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1. ES 84 - 14 -2 Gururaj: Okay, they will help. (Singing in Spanish) Gururaj: (I love my Maria, I love her so much. It was only yesterday when I met you, the time was short and I did not even ask you where you stay. So Maria – Charlie – oh Maria – oh Maria – crowd humming along) Translator: Come on, sing one Charlie, one only. Gururaj: (Singing in Spanish) To see the art of the maestro, he can make you cry like that, he can make you laugh like that, because your tears are <0:07:48.7> your laughter is <0:07:54.5> that is the meaning of guru real. Right another song (Singing in Spanish) Right, I will sing a song to you of love which you have never heard before. I told my son to bring the guitar, but he forgot it in Monterey. Nevertheless I've got to compose something for you, I will do this in the Hindi language. I acted in more than 40 films, yes, I'm ugly now, but when I was younger I was, I think, good looking. The only way I know this, because all the young girls used to follow me around. So these young, beautiful girls was the mirror that reflected me. Thank you – thank you, so okay. Now I will sing you a song that I composed about eight, when I was 15-16. (Singing in Hindi – Oh Pritam my beloved <0:12:05.1> this was in song form – this was in song form Pranayama, you see this bastard (Laughs) now while you were singing Aan Milo, did you find the expression of your breath? Aan Milo – Aan Milo – Aan Milo – Aan Milo, you're clearing your – Pritam Aan Milo – Pritam Aan Milo (singing in Hindi) – Pritam Aan Milo – (Crowd humming along) It is so nice – it is so nice to be with my Spanish family. I'm enjoying every moment of it to be together in the oneness of pure love. It is good, tomorrow morning you’ll be at lecture – say first – okay I think we can end this evening now? Whatever – whatever you feel. Ah, thank you!


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