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1. ES 79 - 06 Gururaj: You must try and do it as comfortable as possible to you. Including where you put your chair. Some people would want to put it nearer, some people want to put it little further away, it depends entirely upon your comfort. Now of course you always have the centre of the mandala at eye level. So the reason is this, you don’t need to look up or down and you don’t cause a strain on the neck, which will make you feel discomfortable. Translator: What happens if one goes all the time quite a bit? Gururaj: Doesn’t matter. Translator: And if it’s all the time, I mean every meditation it happens? Gururaj: Now the thing is you are doing mantra and tratic, right so you skip one and fit in the mandala. So for example you're doing tratic at night time only, then one night tratic next night mandala, following night tratic, next night mandala. So for the beginning you do the mandala every alternate day. Translator: Can it be done without light? With light or with medium light? Gururaj: Medium light, it mustn’t be dark. Translator: Can it be done with artificial light? Gururaj: Yes, as long as there is no glare on the mandala. You see sometimes you have a photograph with a glass and you don’t see the photo too well because theirs is a glare, reflection of the light. So you avoid glare. Translator: He didn’t feel the chakra, should he keep on imagining that <0:04:05.6> in order to do the exercises? Gururaj: What’s there? Translator: He didn’t feel the chakra moving this afternoon in the initiation and the question is, should he imagine the motion when he doesn’t feel it directly?

2. ES 79 - 06 Gururaj: Good, did you find motion in the manala itself? Public: Yes. Gururaj: Good. In which direction did the motion take? Clockwise? Anti-clockwise? Public: Anti-clock. Gururaj: Anti-clock? I see. Did any of you feel the mantra going, or the mandala going backwards and forwards? You did? Right, fine lot of them. Public: He said it was as if it was breathing. Gururaj: It is with breathing, right yes. <0:05:03.2> Did anyone find the chakra going this way and that way, changing directions? Good. Did anyone find the mandala not moving at all? Now what you do is this that the mandala is forever standing still. I mean it is a – a dream so it is standing still, yeah right, now the reason why you did not find movement in the mandala is that you are concentrating too hard on the picture itself. What helps a bit is take your eyes little bit off focus from the mandala and you’ll find the movement. Okay? Good, and any other questions? Translator: When we’re gazing at the mandala and it seems that its – there is motion in it, what is really moving? Gururaj: It is moving in your mind because that is where we want motion, the mandala is only used as an instrument and if the instrument moves or not, we don’t mind. We want a motion inside. Because the motion – the motion that takes place within you, that is the motion that does the awakening in your entire chakric system. So th e – the mandala works as an aid to help you. You see the mandala practice is a combination of many practices, for example it is combined with a mantra practice, the gazing at is – is a form of tratic, the pranayama is there with your breathing and at the same time it gets your chakras in proper motion and working order. Now the chakras are always working, but if they don’t work a person can’t live, but sometimes some are a bit dirty, lazy and the energies are not flowing properly. So by setting this in motion, the energies start flowing properly and harmoniously. Therefore I'm sure you must have been told that you must be doing your other practices for at least three months before you start the mandala practice so that you can get established in your other practices. So when you come to this advanced practice of the mandala, you find it easy. Okay? Fine, next.

3. ES 79 - 06 Translator: He felt – he felt that mandala was kind of going further and further, further away and becomes smaller and smaller and smaller, he also felt a lot of heat around this area from here to here. Gururaj: Very good, very good. The whole idea, whatever motion you see in the mandala is valid. Yeah, because the principle is to get motion in whichever form, according to your own temperament it might turn clockwise, anticlockwise, back and forth, it will expand and contract, can get smaller, smaller, smaller and get bigger, bigger, doesn’t matter. The idea is motion. Now by being able to observe external motion, you could very easily transfer the external motion internally. How many people felt some motion internally on the chakras that were given to you? Very good – very good. You felt the motion. How many people felt an actual energy of the chakra moving towards the mandala? Very good, very good. How many people felt? Ah this is kind of <0:12:24.4> How many of you – now this is a common experience of everyone – how many of you felt an energy radiating from the mandala and coming to your chakra? There’s one. Perhaps – perhaps we haven’t experience properly, let me repeat it more simply that something was coming from the mandala into you. Lot of you, good – good. You know the reason for this – thank you – there is a metal piece behind the mandala in the centre. Please – please – please don’t let anyone else touch that except you yourself. Now if it is husband and wife, even then don’t change your mandalas. The husband uses his own, the wife uses his own. Because that metal disc that is behind the mandala has been highly energised. So you must get accustomed to the energies you are drawing from your mandala. If you go on an airplane trip, do not put the mandala through the electronic device. Most of our people that travel overseas, they have made some little plan – two pieces of board, they have the mandala in between and fold it like that, the handle. So when they practice the mandala, they just open up the board and hang it on the wall and it is ready. That’s – that’s what they do in England and America. And we have had no trouble at all, no one had any trouble if they show the mandala at the airways, they won’t force you to put it through the electronic device. Now I want to repeat one thing again that mandalas must not be interchanged. If, by any chance, someone else would touch the metal disc, please inform the office and I will send you, for your particular need, a recharged metal disc. To use an example, say husband and wife both got the same kind of motor car, say Ceat, same model and bought on the same day. Now the wife drives the one Ceat all the time and the husband drives the other Ceat all the time. But one day if they just change over and the husband drives the wife's Ceat and the wife drives the husband’s Ceat and immediately although it’s the same car, same model, he will feel some difference. Right. So with practice you get used to creating a certain vibration between your mandala and yourself. So never interchange. Right, what are the questions on the – yeah.

