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1. ES 86 - 07 Gururaj: -- open your eyes slowly – but I can’t open my eyes slowly because the eyelashes are too long and I've got a bit of a joke. What a beautiful night, what makes one day beautiful, it is not the sunshine or the rain, it is your mind that makes the day. Now everyone has glass of water, hold it in your left hand and you <0:01:24.2>these two fingers, imagine a rabbit with two ears, mind you, these two fingers are very useful and it has been proven by science and Kirlian Photography that these two fingers emit the maximum amount of energy and they can also be used for other things. Now on previous courses you would have done the purification practice, but I will repeat this with new people that are here. Now just let me give you the pronunciation <0:02:55.9> now just repeat the first part (Chants prayer) <0:04:04.7> Now you got your water in the left hand, good, now I might have explained to you before that the entire universe is composed of <0:04:26.9>, water, fire, air, what else? Come on you all – earth, fire, water, ether and – Translator: Earth. Gururaj: Good. The reason why I ask this question is not because I do not know it, but to test how much you remember. Good. Now water of course is the greatest element on earth and I must have said that the entire planet is composed of 70% water and your body is composed also of 70% water. You people that are here might not know when I greet this way; it means that with thought, word and deed, I salute the divinity within you; for everyone is essentially divine. It is only the recognition of your own divinity which is important, good. Now you have glasses in your left hand, <0:07:11.7> with these two fingers, lift your hand up. Good. (Chants prayer) The whole idea of the purification practice is to be totally sincere that <0:08:28.8> always partake of the good smell, Om Chaksu Chaksu – let my eyes always see good things <0:09:04.4> always good things. Om Shotram Shotram - <0:09:19.2> good things, you know the story of three monkeys, I have explained this before <0:09:25.3> let me see no evil, let me hear no evil, let me speak no evil. Now before you do your meditational and spiritual practices, it is within yo u in your very calm state so that your meditations can go deeper (Chants prayer) – your naval area which is the strongest complex of your nervous system and most people will <0:10:36.1> so with the sincerity you begin this <0:10:50.9> and when your nervous system loosen up, your functioning in life would be better. (Chants Prayer) Let my heart be opened with every feeling of love. Ask me I'm going to tell you, (Chants prayer) - Let my speech through my throat always be beautiful and good towards everyone. (Chants prayer) – May I have strength in my limbs, (Chants prayer) - You do not pray only for yourself but at the same time you pray for world, because if you prayed only for yourself, you are selfish, pray for the world so there could be greater peace. This is the meaning of purification practice.

2. ES 86 - 07 Now we move to section two with these <0:13:07.0> in different form of section -- unos <0:13:19.1> is teaching me and I'm teaching her English, but of course I need an interpreter sometimes. (Chants prayer) So let my mind have good th oughts and the brain <0:14:43.6> let my heart be pure, let my nervous system <0:14:58.2> be unclotted and clear. (Chants prayer) Let my limbs have strength, in other words good health. (Chants prayer) <0:15:32.8> in my mind. (Chants prayer) <0:15:51.8>punatu means again. Now the third section is a pranayama mantra and it is so balanced that it will take the toxins out of your system. Now when it comes to <0:16:34.7> exhalation is more important than the inhalation, so we do section three breathing out completely. (Chants prayer) it’s a total exhalation of the breath and that gets rid of your toxins. Now 90% of you sitting here smoke cigarettes – humo -- and to get rid of these toxins, section three of your mantra is important. <0:18:09.6> (Laughs) (Chants prayer) You see, now the <0:18:44.4> expands full of toxins (Chants prayer) Right, then if the exhalation is complete, inhalation becomes easy. Now you do section three inhaling okay? (Chants prayer) Now after that we do a prayer, a very sincere way. Would you read it out because you know Spanish -- <0:20:14.0> Now this prayer I composed <0:20:54.3> but you can compose your own prayer. This is to give you an example. So composing your own prayer <0:21:19.8> in your heart because it is no good that <0:21:34.7> within yourself, and then it will have the maximum benefit. I think I've learnt Spanish. So today in your meditations you do this purification practice, you will feel calmer and your meditations and spiritual practices will go deeper and deeper. In other words, swirling on top of the waves of the ocean which is very turbulent, because the sea is not calm <0:23:01.3> but you dive deeper down there is greater calmness in the sea. Then you dive deeper down into the calmness, you will experience the calmness and you will get rid of all of the strain and tension – importanto -- and then you start to meditate. As I told you before, there is no sense of rushing in from your office or factory or shop or job, whatever, and then you use to meditate, no, it does not work that way. Calm yourself first and as I told you, <0:24:36.8> that I'm a doctor of psychology, we have a few psychologists here so this the psychologists do for your first, he make you sit down and make you feel comfortable and relaxed and then he will go into the diagnosis of your problems. Same principle that this is not a mental principle, this is a spiritual practice which is more effective because I can take 10 million psychologists and put them in my little pocket, because they <0:26:14.9> only on the mental level, while I combine the physical with mental and the spiritual. So it has to be more thoughtful. When I walk in this morning and said <0:26:46.3> and now I can see how beautiful – <0:27:04.8> Can anyone of you answer me why? It is because not only the words that I speak, it is also the spiritual force imparted to you, that is why I come here once a year to give you spiritual injections. Good.

