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1. ES 80 - 02 -3 Gururaj: Do a lot of questions and give answers; like that everyone will have a chance to ask whatever they want to ask. Good? Public: Guruji <0:00:26.7> the same influence. Gururaj: Influence of what? I don’t remember yesterday, yesterday is gone. Public: <0:00:39.0> Gururaj: Yes. Public: And for example we <0:00:48.1> Gururaj: Yes, yes you are nothing else but food. Your entire body is composed of food and the fineness or grossness of your body is dependent upon the food you eat. But eating animal food would not be as harmful as eating human flesh. Because though the animal has consciousness, its consciousness is not activated by thought. So you having a higher consciousness will not be affected much by instinctive consciousness of the animal. Good, but as a person progresses in meditation, so your body will become more refined and as the body becomes more refined, your need for grosser foods will become less and less. You see, so I do not force anyone and say stop eating meat. A man must progress according to his own ability. There are other movements in the world that has some conditions before you even get taught to meditate. One of the conditions is no meat eating, second one no smoking, third celibacy, total celibacy. So if you follow all those three against your will, then the fourth one will be madness. (Laughs) In our movement a person – a person is taught techniques, a person is given understanding and knowledge and a person is allowed free1will. Because it is by you and your freewill that you will reach divine will – divine will. Okay? Right and this pork business in the testament; that was more of necessity because there was a disease very prevalent at that time and by eating pork you could catch the disease. So it was a necessity. Next? Tr anslator: Well, I have a couple of questions. We are little-minded, we are narrow-minded, we have little understanding. I will like to know what – what <0:06:46.0> about god so would you explain your higher understanding of god to us?

2. ES 80 - 02 -3 Gururaj: Very good question, but I don’t know. (Laughs) you answer that question will take a long time. Full lecture, yeah so we leave it for this afternoon. Why don’t you ask me that this afternoon? Translator: Okay, then I will ask you another question. Gururaj: That one we leave for tomorrow. (Laughs) Translator: I have another one for tomorrow. Gururaj: (Laughs) Translator: Jesus said in the Bible, “Whenever you need me, I will be with you. Whenever you call me, I will come to you. But I never leave you alone.” So the same said <0:08:00.7> of Christ, again what are we expected to <0:08:10.4> him or his consciousness of whatever is going to come? Gururaj: He could be here. Translator: Yeah? Gururaj: And it depends upon your consciousness to recognise him. He will not walk around the streets with a big label, “Christ.” So it all depends upon yourself to attain that recognition because Christ is a consciousness which can become embodied and for all we know, he might be embodied at this present time in this world. -- Karmic? Translator: No, no <0:09:59.0> Gururaj: Yes, yes. Good? Sit and talk – sit and talk. Yeah. -- And to add on what you asked just now that when Christ, Jesus was on earth, many people don’t know that he was here. Explain them. And only hundreds of years later they realised, “Oh there was this man.” Public: This, a long question <0:11:44.1> about the mandala. I have asked to some counsellor getting different opinions. In England people would leave it in any place not worrying for other people who look at it even they will show it to other

3. ES 80 - 02 -3 people. In Spain, since you arrived, there is a new illness, the mandala’s hysteria. People – people don’t allow others to look at it, even they will hide it and when they are awake they are worried about others looking at or touching it. Also we have been told not to pass it across the x-rays, but what about passing it through the magnetic arc that – of the airport, you know like -- Gururaj: Yeah. Um-hmm, now a mandala must be regarded as something sacred. It must be regarded as sacred just – sacred – sagrada – good, it must be treated as sacred and must not be left in an exposed place. I have seen in one home where this person had a beautiful idea. This person took a photograph, the size of the mandala, and the one side was a photo and on the other side was the mandala and there was two hinges. So when this person wanted to meditate on the mandala, it is just to open up. Yes, split them out like a door with the two hinges, once you finish your practice, the photograph comes back. So it also adds beauty to the room with a lovely painting, everything. Most of them use my photograph (laughs). Other people again have the mandala at one place and use curtains as a opener. And other people have a special folder in which they carry the mandala, hang it up on a hook and then when they finish they fold it and put it away. Many people do it in different ways and perhaps you might have new ideas. Now the mandala includes so many practices. It is a combination of practices for a particular purpose. It contains mantra, tratak, pranayama, and prayer. You see, so it is a combination of these practices that makes it so special. The metal disk that is on the mandala, it is highly spiritualised and you draw spiritual energies from it to activate your chakras. Good, an d therefore you find the movement in the mandala and more than that, the movement of the chakra to the mandala and many people have different experiences in their practice. And it is because of their makeup and temperament that the experiences differ, but all experiences are valid. Now when it comes to troubling, everyone has had this experience and they have all practically succeeded that if you have this folder that you carried, and you show it to the examiner at the airport, and then they will not put it through the gate or through the machine, because they could see is a piece of paper. So in our experience and the experience of hundreds and thousands of people, they have had no trouble. And if something does go wrong, we can recharge your mandala. Now showing your mandala to other people is nothing wrong, but do not let anyone else touch your mandala, because it will be mixing up of vibrations and if something like that does happen, we recharge it and if I'm not around, you can write to me in English and I will send you another metal disc that you can put on it. So please don’t just everyone send, only if necessary. Yeah, okay? Right. Next? <0:21:23.9> postage stamps.

4. ES 80 - 02 -3 Translator: <0:21:37.8> what means guruji love consecrated guruji? Some lady just said at us once she had <0:21:56.3> initiation, she heard some voices saying that gururaj <0:22:06.5> gururaj consecrated. Gururaj: Say that in Spanish. Did you hear this voice from outside or within yourself? Translator: Just – Gururaj: Inside? Translator: Yes. Gururaj: Listen to that voice, believe in that voice.


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