4. ES 79 - 06 Yeah just someone interpret. Yeah, so instead of 4168, you make it 284. And gradually as you find, you can do the breathing, you increase it. Has a talk ever ben given on the value of pranayama here yet? Translator: Yeah, sometimes we have spoken about all the techniques in one of the talks. Gururaj: All the techs, I see. Translator: But not specially dedicated to pranayama. Gururaj: Good. Now shortly pranayama is for the purpose of creating a certain rhythm in your body and this is the same rhythm that is existing in the universe. Now as a person progresses with pranayama, then the 4168 can be doubled up, 83216. But it must be done without any strain. No strain whatsoever must be there. Okay. The thing to remember is that you got to keep the same ratio. Understood? Good. Translator: From the centre of the mandala -- Gururaj: The mandala is a piece of paper. Public: Our internal mind. Gururaj: Anyone else? Translator: Of the internal I. Gururaj: More? Anymore? I’ll tell you now. Good. The entire spectrum of all forms of colours are representations of certain levels of energies. Actually there is only one colour, white. But when the white light is shone through the glass called the prism, that gives you all the colours of the rainbow, and in this you learn in elementary science. The colours you perceive is according to your powers of perception, but that is perception only. Those energies are coming from that metal ring. So the colours that are coming from the metal ring is totally white, gold and white. Yeah and the perception you are getting is filtered through the prism of your mind. Now various colours that you tell me about, I always ask about it shows me that at what level of your mind you are perceiving and I'm happy at the progress. Okay? So now you know where it comes from –

5. ES 79 - 06 is of sensitivity. Some people, by nature are more sensitive, some are less sensitive. So in certain – then again, it is nothing wrong with it, because the person that is sensitive in one area might not be sensitive in another area and you could be sensitive in the other area, you see. That means if a person is more sensitive does not mean he’s better than a person who is not so sensitive, yeah. So with a bit of practice, you will find the sensations in your particular chakra that has been prescribed. Nothing to worry about, good. – How did they feel? Good? Translator: Very good. Gururaj: Of the tests of the – the mandala and your chakras operate or not? Because it should produce, not in all cases, but this is one of the tests that produces peace and calm and feeling of niceness in you and you only feel nice and calm and peaceful if the energies have started flowing properly. So for the first time you did it, it was very successful, it will become more more better. Yeah, okay? Translator: Yes, because there are some little spots on the paper. Gururaj: Have we got a spare mandala to give him? We give another one, I recharge it for you, okay. You can have it tomorrow. Translator: Yes, yes, Jose even after – three hours after the practice, he still felt something going on, it’s in or this – tickling, yes that’s right, tickling even three hours after the practice was over. Gururaj: Good, the energies are balancing out in your system. It’s good. Was the tickling pleasant? Translator: <0:28:31.5> Gururaj: So it’s a pity it only lasted for three hours, it should have gone for six hours. And you, the person that experienced nothing when I went into communion with divinity yesterday. Translator: That’s why it surprised him more, all these tickling.

6. ES 79 - 06 Gururaj: That’s alright – that's alright and sometimes a person finds greater benefit from the reflection rather than the original (Laughs) Nothing to worry about, it’s alright, yes. Good, shall we call it a day? Translator: Should one practice tratic mandala or mantra when there is physical pain in one? Gururaj: Sorry I don’t -- Translator: When one is in pain, should one practice tratic mantra and mandala? Gururaj: When you have physical pain, practice the one you find most easiest, but what I would – when you are in terrible physical pain, what I would recommend more is just doing your chant. <0:30:33.2> your pain goes away, yes. Public: <0:30:45.3> Gururaj: Yes. Public: I saw – <0:30:49.2> Gururaj: You saw strange faces? Public: Faces and <0:30:57.2> and things, I don’t know <0:31:00.1> Gururaj: Yeah, you were observing things happening on a different plain of existence, good – good.


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