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1. ES 85 - 02 Gururaj: Namaste, Namaste! Lovely meeting -- Good, thank you, please sit down. You know the change of weather – and I've always got to do two things before I start speaking, first to blow my nose and then <0:01:20.7>(Laughs) Shall we meditate for a moment? (Chants prayer) Open your eyes slowly. Now I do have one trouble, I always tell people to open their eyes slowly but I can’t do it, my eyelashes are too long and they stick together so I got to give a joke. Good, now Ramon,would you go there and tell those people to be more quiet because this is a prayer meeting going on here. They can have their fun but tell them be little more quiet. Has he gone out? Translator: Yes. Gururaj: So while he’s gone out, let us sing together a hymn, it means – Jai Ram means praise, glory to the lord, some people call you by the name of Ishwara, some people call you by the name of Allah and some people call you by the name of Christos, but you are still the same one. Good, you will join me and thus all of us, while we’re waiting for – (Sings hymn) I'm sure this must have been the first time that you’ve sung a hymn in the eastern language. You have a little echo on your mike Mr Mike, okay? That's better. Good, what shall we speak about tonight? Um-hmm. If you stand up, then your voice can travel. Don’t be shy. Did she understand what I meant? She understands what I meant, you see because if you stand up and speak, then the voice can travel, instead of sitting down. Good, right. I've given more than 4,000 lectures throughout the world so I know. Anything -- Translator: It’s not a profound philosophical question and she <0:10:46.0> she didn’t tell you. Gururaj: That's why I said anything. Translator: What happened here this afternoon while meditating she has had a lot of difficulty, difficulty coming stemming from some -- a lot of questions and a lot of confusions and about – her confusion – her confusion about you with Fernando, why must I meditate saying Gururaj Ananda<0:11:40.6> and he, Fernando, didn’t give her a satisfactory answer, why the Gurushakti technique practice? These – these techniques, these questions were bombing her head this afternoon while meditating and she has finished with a big headache in the – Gururaj: Yeah, head. Translator: Yeah, the head.

2. ES 85 - 02 Gururaj: Yeah, the cranium. I will learn Spanish very soon. Translator: She had – she had the hope to know you more and she had the hope – that she wants to know you more but she had doubts about what mast – what master you are, and that is her fright and that is what this, in telling her – meditate and her question of her -- and her breath -- and her question of her breath is how to answer to herself these, all these questions. Gururaj: Good, okay? Anymore questions, I can take six questions at the same time and answer them together. Translator: The question of Fernando is that he has been meditating for the last two years and he started to live in a very joyful and happy life – a very joyful and happy life, and so being living in this way during two years, he’s afraid that something terrible will happen him soon, and the question is can I continue living the joyful way? Gururaj: Now, you took ten minutes to ask a question which could have been done in two words, Meditacionproblematica, problems of meditation. Right? Yes, the doubts that are created within yourself, remember one thing that the doubts are created by yourself being not of an integrated mind, the mind is fragmented, so one thought pulls this way another thought pulls that way and you are not yourself. There's no one in the world that could remove your doubts for you. Those doubts can only be removed by yourself through proper understanding and proper practice. You might be doing your practices wrong, you must get hold of one of our teachers to get over for further explanation on your practice. Now let us see where doubt comes from, doubt always comes from personal inadequacy and personal insecurity.Now most people in the world, 99.999999% want instant coffee, instant pudding, instant everything.The guru is not a magician, if he was a magician he would not be a guru, he shows you the path and it is for you to follow the path, but there's one very great advantage in having doubts. Because through doubts, the sense of enquiry starts and without the sense of enquiry your doubts can never disappear. Your whole life is filled with doubts, all the time, because you do not trust yourself. If you drive in your car, you might t hi nk I will have a puncture, that’s doubt.How do you know that your father was your father and that your mother did not go for a walk? That's right. But because your mother told you that that man is your father, you believed. What other way have you got to know? Yeah, so you are born from the very beginning with doubt. You even doubt yourself if you're human or animal and the reason is this that 90% of you is animal and only 10% human and if this <0:20:29.7> was not so, then you

