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1. ES 85 - 03 -2 Gururaj: Yeah, please tell them I will neglect never one. Some of you here needs a private interview, that is not for public because I can see problems and we will solve the problems. Every <0:00:43.0> solving physical problems. -- Hold my toe, yeah good and you feel the energy coming. What kind of work you do? Translator: She works for the cinema, marking the scenery -- no film editor, film editor, you know the – when Gururaj: Oh film editor? Translator: Yeah, when you – Gururaj: Editing? Translator: Yeah editing. Gururaj: I was in films for 20 years. That's why I asked for the question. Of an actor, of director, producer, casting director, importer, exporter, <0:02:14.2> Now when you edit films, what you do in editing? Translator: Doing the mount, putting the sound and that synchronises. Gururaj: Synchronisation -- <0:03:34.0> Translator: When she is going to have the menstruation? Gururaj: Good, your menstruation is regular? Translator: Yes, but painful. Gururaj: <0:04:26.7> Translator: No, but she has painful – some pain here.

2. ES 85 - 03 -2 Gururaj: <0:04:59.7> Translator: No, no, no. Gururaj: <0:05:35.1> do you ever fall down badly as an accident? Translator: No, she doesn’t remember. Gururaj: Even as a child? There’s a <0:06:49.5> mark on your left back side. Translator: She – it was from born she has a little – she has a little birthmark. Gururaj: Ah, I see, <0:07:21.1>. Now what do you find in your life <0:07:38.9>. Some persons in your job situation that tries to bother you a lot. Translator: Several of them, there are several of them. Gururaj: Will you marry me? Translator: She's already married. Gururaj: Good, don’t let anyone boss you around. You are your own boss. I can pick up the telephone now, and get you a 100 different jobs, right. So you push them away, don’t let them molest you. Right, now we discussed your physical problems, if there is more you want to – you must not be shy, we’re one family. Translator: She has a severe economical problems. Gururaj: Get my check book. Translator: Why your check book?

3. ES 85 - 03 -2 Gururaj: And I’ll write out one million dollars, but she’s got to sign it. (Laughs) You’ll be fine. You're the boss <0:10:41.9> you have a very good future ahead of you. Were you brought up with your mother and father? Your own father or step father? Translator: Yes. Gururaj: Step father? Translator: No, no, her own father. Gururaj: Oh, you like to wear pretty clothes, why? <0:12:05.8> to boost up your ego, be natural my darling and don’t allow to be focused in wealth. In six months’ time you're going to be married, although you're married now, but that marriage in six months’ time will be solidified <0:12:52.0> good. Now a different point, <0:13:12.5> you're all my children. Translator: Nothing, a right circle – half circle. Nothing – nothing. Gururaj: <0:17:07.8> I'm joking. Don’t take it seriously, right. <0:18:46.5> Tr anslator: My mother, she says, she feels – she’s scared of getting pregnant. Gururaj: Why? You know that to become a real woman, you got to <0:19:37.0> when I come to Spain <0:20:02.8> Translator: We don’t have much time, from 1:00 o’clock, we must finish at 2:00 o’clock. Gururaj: Oh, so we can start at quarter to 1:00, what do you think? Translator: <0:21:08.1> ready for everything – is here. Gururaj: So right, the location -- Translator: Yeah <0:21:48.8>


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