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1. ES 78 - 20 -1 Speaker: I thought it appropriate this evening to wear a Mexican wedding dress, California is next to Mexico and when I saw this dress in a shop in San Francisco, I knew I had to buy it to wear in Spain. Alright, now what I thought I do this evening is to tell you a little bit about the history of the Spanish Movement, also how I met Gururaj in 1972 and if it is possible, to read some of Gururaj’s letters to me and Amrit over the years and also read some of his poetry. It may be difficult to get the correct translation not because she is not a good translator but because of the very way that Gururaj write. It is very uplifting and poetic and beautiful and – yes, now how many of you here have felt that some great cosmic hand was pushing you along? Yes, if I had asked you three years ago, if you would be sitting in a hall listening to a guru, would you believe me? No, and yet many interesting situation have arisen to bring you to the point where you are today. Perhaps you met an old friend or read a book or heard about meditation or did another meditation and then want to do a new one, and somehow all these events came together in order to bring you to Gururaj. Yes? This has happened to all of us through our working with Gururaj. So I've asked who’ve known him for many years and those that who’ve known him for just a short time. The people who are his national leaders or who are working for him full time in the world has very interesting things happened to them. When I was 20, I didn’t really believe in psychic things, but a psychic person told me that by the time I was 30, I would find my inner self, also that I would go South Africa and also that the person I was married to at that time would not be my husband for the rest of my life. By the time 1972 came, 10 years later, I was a single person in South Africa meditating. I would never have believed it 10 years before. I think it will be best to return t o how I met Gururaj and read some of the early letters. I would like to first come forward and talk a little bit about the Spanish Movement. In 1974, Jessi was in England in a TM Centre in North London and she happened to hear an American giving advance lecture and she was very impressed. Shortly after that, she came to Spain to do some work translating in Spanish and German. She did not think about this American for about a year and a half, then suddenly she began to have this feeling that she have to find this man because he had something important to tell her. She didn’t know what it was and she’d only met him once before and she thought this was very strange. Shortly after that, she came to England for a very short holiday visit and she just happened to return to her TM Centre in London for a celebration day and in the large crowd of people she saw a friend that she knew. This was now 1976, she asked this friend if he knew the whereabouts of <0:09:12.2> in a rather short and <0:09:20.2> voice the person said, “We don’t talk about <0:09:24.5> because he’s not doing TM anymore.” She was very curious and she decided that she wanted to find out what was happening and she really felt that Walter has something to tell her and so she searched us out and eventually found us at the British Meditation Centre in London. <0:10:21.9> and as soon as she found out about the meditation techniques, she knew that this is what she wanted to do. She learnt the preparatory techniques and we sent her form to Gururaj in South Africa and her form returned, it was obvious that he was very special

2. ES 78 - 20 -1 person. There were many techniques and a beautiful message from Gururaj welcomed her home to the movement. She decided that she wanted to learn as much as possible and we invited her to stay and meet us at London centre and work as our secretary. She worked very hard and she was soon one of our first preparatory teacher. It was obvious that he was a very beautiful woman who was seeking god very sincerely and who wanted to help others. Gradually the British movement was getting larger, larger and larger. It was obvious that our national centre has to have perfection secretary and so Jessi thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to come back to Spain and teach the preparatory practice here. She worked very hard and she also met a young man called <Patti Castellano 0:13:35.9>. Gururaj was going to come to England in November 1976 for his first visit just to help us prepare for that visit and Patti decided to come over to meet Gururaj and when Gururaj met Jessi and Patti, they all fell in love and so they returned and worked hard in Spain teaching this preparatory practice and when there were a hundred people meditating, Amrit and I came to Spain 6th March – February 1977. Amrit and I do not speak Spanish but it was a wonderful experience teaching the full techniques to a hundred people in a foreign language. It was as if we were communicating and from heart to heart and soul to soul. There are many faces sitting here that I remember from that first time and I think you will agree that it didn’t matter that we couldn’t speak each other’s language and so it was a very beautiful experience and at the end of teaching about a hundred people the technique, Gururaj made Jessi a full councillor. We trained her to teach the full techniques and the very first person that she taught entirely alone was a man called Fernando and he knows the story from there. Fernando and Jessi lived happily ever after. And so the Spanish Movement grew when we returned again last summer, Patti was made a full councillor, <0:17:40.2>full councillor and Patti was given his spiritual name and now we have a very nice centre in Barcelona and nice centre in Madrid. That is not the end of the story of the Spanish Movement, it is only the beginning. You are the story and history of the Spanish Movement. People who come to a teaching in the beginning lay a foundation for it to grow and it is very exciting to feel that we are part of history. Some more exciting things happened today and Gururaj will tell you that this evening when he comes. So let us return to the time in 1972 when I was in South Africa teaching meditation. Of course we all know about the problems in South Africa and many people go there in the hope to help and I had some high ideals. When I first arrived, we were teaching many people to meditate in the hope that by seeking inside themselves, they would understand that all men were the same. We still had to obey the rules of the country so that means that one taught just to the white people but gradually we were able to go into what the South African people call, “the colour population,” that it is very unusual at that time, I'm not sure about now, for a mixed coloured group to come together. One evening in November 1972, I was giving a lecture in Cape Town, the hall was absolutely packed with about 400 people. When I went onto the stage and