3. ES 85 - 02 have <0:20:34.6>. Does the scriptures not say, “Be ye of good faith?”You want to understand your guru; you can, if you become a guru first. Who is anyone to judge a guru because your judgement will be limited to your small mind, while the guru functions with a universal mind. How can you doubt? How can you doubt? And yet the scriptures would also say, “Judge ye not that ye be judged.” If you are sincere in these spiritual practices given to you by – for your particular needs, the benefits like Fernando has said, will come automatically to you, and what greater benefits could there be to be led in the path of god. The guru does not shine the light on you, but the guru shines the light on the path so that you don’t stumble and fall. The guru works as a banister – railing on steep stair, handrail, when you're climbing steep stairs, steps and the guru acts as the handrail so you can hold on to the handrail so you don’t slip and fall. You see, you see? No you don’t. it is not a matte r of seeing with the physical eye, it’s a matter of seeing with the inner eye and the understanding of the heart. You go to a doctor like Doctor – what’s his name here? Translator: Mario. Gururaj: Mario, he gives you a bottle of medicine. Now he tells you, “Take one teaspoon three times a day.” Right, and you take it. How do you know that that medicine is not poison? But you have faith in your doctor, that is why you take the medicine. Yes, so what comes first? That is the question, faith comes first. Right!And I always tell everyone that the proof of the pudding lies in the eating, and if the pudding does not taste well or good for you, throw it away and find something else. So a true guru is a person that does not tie you down, that don’t put handcuffs on you, he gives you all the freedom for you to evolve yourself and he will show you the good ways of life, but to follow them or not to follow them is your choice, and when you choose anything, you will always try to choose the best possible – posible. So from there we go on. What are you really searching for? You're searching for happiness and peace. You are searching for the peace as the scriptures will say, you are searching for peace that passeth all understanding. But when you have doubts in your mind, you're trying to understand and yet you're looking for peace when the peace is beyond understanding. So the less you go into your mind, the more you will go into your heart because there lies the secret of the mystery of life. If you study the lives of the greatest poets, musicians and inventors, you will find that the greatest compositions and the greatest invention came from a flash or a second – unsegondo – where does that come from?Because the mind is well tuned like a violin, if you do not tune your violin properly, it will not give you harmonious notes. So what man has to do is to tune the violin of the mind and once the mental violin is tuned, the force from the

4. ES 85 - 02 universe will flow to you. Take my example, right I never prepare a lecture, but any question you want to ask I can answer, because in that one minute of mediation, I tuned the little mind to the universal mind and whatever you want to know, I can talk about for hours, two hours, three hours, whole day.Where does it come from? Comes from the universal mind. So therefore we have to learn through our spiritual practises how to contact small mind to the big mind and it does not require you to be highly intellectual, it requires an open mind and an open heart. Now having doubts is one of the steps that leads you to that because by nature people are sceptical and I don’t blame them.Until they have some experiences in themselves like Fernando, then automatically the belief and the faith comes there. If you ask me do I love you? I will say no, because I am love. If you ask me, do you believe in god? I say no, I don’t believe in god, I know god. That is why I can draw from universal wisdom to talk to you about anything you want to know about. Anything, now once a person gains his inner being, like Fernando over the past two years, what has actually happened is this that before starting on the specialised practices given to him, he, from fragmentation, came to integration. Now when a person becomes more and more integrated, you do not lose that ever. If you taste sugar, you will never forget the taste of the sweetness. For example when I came here, of course, Fernando was the first man that came up to me and I have been as myself, do you see the love? Some years ago I never knew Fernando and Fernando never knew me, living thousands of miles apart and today we’re like blood brothers, yes that is how love grows and there are some important factors in love, which is trust and faith. You might say that you love your wife or you love your husband, are you really sure that your love is based on genuine factors? The husband might be having other girlfriends or the wife might be having other boyfriends, yeah but women don’t do these things. (Laughs) So one must develop a sense of love and trust, because they – that will lead you to greater inner peace.How would you like a lady to lie in bed waiting for her husband to come home – Translator: How do you like? Gururaj: To lay in bed waiting for your husband to come home, a hundred thoughts will be going through your mind, has he gone to visit another girlfriend, has he gone with his friend to the pub? But one thought does not go through your mind, that he might be working late at the office. So all the negative thoughts are going through your mind, but not a positive one, whose fault is it?And he might be genuinely working late at the office, but your mind will be working somewhere else and that causes you misery because you do not have belief and trust in your heart. I travel seven-eight months out of twelve throughout the year around the world, and every night I can make love to a different woman, because they will love me, but my wife will never think that. She thinks, in her heart, truthfully thinking that my man is doing the work of god, my

