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1. ES 86 - 12 -1 Gururaj: (Chants prayer – whenever I come to you, my heart is always filled with love –I’ve come from far away -- <0:01:01.6> -- and the joy of love is the love you can experience all the time –for I am love and I bring this love to you)Now what shall we talk about this morning? Questions. Chapter 1, you want to talk on chapter 2? I'm joking. Interpret his question to me. Translator:We’ll have more questions if you want, you can -- Gururaj: No, no, no, let’s start with one first. Translator: We have desires, wishes and so must we fulfil our desires or if we must dominate them, with what moral code must we use to dominate them? Gururaj: Desire stems one – with one problemas Translator: One with one problemas? Gururaj: Una problemas and this desire that is created in your mind is because of previous desires. So desires are never ending for one desire breeds another desire. So your desires are like rabbits. They breed and breed and breed. Now, is it necessary to get rid of your desires? No, for desires can be of a bad nature and desires could be of a good nature. But yet they remain desires. How can you escape from it? You cannot escape from them, you can rise above them. Rising above your desires is rising above yourself. When you learn the art to rise above yourself, you rise above desires. What is the meaning of desire? It stems from total self <0:07:30.4>so what are we trying to say? Have desire and leave it be desire less. I love <0:07:56.1>, I desire her so much, but if my desire based upon the physical self, or is my desire based on the spiritual self? There lies the difference. To desire on the physical self would naturally involve physical body, but to desir e on the spiritual self, then you merge your spirit with her spirit. Now think – not that – think – think – what is more importante, is your physical self important? Because you will only release physical images and I don’t deny that, but I will point out to you the greater beauty of spiritual communication . When you achieve the spiritual communication from persona to persona, then you will experience the beautiful joy of life. To have physical relationship lasts only a few minutes – minutos but to have that eternal spiritual communication, can only

2. ES 86 - 12 -1 be everlasting. Do you want you – do you want you to live your life just momentarily or do you want your life to be eternal? Now, if you want to be your life eternal, love in that eternal spirituality. See I'm a film actor, director, producer, so I would guide my cameraman, now take a close-up shot, good. I directed so many actresses and actors and made them perfecto so they could bring out their inner selves on the field and this was a method to bring them out of their selves externally and at the same time internally. In other words, it means that I made them realize themselves and that is what I am doing for all of you. Be, as Jesus said, ‘Be in the world and yet not of the world.’ Do you think for one moment – unmomento – that I am in this world, yes – yet I am out of it. Because being out of the world I will find greater communication with your hearts to <0:16:33.0> now the secret of communication is to be able to produce this energy – energia with one heart to the other. When you achieve this art, you can never be apart because the energia is so intertwined so there is no separation. You come here – come – come, sit. Why did you put on a pair of pants instead of skirt? Hold my hand, what am I demonstrating to you? You tell me. I am demonstrating to you not a physical love, because I know my wife will be jealous, but I am demonstrating to you a very deep spiritual love where hearts can meet hearts and that is my job in the world.Now you look into my eyes and tell me what you find there. Translator: She – she – s he finds tired eyes – tired eyes, tired, to be tired, tired eyes and ill – ill and weak eyes. Gururaj: Because of my diabetes, I am getting blind. Translator: But also clean eyes – also clean eyes, clean look. Gururaj: You have missed the point. Do you not see the love in my eyes? Si –now if you all can learn to love right, your eyes will only see love. You, come here, yeah two -- <0:22:06.2>and watch – do you see in my eyes – tell me. Translator: Tears. Gururaj: Very good. The tears in my eyes is for the suffering of my beloveds. Do you see tears also? When -- the message is this that if you can see the suffering of others, then your heart <0:24:12.9> opened. So I see everyone around you suffering for this will bring compassion into your heart and kindness, sweetness, sympathy. These are the lessons to be learnt and your life – I promise you, you will become more happy because compassion can only produce happiness. -- Where’s my handkerchief? Ah thank you very much, this is, I knew where I put my handkerchief but I'm trying to teach her

3. ES 86 - 12 -1 caring. You want to blow your nose? Don’t you feel jealous? – now the message of this morning is how to develop yourself, to uplift yourself and to bring greater love and joy into your lives simply. Don’t be jealous. Put one side – Miamor – mi amor – mi amor so mucho muchomucho – I love you so mucho muchomucho – where are you going to find a guru like me –for I am fun and always giving you wisdom and with forever and ever – ta ke the picture of my Uma, she's crying. Tears were made from the feelings of the heart and when the heart produces tears, it brings greater love to the heart. So I want you all to cry and <0:30:55.1>to love and laugh. For these are qualities that constitutes your life, to cry, to love, to laugh.Miamor – help me – mi armor -- mi armor -- mi armor– you can’t do – I love you all of you so so much that even if I should die, even if I should die I will always be with you –so let us enjoy this life – let us enjoy this life –for this body can never last forever. But remember please that the spirit is immortal and the spirit will remain eternal. I love you – I love you – I love you – I love you – come –come – come join, I love you – I love you – I love you – I love you I love you – I love you – I love you – I love you – I love you forever more -- I love you forever more – mi amor. Okay, what’s the time <0:34:48.6> it’s time for lunch I think. I love you -- I love you -- I love you -- I love you ever more(laughs) -- I love you -- I love you -- I love you ever more, mi amor. I will never forget you ever, I will never forget you ever, for I love you, I love you, I love you, ever more mi amor. With me it’s not only wisdom I impart, but also some fun to make you feel happy because I teach joy and happiness. <0:37:21.2>no lust, nothing just expression of my love for all of you. Now you will comprehend the meaning of your question in practical terms, in mental terms, spiritual terms. See my stick? I’ll smack your arse. Do you not recognise the total innocence? Good. Now you girls can shift away, you can take – you got some more? Right, you girls can be shift away. Thank you. Now two more ladies, come on, I think you that orange, come – come – come, mi amor – mi amor –understand? Come –come – come – come – come –(chants prayer) Come on, another two women that wants to have a photograph, you were tired to get a photo – it’s for memory. (Chants prayer) – my heart is not – my heart is yours –without you, how could I live this life?


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