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1. ES 85 - 06 -2 Gururaj: -- then all your outward material actions become more dynamic and powerful because you're combining – with the outer action you're combining with your inner spiritual self. This energy is so fine, if you drop a 2,000 tonne bomb here outside, it can only make a big hole, but if you split an atom which is so fine, you can’t even see with your eyes, it will destroy the whole city. So this means that that which is subtler is always more powerful and that is the reason why we want to reach our subtle inner self. I think it’s an hour now – this afternoon at 6:00 o’clock we are going to do the yoga nidra practice, nidra means sleep and yoga means to be in union with divinity. You can, with some practice of course, go into a very deep sleep and yet you're fully aware of everything happening around you. They did this test on me at the Groote Schuur Hospital in South Africa. You must have heard the name Groote Schuur. Translator: I can’t even pronounce it. Gururaj: Right, that was the place where Professor Christiaan Barnard did the first heart operation, transplant. They put me in a sleep laboratory, as they call it, and wired me up and on their machines they saw that I was in a deep deep sleep and yet I could tell them everything that was happening in the room, who said what to who, and who did this to who and some of these doctors, they used very foul language, would shout to the nurse in a bad word, where’s this – where’s that – right. Then under Professor <0:03:56.0> Yeah, at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, he also wired me up and they found on the machine that I was in deep sleep, but I could tell them everything happening around. So yoga nidra, apart from giving you the deep rest, you are still aware of everything around you. I am aware of divinity 24 hours a day. So even during my sleep I'm not forgetting anything. You see, and preferring to so much joy, so self-realised spiritual masters like Christ, Krishna, Buddha, they have no sufferings of their own. Their greater sufferings was because of the suffering of other people and that comes about by being totally compassionate. Good. So there are millions of benefits through meditation, only thing, you got to have the right system of meditation. I know – I know all the gurus that existed here, right, Swami Muktananda invited me once and he had cards printed with a mantra and someone asked him for a mantra, he takes one card and gives it to him, right. Maharishi again, Maheshwari, right, he has a list of 16 Beej mantras which he dishes out on age basis. So if you're 20-25, he might give you a mantra, Ing, for example, and if you're 25- 30 , he might give you Bing, that’s not the way we work. I would go, using your photograph as a focal point and reaching that highest level which we call the super-conscious level of the mind, I would be hearing your vibrations and at that level there is no time or space. You are near me as you're near me now in the physical. So this sound that I pick up, it is not meditation, your mantra that vibration is analysed and that is how you get your mantra, plus other things that might be required for you. In other words you're using your won vibration for self-improvement, for what

2. ES 85 - 06 -2 could be closer to you than your own vibration? You see, now if say your body and spirit and mind had to be boiled down, or into a bloat of stone, yeah, the sound that would be heard there would be your totality. And that is what the scriptures also teach, that first was the word and the word was with God and the word is God. Now when we say word, what do we mean by word? It means sound. And all sounds are made up of vibrations. Right, so that is why using your own vibration, you find greater and greater peace within yourself. There’s only one thing, you have to be regular, if you can be regular in eating, why can’t you be regular in meditating? You have breakfast this morning and by 1:00 o’clock you will start feeling hungry and 6-7:00 o’clock tonight you will start feeling hungry again. Sometimes some people tells me, he says, “Gururaj I haven’t got time to sit down to meditate,” then I tell them, “Have you got time to go to the toilet? Well, meditate on the toilet then.” There’s always time, 20 minutes, 30 minutes in the morning, 20-30 minutes in the evening and the other practices that are given, you don’t need to sit down for it. You do it while you're at your factory or office, whatever. You see, and that will give you great peace, because you're not allowing more, a new impressions to settle in your sub-conscious. So meditate – meditate – meditate. Thank you very much. -- By the way they must bring <0:12:08.0> one – one pillow and a blanket <0:12:29.8> Translator: Yeah, I'm thinking too about the communion practice in a shower and -- Gururaj: Yeah, they’ll be <0:12:34.7> from tonight. It’s very sacred occasion because here you will see yourself, I become one with divinity. I’ll explain more about it this evening. Namaste and enjoy your lunch.


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