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1. ES 85 - 03 - 26 - 01 - 01 If you understand or if you don't, if you believe or if you don't, there’s a universe of justice and the eyes of truth are always watching you. Translator: After death, can the spirit that has left the body suffer? Gururaj: After death? Translator: Can the spirit that has left the body suffer? Gururaj: Another questions? I can answer six at the same time. Translator: Why love make us suffer like sometimes when we are separated from our beloved due to <0:05:28.2> Gururaj: Good. The spirit within man never suffers, because the spirit is divinity itself. It is always joyful and blissful. The only portion that suffers in you is the patterning of your own mind. Now these doctors that are present here will tell you that even any physical organic ailment stems from the mind. Now why does the mind take on these qualities? It is because of the various experiences you’ve gone through in so many lifetimes and as I might have said before, these experiences leave impressions in the mind and the brain that you have is not the mind. The brain is composed of 12 million cells and through meditation and spiritual practices the more the <0:07:10.5> the more the brain goes through. That is why you might find some person genius and another a gene-ass, it’s difficult to interpret, but it only means some person is born genius, brilliant while another person like a donkey, ass. Now there is only one mind and that mind is the universal mind. So everything contained in the universe since it began and the universe functions in cycles – a cycle starts, it ends and another cycle begins. So the more brain cells you have opened in your mind, the more the universal mind you can catch. Now when you say individual mind, it only means how much you are capturing of the universal mind, and because of the experiences and impressions, you created an individual mind which has no reality. Now what is mind actually? The mind is nothing else but thought formations – and though formations create patterns and whatever pattern is created can be uncreated. <0:09:52.0>. So the purpose of our spiritual practices is to capture the universal mind and when you capture the totality of the universal mind, then you become universe and once you become the universe, you become like god and that is why it says in the scriptures that man is made in the image of god. What does it mean by the image of god? If you look in the mirror, you see your face, you see

2. ES 85 - 03 - 26 - 01 - 01 <0:11:12.5> although it is a reflection and this reflection we call manifestation. So the manifestor is god, manifests this universe. Now it is the nature of divinity to always manifest because manifestation cannot exist without the manifestor and the manifestor cannot exist without manifestation. So now what is the difference between you and god? If both co-exists and can’t do without each other. So therefore, you yourself are divine. Every cell in your body is nothing but an expression of divinity and it is divinity itself. Man cannot understand the non-duality of the manifestor and manifestation. You can't understand because the conditioned patterned mind cause a blockage. And through spiritual practices we remove it so we become closer and closer to god. And that is what Jesus said when his consciousness became universal, that “I and my father are one.” And everyone, not only Jesus, but everyone has the ability to become one with the father and then you reach that stage of totalness. Jesus reached that state on the cross. Because of the extreme turmoil that went to him that he realised his divinity, and yet a few moments before that he said, “Father, they know not what they do.’’ Because <0:14:48.9>duality, he was praying to his father. But when the final moment came, when he merged into the father, he said, “I and my father are one.” Now every one of you will reach that stage. Jesus was an ordinary man, but the greatness in him was Christ and Christ is nothing else but consciousness, universal. So sooner or later everyone will reach that stage, why teachers like me come into this world is for one purpose, that why wait for two million lifetimes when you can reach that consciousness in this lifetime and thereby relief yourself from all suffering, because suffering is possessional mind conditioning. Even as you know Einstein only used 8% of his brain. So we are actually limiting ourselves, there is no environment that can affect us if we do not allow it to affect us. So, the first requirement is a different outlook on life, different perspectives, and something might seem very ugly to you, but in reality it is very beautiful. Yeah, I was telling a story in Denmark I think, that in my garden I had a tree which had a terrible shape, a very close friend comes to me and says, “Why don’t you cut down that tree?” Then I started explaining him about art, then this tree that you find ugly is nothing else but abstract art, and after thorough explanation he was thinking, so two weeks later when he came to visit me I said, you know, and I was testing him, “I think you are right, I must cut down this tree.” Then he tells me, “No, no, no, it’s so beautiful.’ You see, so it is how we look at things in life. And there’s a beautiful English saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and when we say eyes we don’t mean physical eyes, we mean the mental conditioning, and this applies in every aspect of our lives. One person might like <0:19:41.9> another person don’t like to be carried, some person might like a yellow colour, and some person don’t like. There again, we come back to the same point that it is a matter of mutual patterning and we all have the ability to unpattern the patterning.

3. ES 85 - 03 - 26 - 01 - 01 Now the mind can never remain empty, even in the patterning and the unpatterning, we are creating a different pattern. Now the best patterning that can be created in the mind is a constant remembrance of divinity. It makes you feel so much calmer, so much appreciative because we are drawing upon grace and of course in our terminology we call it gurushakti. And life cannot just be sustained but it is just our habit to remain in the same route – route. You know in the backward villages of India, there you have the oxen carts, the more the carts pass through the unmade roads, gravel roads, it creates -- the wheels make routes. So this is something <0:22:24.1> so now the carts, the driver of the cart can go to sleep and the cart will go on in the same old route, then the guru comes and in and what he does, he puts a stone in the groove so when the wheels bumped against it, the driver wakes up. So a lot of awakening is needed in this world today. If people are the same always, we can never say one national is superior than the other. You see, so we have to be regular in our meditation practice to come to the realisation. In the quietude of mind you are joined more on the right hemisphere of the brain, normally in the waking state people function with the left hemisphere and the left hemisphere of the brain is one of analysis calculation so through spiritual practices, wherein your right hemisphere is stimulated, and there’s a greater synaptic control. I'm sure most of you know what synaptic means, where certain energies without the nerves touching shoot across the other side, the impulses – impulses. So the right hemisphere of the brain is connected to your higher self, it is the higher self which is the intuitional self and intuition can be made to consciously, you can draw a line, and then if you actually perform, becomes a good action. You might have had so many experiences, say for example you're busy at your house and you're thinking of Auntie Maria, and there’s a knock on the door, Auntie Maria is there. Now what force is there at work to make this happen because there’s one mind, and then at that particular moment where you were totally centred within yourself and by that centering you got glimpse and Auntie Maria was there. You did not know she was coming, but it was on your thought, that feeling inside it. Now these are just glimpses but it must be made into a permanent reality. Everything in our lives is so transient or temporary, the only one thing that lasts is the spiritual self. Now to come back to your question, was the spirit itself knows of no suffering because it is purity itself. It is only our thinking that influences our little brains or minds that creates the suffering. I have a very famous saying which I've used a million times, because there’s so much truth in it, and you might have heard it from me before, it’s nice to repeat sometimes, two men behind prison bars, one saw mud and the other saw stars. These two men are in the same prison cell in the same circumstances, but one could only see the gloom, the mud --


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