5. ES 85 - 02 man is working so hard to teach people the path of love and peace in these trouble times.This is very necessary. We struggle at home – Translator: We struggle at home? Gururaj: Struggle – struggle yeah, we are very poor, this pair of socks is given as a present to me by some fellow. These pants was given to me too, was given to me as a present by Charles. This – pardon me – this shirt was made as a gift by the Colombian ambassador to the United States. She's one of our chelas, okay? These beads were given to me by my guru. This shawl was given to me by a meditator in England, these glasses were given to me by a meditator in Canada, but I don’t know where I got my underpants from. (Laughs)I possess nothing. When you have the sense of non- possession, then you will develop the sense of belief and trust. Most of the disbeliefs in the world comes from the sense of possession. This is my wife, this is my son, this is my mother, this is my father, this is my lover, you in actuality possess nothing, you do not even possess yourself. God possess you, you don’t possess yourself. If you could possess yourself, then you could direct your destiny of life and death and do you know – can you predict when you're going to die or I going to die? We’re sitting here talking tonight and I might just get heart failure tonight or you could too, I mean the same thing . So where is the question of trust, where is the question of belief and where is the question of understanding your guru? Be come the guru first before you can understand him. You can take the life of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, none of them were really understood until hundreds of years after they were dead. Jesus was a man that his own Jewish people hated him, the Sanhedrims yeah, the Zelos, the Romans, everyone hated him. The most despised man in the world hated the man and yet even after 2000 years we still worship him. True masters do not only teach for the day, whatever words I speak to you is not only to 30 people, but these words I say to you will last for generations and generations, because what we teach is the basis of truth. Now when you talk of faith, you can’t – you cannot develop faith, because by trying to develop faith, you're using your mental capacities, you weighing this and that and the – the scale goes up and down. Faith is something that just wells up inside, it is like love. Yeah, if a person tells me, “Oh I met a girl and I fell in love with her,” I'm not prepared to believe it, because you don’t fall in love, you – you get elevated in love. You see, and love like a flower, it takes time to grow so you just can’t fall in love. Can any seed planted produce a plant immediately? That seed going into the ground has to explode and in its explosion, it shoots forward -- forth the plant or the flower. So it all becomes an experience. So faith is an experience. If you don’t believe in anything, you don’t. Madrid is 50 kilometres from here? I don’t – about 50? Right. Now everyone is proceeding on the path to reach Madrid. Some might be 40 kilometres away, some 30, some 20, some 10,

6. ES 85 - 02 some 5.So everyone, never mind what they believe or what they do not believe –pardon me -- are still on the path – camino real – so do not despair, right. You have faith enough to say that tomorrow morning I'm going to wake up, so why not use that same energy <audio skips> – Or the guru or god – and god – the problem lies in you and the more doubtful you are, the more will be your misery. Just take the story of doubting Thomas, right and he became one of the greatest followers of Jesus.So what has changed? Has doubt changed or has Thomas changed, Saint Thomas? Faith has grown like that beautiful flower that plants and who would not like to have these beautiful flowers in your garden? Good. You planted it, remember always and you are enjoying the result of that beautiful growth. So you can accept it or reject it. If you are blind and can’t see the beautiful flower, it is not the fault of the flower, it is the fault of your blindness. Tend the flower, I wonder why time flies, can anyone tell me? No? Time seems to fly because of your little mind, there's no such thing as time, there's only eternity and eternity can never be measured by time. <0:51:36.2> good. I've got a few jokes. You see at a school, the inspector of schools turned up to check if the teacher is doing <0:52:19.2> so the inspector asked that any of you children give me any number from 1 to 100, (laughs) right so the little girl – so the little girl in the front row said 46, so the inspector wrote on the board 64, you know 46-64, turn the figure, and then asked another child in the centre row, I think Ramon was in that class, yeah and he said 79, so the inspector writes 97, so right in the back row there was a boy, freckled face, blonde boy and the inspector asked, “Give me any figure from 1 to 100,” so the boy says, “33 and you try and muck that up.” (Laughs) So this boy and girl were in love with each other and the boy said, “Let’s get married or something,” and the girl replies, “We’ll get married or nothing.” There was this drunk man in Madrid, they drink too much wine here, right, so he was <0:54:45.3> and he was trying to open the door of his motor car, so a policeman was coming past there and he said, “Excuse me sir, you are in no condition to drive,” so this drunk man replies that, “I'm in no condition to walk.” (Laughs) We’ll reserve some for tomorrow. There was this other drunk man, he was lying in the gutter – gutter – gutter, sluice, right and a policeman comes up to him and he asked the policeman, “Where am I?” So the policeman says, “You are on the corner of main <0:56:08.6> street.” So this drunk man replies, “Look, I don’t want any details, just tell me what town – what town I'm in.” (Laughs)Oh, it’s been so pleasant this evening being together— Translator: <0:56:39.4> tomorrow is the purification practice. Gururaj: Did you tell them, did <0:56:55.7> tomorrow morning?

7. ES 85 - 02 Translator: Yes. Gururaj: Yeah, tomorrow morning and before we start <0:57:06.4>


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