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1. ES 78 - 18 -1 Gururaj: (Laughs) Now I will make you cry, all of you. Okay? And it is my recommendation that those that did not sleep all night last night, do refrain, please from yawning. (Laughs) Good. It’s so nice to have some fun, and laughter is a good thing, it empties the lungs of the toxins, but there is a time and place for everything, these times when you're praying to god you don't laugh at god, and meditation is a prayer. Now when you start laughing, something happens and you start laughing, and the more you try to control it, the more you laugh, is it true? Yeah? Yeah. Now same thing happens with the thoughts in the mind. When you're sitting to meditate and thoughts are coming and going, and the more you try to control the thoughts, the more thoughts come. Thoughts are like monkeys, if the monkeys are jumping on a tree, and you shake the tree, the monkeys will jump more, but if you leave them alone, the monkeys quieten down themselves. Good. Now if there are any monkeys here do they understand this? (Laughs) good, fine, let us start off with questions. Have you got this written down? Translator: Yeah, I have some but they are repetition, most of them are questions that have already been asked in all the satsangs here and -- Gururaj: Now let us hear some deep philosophical questions. Translator: When does the soul incarnate? In the moment of – of conception or later on? Gururaj: The soul does not incarnate. Now here I am putting forward to you a principle which has never been expounded in the history of thought. So even out of laugher some new knowledge can come. Good. Now if you study the construction of an atom, you would find vast spaces in it. if you study this glass, to you it will seem solid, but the atoms that go to compose this glass has vast empty spaces in it. Now emptiness is the wrong word because that which seems empty is also contained with very far finer substance. So the entire universe is a solid block but the various vibrations that compose this universe differ in density or compactness and the usual analogy I used is water vapour. Now the water vapour can be condensed to liquid water and the same liquid water can be made into a solid block of ice. Yet, the water vapour and the liquid water and the block of ice contain the same essence, H2O – H2O good, right. So we human beings think that we are solid matter, but we are the most porous substance in the world. You think this wall is solid, but it is not. This wall is solid only in the third dimension, but if you can convert your body into the forth dimension, you can walk through the wall. So this means that all the various forms of vibrations that constitute this universe exist in different forms of density, to repeat again, finer and more and more grosser.

2. ES 78 - 18 -1 Now this body, if it is reduced to its chemical value, is not worth more than one shilling and four pence. How many Pesetas is that? Translator: Around I think nine – ten, something like this. Gururaj: Ten Pesetas, so as you are sitting there, your chemical evaluation is 10 Pesetas, now you can laugh at that. It’s worth laughing that you are only worth 10 Pesetas, right. So the entire composition of the human body is very porous. There are vast spaces between all the atoms that make up the body. Now as I said in previous talks that the various dimensions don’t exist separately, they exist interpenetratingly, first dimension, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, they all exist here and now interpenetrating each other but because our senses are not developed enough, and developed enough only to the third dimension which is length, breath and height, we cannot observe the finer dimensions. Now if a person tells you that – that a person can see auras, then it means that the person is using a sense beyond the three dimensions. That person is using the sense of the fourth dimension. Many times people have intuitions without any reason you haven’t seen your sister for two years and suddenly you have a feeling inside that my sister is going to visit me today and later on the doorbell rings and your sister is there. Now this experience many people has had, many times you have a thought in the mind or you are daydreaming, or even a dream where you meet someone, you speak to someone and some weeks later you meet the very person and speak to the very person that you had dreamt of. And this has happened to many people. So what is happening? You are using the faculty of a different dimension, it happens to me every minute of the day. I will sit and think of – “Oh, it’ll be nice to have a cup of tea,” and the people that look after me like Gita, she will immediately walk in with a cup of tea. So you see, these things are all possibilities. Now these are still lower dimensions, now when we talk of the soul that incarnates, that is of a far more higher dimension. Now by higher dimension we mean that it is of a far more heightened vibration, we can use the example of sound. Now if sound is at a very high pitch, you cannot hear it because the ears are not equipped to be able to accept that heightened vibration, yet it does not mean that the vibration is not there. There are many things that you can’t hear or smell can be heard or smelt by animals. You have a dog in the house and you are still coming far around the corner and your little dog knows already that you're coming and it runs to the gate. These are all examples of vibrations existing in a finer and finer form. Now there are some things that we have now established which – which – which we will recapitulate that everything which you think is solid is porous. Number two, vibrations do exist at different levels, from grossest to finest – finest – finest –

