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1. ES 86 - 01 Gururaj: -- but the heart is eternal. The body might fade away, but the heart, the eternal spirit can never fade away, because it is eternal. So simple. I'm very glad to see my old friends and also the new people that are here, and to be with you shakes my heart in total love. I bring with me to Española all the blessings of divinity. I was very ill and I still am very ill, I have to use the walking stick. This walking stick is not only for me to walk with but I will slap your bums. As I said earlier, it’s so nice to be with you and Ramon tells me that some people have been delayed. Can you put this lower down, and a bit nearer? I like to hear myself. When you really learn to hear yourself, then you find the divinity that resides within you. Very few people learn the art of listening to themselves. Now, to listen to yourself not of your mind, but listen to the heart. The kingdom that is there and when you can listen to that really, you can find yourself. What does it mean to find yourself? To find yourself means that you are really yourself. You float around – float around not knowing yourself and self-knowledge is greatest knowledge that you can have and that which you yourself can possess. This self-possession is totally unselfish. It is not ego orientated, it comes from within and you find yourself at total peace and when you find this total peace within yourself, your heart wells up with love. Is that not the purpose of life? To find peace and love. For if you can learn to find yourself, then you can find god because god is peace and love. So what do we do? Be yourself, simply. So simple. When you find yourself and in finding yourself, you find god, divinity. And if you allow divinity to permeate your life, then you do not need to seek for happiness because happiness dawns upon you. Do you need to find the sun, the sun is always there shinning brightly, but it is the cloudiness of your mind that dulls the sun and you do not see its beauty. These beautiful flowers, what beauty do you see in it? Your mind will think these flowers are so beautiful, but how much does your heart feel about it? When your heart can merge into this flower, then you can appreciate the beauty of the flower. For there the life is no ugliness, everything is beautiful, depends upon your conception. Your conception is governed by the feelings you have and if your feelings are misguided, then your conception will also be misguided. I love you – you – you – you, everyone, why? Because through the grace of god I have developed the ability to love and that is why you love me. So things must start from yourself. Most people in the world are very very selfish. Now how to get rid of this selfishness? -- You Spanish people are very efficient. I want it a little up, yeah that's it. Push it in properly. -- If you can’t push things in properly, nothing can happen. Is that a bit sexy? – So this evening has been the first night with us together. I know you are tired travelling long distances, so I do not want to stretch your minds too much. Tomorrow we start working hard and each and every one of you will go through experiences beyond all your expectations. The experiences should be based upon the opening of the heart and at the same time have a mental understanding of what the heart is doing. When the heart starts functioning in its fullest level, then you will know the meaning of life. How many of you know the meaning of life? Because you do not have the experience of life. To live and to exist are two different things. Most people in the world just exist. Very few live, because to live life is total joy, because life is love and love is god. How many of you live with god? Very few. If you cannot live with

2. ES 86 - 01 god, your life is worthless. Rather die. Existence is a must but in that existence, let us infuse life which is divinity. That is the only way that you could bring happiness to yourself. Can anyone of you tell me that you are totally happy? No , everyone is seeking for that happiness and there are ways to find that happiness. You go through life in anxiety and fears. What are you fearing? That my husband loves me or my wife loves me not true, he loves me not, you're fearing future security that I must have a big bank balance and you got a three-roomed house and you say, “Ohh, three rooms are no good. I must have ten-roomed house.” Can you live in ten rooms at the same time? No, you can only sleep in one bedroom, in one bed. So why can’t you regard that one bed as your church or temple? You enjoy it. What? And when you regard that one bed as your temple, you will find great happiness in that one bed because you can’t sleep in ten beds at the same time. If you have ten motor cars, you can’t drive ten motor cars at the same time. Do you see? The whole thing revolves upon your personal contentment. How do you find this contentment is by acceptance of the condition you are in. I marry you tomorrow and the woman I marry might not be very beautiful, she’s not so <0:23:26.6> so what must I search for? Not your face, but your heart. For if I can combine my heart with your heart, that will bring me the contentment of life and the – and the acceptance. What do we mean by acceptance? Acceptance means that I am giving my entire self to you and when I give my entire self to you, I am accepting you. And when this comes about there is the time when happiness begins. I love my Koncha, I love my Uma, I love everyone. Why? Because I am love, Carol. These are very simple secrets of life, but people tend to forget simplicity and they take simplicity to complexity. So for example, say Uma, if she has a yellow jersey, I'm happy. If she puts on a white jersey or a red jersey, I'm still happy. See Carol, the secret again to repeat, is accepting what you have. So simple. Now this takes us to the point of mental attitude, if you will have the right mental attitude, then everything is fine. These are the lessons Fernando, that people have to learn and when we learn these lessons of life, then only you are living. Otherwise you are the living dead. Do you want to be the living dead or do you want to be alive like these beautiful flowers, alive , giving off fragrance all the time. So let our lives be like a flower giving off fragrance and we can, to give off this fragrance, what am I doing here now sitting here giving off the fragrance of my heart through the grace of god. So many lessons have to be learnt in life and who’s gonna teach you? The guru. He is guiding but you got to study yourself and in the study of life, you will find your eyes will sparkle, you will observe the beauty around you. These gardens, wonderful – wonderful creation of the creator. How many times have you taken or walked down the road and noticed all the beauty around you? You have not. Because the awareness is not there and the way to develop your awareness is through your meditation and spiritual practices. All through the world I lecture, I spend seven-eight months a year travelling around the world and I found that people are the same everywhere so I don’t blame you, but try, with your spiritual practices, to develop your awareness so you can be aware of everything.

