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1. E S 81 -02 Gururaj: -- But in reality that caring is very little because caring can never come without sharing. You share your heart and that is one of the qualities also of the self-realised man. So to reach the stage, one has to have strength and this strength is gained by meditation and spiritual practices because without finding equilibrium, you will still be tossed about in the ocean of life on the surface. We are in debt to so many things in life. The suit I'm wearing, just imagine what effort went into it. First they had to rear a sheep, then the sheep had to be sheared for wool, the wool had to be cleaned and then processed, then a yarn – the sheep had to be sheared for the wool, the wool had to be cleaned and then processed, then a yarn was made, then it was woven, then it went to the factory where it was cut and so many people worked on it. One sewed buttons, one did the collar, one did this, one did that, how many thousands of people had to put in some work to make this suit possible for me to wear, so should I not be grateful and when I'm grateful to the world, I will start loving the world. So we have great debts, we have great creditors and if we do our duties in life, we pay those debts. There was one man who was very deeply in debt and for many many months he did not pay his account to the creditor. So the firm, the creditor writes to this man that please pay us, we did more for you than your mother, we’ve been carrying you for 11 months. The mother only carried him for nine. You see, so self-realisation is a total integration where you feel one with everything in existence. There is a saying that if you can understand a grain of sand, you can understand the whole universe because the construction of the grain of sand is exactly the same construction of the universe so you don’t need to go far, just understand yourselves and by understanding yourself, you understand everything. All the negative qualities disappear, if you regard someone as yourself, you will never have bad thoughts for that person, it will always be good, uplifting, helpful thoughts because every action we perform or every thought we think will rebound upon us and that would make us more unhappy and when you push push the integration and self-realisation further and further away from you. Yes, the ways of this world is terrible and it becomes painful at times. But the self-realised man knows that this too will pass. He does not care for possessions although he needs to fill his stomach and live. I don’t know if I told you this story. There was one famous American writer and he was very fond of reading the writings of one Jewish Rabi. So one day he was visiting Israel and he had to pass the town where this great Rabi was living. So he went to see the Rabi and the Rabi welcomed him. Now it is an eastern custom that if you go and visit and holy man, you always take some offering, it could even be just one little flower but it is a mark of respect and devotion. So this American says, “I'm so sorry Rabi, I was just passing through and I brought you nothing.” Then while talking, talking, talking, the American noticed that the room was totally bare, there was no furniture. So he asked the Rabi, “Why is there nothing in your room?” So the Rabi answers, “I'm also just passing by.” You see.

2. E S 81 -02 So the self-realised man is not interested in possessions. He could live in a mansion but yet he is non-attached. He can live in a hut also, same thing. He can eat a dry piece of bread or big feast, to him it is the same. Because whatever food you eat, the taste is only up to there, after that it’s finished. You see, so what I'm trying to tell you is this that because of his non-attachment, he’s got no craving and – and craving is the cause of the trouble. We crave for this and we crave for that. Craving produces poverty desires. Craving brings about dissatisfaction. “I have a beautiful dress,” a woman would say, but she would still crave for a much nicer one. A man lives in a five-roomed house and he would crave to live in a ten-roomed house although he does not need the ten-roomed house. Now the self-realised man will live in the ten-roomed house, but he will be non-attached, it would mean nothing for all of us can only eat one meal at a time, sleep in one bed at a time, driving one motorcar at a time. You see, you see, so the secret is non-attachment and non-craving and then with the integrated self, you find satisfaction, everything and this satisfaction leads you to bliss. Then the world becomes like a play and the actors are acting on the stage and you sit in the audience and you watch the play because you know it is a play and the woman suffering or the man suffering is only on the stage. It is not real, they could be very happy people. You see, so the self-realised man always – though he suffers with others, he always sees the divinity in others. He sees the capability of bliss in everyone and he tries his very best to bring out that bliss in that person. Like a gardener he nurses the garden, he puts in the water and the fertiliser and he draws the Grace of God – Gracia de Dios for the proper amount of sunshine and fresh air and rain so the flower can grow. Some self-realised men, like my master, he was not interested in having thousands of chelas , although he could have had it. All self-realised men, and they are very few, you can count on your fingertips, are not born to be teachers – realised man specially take birth to teach, others would want to merge away into divinity, and period, full stop. Others again come back from time to time as the Gita says, “When evil arises and great injustice is done, then I will take birth from age to age to bring about a balance. Good. So we find all these qualities in this world. There was a man who was dying in hospital and the doctors said he has only a few minutes to live, but this man insisted that I want to see my business partner, doctors says, “No, you only got a few minutes, you can’t see.” But he says, “No, I must see, I have to make a confession.” So the business partner was brought in and he said, “I have to make a confession to you that for the past three years, I have been stealing from the business and I'm so very sorry, I can’t die having this thought on my chest.” So for three years I was stealing from the business. So the partner says, “I knew all about it, why do you think I poisoned you?” (Laughs) You see, one wrong deed breeds

3. E S 81 -02 another wrong deed. One good deed breeds another good deed. So if we can live our lives just a little better every day, we can build up a good credit balance for the day when we discard this body. Good, I think it’s quarter to 2:00. Now, it’s very hard to say goodbye, but I never go away, I'm always with you. If you have the sincerity in your heart, you just need to do a little gurushakti and you will feel my presence with you. And many of you have told me on this course how you feel that presence and that is not me, that is the grace of divinity. So till we see each other in the physical again, I will say, Au revoir and not goodbye. Mind you, the word goodbye is a very good word. The real meaning of goodbye is, “God be with you.” Okay, Namaste!


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