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1. ES 85 - 04 Gururaj: I'm an old man – thank you – sit down. Thank you very much! If we are all settled down then – then we can start talking. The purpose of the purification process is one, many people rush home from their offices or factories or their work, now when you are rushed and you want to sit down in meditation, then your meditation cannot go very deep because as these doctors will tell you, you are in a form of tension. Right, so if you do the purification practice then you will feel calmer and your meditations will go deeper. Right, now we have here – I mean I'm telling this to the new people that are here and most of you have done this already. So firstly just listen to the sound and then we do the practical side of it. (Chants prayer) do you get the sound? Right, now it has been discovered by science and Kirlian photography that these two middle fingers convey the greatest amount of energy. Just imagine a rabbit, two ears up, do it -- do it, yeah these two – these two, middle ones, wrong – wrong – that's right, middle one, fine. Now why we use water is because it has a calming effect. The entire universe is made up of five elements, you have fire, water, earth, air and ether, right. The entire universe is made up of these five elements, yeah, and the most important element is water. 70% of our planet here is covered with water, 70% of your bodies is water. You see, so water has a very cooling, calming effect. Now for the new people that are here, I would like to say this that do not do it like in a parrot fashion, yeah good. You must be sincere, I don’t know if you have seen the statue of three monkeys, right let me see no evil, and the other monkey, let me hear no evil and the third monkey, let me not speak any evil. You see, now if this practice is done before you do your meditation with sincerity, then you will find you will go deeper into meditation and reaching the kingdom of heaven within. So it has so much practical value. Good. Now well you’ve got glasses of water so you use these two fingers right, dip them in the water, right hand – right hand, hold the glass in your left hand and use your right hand and immediately in a few minutes you will feel so calm, you can tell me about it after this. (Chants prayer) we don’t only pray for ourselves, we don’t only purify ourselves, but we send these energies to everyone in the world and that is the last one (chants prayer) shall we try it once again? Good, and you repeat it with me, right, fine. (Crowd chants prayer along) do all, right. Now there is a translation of this in Spanish, right Vak Vak, let me speak no evil, let me not smell evil smells, let my eyes not see evil, let my ears see no evil. The naval is, as the doctors will tell you, has the highest complex of the nervous system, so let my nervous system be quietened, let my heart be full of love, let my throat always utter good words, give me strength, my shoulders, my arms, and this is not only for me but for everyone. Good. Now this must be not as I said before, in a parrot fashion, but you feel it inside. For example my eyes can never see any ugliness, I only see beauty around me. When I walk in the street or drive in a car, I hear such a divine melody of a

2. ES 85 - 04 100,000 choirs floating through my mind, through my ears and like that I smell fragrance everywhere, my nerves are totally steady, therefore when you see me sitting here so calm, joking, laughing, teaching wisdom, and the heart so filled with love for everyone, and through this throat which contains the vocal cord, I could never speak of anything which is not truth and it does have strength, that’s the thought that goes through my mind so I could serve humanity. You see, now develop these feelings within you and when you develop these feelings within you, you will find it will have a great effect on your mind, it will be a combination between thought force and heart force and you become a better person. I don’t want you to be god but become a better person filled with love and peace. Good. Now we come to number two, the word Punatu means again. – Gracias – right finger, these two, right. (Chants prayer) You see, the reason for repetition of the head means one thing, let my mind be filled with good thoughts. When the mind is filled with good thoughts, there is no place for hatred. Do you see, this develops greater and greater love. As I am sitting here and looking at you, I do not see your faces, I just see blobs of light, some dim, some bright, but everyone has it inbuilt in him to find the peace that passeth all understanding. Now we come to number three, now this is Pranayama mantra which will take away carbon dioxide, monoxide and from your system. In other words, it takes away the toxins, right. Now it has to be done in one breath, right. Fine now we will do it firstly inhaling right. (Chants prayer) Do you see, the entire breath is inhaled without exhalation? Now the more important one is to do this exhaling the breath, first you did it inhaling; now we do it exhaling. Right, shall we start? (Chants prayer) You see how it clears your lungs. Now I'm just giving you a demonstration of this, you don’t need to do it once, you can do it six times, twelve times, how you feel and it will make you feel very calm and then you do your spiritual practices. Right, now there's a prayer here which I wrote out, you do not need to stick to the same prayer, you can have your own personal prayer, right it depends upon you. Right, now this is written in Spanish so would you please read it out? You can use this prayer or formulate your own prayer for there is nothing greater on earth than to pray sincerely. No one is going to answer your prayer, you answer your prayer yourself by the deep tranquillity that you will feel within you. You are the master of your destiny. God is a neutral energy and he doesn’t favour you or favour you or favour you or favour you. Anything that happens in your life is what you have created within yourself and as the old saying goes, “Whatever you sow, that shall you reap.” So therefore you are the master of your destiny. The mind is so powerful that if it becomes concentrated through your practice of tratic, you can just think of one thing and it comes true immediately. I can give you so many examples. For example, Vidya who is my national leader for America, she couldn’t get a booking, so she telephones me, she says, “Guruji, I can’t get a booking,” this was in the evening. So I say, “You just hold on for one – una minute – right and I was