3. ES 86 - 01 I can tell you now how many petals are in this flower. How? Awareness. These are the qualities I want my beloveds to develop so your lives can become more and more happier and happiness can only come from inside the kingdom of heaven within. That is the source of all energies. So you see we have been born in this world, this world is a school of life to learn. So let everyone learn to progress into a better life. I did not intend to lecture tonight, I wanted the questions from you, but seeing that there are still 15 more people coming, so tomorrow we’ll go deeper and deeper into the subject of your minds and your hearts and your spirits. I tell you one thing that when you leave this course, you will have a greater understanding of yourself and that is why I've travelled thousands of miles to be with you. Why? Because my love for all of you. From here I’d be going to do courses in England and from there I’ll be doing courses in America, then I’ll be going home for about six weeks and then another trip doing half a dozen countries. I do not only give you teachings in words, but with the words there’s a spiritual force imparted to you and you could never leave this course without becoming a different person. I've been travelling around for the last twelve years, four-five times a year even if I'm so sick, open heart operation, severe diabetic, injection insulin every morning, cancer, but it is a service of love. My teachings are not only by words, also imparting a spiritual force to you all and more than that, the love of humanity. So this is the love that you have to develop yourselves. My very life is a teaching itself. The words come and flow, I don’t prepare lectures because I don’t speak from the mind. It is just the flow of the heart and that is why around the world it touches the heart of everyone. Develops the heart, open the heart in total love and you will find how much joy would be there for you. Sincerity, honesty, purity, those are the qualities that has to be developed. It is already in you, you just need to open yourself. If you can’t open through your mind, I've got my stick to speck your backside and yet the backside is very important. Elimination is more important than intake. Dr Mario will tell you that. What does this mean? Eliminate all your negativity and get in more positivity. How do you do that? By your spiritual practices given to you personally by your guru and the guru is only an instrument of divinity. You see, become like a flute, piece of wood, little holes, he blows divine music for the world to enjoy, but open your ears to listen to that music, don’t be deaf. Listen, be aware. Have you ever taken a walk through the woods, the garden, and listen to the wind flowing through the trees and listen to that divine symphony, it is better than Bach - Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. Have you ever taken a walk in the garden and the swaying of the leaves, what a beautiful dance, better than flamingo. I'm trying to tell you the beauty of life and life, if you are alive, can be very very beautiful. You think you have eyes to see, yet with these God-given eyes, --- You Look, did you not see? To see is to become one with the object of what you see. I a nd this flower are one, because when I see this flower, the flower becomes one with me. The flower has registered itself in my eyes and in my heart, but when you look, you say ah lovely red, pink, white, doesn’t matter, but to see the flower, this means one thing that when you see, you find an identification with all that surrounds you and you become one with your surroundings. That is the start and then as you progress through your spiritual

4. ES 86 - 01 practices, you become one with the universe and when you become one with the universe, there’s another step for it, you become one with god. Then you become alive and then you would know the meaning of living. Let’s take the example of husband and wife. Ramon, his wife Koncha, go to bed together. Now it is very nice to be together in embrace and be comfortable, but can you be aware of every pore of the body of Koncha – Koncha or Ramon? Now your body is governed by millions and billions of cells. How many of the billion cells – billions and billions of cells are you aware of? Yo u're only aware of sexual organs, so you kiss him, embrace him, that’s all. So can you tell me that you're totally aware and that is what I'm trying to teach you, total awareness. If I touch you now, I can – I can tell you, look at me – look at me yeah, yeah, if I touch you now, I can tell you everything about yourself because I would, just by a touch, I would be aware of every cell in your body and your brain as well. 12 billion cells is in your brain which weighs about two and a half pounds and there’s only one million part of it that is being used. So with your spiritual practices more and more other cells will be awakened and with greater awakening your awareness develops more and more. Comprendo mi amor? I'm trying to learn Spanish. Let’s see what the time is. I think I've spoken for more than an hour. Good. – good. We – got to have a little supper, just little sandwich, I don’t eat much, I don’t need to eat. I live on prana, life force. Now the first evening, I would like, I'm very weak to walk around, help me please, Uma . You’ll have to take two round - dos, please help us , yeah okay. Good. If you would like to come up, a little blessing from me to all of you. I’ll settle up first. Yeah, we don’t need this anymore. <0:58:59.8> Translator: (Laughs) It does not depend to me. Gururaj: < 1:01:21.5 > sit here, You do what your father tells you. No, no - < 1:02:50.7 > don’t be shy. < 1:03:22.0 > Now, don’t I look more handsome with two lovely ladies? (Laughs) < 1:04:00.1 > Have we missed out anyone? Translator: Ye s. Gururaj: Aha – now you sit there. Sit. Translator: I am left guruji, you're going to leave me now. (Laughs) Gururaj: < 1:05:43.4 >

5. ES 86 - 01 Translator: I'm just telling -- Gururaj: Yes, I know exactly what you told them < 1:08:07.5 > but there’s one thing I want you to add, that people must not think of < 1:08:18.4 >, you attend on time. Now did you tell them what time < 1:08:38.9 > Translator: 10:00 O’clock. Gururaj: I understood that 10:00 O’clock (Laughs) okay my darlings, Namaste! Good! Do you know why I wear the shawl? <1:09:48.8>


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