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1. ES 87 - 11 -2 Translator: -- and at the same time, where it manifested outside it was like if I was growing bigger but not physically, it’s very, I couldn’t explain it very well. I have not yet -- Gururaj: I know what that is that you expanding within you, you do not expand physically because your physical body has certain limits, right. You can’t be 5 feet tall and expect to rise up to 10 feet tall. That physical self is not necessary, but the expansion is inside where you feel vast – vast – vast as the universe. That was your experience. Good – good. Now relax, light a cigarette – what was the next time <0:01:51.6> yeah, you came back early from town Fernando? Fernando: Yes, <0:02:50.2> Gururaj: The traffic was not too heavy? Fernando: It was so-so. Gururaj: So-so? Fernando: Maybe 100 miles, 80 miles, <0:03:11.4> Gururaj: You know, I think a five-day course is a bit too short. Perhaps next year we could make it for seven days, I don’t know because there’s so much I've got to give to you and I'm so sorry that on this trip I was a bit ill, I'm still not feeling too well, because before I left South Africa I was working on forms and things for a whole week, no sleep, nothing and as Ramon and her majesty will tell you that in <0:05:34.5> also no sleep nothing, 24 hours a day. And the body has certain limits, I'm also human. I also got a body, so it’s very tired and I fell ill, but I did my best here now, I hope you enjoyed the course? You did? Translator: Yes, all of us. Gururaj: Good – good, I'm very thankful for all of you to be together with me. I appreciate being in your company, it’s so nice to be with my family. Yes, good. What is next on your list here? Well, then finish the cigarette, okay. How many initiations --

2. ES 87 - 11 -2 Translator: This – this front row. Gururaj: Ah, okay – okay – okay, fine. Which are the preps, which are the filled? Translator: Prep teachers are Trini and Alvaro, those two. It’s written on the back, yeah. Gururaj: Oh, of the chairs? Okay, right. What is that Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. You see the teachers <0:09:52.1> that it take those message, they are more important. Do your best and be prepared. <0:10:26.3> Don’t you feel more calmer just by touch? Now repeat with me Satyam, Shivam. Sundaram - Sa tyam, Shivam, Sundaram - Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram – Satyam means truth, Shivam means lord, Sundaram means beauty. Translator: Can you repeat please? Gururaj: Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram, Satyam is truth, Shivam is lord, Sundaram is beauty. So truth, lord and beauty are one and may you spread it to all, to all you meet. Satyam - truth, Shivam – lord, Sundaram- beauty, spread this to all the people you teach and by that you will find Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram within yourself. So the more you teach, the more ben efit you will have. Try it and you will see how it works. For trying to help people on the path you are at the same time helping yourself to Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and that will lead you on to greater joy in your life. God bless you and do your best. I suppose it’s your lunch time now. May all of you have peace, power and plenty. Remember this three P’s, peace, power and plenty and don’t forget the other P in the bathroom. <0:22:28.2>darling please. God bless you, Namaste! He seems to be a nice guy you know. I think I met you somewhere, I don't know where. My darling -- <0:24:06.2> this morning’s programme is over, thank you very very much for your wonderful hospitality, I really enjoyed myself here in Española, it was so so nice to be with my family here and next year when I come, I hope to see all of you again together. The next, every course I go deeper and deeper into subjects, next year we’ll go more deeper and there are many other things I will introduce to you, so make it a plan to be here. Ramon will advise you very well in advance so that you can plan your days to be with me. It would be easily my joy and pleasure. Thank you! Thank you!


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