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1. ES 86 - 08 -1 Gururaj: Thank you very much, good fine. I don’t know if it’s because of the altitude, but I've I caught a bit of a cold, little sore throat and little quivers, that's alright. I worked out your full techniques after I slept, I went into meditation because I know you're leaving <0:00:34.3> tomorrow. So this afternoon one of the teachers will teach you, because it becomes a bit difficult by letters, because if you are present with the teacher you're gonna ask the teacher questions, and you get a reply in a bit. Now what we normally do on every course is that we have one session where anyone can ask any question. The reason is this that if I take only one question and speak for an hour on it, and then other people that want to ask something don’t have a chance. So whatever question you want to ask me, you're most welcome. Public: <0:01:52.3> Gururaj: People believe that the human soul enters the child, then they can form, that is not true. Our body is although they look solid, are very porous and there are millions of souls floating around in this room and then the soul that is to be reborn finds two people that are compatible, then conception takes place. It is not something like a soul descending from outside to enter the body. So of course, the sperm and the ovum in the woman plays an equal part, because for example, if you plant a seed, you must have fertile ground so the seed is important and the ground is important. Now when a child is born abnormal, there could be many reasons for it, some women perhaps might be suffering of some disease that could cause an abnormal child and in some women the growth in the womb just stops. I got three sons whom you could call geniuses, very very brilliant, by my first son was born and spastic child, awkward. Translator: Spastic? What does it mean? Gururaj: <0:04:29.7>child, mentally retarded. So now here you have three sons that are totally brilliant and one is mentally retarded and then you start asking yourself why must this happen? So going into deep meditation on many many occasions I got the reply and the reply was this that my wife and I being highly spiritual people, that child also, although spastic, mentally retarded, was also highly spiritual and for him to merge away into divinity he just needed that one experience of gestation and birth and his entire cycle of life was complete. In other words, when he passed away he merged away into divinity.

2. ES 86 - 08 -1 Now the parents do not need to feel guilty about it. Everything is ruled by the law of karma and it was the karma of this baby of mine to be born, live for seven days and die. Do you see? So people, not understanding the law of karma would think that it’s an accident, but there’s no such thing as an accident, every cause must has its effect, and the effect produces another cause. That is how the world goes on. So any person who has had an abnormal child, let’s not worry about it or feel guilty about it because that is exactly what the child needed, because of his past karma. Do you see? Next. Translator: He would like to know about the borders being between the borders, you know the border? Gururaj: Borders, boundaries. Translator: The borders, the boundaries in between patience and differences, distinctions in between patience and contentment. Gururaj: Patience brings about contentment, because if you are impatient, you cannot have contentment. Say for example you are very hungry and your wife or your mother’s cooking the meal. You have to wait say half an hour more for your meal to be served. What sense will it make in you being impatient? Because your mother or wife won’t give you raw food. Do you see? So patience is a virtue. I just used a very simple example, but the principle of patience applies in every aspect of life. Impatience comes about by excessive amount of conflicting thoughts in mind. So when the mind is quietened down, you feel contended and – and not only that, there are many other good qualities connected to patience. For example you become more accepting, you accept the situation that the meal will be half an hour late, you see. So patience is a quality that can be cultivated and many other virtue can be cultivated. Some people are fortunate to be born with those virtues and some people are not. Good. But all these virtues can be cultivated. There’s an old Chinese saying that if you want to be angry and say a hard words to someone, then you turn your tongue nine times in your mouth and by the time you turn your tongue nine times in your mouth, your anger will be gone. Because it will give you a chance to think that should I really say an angry word? And in that very thinking process of not saying the angry word, you become more patient not only with yourself but with the other person and when you are patient with the other person, there is better human relationship. Yeah, interpersonal relationship so everyone benefits by it. Like the old saying, “Rome was not built in a day,” so it applies to patience, they had to have patience to build Rome over thousands of years. So through meditation and spiritual practices, as the mind becomes more calmer and more integrated, the virtues of patience, acceptance all come by itself. Yes, now when these virtues are cultivated in the mind,

