has its origin in the deeper layers of the sub-conscious mind and by proper meditation, over a period of time and this period of time differs with different people. This can be overcomed. I will give you one example of someone who came to see me. The Shah of Persia has a nephew; his name is Sayed, Prince Sayed. Good, he was a schizophrenic. At times he was so beautiful and normal, and all of a sudden he would become the most violent man you could ever find, that he was even capable of committing murder. So in Persia or in Iran as it is called today, he was certified insane. He was sent to England, Prince Shah, rich family, he was sent to England for treatment, six months he stayed there and they treated him only on the mental level because psychiatrists hav e not yet entered the field of the psychic level. Then for six months he went to a hospital in Switzerland and there too they could not help him. Good.

3. ES 78 - 16 -1 Now the Shah of Iran has some old family connections in South Africa, yeah in Johannesburg, the city of Johannesburg. Now 40 miles from Johannesburg, there’s another city called Pretoria and one of the top psychiatrists there, Mr Dr. <0:22:32.8> who is one of my meditators and this Prince Sayed was referred to <0:22:52.2> in his hospital and clinic treated Sayed for four – five months. So one day Johan phones me and he explained me the case that I have a case here that I have put under the modicator treatment. Yeah, modicate it’s a scientific word, modicator. Yeah, which is an injection given within the certain brain cells and creating certain chemical reactions to produce a balance which is the severest kind of treatment you can get and then he phones me, he says, “I've done everything, I can’t do anything more.” And so this <0:24:27.2>, is also one of the psychiatrist as a – at a hospital, a mental hospital called Weskoppies. That’s the name of the hospital, yeah. Good. Fine. So all the psychiatrist had a meeting and they could do nothing for Sayed, so after he phoned me, I say, “Send him to Cape Town where I am.” Now Pretoria to Cape Town is over a thousand miles. So this young man came and he had someone with him to act as a secretary and to look after him. We studied the problem and saw that his trouble was of a psychic imbalance and with the proper kind of flow created in his psychic system, and the proper kind of meditation given to him on an individual basis as this, our system, within ten days Prince Sayed became a normal man and this happened in about a year ago and he is still a balanced normal man. Now before he started going to all the psychiatric clinics, he went to all these people that dabbled in hoodoo and they tell him, “You are possessed.” There is, to repeat again and again and again, there is no possession. No outside entity can ever possess you. You are only possessed by yourself. You see, like that we’ve had many many experiences, good. So do not believe in the forces of evil that they exist apart from you, the forces of evil exists in your mind and specially at the time when you have to make a decision, shall I do this or shall I do that? And a friction is created and that friction manifest itself in the suffering a person has. Right. So good and evil is within us. Now good is always the greater force and evil is like a shadow, you cannot put on a light without creating a shadow. When you light a candle there is a shadow, good. And that shadow, because it is dark we regard it to be evil, but if our attention is on the lamp, the light, the candle, then we do not notice the shadow because the shadow or the evil has no real existence. It is there but it is there in an illusory form and we add reality to it, we add reality to the shadow because we are forgetting the light. So if our perspective and if our attention is on the light, no shadow can harm you, for it is the nature of the light to brighten your life. It is the nature of the sun to give heat and light, and it is the very sun that draws water from the ground and forms the clouds and then we can’t see the sun and we experience it to be darkness. But when you go up into the aeroplane, above the clouds, you see the sun in all its light, by meditation that is our aeroplane where you go beyond the clouds and

4. ES 78 - 16 -1 you too will realise that the clouds are not permanent. It will get heavier and heavier and it is its own heaviness that will cause its destruction and the destruction is in the form of rain. So that which had formed darkness brings rain which makes the food grow so that you can eat and you can live. So even the darkness, even the evil can be made to put to good use, for essentially and in its very truth, there is no evil. If divinity is omnipresent, where is the place for evil? But as the light, the lamp casts the shadow, we pay attention to the shadow and think about evil and by putting our attention to the shadow all the time, we do not enjoy life. The very nature of life is joy, the very nature of life is growth, and all growth is forever creating. This flower growing from the bud and opening up is creating itself through the force of divinity. So life is creativity and creativity is not stagnating and that which is non-stagnant is always fresh in its flow, like the river. And when you look at the river. It is forever flowing and it is the same water that is there, here and over there and the nature of all the rivers is to lead itself to the ocean, the ocean of eternal bliss. Now if all these is there, where is evil? Where is possession? It is the creation of man's mind and not the creation of god. Because divinity being pure, can only create or express itself in purity. But the workings of divinity is so intricate that we think the creation of the cloud by the sun is darkness producing, yet this very cloud was necessary to give you food. Who can understand the mystery of divinity and we put our attention a little suffering comes, little suffering comes and we put our attention on that and forget all the greater joy. The greater joy that is there for us to enjoy. So let us know one thing , that evil is not external, but the creation of our own minds. What could be evil to one person might be good for another person. These conceptions of good and bad were made by man and man made these conceptions to bring about a certain stability in society, but what was necessary 5000 years ago was not necessary 2000 years ago. And what was not necessary, what was necessary 2000 years ago might not be necessary today. So man-made laws are forever changing, values are forever changing and man changes values of things with his mind and this is to produce, as I said, stability in society. But sometimes things are advocated that instead of producing stability, they produce instability and that is why we have the power of discrimination and when a person meditates properly, his discrimination becomes sharp and he will always choose the right path and he is beyond the man-made concepts of good and bad for he will have the concept of what is real, for reality is what we are after. So do not have thoughts of possessions or being possessed by evil entities. There are certain levels of existences and we are in the middle level of existence. There are lower levels of existences and there are higher levels of existences. At this very moment, in this hall, I am sending a certain impression to a certain person in a form of a vision and she is –


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