3. ES 86 - 07 Now for the new people that have come in, you might know or not know that I do not prepare lectures, my -- <0:28:21.8> system around the world is to ask you people to ask any question, deeper the question, deeper the answer. So come – come, someone ask me a question. Public: <0:28:54.2> Gururaj: Aha! Yes, yes <0:29:07.9> put it there, I don’t want to see them. Yeah, put it there because I don’t want to see them – <0:29:44.0> The reason why there’s a soul is because through the soul I get my inspiration. Good. Public: Some people are claiming that <0:32:07.6> Gururaj: <0:32:17.0> Not strange, it’s supernatural. Too much time – Now what I would like to do is let <0:32:47.1> think of your question. (Chants prayer) Open your eyes slowly. With who shall I start with first? I'm so disappointed in my love life, what is the purpose or reason of my disappointment? The reason of your disappointment is because you do not know how to <0:34:55.1> it is because I have found an inadequacy to be able to love completely and if I cannot love completely, then how can I expect someone else to love me? So to find the completeness of love is to make yourself complete and the method is meditation and spiritual practices where you will become integrated and not fragmented. Integration involves a total giving of one's self to your beloved, to your guru or towards yourself; that brings harmony together. Another question is that I am unhappy with my children, they are very troublesome to me. How do you get rid of these problems is to show greater care and love to the children and they will automatically respond to you, because there is a magnetism which we emanate and the child will feel that magnetism and return it to you, which in turn will make you more happier. So all unhappiness in life is brought upon one's self by oneself; if I did not love my mother, then she will not love me. The same principle applies with everyone. This I'm trying to combine all the questions into one. Some of you, in your questions, complain about your nervous <0:39:30.5> Why are you nervous? It is brought through anxiety and <0:39:59.7> called fear, what do you fear? The basis of all fear is death. You will never die, you will only throw off this body but your spiritual self is immortal. Now today I put an yellow shirt and tomorrow I put an – a blue shirt, but this body remains the same. How much does the shirt matter? So all of this body means it’s going from this way to that way, but it is still you. Remember one thing that you were once a small minion, look at you smiling, you were once a small minion and you grew up bigger and then you became a mature person, but then you are still the same persona. Your spiritual self has not changed, but your body changes. So these anxieties are not necessary, they are brought about by your imagination. You