3. ES 86 - 08 -1 through Raj yoga which you practice, you also got to practice karma yoga which is the yoga of action. So with the strength gained by an integrated mind, the things you do, the actions you perform will have a different quality to it. you become patient. Take myself for example again, I've got to interview so many people all around the world and if I was not patient enough to listen to their problems, I would not be able to help them, do you see? So with giving you these various examples, you can develop patience. Next. Translator: He has a friend and its concrete problem that it could be extensible to all the situations which is in kind of organisation, philosophical, esoteric, strange organisation and he has been twisted round and has gone to a negative changes. Gururaj: Right. Translator: So even though he thinks that his changes has gone to positive, but how can you help these people? Gururaj: Firstly you tell them to discard these esoteric and occult practices because they do you no great at all. Every great spiritual master has said that developing these occult powers, it becomes a stumbling block to your spiritual progress. So instead of trying to perform so called miracles, right there encourage him to dive within himself, yeah and by encouraging you will find that calmness, you will not have desires to develop occult powers and the study of philosophy can be very dangerous also, if you study the wrong philosophy. For example the teachings that I give all over does not come from books or any person's philosophy, it just wells up from my heart and that is where truth resides, the core of the personality. For example, any talk I give, you ask me half an hour later, “Gururaj what did you talk about?” I will say, “I don’t know.” You can only know if your talk comes from the mind. Yeah, because you have been contemplating something and the thoughts are planted in the mind that when we sit down together here and for one minute I’ll go into meditation, the mind is gone, I bypassed the mind to the spirit. So whatever you hear me saying comes from a spiritual level and it is not things which I've learnt from books or various philosophers, it is all based on my own personal experience. So when you dive within yourself, a cognition occurs which is then brought to the conscious level of the mind, because you do need the mind to be able to express yourself. You see, therefore in England you can ask Charles or in Denmark when I give talks, so here in Spain also, people don’t hear a word I speak, they get entranced through the spiritual force I impart and then afterwards they buy a cassette and listen to it at home in their own time. But here they are totally gone in that spiritual force that is imparted. So the study of philosophy involves analysis and analysis involves the mind, but if yo u

4. ES 86 - 08 -1 can converse directly from inside, it’s a different story of you. Nothing wrong in reading things, you can study all the philosophers eastern and western, you can study Hegel, Ken, Schopenhauer, all of them, or eastern philosophers like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and Rama Tirtha, you can read them all, but philosophy is of no value if it does not bring you to certain realisations for deep understanding. It’s like eating food, you eat the food, then you digest the food. But that is not all. That food must be assimilated in every cell of your body, then only has the food impact and when it is assimilated within yourself, you can put it into daily action. The world’s philosophies can never help you if it does not become practical, that is important. Now practicing a thing has another effect. It is not only the physical action, but the physical action solidifies that thought in the mind and the mind then develops a greater comprehension. So this friend of yours that is interested in esoteric things and occultism, try and get him to dive deep within himself in meditation and instead of trying to develop occult powers, those powers come on their own because your awareness has expanded. Do you see? So a thought, through meditation your thoughts can become so powerful that you just think of a thing and it happens. Sometimes I think to self, it’d be nice to have a cup of tea, and someone will be coming along with a cup of tea. And like that it happens every day, every minute. Yes, I can give you plenty of examples. Good, next question. Translator: What is – I don’t know the word in English – when things happen, you know when you saw the -- <0:23:28.8> Public: Chance, its chance. Translator: What is -- What is chance and what is destiny? Gururaj: There is no such thing as chance. Everything happens within a plan. As far as destiny is concerned, speaking in the relative field, you create your own destiny. But to have a enjoyable pure destiny, you clear and purify the mind so that your will becomes one with divine will. That – and that is the goal of every person in this world because basically people are seeking for happiness and that is the way. People think if I have 10-roomed house, I will be happy, but in a few weeks’ time he will tired of it. If you think in your mind that if I should buy that Cadillac, the motor car, I will be happy, but in a few weeks’ time you will lose the joy of it. it’s like a child where you buy the child a toy, he’ll play with the toy for a few weeks perhaps, and then he’ll chuck it one side, do you see. And then you’ll have to buy another toy.

5. ES 86 - 08 -1 Now the human mind, the adult mind work like the child’s mind. True happiness can only be found by integration and non- attachment. Because attachment brings problems. I don’t know if I told you this story before that there was an old man of 85 and he was on the verge of dying, so he called to his wife, he says, “Where’s Peter?” so the wife says, “Peter’s standing on your left-hand side.” “Where’s John?”, “He’s standing on your right-hand side.” “Where’s Arthur?”, “He’s standing at your feet.” Then suddenly this old man got a bit of strength and sat up, “If all of you are here, who’s looking after the shop?” (Laughs) the man, he was just dying, is still worrying about the shop. You see. Public: <0:27:08.2> Gururaj: He didn’t mention the word gambling, he mentioned any kind of chance. Translator: Chance – what chance and destiny. What happens by chance and what happens by destiny. Gururaj: Therefore the answer is simple, nothing happens by chance, it all happens by the destiny you have created. Now Charles just mentioned the word gambling. Translator: Which I don’t even know a translation for it. Gambling to -- Gururaj: <0:27:47.7> so the gambling if you win a million Pesetas in the loteria it is no chance. You will receive what you deserve. Perhaps in the previous life you’ve done things to help people perhaps or whatever, and you're paid back for it. so there’s no chance at all. You only get what you deserve and there’s a beautiful saying, “First deserve and then demand.” There was a fire – we’ll have a few jokes in between – there was a fire in the girl’s hostel. Yeah residential, hostel, so with this fire they phoned the fire brigade, so the people of the fire brigade took two hours to put out the fire, but it took the girls four hours to put the firemen out. (Laughs) More questions? Translator: She wants to know at – at what point law of karma is flexible and if through – if through asking for pardon to a divinity for your actions you can even take away that karma or if he – that asking for pardon is part from the karma? Gururaj: Asking for pardon will not remove your karma, but it would give you the quietude of mind to perform better action. Right. Now if you have killed 10 people, it does not mean that you will be killed 10 times, what you have to do is save the lives of 11 people, then you have one in the credit balance. So the karma of your previous doings is wiped off. So it is not