3. ES 78 - 18 -1 finest and thirdly, because we cannot observe it with our ordinary five senses, it does not mean that they don’t exist. Good. Now if this is clear to you, you will understand what I am going to tell you now, at this very moment in this hall, there are millions of souls floating around. Those souls are of such fine, high vibration that they are going right through our bodies all the time, they're going through the walls, the chairs, the bodies, everything, right good. So this is happening even while you are sleeping or you are dreaming or you are awake. Right. Now the human being, as physicists will tell you and gynaecologists too, and biologists also, in other words the scientists will tell you that there are genetic combinations in the human body and it is the combination of the genes that produce a certain kind of child and this combination gives the child its particular characteristics and the characteristics is usually the combination of the genetic and chromosomic values of the parent, but that is still at a grosser level. The soul is still at a far finer level. Now think of this, good, that with every ejaculation, a person ejaculates between 300 and 500 million sperms, right. Why is it that only one sperm reaches the ovum? Why? That very sperm contains the soul so with every ejaculation, you are ejaculating 500 million souls that are waiting to be born, but this one particular sperm that reaches to the ovum is the sperm that has the proper characteristics to reach the proper combination of the father and mother’s genetic values – genetic values and combinations and that is why that particular sperm becomes born. In the whole universe there is no accident, everything is precise. This universe was not created by accident and everything manifested in the universe is also not an accident. Now many people have a very wrong belief that at the time the sperm enters the ovum the soul comes from somewhere and joins it. That is wrong because as we said before, millions of souls are around all the time and the human body being totally porous, all those souls are also going through your body all the time. But there is another law that operates, that like attracts like. In English they say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” That's a old saying, perhaps in Spanish there’s some saying like that. Translator: God makes them be born and they get together, they themselves get together. Gururaj: Yeah. Translator: God makes them and -- Gururaj: That is slightly different but nevertheless you understand my point. Good. Now, the better the person you become, through your meditation and spiritual practices, then the better the quality of the souls will be drawn to you. I must repeat this that the better the quality of person you are, the better the quality of soul you will draw to you. So you see

4. ES 78 - 18 -1 the vast range of benefits meditation and spiritual practices have. It is not only for your unfoldment, but also for the children that you bring into the world. So that is the way how the soul enters the womb of the mother. It does not come from outside at a particular time of ovulation or the togetherness of the sperm and the ovum but it is already contained within you. Good. So that is how conception takes place. Okay? Next question. Translator: Xavier says that there are other organisations like <0:28:37.5> and many others who also have forms of meditations and practices and his question is, can it be combinated? Our practices with the practices of <0:28:49.5> or other organisations? Can the practices here and the practices there be practiced by a person at the same time? Gururaj: Yes, that is a question, a valid question yeah. Now what happens is this that by combining various practices you might be producing and adverse effect yeah. A certain chemical in one medicine might be good for you, but if you take another medicine at the same time with a different chemical, now the combination of these two chemicals could become poisonous and that any doctor will tell you. Same thing applies in meditation. Now in our system of meditation, we don’t have one bottle of medicine for every disease like other organisations. Good, there are many organisations in the world that exist that has one particular method and they – everyone follows that method. Now this might be good for some people, but it is taking a chance. How do you know it is good for you? It is like having a cupboard full of lots of medicines and you feeling ill. Now it is no good for you to try one tablet from every bottle. It could be very dangerous and fatal, but if you have a doctor and says, “Ah ah ah, this bottle take this tablet,” then that will benefit you because the doctor has the knowledge to give you the proper prescription. Now that is the difference between our system and other systems where every person’s meditational and spiritual programme is worked out individually and this is very logical because there are no two human beings that are alike. Everyone is a combination of certain vibratory factors and everyone is vibrating at different levels according to their state of evolution. So instead of taking a chance, why not take the medicine of which you are sure? Therefore our systems of meditation is a very personal system. It is a personal system and a personal contact between a guru and chela. The contact might not be on the physical level, but the contact is always there on the subtle level. Now for example, say someone is on a mantra practice. That mantra is derived from your personal vibration, your photograph is used as a focal point and the guru has the ability to go into deep meditation, Samadhi and make contact with your subtle self and in that contact, your subtle self is evaluated to see how far you have reached, how you have reached, why you have reached and how far to go. And after diagnosing all these factors, your mantra is based upon your vibration. Good. Now the most harmonious thing to any person is his own vibration and by using your own vibration, greater harmony and quicker

5. ES 78 - 18 -1 harmony is produced within yourself. In other words, the evolutionary process becomes quicker, faster, smoother, sweeter, joyful, more loving. You see, you see, now if you just take any mantra from a book, it can do a lot of damage. It is like you sitting in a concert and there's a beautiful symphony being played and in the hall, someone comes and lights up a whole lot of fire crackers. It will shatter the harmony of the concert. So in the same way by using the wrong sound value in meditation, it shatters the nervous system and that shattering of the nervous system is called by many movements by different names, some call it adjustment, some call it unstressing (laughs) you see. Good. So – so that is why when a personal programme is given to you, you give it a chance. If you are not feeling well, you don’t go to one doctor this morning and take his one tablet and in the after another doctor and you take his tablet and tonight a third doctor and his tablets. Now that is wrong. When you start a system, practice it as you are told to practice and we always have one saying that the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Is there a Spanish saying for that? There should be – there should be, that's a very old English saying. What the English saying means is this that the pudding can look so so beautiful, but it is only beautiful if it taste nice, yeah. So therefore I would always say this to people that if you have a personalised program of practices, do not mix it with other practices.


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