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1. ES 88 - 03 - 14 - 02 Gururaj: -- fifty years or next life or the following life, on and on because my beloveds, you were born to answer the central question of who am I and yet we go through life not being able to answer that question. So now, take your mind little further if you cannot answer a basic question, then is your life not questionable? So your life becomes a question and your life does not become the answer. So we live in the question but we do not live in the answer. That is our problem. My beautiful friend Ramon <0:02:17.9> is – has started writing a book on how the mind in its own fantasy develops itself through the myths and mythologies that we create in our minds. Now Ramon has wrote this lovely book in a story form to portray the idea from fiction into fact, but reading Ramon’s book, we have to have the ability to translate the fiction of th e story into the fact of life. Ramon sent me a synopsis of his book and when I read the synopsis, I fell totally entranced by the deep thought and the power which it contained. Thank you, thank you Ramon. So tonight is our last night together and we will have one Satsang – Translator: One Satsang tomorrow. Gururaj: Yeah, but in tonight’s – in tonight’s satsang, please ask me any question you want to ask, any problem, any physiology, metaphysical, any question. Charles: < 0:05:43.2> Gururaj: That will follow, thank you Charles, yes sir. Translator: Why must some – some people suffer without deserving it? Gururaj: No people suffer anything without deserving it. You have created your circumstances around you to formulate your happiness or your suffering. You have done that, no one else. You are responsible for your own suffering or your own happiness so that remains your problem. Not other people’s problems. Now when you can recognise your own problem, you see I had a problem now and this lovely lady, my sister could not find the answer to the problem, but I had to find the answer myself to get this flower. So you have to find the answer to your own problems because if you were the creator of your problem, then your responsibility is to find the answer to the problem that you yourself has created. Now you come here. You, what’s yeah – yeah.

2. ES 88 - 03 - 14 - 02 Translator: It’s Laura you want? Gururaj: Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Sit down. The greatest problem Laura is because you find difficulty in analyzing yourself and the problem you have created within yourself. Now there is a whole background. It might be in our childhood not having the proper type of protection from our parents, it might be disappointment with our boyfriend and these things multiplied to create the question, “Who am I Laura?” Relax, I’m your papa. Translator: That is very uncomfortable like tha t. Gururaj: She is? Translator: Uncomfortable, she feels uncomfortable like that. Gururaj: Oh then sit up, okay, yeah. Fine. This just shows you that the uncomfortableness is produced by our mental thoughts, I can personally – I can sit in any position and feel totally comfortable so there we go again, who is the creator of the problem? You are the creator of your own personal problems. Now what do we do to get rid of the personal problems that we have created within ourselves? What do we do with that? You know rubbing my feet -- <0:13:24.3> my Uma is getting crossed with me now because she’s rubbing my feet. Now to recap, recapitulate that all our problems are created by ourselves, but we have lost the art how to get rid of the problems and the way you can do that is through your meditation which is Raj Yoga through your contemplation which is Gnan Yoga, through your devotion --


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