3. ES 78 - 20 -1 looked to all the people in the hall and in the gallery, I saw over to one side an Indian gentleman in the hall and this of course was very strange. The hall had a doorman and you had to come up three floors in a lift to get into it and I was surprised that he was permitted to enter because it was for white people only. Later on when one got to know Gururaj, one realise that he didn’t obey any of the apartheid rules. Whilst I was giving the lecture, I was rather surprised that he seemed to fall asleep. He sat <0:23:30.7> like this. At the end of the lecture we asked if anyone wished to start meditation. About 200 people put out their hands. Those days we had to interview everyone individually before we were allowed to teach them. To my great surprise, the Indian gentleman put himself on the end of my line <0:24:28.2>. It took me about four hours to interview my hundred people and so it was about 2:00 a.m. in the morning by the time I has my interview with the Indian gentleman. He seemed very nice, he said to me, “you must be very tired.” And I thank god that <0:25:15.0>. No, because the work is so fulfilling that god give you whatever you give up and so he decided that he would like to start meditating. I didn’t know that he has been meditating without assistance 25 years and so a few days later, we started to teach the people meditation, he asked if he could be the very first person that I taught in group, he asked <0:26:19.7> and so I prepared the group and I did nice and clean, cleaner than I normally used to and I set it out very neatly, started to get very nervous for some reason, felt that this man was rather special and I didn’t know why and so when he arrived, I couldn’t remember anything I was supposed to do. When I was teaching him, I kept making all sorts of mistakes and I could see him smiling with his eyes, finally I gave him a mantra and he went into a very deep meditation. When he came out of meditation, he looked very surprised, perhaps he didn’t expect to have a good meditation with me teaching him. Later on, he told me, this was about a year later, that the experience has been so profound that he went back to see his guru in India to ask the meaning of it and his guru explained the whole relationship of Amrit and I to him and how the three of us would be working together to start a movement that he had to work with him well. Of course he never ever told me about Amrit in those days. He just made friends with me and we wrote letters over many years. I went to same in 1973 to a TM course and he came to visit me there. I knew it all the time that he was going to be a great teacher of meditation and that he was going to help people come much closer to their own religions, but at the time he was still not ready to do the work and so I could not tell anybody about it. But we took the opportunity to introduce him to as many people as possible and so when we were in Spain at the meditation course, he came and attended some lectures that I was doing for international group of people. He asked me to write the names and addresses of all the people in my lecture group for him. He told me that one day I would understand the significance of that.

4. ES 78 - 20 -1 About two years ago, a man from Denmark in that group became the national leader for Gururaj in Denmark, a man from Australia became the national leader of Australia, some people from America and Spain and some more from Denmark are now his teachers and one person in New Zealand is just about to start his work and this is how things has begun. I only showed his photograph to three people during the six years and no, five years from the time I was in South Africa to the time I came to England. One, to a lady who is now the full councillor in Los Angeles, America, -- oh I forgot – I forgot the second person – but the third person was a man that I met in April 1976. This is a very interesting story. When we were in Spain in 1974, Gururaj and I, we went for a walk in the town and he seemed to be looking for somebody. He kept sort of staring at the windows of the houses, he was very quiet, then he came visited me in England in September 1974, I should have gone to a TM course, but I cancelled it in order to meet him on the plane. In April 1975, I went to a weekend course that I founded that an American man was giving the lecture. As soon as I saw him, I knew that I would be able to tell him about Gururaj and show him his – the photograph. I showed the photograph to <0:35:55.7> who is now Amrit and as soon as he saw the photograph, he said, “This is the man I have been born to serve. What do I do to get to know him?” and so the next day he wrote a letter to him 40 pages saying whatever work you would like me to do, I am ready to do it. Later on, talking to Amrit, I found out that he has been in Spain in 1973, he was also on that English course that I cancelled in 1974, so twice Gururaj just missed him. We asked Gururaj if he had in fact been looking for Amrit when he was walking around that city in Spain, he said yes, but obviously our father had other ideas because we weren’t yet ready to do the work and so Amrit and I finally met in April 1975 and we wrote to Gururaj and he wrote a letter to us. This was the first letter he wrote to Amrit. It was on the first of June, 1975, “Beloved Walter, Blessings. Thank you for your kind letter. When I saw your photograph, I recognised you immediately. I appreciate your love of the same flows in my heart for you. Your noble ambition to serve mankind without any selfish motive is indeed commendable, yet one must always remember that to help people spiritually, one must be spiritual oneself first. This spirituality is not difficult to gain, it’s a matter of turning one's attention within. The new moon is but a thin crescent but as it tilt itself more and more to the sun, it becomes fuller and fuller until it becomes a full moon. What light and radiant and calmness it imparts the vast night sky. Look after Gita, she is good for you.” The next letter came, one to me and one to Amrit in the same package.


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