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1. ES 86 - 09 - 01 Gururaj: Namaste! What a lovely morning. Good. Good. Shall we first meditate for una minuto? (Chants prayer) open your eyes slowly . There was a lady last night that went through terrible heartaches and – and I felt it -- and I felt the heartaches of this lady very much and I was praying that you feel much better this morning. That sound – sounds like Om – to love is the greatest gift that one can impart, for love is god and god is love. If you can impart love, you will receive it back ten times more and then there is amore – amore – what more do you want in life? Why are you late? And the more you give of your love, he will give it – you will receive it ten times more. Is that not the secret for the betterment of your life? For what is life? Life is love. If only you could recognise it and even blowing your nose is a recognition of love. And going to the bathroom to clean yourself – Om – is also a recognition of love. There is nothing in this world but love. It is just because the stupidity of your mind or minds that you do not recognise love. You are 30 or 25, you are 40, you are 27, you are 50, but do you know who has the greatest brain, is my grandson sitting there with Koncha because there is this innocence. Your minds, you can be 25, 27, 30, 35, 40, 50, I'm only 5,000 years old. The greatest innocence comes from the innocence of non-thinking. Now look at my grandson, he is so contented with sucking his dummy, can you suck a dummy? No. Because you think you are grown-up and yet I will tell you that you are nothing better than that four month year old child. Perhaps you might be more smaller than four months in your understanding of life because you think you understand and trying to understand, you have lost your innocence. What is more importante? Innocence or understanding ? The meaning of understanding is to stand under your ego self. Then you become innocent like my grandson. What is the most important factor? To know yourself and you can only know yourself if you develop that innocence, in-nonsense. I love playing with words. Even – even this mike is shaking because of my in-nonsense. Playing with words. Why is this mike shaking? It is not because of my voice. It is because of the spiritual force I'm pouring out to you in total innocence and people that cannot understand will regard it to be nonsense. Now there are three factors you must remember, sense, common- sense and nonsense. What would you prefer? Do you want sense? Do you want common-sense? Or do you want nonsense? I prefer nonsense for that makes me innocent like my grandson. For because when you use a sense, then there is a thinking process, when you use a common sense, you become conventional with the world but when you have nonsense, you rid yourself of conventionality and your thinking processes and you live in the heart and that is no sense or nonsense. Where do you want to liv e? In the mind or in your heart? This is the difference, good morning madam, you are very early. So where do you want to live? In your mind that fills you with all kinds of troubles and concerns and worries, or do you want to live in the heart that give you all the happiness that you require according to your capacity. Excuse me – what is your greatest desire in life? Can anyone just tell me? Don’t be shy, I'm your father and brother and -- Translator: To be happy?

3. ES 86 - 09 - 01 Translator: Mi amor Gururaj: Mi amor, so become me – more – more – more - more. I love you so much. I was a film star for 20 years so when there is a photographer I know how to pose. Hi! Good amigo but today I am not a film star or a director or producer, I am a man of god. So you can change your life as I have changed my life. I have nothing to hide. What is there to hide? For today you live and tomorrow you're gone. So what are you hiding from? You try very hard to hide yourself from yourself, but can you hide anything from your guru or god? Impossible. So this means one thing, be truthful to yourself and you will be rewarded ten times more because you are truthful to yourself. Most people in the world are not truthful to themselves and that is why they go through sufferings but if you are truthful to yourself, then –Om – then suffering becomes an offering. Do you see? Now when you make your life an offering, then it is a sacrifice to divinity. Divinity has given you birth and why should you not sacrifice your life to that creator, that in the first place gave you life? So think of this very carefully, he Adios? Translator: Dios. Gururaj: Dios gave you life and you give your life back to him. But in giving your life back to him, you might have to go through a lot of problems and those problems are created by your own minds because divinity does not create problems, you create the problems. So when we talk of sacrifice, we are sacrificing the thought processes of your mind that causes you suffering. So through meditation and spiritual practices given to you by the son of god, do them and get rid of the suffering and become one with my father. I will take you there, just hold my hand and I will lead on the camino real to joy, to happiness, to divinity, to the real goal of your life. – I’ll have to blow my nose again, my handkerchief -- Translator: On top guruji, on your right hand – on your right hand. Gururaj: Ah, what is the example you have learnt now? Tell me, tell me. There are more blind people than those that have eyes because blindness takes you internally but your eyes take you externally. I knew where my handkerchief was, but can you recognise what I was trying to teach you? That I am not aware of externality but become more aware of internality. You see my son, a true guru teaches in so many different ways. By the way, you should become a model, photographic model, good career for you, but please do not touch the photographer. (Laughs) Not even Fernando. You're all such beautiful -- this happens to me sometimes, it doesn’t want to stand up. (Laughs) Oh I like – I like to make some fun, you know we can’t be serious all the time. The process of your mind lasts only for 8 seconds, you – you can absorb a thought for the duration of 8 seconds. 1-2- 3 –1-2-3-4-5-6-7- 8, no that’s 9. So after going into serious subjects --

2. ES 86 - 09 - 01 Gururaj: Who said that? If you want to be happy, take off your pantie and put on a nappie. Who wears a nappie? A little child in its total innocence. You see, because the pantie causes so much troubles, you got to take it off and put on, but if you wear a nappie, nappie? You understand? Then your mother puts it on for you? And who is your madre? Divinity. So allow yourself to put on the nappie by our madre and you would be happy with your nappie. This means one thing that you as a child are surrendering yourself to madre. You give yourself without thought to madre. She knows the best for you to protect you and in the nappie she will be very careful so that the pin does not stick in your stomach. So the madre is always very loving and very caring. It is the nature of the mother to care for her little nino. Now, nino trusts the mother so much. Nino does not have any doubts for the mother. Nino without thinking and living instinctively and with feeling, surrenders to the madre. Now why you bloody fools, why can't you surrende r yourself to the padre or the madre? You think you are so great? Bullshit! You are all children and you must recognise yourself to be children of god and when you surrender yourself to Dios, then Dios starts protecting you. He will – why you're late? Pub lic : They went to buy the food. Translator: Food. Gururaj: No, you went to buy food at 10 past 11:00 and you got up late and then after getting up late, you had to take your shower and do your makeup which took another hour and then 10 past 11:00 you went shopping. The shops from here are not far, it takes 10 – 10 how much? Yeah, but what do you call it in Spanish? Public: Diez minutos. Gururaj: Diez? Diez -- diez minutos to go to the shop. And it will take you 15 – 5 – 5 –5 to do the shopping, and 10 minutes to come back. I love you. Now to come back to the point again, it is only your personal innocence as that child to bring you to a greater realisation of yourself and the greater the realisation, the more happier you will become. Open a cigarette. Now to realise yourself does require your meditation and spiritual practicos and then you will find your heart opening up to that divine force. Do you not want that divine force to permeate your entire life? Stop – stop – stop shaking, do you not want that divine force to permeate your life so that your life can become happy mucho – mucho – mucho – mucho, happy and then you will know the meaning of the words I say, mi amore – mi amor – oh mi amor sorry – mi amor, mi am? Translator: Amor. Gururaj: Mi amor. This is the quality that all must develop within themselves and say mi amor – mi amor.


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