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1. ES 83 - 05 -2 Gururaj: Now a teacher asked – asked his class, “Which races were there after the Romans invaded England?” So the little boy replied, “The Grand National and the Darby.” (Laughs) Yes, so life is but a play. What is the reality in this play of life? Nil, nil, for it is so transitory, so temporary and then I sit and wonder that why do these people involve themselves s o much in me and mine? Me and mine – me and mine – me and mine, creating so much misery for themselves when they know that this me and mine is not going to last. For one thing that is certain in life, it is death and having this me and mi ne you might pop off tomorrow and then where is the me and mine? Gonna take it with? You see, now this – this possessiveness as we said the other day, this me and mine, that is the cause of lot of our miseries. This me and mine makes us think and remember the past, “Yes you know I worked so hard to get this, you know and I battled so hard for this and I did this or that and I swindled that one for that and (laughs) yeah, when I should have charged a pence, I charged him four pence.” Yeah, you see and then this me and mine starts all the time. There is nothing wrong really in having things, but to say again, and I will repeat this over and over again, the attachment it is no good. It is the attachment that produces this me and mine business and yet life must go on and you know the story of the lilies of the field and the birds of the air? All provided for without me and mine. The worm is there for the bird of the air, all the time, it’s not starving and yet the bird does not say, “Ah that's my worm!” Only we worms say that, “That's mine – mine – mine –mine – mine.” Do you see? So the reconciliation of light and darkness is there for if you can see light, you will not see the darkness although it is there, you cannot destroy it. So through our spiritual practices and far greater awareness, our attention is more on the light than the darkness. Good. You know a Scotchman went to a shop to buy <0:03:36.7> is that the way you pronounce it? <0:03:41.1> so the – the sales lady says, “Sir, shall I wrap it up for you?” So the Scotchman says, “No, don’t wrap it up but put the paper and the string in the case.” (Laughs) Talking of Scotchmen, you know there were three Scotchmen, are there any Scottish people here? My apologies (laughs) so these three Scotchmen goes – go to church and of course the church was in a dilapidated condition and the minister made an appeal that please – to the congregation, please do donate something so we can have the church fixed up, you know – church like BMS very poor, you know you can have it fixed up and things like that, so the Scotchmen were there getting a bit nervous, you know they do love parting with money I believe, Dorothy is that right? (Laughs) So when the plate was coming of course the minister expected at least a quid from each person, pound. So when the plate was coming along, these Scotchmen start getting nervous. So as t he plate – collection plate came nearer, the one Scotchman fainted and the other two carried him out. (Laughs) Yes, yes, so do not allow the past to fill you with guilt and even the actions of the present, if it is totally necessary for your mental sanity and wellbeing, do not be guilty of that either because, as I said before, any action done with purity, with

2. ES 83 - 05 -2 sincerity is right action. So I go steal a loaf of bread if my children are starving, like in that story we mentioned just now, it’s right action. It’s a sacrifice actually I will go and sit in jail for a month for that loaf of bread, but I won’t see these poor, innocent children starve. You see, so from the past we can learn – what can we learn is not to commit the mistakes again which might have been harmful to others, but then also know for yourself, those actions might have been committed due to force of circumstances or due to some aberration of the mind for which I now, in my full senses, am not responsible for and therefore I'm not damn well going to feel guilty that I'm going to build upon that and do better. So by trying to live in the presence – present, we overcome the darkness and the light and we rise above it. Let’s see, you know the minister says to Patt, “You were very ill in a hospital for such a long time, so ill in the hospital for such a long time, you must have had a bad time of it.” So Patt says, “Sir/Reverend, sir, yes it was so.” Minister says, “I'm glad to see you up and about now, but tell me one thing, when you were at death's door, were you not afraid to meet god?” So Patt replies, “I was not afraid to meet god, but I was afraid to meet the other gentleman.” (Laughs) Yeah. This guy was hold up in front of the magistrate, he says, “You said that you are a man of peace, then why did you throw this brick at Casey?” That's Irish isn’t it? Yeah, Casey yeah. Why do you throw this brick at Casey if you're a man of peace? So he says, “Your honour, I did do that, but after I threw the brick, Casey was very peaceful.” (Laughs) Well, I think my hour’s done, good. There’s one more here I think. You see, and then this Casey was involved again. There was – and there was all these trouble in Ireland and all the strikes happening there and what have you? Such a shame, really. There was an explosion in this plant and so someone asked another friend, “What was the cause of the explosion?” So he says, “You know Casey was carrying a load of dynamite and when he heard the noon whistle go off, that's how the explosion happened.” So he just dropped his <0:10:12.2> people are so time conscious aren’t they? In a timeless world they're conscious of time. I think I’ll just leave it at that now. (Laughs) Yes this – this Irish man was – I'm getting the Irish tonight – this Irish man was a teetotaller which might seem to you to be a contradiction of terms, (laughs) but it is true. Right, so this Irish man was a teetotaller and he had to go into a – a salon, a pub on some business, pub, now <0:11:08.8> business and there was a cigar salesman there and he made a round for everyone so he invited everyone to have a drink. Right, so of course this Irish man not being a drinker, he did not drink so the cigar salesman noticed this and he went up to him and patted him on the back and he says, “Old chap, what are you having?” So Irish man says, “Sir, thank you very much but I don’t drink.” Meanwhile this Irishman unfortunately had a red nose in spite of being a teetotaller, so this sales – so the salesman asked, he says, “You're a teetotaller? Then how come you have a red nose?” The Irish man at this impartments replied, “My red nose glows with <0:12:10.3> because it does not poke it in other people’s business.” (Laughs) <0:12:22.9>


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