6. ES 86 - 08 -1 necessary to repay your karma by the things you have done, so karma can be wiped off. Another example I’d like to give you, say for the next five seconds you think a negative thought and then the next six seconds you think of positive thought, so you have one in the balance. Next ten minutes you think a negative thought and then the next 12 seconds you think a positive thought. That means you got three in the credit balance. Now you times that by all the seconds in one day, times it by 30 days a month and your balance of good karma will increase more and more, and then when you pass away, your 50,60,70 whatever, you can say to yourself that well lived this life, well lived. So always remember that if there’s anything you have done, you can overcome it. Now karma does not only mean negative deeds, it also means positive deeds. Right, negative deeds will bring you negative results and positive deeds bring you positive results. Yeah, <0:33:36.3> This man was very bored with his job, so he went to a good friend of his for advise. So the friend tells him that you must not be bored and his job was digging holes. So the friend says that digging holes is the only job where you start from the top. Because every job you start from the bottom, to reach the top. Sometimes you have complaints from people that say, oh I don’t like my job or this or that. But one thing is very important that every job that provides you with an honest living is good job. Next question. While you're thinking I’ll tell you another little joke. This man goes to Dr Mario and he says, “Doctor thank you very much for what you’ve done for me.” So Mario – so the doctor says that, “Look you're not my patient, I've not been treating you.” He says, “But I have to thank you because you were the doctor of my late uncle who was a rich uncle.” Questions. Translator: She wants to ask if – when a child is born is with meditator or some to meditate, he should have a very good living in front of him, but what would happen if the boy, a 12 years old or whatever says, “I won’t meditate anymore.”? Gururaj: You can’t force him. But if he is brought up in such circumstances, he will definitely meditate and this we find practical in everyone’s life. If you associate with good company, you become good and if you associate with bad company, you become bad. Do you know how a boy gets spoiled? It is not more so from his parents, but because through his friends. Many of you that have learnt to smoke, for example, you start, mostly, you started learning to smoke because all your friends were smokers and you also want to be a big shot. Like that everything starts in life. Yeah, if a boy falls i n the wrong company of thieves, he will also start stealing. You see, so when a child is brought up – when a child is brought up and if it’s brought up amongst meditators, good mother and father, example then the percentage will be very small where the child will stop meditating. Look at all my children, they're all meditators, they do the spiritual practices. Did y ou

7. ES 86 - 08 -1 tell <0:38:33.6> Yeah, I worked it out this morning and your wedding should be on the 16th or the 17th of April or May. Good, I wish you the best of luck, and you will have a happy life. If there are some more questions -- Translator: If you must not force a child, but anyway you must force him to go to school and he does not like to go to school, and if you know that in the school they are putting inside of him certain ideas and conditioning his mind and being this conditioning, being reinforced by the action because he stole something and then he’s told to do it, then what do you do about modern school? What do you do about this problem? Gururaj: One thing I can tell you that round the world there’s a lot of things lacking in education. As a matter of fact the entire teaching system has to be changed. What happens at schools is they hammer a certain thought in your mind. I have a teacher friend who tells me that I can make every child in the class pass, yeah by hammering certain thoughts in the mind. What should be important in school is to teach the child how to think to learn the three hours, reading, writing, <0:41:29.0> that has some importance in life, but the greatest importance in making the child think <0:41:46.4>, unfortunately it is not happening around the world. A lady come to me with a – with a young son and in the schools in South Africa they have an open period where the teacher and the children discuss anything. Do you have it in Spain as well? Translator: I don’t know, depends on schools, I imagine. Gururaj: I see. Now this – it was very windy, this young boy used to be afraid of going out. This teacher was telling the child that if you are in an airplane, and a window breaks, you get sucked out, yeah, if you go out in strong wind, it can twist your head and this poor boy used to suffer nightmares. In other words, what the teacher did was create fear in the child and this fear was the cause of the nightmares. So I had a nice talk with the boy to tell him that this is all nonsense. They gave me the name of the school that this boy used to go to, I phoned the principle, I said I want to come and see you. And then when I was in the principal’s office, we called the teacher and I gave the teacher hell that you do not deserve to be a teacher. You see, by instilling fear into people – little children whose minds are very susceptible. Do you see? The principal agreed with me and this teacher apologised that she’ll never do it again. Now you do find many teachers in the world like that that could do more harm than good, what can we do? In South Africa, among the coloured schools, you know dark people’s schools, there is such a shortage of teachers that in these non-white schools you have 50 children in a class.

8. ES 86 - 08 -1 Translator: Sorry in? Gururaj: In the class, yeah 50 – yeah –


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