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1. ES 88 - 03 - 14 - 01 If you understand or if you don't, if you believe or if you doubt, there’s a universe of justice and the eyes of truth are always watching you. Gururaj: From those lady <0:04:27.7> the most important question that is in our lifestyle is the question how can we find beauty within ourselves, but before we can find beauty within ourselves, we first have to find the definition of beauty and to find the answer of the beauty of that, <0:05:51.4> so different to us, but in reality it is very simple. Be – be you, beauty. Be you – you -- T, I'm sorry perhaps you people cannot understand English too well, doesn’t matter. Be yourself, you and you will find you-T now what is the T? T is like this and like that, that is where our Christos was crucified on the T. So here B- EU -T, and if you can understand this properly, you will find the meaning of life and your existence and even your very exist – E-I- exist in the I and create in ourselves the tense, exist-tense that is what makes you unhappy. All right, I'm talking as a professor of philology and not important. The important is to realise within ourselves not the problem of linguistics or of philology, but we got to find within ourselves the most important question that exist within ourselves is to truly ask, “Who am I?” Now if you can truly ask yourself, “Who am I?” What answer can you give to your guru, your beloved? Tell me? The answer to this question that is forever existing in our minds, “Who am I?” okay, tell me. You can't because you do not know who you are and that is why you cannot answer the question, who am I. Now “who” is a question, “Am” is what you are, and “I” is attaching importance of who question and I. So we are involved with three factors, who am I. This question is too difficult because you cannot answer the meaning of who, and the meaning of am and neither the meaning of I. So the entire problem cannot be answered in the question and neither the answer of who am I. And that is why we suffer in this world because these questions does not find a solution in ourselves because we have failed to reply to ourselves the greatest question, “Who am I?” Thank you my darling, thank you. But the answer will come, have patience, okay, so what if you can’t answer today who am I, perhaps you will answer tomorrow or the next day or in 20 --


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