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1. ES 86 - 12 -2 Gururaj: (Singing in Hindi – when I see the tears in your eyes, do you know what happens to my heart? – never cry -- never cry -- never cry – let there will always be laughter in your face – if you cry, I will also cry – if you laugh, I will also laugh – that is the story of life. You cry, I cry, you laugh, I laugh, is that not the story of life? – you, you, you, you, I will love for the rest of my life – why must let teardrops fall from your eyes? – haven’t I told <0:04:27.7> that for the fullness of my life, I will always love you. – pardon me – after meeting you, you've made me feel so happy – I understand the sound of your heart.) When the heart sounds in total resonance, it produces the finest music that goes beyond convention music. (Humming – you feel it? -- <0:08:43.8> you see my stick? Good, I think we’ve got about ten minutes more, so I think we have time for two more ladies to take a photograph. Thank you – thank you – come on – come on – come on –come on, you do not need to be shy over your father. Come on – why do you wear boots? What was this song from – my boots are made for walking, and I walk all over you – my boots are made for walking, and I walk over you, but never -- never will I do that for I love you. – (Singing in Hindi – without you how can I live? – you're my life – walk with me hand in hand – how can I live without you – do not be afraid in your heart. – Do not cry my love – I'm with you night and day – do not cry – do not cry because I'm with you – sometimes when your eyes are filled with tears – then discuss it with me and I will explain the problems which you might have been mistaken about and I could explain the true meaning of your, ‘Oh my misunderstanding’ – walk with me in life and in hand.) Good, I think we had enough – (singing in Hindi) What time do you have to go for lunch? Translator: 2:00 Gururaj: 2:00? Translator: 2:00 O’clock. Gururaj: 2:00 O’clock. Tonight, did we do the <0:17:47.1> Translator: Yesterday night you mean? Gururaj: No.

2. ES 86 - 12 -2 Translator: Today is the last day of the course. This is our last satsang, I remember you. We are leaving just after lunch to Madrid, all of us, including you of course. Gururaj: If you all leave, how am I going to live? Now you young man to those chairs against the wall -- Translator: Which chairs? Gururaj: These chairs, hey – Fernando, I want you to take especially <0:19:08.2> we’ll do it for five minutes to give you an idea because you have to go for lunch. Right, now the basic step is – with me I did not bring the music, but basic step is, I'm not too strong but I will show you – (certain clapping sound) – you get the idea? Public: Oh yes. Gururaj: Good, now we got to move around in a circle do what I have demonstrated, right (clapping, chants a prayer) – my wife puts her hands in her pockets instead of putting on my shoes. – look that way -- Translator: That angle it’s quite a bit difficult -- Gururaj: I know <0:25:59.8> aeroplane travel, yeah its time. Good. No, got it. Now we got three minutes more and I want to make my wife jealous. <0:26:47.1>good, wife number two, come here with my sister – now listen, explain – Mayo explain this is going to be a special shot , right put your cigarette in your mouth. Heart connection (laughs) okay, you may go for lunch. Translator: Guruji, <0:29:08.5> Gururaj: Thank you for reminding me, good – good – good. Where’s my specs? Now this is very <0:30:46.7> Translator: <0:31:48.0> Gururaj: Yes!

3. ES 86 - 12 -2 Translator: The last one. Gururaj: Group – group, group pose.


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