3. ES 85 - 04 meditating, and I picked up the phone, “Tomorrow morning 9:00 o’clock you go to the travel agent,” she went to the travel agent and the travel agent says there was one cancellation and you can have the ticket, to come to England on the English course. She couldn’t get tickets for her two daughters, and that was also fixed up because her daughters were going to Washington, right Vidya lives in Chicago, right. Okay. So anything we can think of, if you make your minds calm and powerful. You have witnessed here this morning while I was doing healings on people that even before they told me anything I could tell them what is troubling them, so the togetherness of the mind is so important for your personal happiness and combining the mind with the heart, you experience the greatest joy. I am filled with joy all the time, I've no sufferings, yet I had open heart operation, I'm a severe diabetic, I've got to take injections every day and I've got cancer, but I don’t suffer. My only suffering is one and that suffering is observing the suffering of my beloveds. That is my only suffering. You do not need to suffer any misery if you develop an understanding of the mind and the feeling of the heart in sincerity, no suffering and yet life is filled with all opposite polarity, you have sunshine, you have darkness, night and day. So there will always be polarity in this world, rain, sunshine, night, day. How do you get away from it? you rise above it, so that you are not emotionally involved in what is going inside you, but you become an observer, because once you are involved in your own feelings and emotions, you will feel suffering, but if you – sorry – but if you become the observer, then the pleasure or the pain will not affect you. Remember one thing, very surely, if one week you have pleasure, next week you will have pain, because pain and pleasure are the two sides of one coin. I don’t know if I got a coin here, no. These two sides, pleasure and pain is two sides of the one coin. So the secret is this, is to rise above pleasure and pain and be in the land of joy where neither pain nor pleasure can affect you because joy is a quality self-existent and does not know of any polarity. Good. I've been talking too much. Where’s my glass? Water – thank you. The greatest drink in the world. Come here – come here, you – you, you yeah you, just taste this water now, tastes like honey. Right, now as in our normal satsangs, I invite questions, so ask – ask any question you like and we talk on it. Little one? Why not a big one? – Just hold on, let me blow my nose. Good. Yeah, now if you stand, the voice can travel better. Translator: The question was, how was more than a question to talk on the topic, how can you manage – handle – manage between sensuality and spiritually so -- Public: Spiritually so that you can make one <0:34:55.8> in your life in the moment.

4. ES 85 - 04 Gururaj: I can answer his question in one word, balance. Because you have a human body and governed by your five senses, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, breathing, yeah they know all that, right fine, you are governed by those five senses and therefore you have acquired a body because your body cannot exist without the five senses. Right. Now the energising factor of the five senses is the spiritual force within you, without that spiritual energy you can’t even lift you r hand. The trouble with the world is this that they pay more attention to the five physical senses and neglect the true power or the source of the energy. Now I would never tell any of you to deny any of your five physical senses. The greatest powers that motivate you – powers – is love and sex. Right. Now I also make love, I do it once a year and some years I forget. (Laughs) So now in this very motivation what are the basic factors? Firstly it is the sense of wanting to be loved, secondly you want to love, and the physical cravings that you develop is based upon the two things we spoke about, to love and want to be loved. No person with the physical body can exist without loving or being loved. Now when you are not loving, or you are not loved, then you feel inadequate and insecure. How to get rid of these problems, as we said insecurity and inadequacy. Now when you feel inadequate within yourself, naturally fear develops in you that I'm no good for you, and when you feel that fear, you develop anxieties. Now if we go back to the basis, your inadequacy and insecurity is based upon the lack of love. Now for example someone comes to me, man, woman anyone and tells me that no one loves me, what do you do? You become lovable and automatically you will be loved. Now how to develop that quality of lovingness is to become integrated instead of fragmented, your minds, I could read them now right away, one portion is pulling that way another portion that way, another portion that way, you're fragmented in pieces, let us put the pieces together and when we put the pieces together through our spiritual practices, you become integrated, you become whole and not fragmented and when you are not fragmented, you become lovable and when you become lovable, everyone starts loving you, so simple. Is there anyone here in this hall that hates me? If anyone in this hall hates me, put up your hands. He is a bastardo, he doesn’t mean that, he's trying to be funny. He loves me more than anyone that he could love, even his wife Linda feels jealous because he loves me so much. The only thing if he did not love me, he’ll travel around the world with me, America, Spain, everywhere, Denmark, everywhere. You see, so the whole idea is to become lovable. Now how do you become lovable, you tell me please. No one can tell me? I told you few minutes ago how you can become lovable, and none of you can answer me. Translator: Through integration.

