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1. ES 80 - 07 Gururaj: So we don’t help ourselves to the various degenerate pleasures of life, but self-help means to rid ourselves of our weaknesses and through proper meditation, those weaknesses are brought to the forefront where you can look at yourself squarely in the mirror and that requires strength which spiritual practices give, because nobody likes to look at themselves in the mirror as far as their ethical and moral values are concerned. The only time they look in the mirror is to put on all these business, what do you call it? You know, and combing hair. I wonder – I wonder if the cosmetic companies have some partnership in the mirror companies. (Laughs) You see, so what we do with ourselves is so important so that the next life could be a better life. Every one of you present here are attracted to these teachings because you have done something good and have reached sub-consciously a certain realisation. Perhaps these teachings might be on the intellectual level only now to some, but these intellectualisations or rationalisations must become a realisations. The teachings of divinity must not only be on mind level, but more so on the heart level and the mind will thank you by appreciating it. You see, so then, you live divinity – practicos – practical living – practica l – practical living of divinity. Si? Good. You see, so as one progresses, one always assumes a better and better life. Now a better life does not mean wealth and riches and all the mundane things, you will ask the question that why is one person born ill and in very-very poor circumstances, and another person born in wealth and luxury and comfort? It is because of his karma. Now the person born in poverty might be more fortunate than the person born in riches, because the experience of poverty is a much harder school and life is a school where we come to learn and going through the circumstances of poverty, the man learns more. He comes to realisations quicker. Poverty can make you feel, so pain can be more helpful than pleasure. This of course is a generalisation. Now I, in business days, had a lot of millionaire friends, because in the film industry you are dealing with always very wealthy people. But now I have chosen poverty, that’s besides the point. But with all those very wealthy friends, I have studied their children and I've never found one boy or girl that really developed the proper moral ethical way of thinking. I have seen many of the children of wealthy people that go to university not to study, but to pass their time and I've also seen the children of poor parents that are struggling for bread and want their children to be educated and these children, knowing that, study so so hard. You will find in the history of mankind that geniuses were never born in wealthy homes but more so in poorer homes. So now, the point is this that life is a school and we are born into various circumstances because of our karma. What we do with our life and freewill is dependent upon us. The guru is a guide that guides you to the path of righteousness and divinity. Now this karma we are talking about, we could compare to a burden we are born with. You carrying this bag on your shoulder and walking up the hill. So here the guru helps little bit when he sees that the person is really trying in self-help and his practices, then the guru goes slowly behind and he take a sharp needle and pierces the bag so that the burden there drips out slowly – slowly – slowly. – poco –poco. (Laughs)

2. ES 80 - 07 So by – so it helps you to walk up the hill and with less weight, but it is a gradual process, no magic wand. You got to carry your burden and you got to climb the hill and if the hill is slippery where you will stumble and fall, he catches hold of your hand so you don’t fall. That is fi you are sincere. Or else what can the guru do? Right, that is where love and devotion comes in you see, yeah, sincerity. Sincerity is the mother of love and devotion. Mother and father also. You see, so what we do with our lives is important, let us use an example. You take one pound weight of steel – steel, right, now if with that pound weight of steel you make kitchen cutlery, knife and forks and things like that, then it is worth 200 Pesetas, right. Now you take the same pound weight of steel and you make surgical instruments, then it is worth 200,000 Pesetas. Now you take the same pound of steel and you make vey fine watch springs, it is worth 2 million Pesetas. But through all these is the same one pound of steel. So that is why we have the old saying that life is what we make it. good. Now that is why we are born to particular parents and particular circumstances, but it is always for the good. For our own progress so that we could return home to realise the potential of the pure consciousness which was in the first place in that primal atom, but now expanded to embrace the entire universe. The whole tree is in the seed, but the tree is in the seed in an involved state. You're involved – involution, yeah but when it grows into the full tree, then it is in an evolved state. Yet the essence that was in the seed is the same essence that is in the full grown tree. And that is the goal of life. To develop your full potential so that you could realise that the seed could realise that it is a vast tree and that vast tree is this universe. So you do not become one with the universe, but you become the universe. Now that seed when it is planted, has to be cared for, nurtured, watered, the plant can grow crooked so we put a stick and we tie the sapling to the stick so it could grow straight. So all the moral and ethical teachings and the true guru is the stick to make you grow straight, and then when the tree is – the sapling is strong, you do not need the stick, you do not need the guru. Right, good, because by that time you're strong enough to have realised the guru that is within you. My only regret is this that some plants grow fast and some so slow, it doesn’t matter, it’s all in the laws of nature. After all what is life? It’s eternal. So don’t worry too much. Just be good, be good and do good, and do good, yeah, yeah right. Now the other part of the question was this that why do some people have abortions? Did he ask about abortions? Translator: Yes, why is – people have abortions or -- Gururaj: Or miscarriages? Public: <0:20:00.5>

