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2. ES 84 - 05 - 06 - 01 Roman rulers did not like him, the Sanhedrims, the Zealots, no one liked him, therefore I said, he was the most despised man, despised so much that in the end he was crucified. Now here is something I will tell you that Jesus did not die on the cross because of the pain of the nails through him, hands and legs, he went into a coma. Now in his family life, Nicodemus helped him a lot because Nicodemus was a healthy man, because Nicodemus had established their carpentry workshop for them, it was through Nicodemus that they got in a lot of business, making the cartwheels and things like that and it was Nicodemus that arranged the time of crucifixion –arranged – yes, because it was done at such a time before the sun set, it was Passover that he was taken off the cross, normally the people hang on the cross for 24 hours, but through Nicodemus Jesus only hung on the cross for a few hours. The pain was so intense that because of that high, emotional turmoil that Jesus was going through, that is the time when he came to total realisation of God. He used to say before that, ‘I and my father are one,’ but that was a mental thought, intellectual though, philosophical thought, but it was on the cross where he really realised that he and the father is one. So he was taken off the cross and put in a tomb which was owned by Nicodemus. The Romans had their soldiers around in order to prevent any troubles, the fighting, these soldiers were too busy gambling and drinking so when Jesus came out of the coma, he was taken away from tomb, he did not die. He first person he went to was his beloved Mary Magdalene. While he was on the cross and before going into the coma, he said, ‘Mother meet your son, son meet your mother.’ Do you know who he was speaking to? Not mother Mary, but he was speaking to Mary Magdalene, because once their child, whose name is John, was born, the child was taken away and placed with other people to be brought up because of Jesus’ revolutionary teachings, it would have not suited the time. So on the cross he told Mary Magdalene, ‘This is your son,’ and he told the son, ‘This is your mother.’ So after he left the tomb, the first person he went to see was Mary Magdalene and funny enough, after that when he recuperated a few day’s rest with Mary Magdalene, she took him to his close disciples, Simon, Peter, you know all that. Fine, but the greatest tragedy is this that when he was to be crucified, all his closest disciples left. One gave him away before the cock crowed three times, Judas pointed him out that this is Jesus so the soldiers could arrest him, and all of you know the other part of the story. Here was a man that went around the world and wherever he went miracles happened just because of his presence. There are a lot of things that are exaggerated because when the Christian church was formed by the council of <0:20:24.6> yeah, in I think it was 342 AD something like that, they had to exaggerate things to create faith, which is good in its own way, the teachings that are in the Bible today are not complete, because all those cardinals and fathers of the

1. ES 84 - 05 - 06 - 01 If you understand or if you don't, if you believe or if you don't, there’s a universe of justice and the eyes of truth are always watching you. Gururaj: Right, now what shall we talk about today? Public: You said you might tell us something about the life of Christ. Sunday you said you could talk us about that. Translator: I have another question to that I would like to – to make you feel -- Gururaj: The life, yeah, the life of Christ was a very complicated life, and I really intended to write a book of the truth of the life of Christ before I leave this body. Now seeing that you asked this question, I will tell you a little about it. Christ was born in a fairly well- to -do family. Joseph was not his father. His father was actually Nicodemus. I can tell you of these things because I lived in that body. Mary, the mother, worked in the temple, the temple attendant, a maid, a very pretty woman. And because of her affair with Nicodemus, she became pregnant. When Joseph wanted to marry her, he was not happy about it and according to the mythology and three quarters of all scriptures of the world, including the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Puranas, <0:06:30.7> is a whole lot of bull but there are some truths there. You know the Bible contains all kinds of things right from infidelity, immorality, sodomy, everything. You can name it, killing, murder, a ll that. Now, because it is the Bible, the South African government who is very strict on censoring, they would have banned it. Being the Bible, they cannot banned it. I'm gonna tell you today things which are very revolutionary. If you want to believe in them, it is your choice. Or you can just discard it. So Jesus was a very very intelligent man, and not only a religious man, but a political rebel, and that is why the Romans that ruled the place at the time hated him so much. He was an ordinary person like me and you, he used to wine and dine with the Pharisees and moneylenders and there’s a great lesson that one could learn from that, that don’t regard anyone to be low and another one to be high, all humans are equal. That was a very important lesson to learn. In the whole Bible there are only 24 words that were really spoken by Jesus, the rest of the books of the Bible were but just interpretations. Jesus fell in love with a prostitute, Mary Magdalene and when she went to him, he told her, ‘I love you very much, but sin no more.’ He walked from place to place, city to city, teaching – teaching – te aching, something like I'm doing around the world, yeah. And he talked truth and he was not afraid to tell the truth. In his time he was the most despised man, despised – the Jews, his people did not like him. The

3. ES 84 - 05 - 06 - 01 church edited the Bible and they had left things in there which would become a church. I don’t know if I told you this, but the two richest organisations in the world is the church and the insurance company. The church promises you heaven after you are dead and the insurance company promises you a large sum of money after you are dead. I promise you life and joy while you are here and now. I have nothing against churches at all, they’re doing a great service, but many things are done wrong, and there are so many young men that go to church every Sunday and I know so many young women that go to church every Sunday, but they don’t go to pray, they go to look around, that’s a nice girl, that's a nice boy. So instead of being a house of prayer and dedication to divinity, it has become a social gathering. There are some people who are sincere, but mostly not. For the real church lies within yourself. Many people go the church to show off their beautiful Sunday dresses so it becomes ego building instead of the destruction of ego. But everything serves its purpose, at least the church keeps up the community spirit, that is important. Now, back to Jesus. There’s a great difference between the man Jesus and Christ. Jesus was a man like you and me, but Christ is the consciousness that is within man, and that consciousness is universal. So everyone is a potential Christ. Through meditation and proper practices one can develop that universal consciousness. So the word Christ connotes that everyone must reach that level of Christhood, it is a level of pure consciousness and when you reach that level, you become one with God. About two three years ago, there was two articles published in The Observer newspaper of England. The article was of a earthen jar that some Arab discovered in the desert and there were scrolls in the jar – scrolls, writings and in that scroll there’s a passage, of course I had read the translation of it, that the close disciples of Jesus was very jealous of Jesus because he used to kiss Mary Magdalene very passionately on the lips. Those disciples wanted Jesus to pay more attention to them and why so much attention to Mary Magdalene? But the fools could not understand that every person in this world needs to love and he was deeply in love with Mary Magdalene. Right, so after he recuperated from the crucifixion, he left, he left the country and he went to India. He lived, not only he went but Mary – he, Mary Magdalene and his son John left together, three of them.


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