5. ES 85 - 04 Gururaj: Through integration. Now what do you integrate? You integrate your thought forces and within your thought forces you integrate your feelings and emotions. Now this happens on the level of the mind because your feelings and emotions are governed by your mind and as you progress in your spiritual practices, you go beyond the mind and by going beyond the mind, you reach the super conscious level from which you observe the workings of the lower mind. Right, and when you become an observer, nothing can affect you, because you have risen above feelings and emotions and that is why your meditations and spiritual practices are so important. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people around the world come to me, but there is a very small percentage of the people that is looking for god. Most people come because they suffer from migraine, heartache, or any other trouble, husband, wife trouble, but I start the m from there, right so you're having husband and wife trouble, let’s discuss it and see what we can do. So from whatever path you come, yeah as Swami Ramakrishna has said that all rivers coming from different directions ultimately merge in the same ocean. So wherever your problems starts from, its not important because we begin from your problem to reach that totality or completeness where you could be happy -- <audio skip> -- start from where we are. Copenhagen is – no, Madrid is how many miles? Translator: 50-50 kilometres. Gururaj: 50 kilometres and if you want to reach Madrid, you can’t start from another place – Segovia. Translator: You cannot start from Segovia. Gururaj: Right, you got to start from here. So you start where you are and a true guru will always start you off from where you are to lead you to the goal, Madrid. There are so many false gurus around the world and because they're business people making millions and I spoke about this last time, did I? Yeah, which is not the dharma or the duty of a true guru. If there should come a time when I would have to give my life for you, I will do it, gladly. Because you and I are not separate from each other, we live in the one and only eternal spirit, even you sitting there or you sitting there and I'm sitting here, you think we are separate? No, no, no, there are millions of atoms floating here that is combining me to you, so where is the separation? And when you feel that there is no separation, then you feel oneness and to sacrifice yourself for another is not true, because this oneness you're sacrificing yourself for yourself. Good. Now some fun time. Public: Guruji, <0:52:24.3>

6. ES 85 - 04 Gururaj: Oh yes, thank you for reminding me. When you meditate, keep your legs together and if they spread out, then you take a ribbon and tie your toes together. Hold your hands together. Meditation produces a great energy and you do not want to disperse the energy, you do not want to dissipate the energy, you do not want to break the circuit. It’s like electricity, you have the two – you explain it better, I think, you have the two wires, the positive-negative, that's right and if you cut one then the energy won’t flow. So in meditation have your feet together and have your hands together and it doesn’t matter how you have your hands together, you can have it like that, you can have it like that, you can have it any way you like. Right, but the circuit of the energy has to be preserved ,okay? Good. <0:54:27.5> There was a jockey, you know that ride horses, you call it jockey? Right and this jockey had an accident in a motor car crash, so now they took him to the mortuary, right because he had to be identified, so they called his trainer to identify him. So all these you know dead people were lying on slab stones, I don’t know why they don’t put them on warm stones because they're cold already. So nevertheless, the man in charge of the mortuary and he opened the sheet and the trainer says, “No, this is not Joe,” and then the opened the second sheet and he says, “No, not Joe.” Then he opened the third sheet and he says, “No, not Joe,” and then he opened the fourth sheet, “Ah, this is Joe, like in life he is in death. H e never came in the races amongst the first three.” Now this is an Irish joke, are there any Irishmen here? You, South African, good you’ll enjoy it. You see Obrian and Flin two friends – right dos amigos – they thought that they’ll buy some horses and go into horse racing, right. Meanwhile they had the horses in the stable and they were thinking, “How shall we decide which horse is yours and which is mine?” So the one suggested, “Let’s cut off the horse’s mane, you know the hair,” but meanwhile in the stable there was a naughty boy and he heard the conversation. So when these two friends, Brian and Oflin left the stable, this naughty boy cut off the hair of the other horse. Next morning the two came to see the horses and in both horses the manes were gone, so then they decided, “Look we cut off one horse’s tail.” Meanwhile this naughty boy was listening, so during the night he cut off the other horse’s tail. Next morning Flin and Obrian come, total confusion, what shall we do now? There must be some way that we can work this problem out.” So Brian says to Oflin that, “You take the brown horse and I take the white horse.” (Laughs) Now I don’t know if you know what a broom is, a broom is something that you sweep – una escoba – that is sweep the floor. Right, right so mama broom was in the closet with baba broom and baba broom always ask the mother, “How did I come into the world?” So mama broom always avoided the question but the baba broom went on and on and on so the mama broom explained him one day, now I hope you understand this because it’s a play on English words, right. So the

7. ES 85 - 04 mama broom explained to the baba broom that one night we swept together, right – right now – right, of course the beauty of the story is this that instead of slept together, swept together. (Laughs) But then at that same time papa broom was passing and papa broom said, “That’s nothing my son, I did it standing on my head.” (Laughs) You know when it comes to humour, and especially on a play of words, you know the power of the humour story is lost. So then there was this one girl, right and the manager in that department gave her an engagement ring, so she said to this man, “Can I show it to my friends in the office department?” So he says, “Oh yeah yeah, why not.” Ten minutes later, this girl comes back into the office and gave him such a slap so he fell off the chair. So he asks, “Don’t they like the ring?” “Yes, they like the ring but three of the girls recognised it.” Then there was this man he went to a pub and had too much to drink, so he goes to his car, trying to open the car door. So here a policeman comes along and he says to this man that sir you're not in a fit state to drive. So this man replies, “Look, I'm not in a fit state to walk.” Good, I think its lunch time. Oh so much here, we’ll leave some for tonight. Thank you very much.


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