3. ES 80 - 07 Gururaj: Explain it, the question. Right, why does some soul choose to be born to parents which it would know that it would be aborted or miscarried? That is also for experience. Do you know that at the time of ovulation till birth, the nine months and some days, do you know how much the child learns in your womb? From three months onwards, every thought you think is planted in the child’s consciousness. Yes, every action you do, the child is affected because you are not separate from the child, you and the child are one. So it is very important for a pregnant woman to be filled with good thoughts, good reading, listening to holy people, studying scriptures because as the foetus develops, there is also development of brain cells and the entirety of the mind is there in the foetus in an involved form. So whatever impression, whatever thoughts and actions the mother does has an effect on the child. In the east there is a custom that at the seventh month of pregnancy, and the Indian people are very much like the catholic people, I'm talking of the Hindu Indians, yeah, they also have a lot of ceremonies and rituals. So at the seventh month, when the seventh month begins, they have a vast ceremony, religious ceremony, religious ceremony and all the scriptures are recited, applicable to the oc casion and from as soon as the ceremony is over, the wife has to leave immediately after the ceremony to her parent's home. Now because of the society structure there, the daughter- in -law always has to do the most work in the house, the mother- in -law is the boss. So the one reason for sending the wife – the woman away to her parent’s place is this that she is not given much work to do, the mother looks after. Yeah, because we all know that the mother will look after her daughter better than the mother- in - la w. (Laughs) I was speaking to one woman on this course, and we were talking of child birth and she told me that “I didn’t want so much my husband to be there, but I want my mummy.” Because of that closeness between mother and daughter, she naturally would have a greater reliance and confidence with her mother being there. Which is not wrong at all. In certain circumstances it’s very good. Now that is the one thing, lessening of the burden of work for the pregnant woman, and the other important thing is tha t she is required to spend at least six to seven hours a day in her prayers and study of the scriptures. Because from the beginning of the seventh month, the foetus becomes so sensitive to the thoughts that the mother is thinking. Now different societies, different cultures have different ways, but the principle remains the same that the pregnant woman must always indulge herself in good action and good thought. So you see, the foetus also undergoes many many experiences, yes and although the knowingness is there, that it is going to be aborted or there is going to be a miscarriage, that experience of being in the womb was necessary for that child, for it to progress on the path of evolution. Now here karma comes into play again, the child needed the experience but there is karma on the parents because as I explained in the first place that the soul and life is there at the moment of conception, and we have no right to kill of something which is so innocent. I might be sounding like the pauper (laughs). Man and woman must be responsible for their actions, if man and woman, by

4. ES 80 - 07 mutual consent brings about this conception, then they must be responsible for it, but only in extreme circumstances where it will harm many, such as a diseased child through a syphilitic mother or father or other reasons. Then it is an act of mercy but not, if it is to cover up your lust. Right, good. So when the abortions that the soul knows will take place, or miscarriages, it also gains experience on the path of evolution and this is influenced very much by the mother. Do we still have time? Public: <0:33:06.3> Gururaj: Oh oh oh, why must people eat? (Laughs) Be like me, live on love and fresh air. At least that’s what they expect me to do. (Laughs)


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