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1. ES 80 - 03 -2 Gururaj: It has made it useful for me to drink water. Now that is good imagination. Bad imagination is a distortion and a wrong combination of experiences where you put yourself in a picture which could never, perhaps, ever happen and then added to that imagination you started worrying. And that very worry strengthens that picture that you have created in the mind and in strengthening that picture, you can bring that also to reality. You see, you might have a very good wife, she is totally faithful to you, but you are imagining that she is unfaithful with the quirks of your own mind and by imagining that hard enough – yeah, you can make your wife unfaithful because of that thought force in your mind projected to her all the time. So you see how much harm can also be done. So it is like a knife with two edges, it can cut this way and that way and then when imagination reaches a very highly distorted state, then it becomes pathological and psychological disturbances in the forms of psychosis, neurosis, but if this happens, you must not worry, we’ll call Dr. Raman quickly. (Laughs) Yeah, okay? Good, fine. ----- And it is not the heart, the little organ that I'm talking about, but by heart I mean the core of the human personality. And the core of the human personality is fairly widely opened among the Spanish people and the reasons are these that they have thousands of years of culture behind them and the basis of their culture has always been devotion and the religions that were taught in Spain were mostly based on devotion and that is why Spanish people could be very very much more de voted than perhaps some other countries. There are many countries in the world that have tried to bring science into religion. Now, by science I mean they try to systematise religion too much while the Spanish people have a very simple devotion to whatever they believe in. Now this is very important for the opening up of the heart, that is why they are devoted and very loving. Now I'm not talking of everyone but generally speaking, in other words, there is a greater tendency for this love in the Spanish people than many other peoples of the world. And this is the secret of life, the find the fullest expansion of the heart and the fullest expansion of the heart brings about the experience of god. I cannot describe or I cannot define god to you, because it is an experience. It is like sugar, you can never explain sweetness, you can talk about all the chemicals that go into sugar, but never the sweetness, you have to taste it yourself. So what I can only do is talk about god, but not of god. But I can give you the experience of god for yourself. Now the question would naturally arise that does everyone experience god differently or do they experience god the same? Um- hmm, now the answer to this will surprise you, that god is experienced in many stages of life, and therefore different people will experience god differently. On the spiritual path, your first awareness that develops would be the awareness of the entire universe and the awareness of the entire universe; you will regard to be god because god is also the universe in

2. ES 80 - 03 -2 an eminent form. Good, then as you progress along the path, then you will experience still finer levels of the universe, from the gross universe to the subtler universe, and that is how you can experience god also at that stage and that is why we say, “God is bigger than the biggest.” Good, but here would be a relationship like father and son or father and daughter and although you experience the entirety of the universe, you will feel yourself separate from it. So, a division is created and as you progress still further, you will find that you are the universe, and that is also an experience of god. It’s a very large circle. Then after experiencing that you are universe, which you regard now to be god, you will still go further than that in another experience where you will find that god is separate from the universe. First you found yourself separate from the universe, yeah, then you found yourself separate from god, the universe. Now you find that god is not the universe, but beyond it and that is also an experience of god. So here you have become the universe and find god separate from the universe, some more further to go and then after finding god separate from the universe, you return to the first stage where you find yourself separate from the universe, but this separation that occurs there is on a spiral form. It is like sound, if it is at a very low pitch, you can't hear it and if it is at a very high pitch, you can't hear it, but there’s a vast range in between on the sound scale. So, at first you found yourself separate from the universe at the low scale and at the high scale you found yourself separate from the universe also. And then when you find yourself separate from the universe, you find yourself one with the god that is beyond the universe. That is the last step, but now the fun begins where finding yourself with the god beyond the universe, you mix again with the universe and you will find yourself one with the universe, but in a different manner because you have added to yourself another dimension of that which is beyond the universe. Right, and then when you find yourself at one with the universe with the knowledge of that god is transcendental as well as eminent, so god is eminent and transcendent. Now this you see as the entire universe. And by having this realisation of the universe, you would have the universe the eminent and the transcendent within you. So you are such a small person. So that is why we say, “God is bigger than the biggest and smaller than the smallest.” And when you come to the realisation that god is the smallest than the smallest, then you will perceive every atom in this jar. Because the vastness of the universe has first been brought down to the level of this planet earth – this planet, and then from realising this planet earth, you still bring it down to the subtlest of matter, sub-of sub-atomic matter. That is also in experience of god. So here you have now completely identified yourself with the smallest of the smallest, the biggest of the biggest and also that which is beyond the smallest and the biggest. And when you know all these facets, and when you have realised all these facets, then you know god. Then you can say, I and my father are one. So you see how you progress through this whole scale of evolution and see god in everything. To me this chair is god, this jar is god, that tape recorder is god, this flower is god, you are god; and that is why I feel so at one with you. For how

3. ES 80 - 03 -2 can you be separate from me when only one exists. I do not even see the waves on the ocean anymore, I just see the ocean and I see the ocean because I have a physical body, so I have to separate myself to see the ocean subject and object. That’s – but the infinite self in me is the ocean. So this is how the finite and the infinite can co-exist, and that happens in the life of man. That happens in the life of the god-realised man. And it is expressed with love, love is god and god is love. Both qualities indefinable, but definitely experienceable, that is god. Yes, so now I come to the most difficult part, is to say goodbye to you. Now the English word goodbye came from a different phase, “God be with you.” God be with you became goodbye – say in English, yeah the language changes, as time goes language changes. Translator: <0:25:46.0>Adios – go with god. Adios – to god it means. Gururaj: Ah, beautiful -- beautiful – beautiful. Please, please don’t talk more. If you talk more, I will go into meditation. Well, my friends, my children, my brothers, my sisters, it has been so nice being here. A lot of familiar faces, some new faces, and I appreciate each and every one of you without – without any sense of any separation, but one thing you must do, if not for me, for yourselves meditate – meditate – meditate. Alright, Namaste!


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