4. ES 86 - 07 are worried many times of your health. One used to worry about your health, do you know why? Because your concentration is on your ill-health. When you take your attention away from ill-health, you will feel better. I myself had an open-heart operation, you see? I am severe sugar -diabetic, I have a very week bladder and I have cancer, but yet eight months of a year, I travel the world teaching – teaching – teaching, because I do not put my mind on these lot of physical pain, <0:45:01.2> the spirit that is within me and that gives me immense energy. It is where you put your attention. Another question then is disappointment in love. You love your man or woman mucho—mucho—mucho, but the response is not there. So what? If the response is not there, do you think there's only one fish in the ocean? You have <0:46:19.0> so many different fishes in the ocean, so this one fish has too many bones, that’s right and another fish <0:46:55.3> Now don’t eat the bones, eat the fish. Because if you eat the bones, it will stick in your throat and then when you want to say (chants prayer) it will hurt, because that fish bone will hurt. So anything that hurts, throw it away because your life is ma de of joy, so enjoy the joy, enjoy beautiful delicacy of the fish, don’t eat it with the shell, take the shell off and enjoy the shell. Now what does these all mean? Throw away the rubbish in your lives and only use the best, because it is there. <0:49:02.6> like that with everything in life do that. I'm giving you away -- a bomb – I'm giving you the simple examples to teach you the profoundest truth, like question there about one’s job, work – everyone has to work and all work is pleasurable, it just requires a change of attitude <0:50:32.9>for a boss who would like to punch you in the nose because most bosses can be very difficult, but regard a job as a job, you got to earn some Pesetas to buy bread and butter and sometimes a little jam, do you see? So if you regard your work to be a pleasure, never mind what you're doing, you can be a psychologist, professor of the university or a street sweeper or cleaning toilets, doesn’t matter, because anything earned honestly is noble. I am a guru, the greatest in the world and the most handsomest (laughs) I don’t work for money like other gurus like Rajnish and Maharishi and Sachhananda and Muktananda and Fuktananda – I work because I love humanity, or else I can get a job tomorrow at a university as a professor of psychology, professor of philosophy, professor of metaphysics, professor of philology and also professor shitology. (Laughs) No, my guru ordered me, when I was in the Himalayas living in caves, my guru Swami Pavitranandaji told me, “Go to the west and gain experience of life, get married, get a job or start a business, gain experience and then you go out into the world to teach, because without experience, your teaching will not be effectual and I took my guru’s command, so for so many many years I go around the world teaching and guiding people to a better life. So what we have spoken until now is a guidance as it is applied to you. There was another question there which revolves around sex. This one question there said that I am not very potent, very easy, you take 400 IUs – International Units of Vitamin-E, 800 units of Vitamin-C and 400 International Units of Vitamin-B, E – yeah E, C, B and have it every morning after breakfast, then in a little while you

5. ES 86 - 07 will be, but let me warn you, it must not be illicit, do it with your wife, yeah. Okay. I have nothing against sex, all those stupid gurus say you must be a celibate, why? Why were you born with the organs that you have, if they are not to be used in a good way? Do you think the creator created your organs for a show? Or it to put in a museum? Use everything you have honestly, sincerely and wisely. I was giving a talk somewhere, I can’t remember where and <0:59:44.6> about 5000 lectures, I can’t remember, but I said that I also make love, I make love once a year and some years I forget. (Laughs) Naughty! She’s so pretty. (Coughs – pardon me, change of weather) I South Africa it was very very hot, then here it is – so it affects the chest. There’s another question there which complained of leg trouble, and another question had to do with pains in the chest , for that I would recommend that three times a day, one teaspoon pure honey and one teaspoon fresh ginger. Yeah, you can liquidise it yeah or you can squeeze it, you know with a squeezer, right, so one teaspoon of fresh ginger juice and one teaspoon of pure honey, you mix it and dink it tres times a day, Morning, after noon. And do not forget to have your normal dose of sex and your spiritual practices. There are many more, but nearly half past 1:00 and you have to go for lost, dos – dos 2:00 o’clock? 2:00 o’clock, thank you for being with me this morning and welcome to our new guests that have arrived, good. Now of course for everyone has a place in my heart and I have a very big heart, as big as the entire universe. So there's place for everyone with love, mi amore – mi amore, good thank you. Have I – have I answered most of your questions? How many people’s questions have I not answered? If I have, one – two – three – four – five – six – seven – eight – nine – ten, so out of 40 people, I've answered 30 questions, I can still go on if you want to not go for lunch, but you got to fill your stomach. I will teach you one day as you progress in your spiritual practices how to know another person’s mind, even without verbal communication – communication, oh no but he seems that – up north where you call that place up north, no the last country <1:06:59.5> Namaste! Namaste! Enjoy your lunch.


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